Backs to the Future

This one is from 20 years ago this month. Remember where you heard it first. Often, when I’m addressing a group, I am asked if I ever get political in the strip. My immediate reaction is, “Well, don’t you read the strip?” But I don’t say that out loud. What I say is, I don’t produce overtly political material, but I do a lot of “social commentary.” I believe that if I take sides politically, 40 to 50 percent of readers will be angry whether my stance is justified or not. However, if I comment on underlying problems we all face in society, I find that almost 100 percent of readers agree.

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142 responses to “Backs to the Future”

  1. Exactly. I could name a broadcast TV “comedy” show that is tanking because its new host is taking strident political stances that alienate a large percentage of its potential audience. Plus, of course, the fact he isn’t that funny to begin with.

    I guess that’s my “social commentary” for the day.

  2. Male house sparrow singing outside ‘the apt. downstairs,’ female Chesapeake osprey craning her neck in that direction, perhaps looking for source of sound.

    On the way here, stopped at the Decorah north eagle nest [cannot post two URLs and cannot post that brand anyway], and saw a female h.s. hop right across the huge nest, past the two older nestlings. Don’t know if ‘little bit’ is still with us. Peace,

  3. Ghost Sweetie, I was just catching up a bit from yesterday, and I can agree with others that if you haven’t seen the Star Wars Holiday Special you have saved an hour of your life and lost nothing. 🙂 Even my sister, who loves ALL things Star Wars, admits the special was pretty bad. As to the movies, the original three, numbered 4, 5, and 6 because they are the middle of the story, are the best of the bunch. The next three-1, 2, and 3 because they are the beginning-aren’t great. For one thing, they have the child Anakin, who is a whiny git, and secondly there is Jar Jar Binks. Enough said about him. The new movie, The Force Awaken (7), is worth seeing, and not only for the new ‘droid, BB8. Unfortunately we do have a new whiny git, Kylo Ren.

  4. JJ,Mark & Ghost:

    Congratulations on hitting the nail squarely on the head. All three of you are indeed philosophers and gentlemen. Thanks for your comments. They are right on the mark.

    God bless us every one.

  5. Awkward questions time. Jimmy, what happened to comiccon appearances? Or personal appeatances? I would love to meet you and buy more tee shirts.

    Also, what happened to the auction of strips you mentioned? Of course I need to locate my last one and haul to frame shop but still?

    Awkward question and answer, I am the kind of friend who really will have your back if you need someone to bury a body, catch cats, build a boat or just make you laugh. Friends for real, the old fashion kinds.

  6. Jean, I would agree with your assessment of Episodes 1,2 and 3 in the Star Wars franchise overall, but I would say that in Episode 1, The Phantom Menace, there is a HUGE positive in the form of Darth Maul… a terrifying-looking Sith with a double-bladed light saber who provided the best fighting scenes in the franchise. And since he hardly said anything, he was most definitely not whiny. 🙂

    He is still so popular that a group of fans just released an AMAZING short film chock-full of Darth Maul being evil with said light saber entitled, “Darth Maul-Apprentice.” Production values are simply stunning and the action is quite intense. Probably not your cup of tea if you are a fan of happy endings for Jedi-types…

  7. Jackie: “A good friend will help you move; a great friend will help you move a body.”

    BtWW: Another way one could put the Y2K problem into prospective is the same as for many “problems” requiring expensive “fixes”…follow the money.

  8. Wait! This is 2016, no one any longer has a real position, we are all working gigs. Truth, twenty years ago I was just stringing together various tech jobs.

  9. Both m and f house sparrows hopping around edge of nest. ‘Explorer’ URLs won’t cc. here. Search ‘Decorah-eagles-north-nest.’ ‘Little Bit’ seems to be gone. Peace,

  10. It’s Limerick Day!

    Here’s the text from the reverse of my Shakespearean Insult-a-Day Calendar:

    Bizarre Holiday: Limerick Day

    Edward Lear popularized the limerick in his “Book of Nonsense” in 1846. … Make someone chuckle (or blush) by writing a limerick of your own.


