Beach Erosion II

This little series hits close to home. I like to believe that when I was a young man the only reason I didn’t relax in air-conditioned comfort, strolling outside only to watch the world go by from my own balcony, was that I couldn’t afford it then, but I know that really wasn’t the case. True, I couldn’t afford it, but I wouldn’t have chosen it anyway. Sedate comfort was for old folks!

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  1. Sometimes the view out the window lying is a nice bed is the best of both worlds.

    My MIL’s church is on Lake Huron and the back wall is glass. So as we are listening to the Pastor, we are taking in a magnificent view…not that we are lying in bed or anything.

  2. Arlo’s thoughts in panels 2 & 3 are my exact reasons for preferring a cruise. My wife can have all the sun she wants and I can do other things in air conditioned comfort. Cruises have activities almost around the clock that don’t involve sun or pools or beaches.

    God bless us every one.

  3. There are also cruises for nudists where entire cruise ship is nude except for staff. I prefer my nude cruises to be more restrictive however, like two passengers and no staff.

  4. Speaking of bedly brushes with fame (which I believe Jackie and Jerry were), when my brother-in-law was inducted into the Army at Fort Chaffee AR, his sergeant made much of the fact that the previous occupant of the bunk to which he was assigned was Elvis Presley. As luck would have it, BIL was not a fan of Elvis and couldn’t have cared less.

  5. Well, I could have slept in the Officer and a Gentleman suite but it wasn’t as plush as my top floor oceanfront one. Mine had a ghost but he never bothered me. My doors did keep unlocking and opening.

    I loved my suite in South Louisiana and the mansion has been in many things including movies I understand but usually I just stumble onto brushes with movies. Like staying in Tippi Hedrens suite from the Birds. That was me convincing hotel owner to let me stay in it with a dog. I had no idea she came back annually to stay there. Didn’t even know about history of hotel and movie.

  6. Vacations. I think when you’re young, inexperienced and broke, you think that everything will be perfect – until you discover that it’s not. Bugs, heat, wind, humidity, whatever. “Irritations” could be anywhere you travel, not just the beach. Then you come to appreciate that AC, hot showers, good food, comfy beds, etc. are really kinda nice. The trick as you age is not to lose your enthusiasm for adventure and exploration but to still find some balance of comfort and convenience. Does that make me a typical “American tourist” (spoken with disdain)? Probably. But I’d rather go home with great memories and fervent recommendations for other travelers than a lot of complaints and bad memories. So my message for Arlo in the retro strip is: Savor the moment, count your blessings, take a brief nap and then get out there and do stuff!

  7. On an X-Y graph
    While young the adventure line is high and the comfort line is low
    as we age they tend to converge. In my case I think they crossed a while back.
    Mostly I have gone to see people not things or places (mostly)
    One of our college group is much worse – “Yeah that’s nice – lets play card or fish”

  8. Steve is that church in Oscoda? I’ve been there many times and wonder why people would sit on the side that didn’t face the lake.

  9. Jackie, all my forays into naturalism have involved only two people, and I was one of them.

    And is there a collection of your Convertible Memories? I remember seeing a few of them posted here in the past.

  10. GR, you’re confusing two words there… I think you meant naturism, not naturalism… unless you’re talking about a philosophy or a religion “wherein all phenomena or hypotheses commonly labeled as supernatural are either false or not inherently different from natural phenomena or hypotheses”?

  11. True that. I blame a long week and typing when I should have been napping. Although there have been a couple of experiences that bordered on the supernatural. πŸ™‚

  12. Ghost, it was very windy and not especially warm up on the higher deck with the designated spot. Ship spent a day at St. Maarten’s, which is split between the French and the Dutch. French side has nude beaches, but at the time we passed through, all the users fit the people you don’t want to see there category.

    Jackie, is the comment on boats akin to that about no atheists in foxholes? I imagine there was a lot of praying on the Oklahoma City when we passed between those two typhoons in 1976. I thought the whole darned thing was going to go belly up.

  13. Ghost if I had a message or email for you I might regale you with some of them that are too risquΓ© for here. I owned it from 1961 to 1966 so lots of memories. I was just laughing about convertible and sports car memories this afternoon.

    Good thing I never took NASA up on their offers of dates with astronauts or I might have stories better than sports cars and air planes. There are rumors of that still told.

    I did date a lot of guys with convertibles and sports cars of their own, as well as owning boats and airplanes. Goes with the pretty Southern girl ticket.

  14. Mark my boating friends probably do engage in prayer in certain bad conditions such as storms but they are as a whole very spiritual people who find a connection to a higher power in nature. To them the water, wind, fog. Stars, darkness, all the elements celebrate an almighty and the connect to it with paddles and sails, not motors. It is the human touching the creation and the creator.

  15. Never too old for convertibles. Wife and I have a Sebring ragtop since ’04 and we’re in our 70’s. She calls me her silver fox and I call her ………. oh, I can’ say that here.

  16. Mark I sent you photo of exact one. Can’t post here. I tried. It was a Ford Galaxie 500 XL with automatic transmission dual carburetors and the largest V 8 that Ford produced called a Police Interceptor
    I believe this ultimately became the Crown Victoria that police used because they had a sedan called Galaxie Victoria.

  17. Oh Ghost you must come to Oklahoma. My new helper is the most amazing deep red haired Irish Colleen with beautiful heart shaped face, complexion to die for and looks like either a Shakespearan sprite or the sirens in Oh Brother Where Art Thousand in the river scene your song goes to.

