Attention span

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I have a Coca-Cola memory that no one I’ve ever met shares. I started school in a large building that housed all 12 grades. On the opposite end of a long hall from our first-grade classroom, down where the big kids reigned, was a solitary Coke machine, one of those red round ones that have already been discussed here. It only dispensed the classic 6.5-ounce glass bottle, because outside a soda fountain that was the only Coca-Cola there was. This is the odd part: drinks from that machine cost 6 cents. It only accepted the combination of a nickel and a penny, and the order in which the coins were dropped was critical. (I think the penny had to go first.) Does anyone else remember Cokes costing 6 cents? Obviously, this was a transitional thing, and it wasn’t long before they were a dime. About that time, the 10-ounce Coca-Cola was introduced, and life hasn’t been the same since.