Beat Bama!

I hope you had a happy Thanksgiving. I’ve been very busy this week, pushing Kickstarter rewards out the door. Remember the Kickstarter campaign? Sure you do! Yes, it’s true, I’m running a bit behind, but most of the rewards have gone out, and the few that have not will be out by the end of the month. Except for the new book. But there is good news there, and I’ll share it next week. I hope you have a better Saturday than I’m expecting!
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  1. Got more apples. Going home to make a hybridization pie, a cross between a lattice apple pie and a Dutch apple with strudel topping.

    Had Mexican chicken soup for lunch, think I will make a leftover turkey and Berry compote sandwich on whole grain for dinner.

    In Hawaii the custom seemed to be to put stuffing on the sandwich too. Anyone else ever make turkey, stuffing and cranberry sauce sandwiches?

  2. I really identified with the Thursday strip and cooking the turkey! The hardest part is digging around inside the turkey in search of necks and giblets! Otherwise it’s no trouble at all!


  3. No!!!! Send the good looking, smart ones back! We need improved genes (?) jeans (?) down here!

    Our neighbors to the north might be able to afford to build a wall and keep y’all.

  4. Oh wait, the Iron bowl wasn’t today. I asked who won and it is 2.30 p.m. Tomorrow. I held my breath and sent positive ions to Auburn a day too soon.

    Google did tell me they had won seven out of ten confrontations. I will go back and read more so I am better prepared tomorrow.

  5. Made it home and ate a piece of burnt pecan pie, a new flavor, similar to blackened fish. And a piece of pumpkin praline which is actually delicious.

    Skipped the sandwich and in bed in pajamas with Dickens the foot dog licking my left foot. Woo Hoo! He has a very soft tongue as opposed to cats who sometimes offer affection with really sand paper tongues.

  6. Hard to find a good selection of Queen sized pajamas to fit that bed with any degree of sexiness, especially anything to cover that eight foot tall head and canopy that gets in the way.

  7. Jackie, did you create a Cajun blackened pecan pie? As for the turkey sandwich with cranberry and dressing, there is a sandwich chain called Which ‘Wich that has those on its menu.

  8. Mark
    Which ‘Wich supports MN United Soccer

    On line with Chicken Poop Lip Balm

    “Poo Pourri”
    Spritz the bowl
    Before you go &
    No one else will ever know.

    Lemon – Bergamot & Lemon Grass

    True Value # 183843

  9. Working on a project that needs to be done by 12/02 and still have
    5 days work left and have to fit rest of life in also. Of course have known about it
    6 months (well not exact due date).

    So may be sparse on comments.

  10. Blessings on all villagers and all who need them.
    Thanks for the positive ions for my Alma Mater, Auburn. We will need all the positive ions we can muster to have a chance. But, remember David was a 40 point underdog to Goliath and look how that turned out! There is always hope.

    God bless us every one. God bless the USA.

  11. There is a vdry affectionate cat na med Orange whow iso ru bring aggressively on my arms, hands, sidea aND head butting. HAL iso enought ofor a nuisannce alon r.

    DI’d anone else herever have an ancestor named Orange ? Or Ivory?. As first names, not nicknames but legal names? I had great great uncles by those names and have even helped clean Graves during cemetery cleaning days.

    My family favored philosophers, Greeks, Romans and native American names with a few presidents thrown in, like George Washington or heroes like Charles Lindbergh.

    How about you? Did you have an Aunt Ophelia or Aunt Osceola? Known as Aunt Feely and Aunt Ossie.

  12. Beginning to think Ghost is forever gone and we will never hear from him again. Like a real ghost.

    I have had that happen. It is a strange feeling. You suddenly have emptiness.

  13. Mindy from Indy, prayers for both of them. Your kitties will be thrilled to have you at their beck and call on your vacation.

    I’m thankful for turkey, cranberry sauce, and cream cheese sandwiches. Like Trapper Jean, I like my stuffing on the side.

  14. I love cream cheese mixed with horseradish sauce, fresh leaf lettuce and sliced roast beef on wholegrain bread too.

    I will try the cream cheese, cranberry and turkey. Just had delicious cold turkey sandwich for lunch.