    Of course her dad and uncle are my stone masons and lift rocks for fitness but she is beautiful beyond words.

  18. Mark that is so politically incorrect I could have watched the sirens seduction scene and thought it more correct.

    Ernie Kovacs was never PC as I recall.

  19. Politically incorrect? 3 gorillas playing instruments in a style simulating those mechanical toys you used to see?

    I was too young to remember much of his show when he died, but I have always remembered this. And from clips I have seen since, he was very funny.

  20. Those were bar toys for men and as I recall began as satires of black face minstrels but perhaps I am getting old and confused. We did all watch him in hip college student days, considered him outrageous at things he did. I mean, this was Eisenhower and early Kennedy days.

  21. Good morning Villagers…..

    Back when I lived in Corpus Christi, we would hit Padre Island beach three or four times a week, especially on Sundays. Back then you could drive and park on the island. I’m sure it has been overdeveloped since then….but those were the good old days.

    Indy Mindy…you still breathing?

    TR πŸ™‚ I remember that scene…love watching the reruns of MASH.

    Ian and I swapped jobs yesterday. I spent most of my time in the hen house. Believe it or not, it was cooler out there than in the packing room…just a few degrees…walked, walked, broke up egg blocks…which were always on the bottom.

    Happy Caturday everyone!!!

  22. Debbe, I have a friend, male, who does so much stuff besides building boats, boating, brewing beer, gardening, baking, canning, cooking, smoking meats, grilling.

    All in the same day.

    Today I told him that whatever he was smoking, I needed some.

  23. About Emmy Lou Harris and Making Believe. You could have gone all day and not played that one. I was already having trouble sleeping.

    Sometimes the past is best not visited.

  24. Well, Jerry beat me to the info on how tall Clark Gable was, so I’ll tell this story instead:

    When my Uncle Jim was in the Air Force in WWll he said that one day he was in a tailor shop to get an alteration made on his uniform, and as he was being waited on in walks Clark Gable. Of course the clerk rushed over to wait on the movie star, who immediately waved him off with a “no, that gentleman was here first, take care of him”. Uncle Jim said they had a small chat, and Gable was very nice.

  25. Tried to post link to Carthage, MO and the Route 66 info, Boots Motel here without success. Put it on my Facebook page with photo of Lora too. She is beautiful woman.

    All this talk of convertibles makes me want to buy one and drive Route 66 once again. I hate being responsible but I just put Honda van in shop for expensive service and to do body work and paint rather than trade her in.

    My daughter has two Mustang convertibles, one each for her and son in law. She has had a convertible since she got a license. It is genetic.

  26. Well, one saying says that “life is change.” I’m sure getting the change part. It had been over 5 years since I had see the Dr.s at the local VA hospital. I had just kind of been avoiding doctors in general. Finally went back in the early part of June thanks to the encouragement of Jackie.

    In that 3 week period I have: gotten new glasses ordered and also a prescription for a single power pair to use when working on the computer. Been advised to take a cardiac stress test. Had my hearing checked and found I needed hearing aids (pleural) which they will suply and fit. Found my weight was around 275 and offered a place in a weight control program, which I accepted. Gotten back on my blood pressure, anticholestrol and other medicines I need. And just yesterday was told I was diabetic and provided the testing kit and told how to use it. No meds for that yet, but they will probably be coming.

    No long waits, no rude or discourteous people, facilities look newly renovated. All in all, very nice people, friendly and helpful. And you get your days exerecise walking from one building to another.

  27. Glad you had a good experience at the VA hospital. Obviously, some are different! My daughter, a vet, goes to the one in Huntington, WV. NOT the same story! She has a 6-mo. wait for one doctor. Unless it is a standing appointment, the wait time is usually at least 3 months. If one goes to the ER, if you are not bleeding it can be 8 hrs.

  28. Oops! The above was in response to Mark! My excuse… the coffee pot went on the blink and I am drinking tea. I like tea, but no comparison to a big mug of coffee on a Saturday morning!

  29. Galliglo, the main VA hospital for this area is in Birmingham. I have not had to go to it yet, but my next door neighbor’s husband does. And according to her they are a trying location. Trying your patience, that is.

    The local facility was established mainly as a psychiatric care center. But everybody has the same medical needs, whether they are psych patients or not, and the psychiatric patients don’t create 100 percent usage of the facility, so the rest of us can go there too. And it’s easier to get in. I was a pre-existing patient, having registered there for medical care when I moved here in 2010. So I didn’t have the wait to see first doctor, etc, a completely new patient might have.

  30. GM Debbe (I will be away a couple of days)

    Just found some orders for pullets.
    1979 & 1980
    2,500 & one order for 4,700
    Shaver 288
    Cost 1.15 & 1.30 / bird
    + .88 & 1.05 / bird to raise to 20 weeks
    Vaccinated for Marek’s, NCL B1, NCL La Sota, A.E.
    & debeaked

    Just a piddling amount next to yours.

  31. Mark I am so proud of you for doing all this. Taking control of your health and responsibility for your own body and soul takes commitment and strength. It is an acceptance of our fallibility but a refusal to let it define us.

    You are correct in saying all of us here in the Village face this and deal with it, I know that. The Village was my support in horrible times and continues to be. It is why I truly want to meet all I can. Not curiosity but gratitude.

    Keep on putting one foot in front of the other and moving forward. Don’t look back unless that’s where you’re going.

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