    I once tried to write a limerick
    But was better off whittling a stick
    Cause Jimmy’s the king
    Of this writing thing
    While I am just thick as a brick.

  11. I am planning to write in my own name for President. I have basically voted (or wanted to vote pre-18) a straight ticket in every election, but this year I thought I would vote for the lessor if two evils and concluded BOTH are evil. Subject to change.

  12. Steve, vote for the least evil. Debbe, it was a bit stormy in Indiana today, but at least we were only in the heavy rain for a short time north of Indianapolis. I only saw one chicken house today and it was way back off the road and we were never in sw Indiana. Tonight we are in Amish Acres. I don’t think that we’ve seen any real Amish except a few buggies from a distance. I think that mostly we’ve seen partly Amish, kind of Amish-ish. Later.

  13. Friday the 13 was always a lucky day, no matter what day it falbs on.

    Debbe, I am worried about you. You have an over whelming load of chicken poop to deall with. Don’t make me have to come kidnap you and a few chickens. I am thinking I am going to create a temporary chicken yard by covering top of my very large mobile dog yard with mess and landscape fabric and put mobile dog house inside for shelter until we get permanent chicken house built.

    My feed store has some teenage chickens that need a home.

  14. Gal, I love hugs, too. (In fact, I’m a past master at The Huggin’ ‘n’ Kissin’ Game.) But that one Arlo is giving Janis…I’m just sayin’. 🙂

  15. I love hugging and kissing both sexes, I am from the South, but my late husband and two daughters cannot stand being touched, hugged or kissed. Is that a psychological or genetic thing? They don’t hug or kiss either. Strange.

    When I went to Port Townsend, WA last summer I told my editor I was hugging and kissing bearded men. He said I’d come to the right place. Sailors love to hug usually, even each other.

    I hug people who don’t like it out of pure hope they will lighten up.

  16. Evan, you are right about Darth Maul, and that video is very good! Thanks for the link!

    Yes, Ghost Sweetie, Harrison did do well in his last foray out as Han Solo.

    Jerry, Amish Lite?

    If you want chicken houses come up and cruise around my part of North Georgia. Gainesville was once known (and still may be) as the Chicken Capitol of the South, and there is no shortage of chicken houses. I will say, though, that most of them have been empty for years and are in danger of falling down, but there are a lot of them. 😉

  17. Lots of chicken houses in my neck of the woods, too, most still going strong, at least judging by the smell when you pass them on a rural road. Grown not for egg production but as future starring roles as KFC fried chicken; Cracker Barrel chicken and dumplings; Chicken McNuggets; and Campbell’s Chicken Noodle Soup.

    Some years ago, I heard there was a nascent industry of converting out-of-production chicken houses into hot houses to grow tomatoes for the holiday markets. I don’t know how that worked out, but I don’t ever remember seeing locally-grown, vine-ripened tomatoes available at Christmas time.

  18. Ray, in my experience people often disagree on what the problems are. We humans are so ornery that when a girl shoots her attacker there are those who proclaim the attacker the victim and demand that the girl be punished!

  19. Don’t know anything about the Book of Faces “trending” flap, which is not surprising because I know very little about the Book of Faces itself. Was surprised to find that Book of Faces has apparently become a news media giant, but perhaps shouldn’t be seeing how many people once admitted that a Comedy Central cable show was their primary source of “news”. Will probably not be surprised in a few years if one gets the same puzzled look from many people when mentioning “Facebook” that one does now by saying “MySpace”.

  20. Do know that “Trending” topics on Yahoo! home page, which I unfortunately have to access to get to one of my primary email accounts, seems to be in large part nothing but click bait. Not surprised at that either, seeing that many of Yahoo!’s “news” items are “sponsored”, which I believe is what we used to call a “paid commercial announcement”.

  21. OMG. I just read that Verizon is considering buying and bailing out Yahoo!, which is sinking. (No surprise there…about the sinking.) So now my phone service is probably doomed, too, when the latter drags the former underwater with it. (Some of that “high tech” stuff in action, I suppose.)

    Happy You-Could-Fire-A-Canon-Through-The-Admin-Offices-Without-Hitting-A-Vice-President Day, everyone.