  15. So sorry about your team Jimmy (and others).

    The Auburn team had a lot of injuries in their line up so it would have truly been coming from behind for a win.

  16. Thanks to everyone for all the well wishes for Auburn. It just wasn’t to be. They gave it all they had. You can’t ask for anything more.

    God bless us every one. God bless the USA.

  17. Had a second turkey sandwich tonight, dinner. Dickenso had a nice helping of sliced turkey as well. He is liking my toes, alternating with ripping the eyeballs out of a green pig dog toy. He is deligent at his “job.” Wears himself out guarding the minivan.

  18. Janis sure loves her sweaters and corduroys! I understand. They are like a big hug.

    Speaking of such things, hugs to all who need them.

    Debbe, I though of you as I was sorting through some seasonal decorations. We have a plastic chicken that lays jelly beans, but my husband always told the niece and nephews that it “pooped” jelly beans. I was worried those kids would never understand about eggs! 😉

    Ghost, I hope all is well in your neck of the woods.

  19. Good morning Villagers…..

    Smigz, my mother-in-law had that plastic chicken, so I know what your talking about…if I remember right, it waddles back and forth as it ‘walks’…right?

    Arrgghhhhh…..came home to a ‘stinking’ mess, literally. Septic system is out of control. Had septic water back up in two tubs and shower. Got a mess here and I also need to go to hen house and knock some manure off of curtain backs. I will be slinging $hit more than I care to today 🙂 Sure would like to know who I p’eed off in my other life to get this one. 🙂 🙂

    Indy Mindy, prayers and hugs for you.

    Welcome new posters….


  20. Debbie I have promised to stay on topic and discuss only the relevant Arlo and Janis strips but that won’t stop me from playing video tag. I will see your sunshine and oppose it with Steam Heat and Baby Its Cold Outside in honor of the Sunday strip where Janis is complaining about the unusually warm weather we are having. In two separate links so they link.

    Since Ghost is gone, I picked version with best dance routine, not least clothes. This was considered extreme minamilistic dance routine on Broadway in 1954 when Bob Fosse correographed it for Pajama Game. I was in community and college theater class and summer shows, fortunate to work with Bob Fosse once.

  21. Offline now until there is something to say about the weather which in Oklahoma could be any minute. It is always changing but has been unseasonably warm this year. Yesterday we had dense fog. Today we expect rain.
    Going out to feed cats and dogs in my pajamas (looks like what people wear to Walmart tank top and capris)

    About where Arlo and Janis live, did we decide they were somewhere in mid south within a days drive of coast?
    Maybe northern Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia, even Tennessee or Kentucky possible?

    They have trees that lose leaves and change colors, occasional snow, gets hot in summer, chilly in fall, cold in winters? Spring brings flowers and grass.

    Could it be Our Town in Our State, USA? I THINK SO.

  22. Here is Our Town by James Taylor, written by the great Randy Newman. If you have never seen Cars I suggest you at least watch this one, which synopses the great Mother Road Route 66 and all the small towns that were bypassed by the interstates crossing America.

  23. Jackie, except for the day’s drive to the coast, you’ve described most of the US. Here in the basin of a valley (4400 ft elevation) in northern Utah we get that exact weather… Although before the current drought we’d have a LOT more snow than that occasional bit, as in needing to use some sort of roof rake to keep from climbing up there and finding a new way to fall, die, and bury yourself in an avalanche in your own yard.

  24. Trucker, that is my point, Jimmy draws our town and us in my opinion! Arlo is Every Man and Janis Every Woman.

    Show me a woman not insecure about her looks and she is not alive. But I imagine they are looking down on the funeral saying “I can’t believe my hair looks like that and that dress adds ten pounds.”

    Or reverse the roles, some men are too cold and women too warm.

  25. Our 17 year old black cat had been in failing health. His last few visits to the Vet had been so traumatic that I had decided that it might be harder on his health to take him there than have him treated. He died in his sleep this morning. Pets show so much unconditional love (yes even cats!) that today was a very emotional day for me. I am thankful for the love he gave our family.

