Bathroom vanity

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In a probably futile attempt to reduce the tittering (“He said’titter!’”), keep in mind that Arlo’s bathtub has the same opaque water as Dagwood’s. Well, the same type of water, I mean.

The results of a recent study have been released, and they’re going to generate a buzz for the next couple of news cycles. I’m not going to post a link, because it’s all over the Internet, but the results say “organic” food is no more nutritious than “non-organic” food. We all know these are findings that are going to please or displease on a visceral level, and I generally avoid the visceral around here. However, I’m very interested in good food, whether organic or not, and I am heartened by the findings and skeptical at the same time. The run-of-the-mill grocery store produce may be more nutritious than I assumed. Good! Does that mean home-grown produce in season is pointless and no better than produce grown in Ecuador? Hardly. Plus, the study does say organic food will have significantly less pesticide residue. The larger point, I think, is that those trying to eat better should favor anything they make themselves from fresh ingredients and eschew Hot Pockets and Ding Dongs. Let’s not get bogged down in the details.