  22. GR, I hadn’t heard of that holiday.

    Also, my daughter’s excited by the charter school. This one has grown and expanded over the years–they are opening a 2nd elementary school in the neighboring school district this fall, and have also established a middle school and a high school over the last few years. Nothing succeeds like success, they say!

  23. Ghost Sweetie, you mean there’s actually real chicken in McNuggets? Who’d-a thunk!

    Trucker, congratulations to your daughter!

  24. Mark is somewhere between Tulsa and Birmingham and I hope his mama’s cats are not hitch hiking back to Alabama. My sweet veterinary did NOT ask me where I stole this load from. I have to go buy a wedding gift for his surgery assistant who has operated on rescues for me for twenty years. She finally married her partner.

    If he cares to, Mark can tell y’all what I am really like. What you see here is real, for better or worse. I contributed to his delinquency by introducing him to cheesecake at the Cheesecake Factory, oriental at PF Changs, French toast made with brioche and fresh raspberries, pulled pork at Okie’s best barbecue, a live theatrical performance and art and gardens at the Gilcrease.. All in one day.

    Have to get my Thomas Moran framed today. Unfortunately I don’t have a wall large enough for the original. In fact, not sure I have a wall as BIG as the original.

  25. I’m spending the weekend at Whedonopolis, a convention for fans of Josh Whedon, such as Firefly, Buffy and Angel. Gully, my cat, is having an all expenses paid vacation at The Cat Dr. (Literally; that’s the name of the vet’s office.) Somehow, I doubt that he’s appreciating the experience. As I want to know right away if the vet needs to call me, I’ve put the number into my cell phone with the sound of a cat’s meow as the ringtone. One hopes I’ll not actually hear it.

  26. Sideburns, I once transported a good friend and his Siam else to the vet as he petted and loved his cat telling him about the appendectomy he was going to have. Couldn’t bring himself to tell him truth!

    We picked up cat who got loved on some more and deceived. How do I get to share these experiences and not the wives? Crazy cat lady united?

  27. Siamese cat, which Hal just changed to Simmered Cat.
    Why? Perverse?

    Yes, Ghost, and sleeping late too. I am having brunch somewhere with Dickens if I can find a dog friendly patio in Tulsa.

  28. Little known factoid, Jean dear: Chickens do have nuggets, but you don’t want to know what part of the chicken they are.

    Now, if you will excuse me, Giada is preparing a dish while wearing one of her low-cut “jiggly” sweaters. Whether with or without an undergarment, I have not yet decided, but I will study on it. 😉

  29. The above reminds me of something I once heard Giada say while pan sautéing some boneless, skinless chicken for a dish (and I am not making this up), “…give your breasts a flip.”

    My immediate thought was, “Yeah, you’ve pretty well made a career of doing that, haven’t you?”

  30. When will we have nude cooking day to go with nude gardening day?

    Paula Deen once asked Emeril for a mallet on show and said not making this one up either, “You know I like to beat my meat first” and I said “Where are censors and mute?”

    We will see where JJ’s moderators are this morning.

  31. Good afternoon all. Back home again from miscellaneous adventures including trapping 7 not very happy cats, driving through Memphis for the first time(in the dark) only got lost once, driving through near-tornado and torrential rain near Little Rock and trying to remove the smells 7 not very happy cats leave in the back of a van. Then there were the good parts, seeing the rescued cats leaving the cages for a new life in the country, Jackie’s cooking, quiet time in the country and beautiful sunrises/sunsets over a huge lake, making new cat and dog friends and getting away from family and work for the first time in 2 years.

  32. Flurries 2x today, neither left a trace on ground. Walked across Salisbury Plain at 1220 to go work out, 45F, strong n. wind. Near froze my hands / tote + coffee mug. Less wind, warmer on return, lunch: 1,30 nap. Peace,

  33. Mark was a congenial and pleasant guest and traveling friend. He knows adventure follows me, sort of like the character in Lil Abner whose cloud went everywhere with him. But the sunshine does too, not all drama. At least we didn’t have to smuggle his mama’s cats out of a prison like one rescue I did.