  26. Dear Jackie, please pay no attention to anyone who says we should be only talking about the A&J comic strip here in the Village! We are a well assorted community of people with kind of similar interests, we like to share our thoughts and memories and our lives. We all enjoy hearing from you — please keep on writing just as before! Food, recipes, cars, music, stories, family stuff. I will try to share more, too; I type slowly, practice will be good for me.

  27. Dear Steve, I am so sorry about your much-loved cat. It’s so hard to accept, just like a human friend or family member. What was your cat’s name? The Village will send good thoughts after your pet.

  28. Steve, I’m sorry about Angel’s loss. How did he come into your family 17 years ago?

    Debbe, that must be the same chicken! Did she have it when Ian was little? I’m sorry to hear about the septic system. TGFB (thank God for bleach)!

    TruckerRon, you’d think someone would have invented a better way to get heavy snow off a roof by now.

  29. Well we had a female that we named Sushi because my daughter was a toddler and that was something she could pronounce. We later got a beautiful orange male tabby that we named Sake’ Sushi was experiencing some issues and I had to take her to the Vet and for the first time had to put an animal down. So even before I got home, my wife and daughter went to the Rescue and saw this black cat that was peering over a half door as he had climbed up to peer over to see them. They saw a pickup with a bumper sticker that said “Angel” and they decided to name him that.

    Sake passed away a few years ago at the age of 21, so we have had some excellent luck with keeping cats around. I know that I have mentioned here how Sake had saved our lives when he got sick when the wall furnace had a CO leak and combined with the rest of the family with headaches made me get a CO monitor. The thing that gets me is that my son was in HS and my daughter was 11, so a huge chunk of my life left me this morning.

    Ludwig and our cats could be cousins. Smart cats who entertain me. We still have 2 cats who are brothers who are now 9 years who still act like kittens.

    Hope everyone had a great thanksgiving. We did until this morning.

  30. Debbie, one more Chicken Song. Watch this one, I have watched more chicken dancing tonight than I ever dreamed of. This is funniest, best costumed and best correographed. And funny.

  31. Good morning Villagers…..

    Steve, that is so sad to hear of your beloved cat. You had some good years with him.

    Just learned a valuable lesson…keep coffee over to the side. Knocked it over, luckily none spilled on this lap top…..Amen.

    And we have a flushing toilet, and yes Smigz, there is never such a thing as too much bleach.

    Going to warming up tomorrow, low sixties…need to take advantage of it. Temperature inside the hen house was 41…brrrrrr. Only worked four hours, need to work more as after Wednesday, temps start dropping.

    Does anyone here know how long it takes for social security to get rolling after you apply??? I have a one o’clock phone call scheduled with them on the 15th of December. I pray it will be soon after that as I am not that physically equipped for this hen house cleaning.

    ya’ll have a blessed day….

  32. Debbie, you have no idea how much horrible video I surfed to fiND that ridiculous footage to make you laugh I hope.

    Good luck on social security.

  33. Last week’s snow was minimal here, just on the grass here in the valley. Today we’re expecting 2 to 3 inches in the valley, 1 to 2 feet in the mountains. The next storm is due on Thursday. Folks east of us should get much, much more, especially in Denver.

  34. Back in Bemidji. Mod. fog all the way here from Deerwood Sun. Good coffee and scone at Lakes Latte’ in Pequot Lakes about 1430. Most of the snow has melted, except for snowplow piles. White Chr.? We’ll see.

    Raining now. Nasty weather coming in Dixie, but you need the rain, no? Gained 4 lb. over TG weekend.

  35. We had violent storms during early morning hours but don’t think it included hail. Lots of lightening. Supposed to be possible tornadoes in Louisiana, Mississippi and Alabama. I hope not.

    Dark and overcast here. Appropriate weather for how I feel.

  36. I’m back.

    There were multiple issues with which I had to deal (not personal ones, fortunately). Those issues are resolved for the nonce, and I trust they will remain that way.

    Oh, yeah…missed y’all.

