Barbie and Zen III

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I see you started the barbecue/grilling tutorial without me! Well, today’s classic A&J is my two-cents worth. I remember when the aspiration of middle-class families was to have a masonry barbecue pit in the backyard. It wasn’t really a “pit,” of course; it was a freestanding firebox and grill served by a chimney in the rear. My brother and his family actually have one in the backyard of their older home. It’s way back in the far corner of the lot presumably to avoid engulfing the house in the flames of some really juicy ribs, but I can’t imagine schlepping all the essentials of a cook-out to the frontier of the property line. It was covered in vines when they purchased the place, but they’ve since rescued it from undergrowth. They don’t use it. It stands today like the ruin of a previous civilation. Man, I wish I had one.