  34. Got back last night from the Grand Hotel on Mackinac Island. It was pretty expensive to stay there and frankly the food was wasted on me. I am a pretty finicky eater and the appetizers were not very appetizing to me. I joked that I wished that they had offered the dessert menu first!

    When I came back on the ferry, I went to pick up the luggage and the tag on my CPAC machine did not match with my receipt. Fortunately I have an older machine. The ferry company called me to say that the person who picked it up will overnight it to me. Ironically they transferred 4 machines on the ferry and all FOUR ended up mixed up. Obviously when I get mine back I need to make sure that I differentiate my bag and hopefully that won’t happen again!

    It was nice to go out with my wife and dress up. The history of the island and the hotel is fascinating as are the scenery. We were able to get some great photos and selfies.

  35. We saw Amish of all kinds today. Also saw Holland, Mich. and the only real windmill in the US. We also saw lots of tulips, lots of cold wind (a record they say) and the very first snow that they’ve ever had during the festival parade. I stood the cold for almost all of the parade and finally had to go inside. Tomorrow we take the ferry to the island.

  36. Sorry that it’s going to cold for you Jerry. The Island does not have any motorized vehicles, but Wednesday and Thursday they had a couple of trucks as they needed to path the road due to putting new electrical and fiber optic. So it is a modern town in a throw back setting… The Butterfly house is cool and going up to Arch Rock is pretty awesome.

  37. Good mornning Villagers…

    Jackie, thanks for worrying about me…you are not the only one, me too. Glad you came to the rescue of those kitties and got to meet Mark in person.

    Finally got the Intrepid back from NIL, only after having to put tie rods in it. So at least I have wheels.

    Egg production is dropping and no one knows why. We are down 40 cases the past 2 weeks, we are only supposed to have a 1 percent weekly drop…..that’s a 3 percent drop The Corp has has already been out ‘scrutinizing’ the hen house. And I am sure, after Firday’s drop, they’ll be out on Monday. But I have a theory and it all revolves around a really bad egg belt

    Ya’ll have a blessed Sunday.

  38. GR 😉 sorry, running late. Been finnally sleeping good, thanks to modern, prescription medicine 🙂
    So I have no “back at you’ this morning.

  39. Gonfalon: This is the only strip that ever makes me run to a dictionary – and my vocabulary of the obscure and arcane is fairly decent.

  40. Just possible that some of you youngsters may not recognize Arlo’s saying. Here’s the scoop:

    Confession: You know I’m not a big sports fan, but I was familiar with the phrase and knew it was a double play. I didn’t know it became routine, helped the Cubs win several pennants, etc. Father-in-law [Bkln. Dodgers fan] knew it well.

    Also didn’t know FPA had written it, and so long ago. FPA was a regular, with John Kieran and Oscar Levant on the late ’30s[?]-’40s-’50s[?] “Information Please”, hosted by Clifton Fadiman [also a good read]. Tragically, I believe, FPA died of Alzheimer’s or some such. Always sad, but ironic when it hits a genius, E.B. White, for instance. My h.s. group is losing one now, a brilliant and generous science prof., whose caring wife lost a young first husband to cancer decades back. Peace,

  41. Steve, First yr. we came here, ’58, the first snow was 15 Sep. I remember it sticking to the sumac bushes, in the open jackpine / red pine woods en route to BSC, which that year had a record 900+ students. Dorms now where those woods were. P.S. It melted off.

  42. My dad loved baseball and I grew up with all things baseball, so the strip today was highly appreciated!

    When I think of summer, my mind goes back to listening to the radio and hearing Waite Hoyt and “This is the Burger Beer Network!” For you who do not know (and why should you?), that was the announcer for the Cincinnati Reds. Those were the days of Ted Kluszewski, Johnny Temple, Joe Nuxhall, Wally Post… the boys of summer…

  43. Not “Tinker to Evans to Chance”, but those Auburn Lady Tigers looked pretty good winning the Southeastern Conference softball tournament championship yesterday. Congratulations, Ladies!