  37. Am so glad you are back. I honestly thought you were gone forever and vanished like a poof of smoke. You see, while we don’t know exactly what a ghost does, we fear it is dangerous. Not just me, others do too.

    Had to watch a lot of silly chicken videos to amuse Debbe for you. The bikini flash mob is for you.

    Ghost kitty is thriving and adorable, everyone’s favorite.

  38. Still working my way back through the posts here, but I’m reasonably sure that any day featuring a bikini flash mob would have to go on my calendar as a good day.

  39. Thankful you are back safe and sound, dearest Ghost! I knew that you would return although it might take a while. The Village will welcome you with lots of hugs.

  40. My work, at least today, is apparently less dangerous than attending class at Ohio State University. Praying for quick recoveries for the injured. Praying also for the OSU police officer who was forced to take a life to save other lives.

    Weeks of extreme drought + Today’s winds gusting to 40 mph = Many out-of-control forest fires in this area. Also praying for our firefighters.

  41. Just checking to to say “Hello.” I’m still lurking about, with little to say. Life is okay for the present. My wife commented the other day that I haven’t been in the hospital at all in 2016 (really since the transplant in 2015). That is a statistic that I hope to continue, but that was more than a few years in achieving. As a certain cartoon movie fish says, “Just keep swimming!” That’s my goal for now.

  42. Jackie, please don’t take my morning’s comment about the video personal….personally. it was horribly funny 🙂 🙂 🙂

    Welcome back. GR\

  43. No no, Debbe. I wasn’t taking it personally. I am in a very depressed mood right now and looking at really BAD videos cheered me up too. I did think of posting Rodney Carrington but he is too bad taste for the Vilage.

    Weren’t the dancing oriental chickens hilarious?

    On a positive note I found my original social security card from 1962 and my missing medicare insurance card.

  44. Hang in there, Jackie. It WILL get better.

    I’m feeling technically smug. I figured out how to make a Pandora Christmas station that plays almost all my old favorite cd’s plus other good stuff. Yay me!

  45. When we were married, I had never heard of the chicken dance. Not a tradition in my family. Did learn of it a few decades later. Funny, I was thinking of my Social Security card, before Jackie said she found hers. I haven’t seen mine in a few decades either. Has caused no problems and I’ve been getting S. Sec. for years. Am I going to need it some day? Then I had a kind of a flash vision — will I have to present it to get into the Afterlife? emb can doubtless tell me.

    I was really glad to see that emb has safely made it home. Over the days of Thanksgiving I thought of you and kind of worried from time to time. I am getting older too and felt most fortunate that my family drove me here and there for the TG dinner, and the day after too. You wouldn’t believe how many children and grandchildren gathered on Friday! More on that later.

    The weather was poor here in NH. Cold, rainy, and of course getting dark early. I was thankful I didn’t have to drive, especially in traffic, on the Interstate, with all the reflected lights from the wet asphalt!

  46. I am going through desk drawers, bags of receipts, the tops of my desks, both of them, any boxes and piles of stuff that is not filed or paid, etc. Found the Medicare card in a bunch of bundled up business cards in a zip lock bag of similar stuff.

    This alone is depressing!

  47. OK, Sand you just added to my anxiety levels with your comment on Ghost’s mission. I worry enough on sheer principle.

    My friends, I am purging my life of a lot of “stuff.” It may be too late but I am doing it.

    No good news on Trigger, still in purgatory in Tupelo.

  48. We’re home too! The weather in the Savannah area was cool and sunny; traffic both ways was … tolerable. Highlights of the weekend involved our grand-nephew Desmond – first birthday party in the middle of the day on Saturday and a tour of Christmas lights that evening at the Coastal Georgia Botanical Gardens. The latter was an impressive display for a relatively small organization (my basis for comparison being the Zoo Lights exhibit at the National Zoo in DC that we saw last year).

  49. David in Austin, I’m happy to hear that 2016 has not had any hospital stays for you! And I’m glad everyone made it back safe after their travels. Anyone have any idea why Thanksgiving seems to be the holiday with the most accidents?

  50. Jackie, you shouldn’t worry about Ghost. He has more lives than Li’l Ghost.

    I haven’t had time to catch up on comments yet. Are you go for the knee surgery?

