Bazz Fazz!

This old classic from December 14, 2006, probably is what I’ll be doing sometime this weekend. It’s not all about cartoons and code around here! I applied to join another cartoon group this morning. (That doesn’t mean you have to do it!) I applied to join the “I Go Pogo” group, because I was snared by a cute picture of a possum on FB. Plus, I am a big fan of the classic Pogo comic strip. I was asked a question, I suppose to assure I’m not some kind of robot. I was asked who was my favorite character from Pogo. That sounds like a simple question, but there were so many wonderful characters I had to spend several minutes of my life actually thinking about that. In the end, as obvious as it may seem, I had to go with Albert the Alligator. A truly great comic character.

Today's "Arlo & Janis!"

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  1. Good am JJ. Nice to see a post this early in the AM. Asa suggestion for your new page: could you put a link to “Today’s A&J” at the end of the replies as the older page was done. It was easier then to go to A&J after reading all the retro posts.

  2. Pogo was great but I have learned much more about opossums on the “Opossums are Amazing” group on Facebook. Lots of cute photos too with caring folks who have them including those rehabilitate them (if found injured etc) for release. ?????

  3. I think I would’ve gone with Porky – always been a fan of his advice ‘don’t take life so serious son, it ain’t nohow permanent.’

  4. Re 1-18-19 cartoon: Much of the fun to be had from playing doctor depends on what kind of doctor is being played. A few specialties lend themselves to a lot more fun and amusement than the others.

    • Let’s see…doctor jokes…doctor jokes…oh, yeah. There was line of people waiting at the Pearly Gates when a little man with a white beard, wearing a black suit, a black Homburg, and carrying a black bag, appeared and hustled through one of the gates. “Hey!” a man waiting in line called out to St. Peter. “Who is that and why did he get to cut line?”

      “Oh, that’s God,” St. Peter replied. “Sometimes He likes to go out and play doctor.”

      • From one of Jackie’s friends, via Book of Face:

        A pediatrician entered an exam room to find a woman and an infant. “What kind of problem is the child having?” he asked.

        “She’s not gaining any weight,” the woman explained.

        “Is she breast-fed or bottle-fed?” he asked. When told “breast-fed”, he instructed the woman to disrobe to the waist and proceeded to give her a very thorough manual breast exam, feeling, pressing, palpitating, gently squeezing, pinching and tweaking both her breasts in turn. Looking up at the woman, he said, “No wonder the child is not gaining weight…you aren’t producing any milk.”

        “Of course I’m not” the woman replied. “I’m her grandmother. But I’m awfully glad I brought her in today!”

  5. Good choice, Jimmy. Albert was the main comic relief while Pogo was the straight man who made you think.

    And Arlo is right, that stuff gets everywhere with the slightest touch of breeze. A covered bucket is neater.

  6. Oh, I just wanted to mention too, yesterday was Popeye’s 90th birthday. His first appearance in Segar’s Thinble Theater comic strip was on Jan 17th, 90 years ago.

    • Oh, roar a roar for Nora,
      Nora Alice in the night,
      For she has seen Aurora Borealis burning bright!
      Roar a roar for Nora, and for Aurora seen,
      Oh, where throughout the summer,
      Has my Borealis been?

  7. Porky Pine was my favorite Pogo character! I mentioned this in a fan letter I wrote to Walt Kelly when I was about 12 years old, and Walt was such a super gent that he sent me an original Pogo strip, autographed to me, with Porky starring in every panel. It’s still framed on my wall.

      • Thanks for the “Wow,” Jimmy! Walt (or someone in his office) must have hunted a while to find an “all Porky” strip! In those days cartoonists were incredibly generous about such things, maybe because the kids who wrote to them were real fans, not scammers trying to get something to sell on Ebay. I never once asked a cartoonist for anything, but I sent a number of letters of appreciation to my favorite cartoonists, and I got back original and/or signed drawings from (looking around office): Sparky Schulz, Mort Walker (who also sent a booklet he made, “So You Want to Be a Cartoonist”), Johnny Hart, Hank Ketcham, Bill Mauldin, and Jimmy Hatlo. In fact, the only cartoonist who never answered fan mail was Al Capp, but that was him.

  8. I’ve been biting my tongue all day to keep from pointing out that “hauling ash” has one meaning, and “getting one’s ashes hauled” has an entirely different one.

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