    WAR EAGLE !!!
    GO BIG BLUE !!!

    God bless us every one.

  44. Baseball repeat: My first barber, Mr.Joe DeLouise, was a 100% Yankee fan and he converted me, in South Louisiana, to be a Yankee fan. At Mr. Joe’s funeral a few years ago, I told his son that if Joe Dimaggio hit a home run (on the radio broadcast then) while Mr. Joe was cutting your hair, he might loop off one of your ears! I’m still a Yankee fan (second only to Auburn)
    70+ years later!
    Rest in Peace, Mr. Joe.

    God bless us every one.

  45. Oh dear, it has been hot enough here to cause a lupus band down on my leg between my Capri jeans and my foot. Not good.

    Good part is I am not having back pain and slept for twelve hours and going to work in front yard planting stuff and weeding.

    Unlike Janis I garden in long pants, long sleeves, long loose gardening shirts or jackets, huge gardening hat, gloves. Not even a peek.

  46. Gonfalon and poem, baseball. Learned more than one thing today already. Arlo and Janis and this group keep me coming back for that reason. Have given up on rest of cartoonists but Jimmy.

  47. Debbe 😉 As far as a sleep-aid is concerned, I find a clear conscience works better than any pharmaceutical product. 😉

    No snow flurries here in the Deep South this morning, but walking outside to find below-60-degree temps in mid-May was enough to shock the system.

    I must say I’m sadly disappointed by your gardening attire, Jackie, seeing as you the one who motioned gardening-in-the-nude. 🙂 Oh, and I googled nude cooking just to see what I would get. (Raise your hand if it didn’t occur to you that I might do that.) What I found were some trailers for what is apparently a series of videos titled “Cooking in the Raw”…which is just what you’d expect it to be. I thought one young lady used rather poor judgment by leaning over the stove top and getting her bare chestular area so close to the skillet while she was browning off some ground beef. Well, at least she wasn’t frying bacon.

  48. Ghost, I told Jackie after seeing her gardening attire, that if she had been the model for Janis the strip would have taken an entirely different turn. No “just something about a peek”. But Jackie can work some magic in the kitchen, even got me to eat broccoli and enjoy it, something I have never done before.

  49. Jackie has lupus and have to time exposure to low UV rays but can cook nude with no problems. And no, did not cook for Mark nude either. I find nudity bothers the clothed more than the unclothed for some strange reason.

    Glen killed two more snakes yesterday in leaves on porch, he thinks pygmy rattlers. Glen is my deputy sheriff resident who moonlights as my house repairman. He is out painting walls outside kitchen so Stonemason who is laying garden paths can put in new walls for a new herb garden.

    I am wearing camo patterned gray jeans and long sleeved Hooded yoga top to garden, cooking shrimp and chicken stir fry for workmen. With whole grains for carbs plus vegs. If you can cook it outlasts nudity and other attractions.

  50. I understand about lupus and sunlight, Jackie. Good to know it doesn’t affect your ability cook in the nude, though. As you may have surmised, I like to cook and am a pretty fair hand at it. Perhaps one day we will have a cooking “throw down”. Heck, I even like broccoli.

    And as you may have also surmised, I don’t have a problem with nudity. 😉

  51. Nope but I figure I am going to have to find some anonymous meeting place a la Sleepless in Seattle to meet you, be sitting on a bar stool somewhere to see if a tall silver haired and bearded man shows up.

    And how would you know what I look like unless I wore red?

  52. I did not find an obvious reason for Arlo’s comment to Janis in today’s strip. The best I could come up with was the timing involved in Janis’ [presumed] morning ritual of “bed to bath to breakfast” with her coffee being served at just the right moment.

    Does the above make sense to anyone else?

  53. Note Janis asks why he always says same thing each time. I assumed joke was on predictability of long time married couples, she in her morning routine, he in his making of coffee and same joke every morning?

    Like “Who’s on first?” Which I finally get, since I never saw any 3 Stooges movies.

    Good sports writers were good writers in the day. Even I read them. Heck, I even dated one.