  51. Debbe 😉 To answer your question, SSA claims it takes 3-6 weeks to process and approve an application for retirement benefits, but I always take claims gubbermint agencies make with a five pound bag of salt. Also, as I’m sure you know, benefits are paid a month behind. If you are approved for December, your first payment will be made in January, on a day determined by your last name initial.

    Also, try not to die on the last day of a month, because your estate will not get any of the payment for that month. But what can you expect from a Ponzi scheme?

    Some say it’s not fair that many SS beneficiaries collect much more than they pay in. I’ll just consider it a bonus for living a long time. That’s what I expect from a Ponzi scheme. 🙂

  52. Smigz: Because everybody’s trying to do much/go too far in the same short time-span? With most other holidays the leave and return days are less consistent.

    We’re fortunate that our travel time is short enough that we can wait to drive on the holiday itself (and be there in time for mid or late afternoon dinner) and not have to deal with quite so many crazed drivers plus hardly any big rigs.

  53. Good point, R.A. I’ve noticed that, too.

    Since this year’s Christmas (with no immediate family) will be an unconventional (for me) holiday, I’m making a short out-of-state trip. But with Christmas falling on Saturday, I’m still deciding on which day to leave.

  54. GR6: OK, I’ll bite. Tell us a joke about blondes and legwarmers.

    All safe here; the family travels to us. Sometime, I’d like to do the opposite, but such does not seem to be in the cards.

    Think I read that other meats have the same tryptophan level as does turkey, so that would not account for the difference in accidents. Mayhap the tendency to overeat – more prevalent at Thanksgiving?? – makes more drivers sleepier.

    Have my grandfather’s original Soc. Sec. card from 1936. Sometimes I wonder what would happen if I tried to use his name & number! I could back up the identification with his 1937 driver’s license, too.

  55. One of the reasons for the high accident rate at Thanksgiving IS the Christmas shoppers, the sales and Black Friday. People go a little crazy and drive with too little sleep, stay up for hours on end to shop.

    Blaming the wrong turkeys.

  56. No Ghost, I have postponed my knee surgery until spring. I decided tornadoes were easier to deal with than ice. I did pass my doctors but there are too many compounding issues to feel good about having it done.

    In truth I am neither physically, fiscally or mentally stable enough to bite that off. I will be making some dramatic changes necessitated by circumstances and I do not know if I can handle this with both legs working.

    I have been quite dramatically foolish and too easily fooled, two separate issues of course.

  57. cxp: Oops, Sunday it is. The flux capacitor in the Checker Cab must have been slightly out of alignment.

    OK, but remember, you asked for it.

    Q. Why do blondes wear legwarmers?
    A. To keep their ears warm.

  58. Oh, Jackie … As bad as that? No, no. Get some sleep and morning will be better. Can you get some help and advice from trustworthy friends? You are doing everything yourself. Relax, find someone to lean on. With love from Charlotte.

  59. My daughter, a redhead like her Mom, but occasionally blonde, told me the ‘Green side up’ blonde joke. My two favorite blondes [I don’t ask, or look at hair roots] are both pretty sharp.

    BTW, I reported here, or in broadcast emails, or both, that Ring-billed Gulls had left here a wk before TG. Saw three today. Mostly light rain today, hi lows 40s, windy, bleak.


  60. The local weather prognosticators underestimated how productive this storm would be. Here in the valley we had 5 inches on top of our cars (scraped off 3 inches before work, 2 more afterwards) and it’s still snowing.

  61. I have been seriously considering all this. I did all last week. That is when I cancelled my surgery so my doctor could fill the slot. I hope by spring some things may be better and I go through the approval steps again.

    Will talk to one of my guardians about issue with Trigger, he was with State Farm for years before he went back to the other side of table. I sent him message and he will talk to me about that.

    But Jackie has to face reality. Denial isn’t just a river in Egypt.

  62. About the weather. The South looks awful with severe weather and tornadoes. The mountain west looks awful with snow storms. Is everyone ok out there?

    I remember those December tornadoes in North Louisiana. Did not like them.

