Australians may be excused.


This cartoon ran in February, 1994. At the risk of controversy, it does seem rather quaint to think back on the days when the meteorologists waxed about whether there would be showers. Lately, it seems as if they’re constantly talking about the next historic storm.

Speaking of controversy, I’ve been considering how deeply I want to delve into the Civil War. Probably not very deeply. However, since together we have stumbled unsuspectingly upon the upcoming sesquicentennial, we might as well get sick of it here, first. I’ve already told you, by way of disclaimer, that I am a southerner by accident of birth, but I am not a southern sympathizer. However, I’m not going to bore you with my opinions. Tomorrow, I will tell you some of the history of my hometown, about the totally pointless battle that killed several hundred men a week after Robert E. Lee surrendered, a battle fought in the neighborhood where I would later grow up. As Mike in Missouri has alluded, it is little histories such as this that have tended to keep events alive in the region for 150 years, which is not to say self-deception and obstinance do not play a role.