  54. Jackie, their routines were on either movies or radio. So no reason to have been deprived. These days, TV is more depraved, than deprived. At least in my opinion.

  55. And why would Arlo need to explain the comment? Janis appears to be on her device far more often than we see Arlo on a computer or such thing? She is certainly capable of finding the answer.

  56. Dear c ex-p, you are one of the few to understand it. We are old enough to know this is simply a reference to three baseball players, third baseman, shortstop, second base, or first? That, you can look up. They worked so fast together and were so skilled, they were famous for pulling off lots of double plays. In today’s comic, Arlo is thinking of his own skill at having Janis’s coffee ready at just the right moment. Why has he never explained it to Janis? I can’t imagine.

  57. Because, Sweet Charlotte, a guy has to preserve a little of the mystery.

    In case you never noticed, we’re not too good at that. 😉

  58. Charlotte: [Shortstop, second, and first.] Maybe just to be one-up. We [both male and female spouses] do these little things. Actually, if we do it at too refined a level, it can dismay others. One of our daughters in law used to get totally lost when we were at it. If this is the worst trivium that Arlo keeps from Janis, the marriage is in pretty good shape. Speelczech doesn’t know trivia has a singular. Now I’ll have to check; and yes, Janis can easily look it up, if she just goes to the Wiki site I listed above. Peace,

  59. Charlotte… I think that it is a game…one that long married people play. I still find myself saying silly punch lines that my husband used to say. And it has been twenty years since he was part of my life.

  60. Yes, Galliglo, you are right. My late husband and I had a big variety of phrases, quotations, punch lines, allusions, bits of poetry — all good natured and entertaining. I miss it, and him, a lot. It made our marriage light-hearted and happy.

    emb, a nice explanation.

    Dearest Ghost, yes, preserving the mystery. We didn’t do that, but I can see the appeal.

    Love to the Villagers, and to all, a good night.

  61. Thanks for the Abbott and Costello link. Another first for me! I had never seen it. And it was funny. I kept wondering how he remembered his lines.

    You have to remember what a weird upbringing I had.
    No radio, television or movies for most of my youth. I mean none or sporadic. What period was that on tv?

    I have heard of them but never seen. Had no television until 1972 and didn’t watch then. Still don’t. Have seen a lot of movies but assumed they were maybe around WWII period.

  62. Good morning Villagers…..

    GR 😉 you are right…that phrase should be on my ‘important list’, right below “the most worthless emotion, self-pity” and the most destructive habit, worry.

    Also, God is a sign of a conscious…..

    I debated in getting them filled, I was not eating nor sleeping. I had to do something. I am sleeping and eating now and feel better….I know it is not a long term fix. Thanks for the advice, I very much respect it.

    my NIL got his Danger Ranger back only to blow it up….and my Isuzu battery is in it.

    Good grief….my hens layed 203 cases yesterday….way up from 178. 192. It’s been like a yo yo in egg production this week.

    God bless one and all.

  63. Today’s comic explains it. Actually, wife and I housekept lackadaisically. Visitors had no reason to be in our bedroom, and we rarely made the bed. It was upstairs. Company threw coats in the room-and-board girl’s room. And TIP

    has another look at marriage, from the distaff side. He must have access to every painting that ever appeared in print. I’ve not found that website.


  64. Jimmy Fallon and friends were funny. I recognized Fallon, Billy Crystal and one other. I imagine they are all famous and I missed them on television?

  65. The house sparrows at the “Decorah-eagles-north-nest” [Do a search.] are now actually steal nesting material, grass mostly, to line their own nests downstairs. The Decorah N. nest is big enough for several apts. House sparrows often nest in groups, under bridges and such.


  66. Beebe, if anyone needed anxiety stress pills I’d say you did. You don’t need to apologize for anything to any of us.
    I would have gone berserk dealing with what you have!

    You are one of bravest and strongest women I have ever run into and I will never see an egg in any form and not think of you. I had a frittata out on patio in gardens of an upscale restaurant and you were with Dickens and measy this Saturday.

    Actually a large amount of guilt was. I was eating eggs but I wished you were with me. Seriously.