  63. Good morning Villagers….

    Septic is still not working, husband ran washer yesterday and water come back in….in both tubs and shower stall, must be line from washer….need that drain snake again.

    Good to see everyone’s safe return.

    Wore carharts in henhouse yesterday….actually worked up a sweat knocking $hit off curtain backs, going back in today as it will be 63 today……temps start dropping on Wed.

    Jackie, I’m where your at too, or else I wouldn’t be going in and slinging manure. Insomnia is killing me. Sending a prayer your way……Amen.

  64. Debbe, I don’t know if I want to try anything new. They changed one of mine and the one that helps control my inflammation and pain is one they never seem to get refilled on time so I end up on 30, off ten and in acute pain.

    New drug not working like it is touted to perform.

  65. Jimmy, Janis is apparently not of the “stuff a tissue up your sleeve” school. You know it’s love when you can handle each other’s dirty tissues with barely a wince.

    Jackie, it sounds like a heck of a lot is happening to and around you right now. If you are able, you may wish to share this with your doctor and ask her/him to suggest a counselor to help you navigate through this time. The journey of a thousand miles… Please, take one step for yourself.

    emb, I bet one of the gulls was saying to the other two, “I TOLD you we should have left two weeks ago!”

    TruckerRon, isn’t it amazing that some people have never even seen snow, let alone scraped five inches off their car?

  66. Smigz, even when I was growing up in Memphis we had some amazing snow storms. Not every year, mind you, but a few that were traffic stopping, getting us out of school, building snow men and forts kind of snow! We had lived in Rockford IL when I was little, so my dad was an old hand at driving in snow and taught me well.

    I didn’t fear driving in snow until I was into trucking and saw too many fools who drove just as fast in snow as on dry pavement. Watching them slide helplessly off the road at speed convinced me they were more dangerous than the snow itself!

  67. When my daughter was confirmed as a Catholic the Archbishop did her services. We had front row seats in cathedral right by him. He had a cold and he kept his hanky in sleeve of his robes.

    I stick mine in my bra but when dirty you have to find a trash can.

  68. Debbe 😉 Whenever I get down, I think of you, your Carhartts, and The Dance of the Seven Zippers™. And I smile. 🙂

    BTW, what would your Stripper Name* be?

    *First name = Name of first/favorite pet; Last name = Name of street or road you live on or nearest to.

    Anyone else?

  69. That sounds like something out of Stephen King.

    First cat was Pumpkin when I was about three or four. I live on Lake Aire but back driveway is on Kiamichi.

    So, Pumpkin Aire or Pumpkin Kiamichi?

  70. Yeah, that’s the one I liked too. I was thinking Indian Princess with lots of leather fringe and beads and feathers.

    Wait, Cher did that already didn’t she?

  71. This is funny. Come on, someone else do this.

    I am dealing with problems with truck, depressing. And the boats, more depressing.

    We need more exotic dancers. There are male dancers too, like the Chip and Dale’s.

    So who would you be Mr. Ghost? Not Magic Mike.

  72. You have got to be kidding! Your dog was named Buster?

    Jeez, what a dance team this would be. Buster, Fluffy and Pumpkin, who I think was actually Punkin, sounds like a street gang of little kids from a family movie in 1940s or 50s.

  73. Annie Pine Ridge.

    Exotic? Thunder from Down Under, as in a recent TIP BlogSpot. However, I prefer the other gender, as in the Folies Bergere, ’52-’53. That was not in the dictionary, but now is.


  74. This is lovely. I think I am coming to Mississippi again. No one can tell me anything about Trigger. No record of incident report, no one in State Troopers can tell me, Allstate has nothing, beyond my reporting it. Trigger is inside building to avoid interior damage from rain at $45 a day for 30 days.

    Wrecker yard does all work for local Ford dealer in Tupelo. I think I need to visit Tupelo and New Albany.

    Ghost, answer my questions about the urns on your mama’s and sister’s graves. I will design their pieces and bring along.

    Among stuff I am going to do is go back to work. I am going to turn my garden house I built for a boat designers office into a small silk flower shop and go back to work. Might as well. There is a cemetery right across the road aND my heating and air conditioner repairman owns strip shopping center with empty spaces down there. Think that is viable.

