Bagging for trouble


I missed my chance last week to tell you one of my favorite “To Kill a Mockingbird” stories, which I probably have told you before. I lived and worked in Monroeville, AL, for a couple of years when I was just out of college. Monroeville was the birthplace and childhood home of author Harper Lee, and she thinly disguised the rural town as “Macomb,” the setting of her novel. There was not a lot in Monroeville when Miss Lee was growing up there, and there wasn’t much more when I worked there years later. You would be astonished today how sparsely populated the whole of southwest Alabama is. The town square was vibrant, though, and contained the only bookstore in town, a store that specialized in inspirational and Christian literature. I do remember that, in 1976, one could buy a copy of “To Kill a Mockingbird” there. Autographed by the author. No, I didn’t get one.