  67. Debbe 😉 I was joking about me having a “clear conscience”, not judging you for taking needed prescription medication. However, I have found it true that a positive attitude can help more in the long run than anything concocted in a laboratory.

  68. TEACHER: Donald, what is the chemical formula for water?
    DONALD: H I J K L M N O.
    TEACHER: What are you talking about?
    DONALD: Yesterday you said it’s H to O.

    I now have a new way to spell water.

    frost in the low spots Sunday morning – 32*F by house.
    Hope corn survived – beans not up yet.

  69. Love the southern speech explanation. Same one I heard in college where my sociology prof had done his doctorate on the speech of my relatives in Winn Parish, Louisiana! It embarrassed me at the time but what he proved and recorded in 19 60s was what he declared as closest speech to our colonial ancestors of the Carolinas kept intact.

    After Revolutionary War they loaded up all related families in neighborhood and left intact for frontier. They got there in 1800-1805 and due to extreme isolation and few new families a d no foreign influx they kept their old English speech up until WWII.

    He recorded it as oldest survivors were dying out in 19 60s but some was recorded by WPA projects in Depression and as part of folk ways stuxies.

  70. First day back after week off. Ugh! Late to bed, early to rise, can barely open up my eyes, whoever said this would make you wise?

  71. Mark, Glen spotted old gray ex-Tom up by Highway 9 crossing over toward rural health clinic and woods. Only the sick black kitty has shown up on porch and not today to catch. They haven’t shown up for Endless Kitty Buffet feedings.

    I feel bad about this but they are spayed, neutered and vaccinated, so no kitties or rabies, etc.

  72. Don’t feel bad Jackie. Like with people, you do what you can and they must do the rest. It’s not like you had an indoor place they could have been kept for the first few days till they got used to you. Give them time to acclimate to the area and I think they will return for food, unless they find some at someone else’s house. The old tom didn’t live at anybody’s house, just wandered from one female to the next. Maybe he’ll settle down now that he has nothing else to do.

  73. 48 out of 50 and haven’t read the majority. But styles reflect their times and authors. And I have seemingly read enough different authors to work these out.

  74. I also got 48 out of 50, Mark. One that I missed, I knew and clicked on the wrong answer. But… I guessed at some too, so I came out ahead. There were a lot of hints: the illustrations… the contrast between choices… different styles… Some I had read, and some I had just read about.

  75. I got 47 of the 50, thanks to those hints Gal mentioned. The ones I missed were authors I’d never heard of.

  76. I quit early but they gave only 2 choices

    Even Ben Franklin did not follow Poor Richards advice. But maybe that was
    after he retired. Rose late and partied to the wee hours.

  77. Just did something guaranteed to bring on sense of age and loss. Listened to Waylon Jennings sing for about two hours on YouTube the room was knee deep in testosterone! I loved that man and his music.

    Brown Eyed Handsome Man in 1970, he was clean cut, young and gorgeous. Weren’t we all? But he still made my soul roll over with his voice and that beard and face even towards the end of his life. He died too soon but he burned like a Roman candle.

    I’ll post the song that started that marathon.

  78. GM Debbe

    Good thing NIL vehicle was not in your hands when it bit the dust.
    Any way to get your battery swapped out?

    Don’t argue with an idiot; people watching may not be able to tell the difference.

  79. Good morning Villagers…

    Thanks for understanding. Now I’ve misplaced my driver’s license. Had to show it at the pharmacy when I picked up husband’s meds yesterday. It is somewhere in that Intrepid, I have the receipt!!!!

    Mark, my Isuzu is still not running…something about a couple of sensors….I think we’re getting close. Right now I’m driving an Intrepid that belongs to my husband who was selling it to his psychotic nephew.

    Old Bear, the nephew got the Danger Ranger running and brought back my Isusu’s battery last night.

    Ran 198 cases yesterday….we’re still trying to figure out why we were in a slump in production. They added a half hour of lighting at 2:00 am….a midnight snack so to speak…let’s hope this helps. It’s too soon for them to drop…they will not be 45 weeks old
    until sometime in July.

    Ya’ll have a blessed day.

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