  75. First pet was a black mongrel, smooth-coated, of unknown parentage. “Cappy” was the name applied by someone during WWII. Lived then on 60th Avenue, but that doesn’t provide anything like a good name unless one wants to think of a long line of dogs named “Cappy” to get “Cappy LX”.
    The nearest cross street was 60th Street, which isn’t much better for name generation.
    Cappy developed a knack for nipping people, so he was made to move on. I was too young to know the details.

  76. Favorite pet was probably Kaschka, a cat. She was grey/black with a yin-yang design on one side and target on the other. She survived living on Lambert, Springhill, Hukill, Vassar, 5th, Pine, and Meyer before expiring at about 17 or 18 years.

  77. I am selling my boats, all of them. The ones I don’t sell I will end up giving away but I plan on selling the four bigger and nicer ones. Probably donate the ones under construction to the boat shop nonprofit if they will take them.

    Guys, this took a lot of thought to do and took me forever to commit to. I am making arrangements now, placing ads, paying to keep her in marina, getting my friends to handle showing and sailing Stella. I will have to handle Cookies here. Not happy but pulling head out of rabbit hole.

  78. Back to the weather. Has anyone had tornadoes today?

    Hail? Wind? Fire?

    Horrible news for Tennessee. I mean, the tourism is tasteless but some like it and it is always sad to lose homes, businesses, pets.

    Have a tornado plsn.

  79. Jimmy, a cat, our first pet; Broadway. Could work!

    Jackie, it took a lot of guts to decide to sell your beloved boats. You are one tough lady.

  80. These are some funny names guys. How did you happen to come up with this name game? Playing at a party in 1985?

    In 1985 my favorite cat was Fluffy and I lived on BalHarbor

    Fluffy washed out of a blown out condo we think because she washed up on a large piece of driftwood behind ours. Pure white dsh who lived through a hurricane and cancer to be about sixteen.

  81. My, I see we must have a drag queen impersonator among us, Annie Appletree’. This is funny name game.

    First dog I remember was when I was seven. He lived until I was in college. Nasty Boy.

  82. Yeah, 1985 would be about right. I remember one Johnny Carson came up with in a Tonight Show skit…a stripper named Helen Bed. I believe there is also a minor actress named Helen Bed.

  83. Jackie, Allstate should have opened a claim when you initially reported the loss; given you a claim tracking number; and assigned a claims adjuster to your case. If you have a claim number, you can check the status online. If not, call your agent or 1-800-ALLSTATE. Certainly something should have happened in 30 days.

    Was the accident worked by a city policeman, a county deputy, or a state trooper? That should determine which agency has the accident report on file.

  84. State troopers out of New Albany. They gave me a report number which I turned in to Allstate. Allstate gave me a report claim number. I have talked to my agent twice since then, the State Trooper office twice and left phone number twice (no one called), the claims adjuster for Allstate three times who tells me there is no incident report available.

    That is true, I have been putting the number and my name and license number into the Report Beam site on Internet and it comes back No Record. Allstate is asking me to file on my insurance and more or less forget the jerk girl who hit me. Allstate is my policy. No one even knows who hit me but they have the car impounded.

  85. Jackie, you might try calling the office of the commander of Troop F in New Albany or emailing him if your problem is obtaining an accident report for insurance purposes.

    Captain Chad Moore
    1103 Braton Road
    New Albany, MS 38652
    (662) 534-8619

  86. Thank you Ghost. I will do that. You are remarkable at times. Probably remarkable all the time but I’ve no way of knowing that. Just assuming from the little glimmers you allow.

  87. Gonna get rougher before it gets better tonight. Already a tornado reported in Middle Tennessee, not far from where I have relatives living.

    I was concerned earlier when it was 77 degrees here and very humid an hour after sunset.

  88. I actually enjoyed my work as a (relief) bartender, aka Unlicensed Physiologist. Seldom a dull moment. I remember the time I was sitting at the end of the bar one afternoon before we opened and the bartender walked by me. Suddenly, she turned into my arms and put a liplock on me that I still remember to this day.

    No one was more surprised than I.

    But when did 71 become “old”?

  89. Stripper name: Spitz Lotus (as in Lotus Court)

    Not actually first or favorite, but this one is better.

    Spitz was named for Mark ‘The Shark’ Spitz, best US swimmer at the time back when we thoughtlessly called our national athletes American. We had one of those tin framed, vinyl lined, above ground pools that fowl would layover in en route wherever. The deck we built around it allowed local mammals a convenient watering hole. But the water level must have been a stretch for this underweight kitten. Obviously past weening to be out wandering on its own, but so small.

    I have no idea how long he’d been paddling around seemingly content. You would expect an unholy yowling from a kitten beyond his ability to cope. Not at all. I knew better than to offer an unprotected hand to kitten claws (the small ones are the sharpest), and immediately scooped him out with the skimming net. It wan’t the storied ten-foot pole, but plenty long enough to keep my distance from a scared feral cat. Quickly laid it flat on the deck, expecting the cat to take off as soon as it had something solid to run on. But it didn’t. Just calmly stepped out of the net walked for enough to get to dry planks that hadn’t been splashed by my efforts. Laid down gently. Not flopped over from exhaustion, just settled down like he does this stuff every day. Once he was satisfied I wasn’t a threat, he started the feline cleaning routine. I know it is the natural effort to dry off, but the whole appearance was “yeah, I meant to do that.”

    I went about my business, but close enough to keep an eye on him. He sunned for while, then got up, did the kitty yoga routine, and I’ll be damned — went back for a drink!! Learned his lesson though, never fell in again for ten years. He became an indoor cat after veterinary visits. Slept on my bed most times. Stayed on with my parents when I went to college. That was Gold Medal effort in my book, so that’s the name I hung on him.

    But I doubt it would draw a crowd on the marquee. Laughs yes, interest not likely.

    Buster Cherry. Yeah, that’s a name to have bachelorettes and cougars lining up.

    My 71 year old grandparents were definitely old. My 71 year old father sure seemed old. But I probably will stubbornly refuse to be old at 71. Just like them.

    A physiologist could be quite intrigued by the developments of passionate embraces.

  90. yeah, that was me above.

    Jackie, I’ve only twice had the misfortune to use the auto coverage I pay for. First time, in my twenties, I probably didn’t know enough to take care of it on my own. But responders were professional. Record keeping was flawless. Desk sergeants (are they still called that?) were friendly. Adjuster and agent respectful, even to a relatively young man. All stellar examples of what I should aspire to in life.

    Twenty-odd years later, I’m rear-ended, so there’s really no question of liability. Responders full of attitude. I couldn’t know about the records because the desk troll (definitely not uniformed) claimed I needed to fill out Freedom of Information Act paperwork for an accident I was involved in, at a fairly steep price. I was to pay cash for a report about me!? I declined. I wasn’t a resident in that county, but that seems a bit odd to me. Adjuster couldn’t be bothered, verbally wrote it off as totaled, sight unseen. I must be paying enough for that courtesy. Huh, maybe I should look for a cheaper policy.

    The one high point was my agent. Who, oddly enough, was the lead bartender at my local pub his last three years of school. When I told him about the FoIA requirement, he took over. Some time passed, and when I wasn’t thinking about it any longer, my agent forwarded copies of reports for my files as a courtesy, I hadn’t even thought to ask. They were a mess, not his doing, the originals were.

    The computerized stuff was legible, obviously, the hand written forms were not. But it was impossible to relate the information in one area to another, or even to reality in some places. Location, time, direction of travel, passengers involved, were all details that changed among the flurry of paperwork generated by a simple collision.

    But I was healthy, I had acquired a new-to-me car, the sun came up and set again – it was pretty too.

    I hope you eventually have a good outcome as well.

  91. Our societal standards have fallen. You have to look for the people who can make things right. They’re getting fewer and further apart, but they are out there.

  92. Nice to hear from you Morphy. Thanks for advice. Need to sleep some more.

    I hope everyone is safe. That storm map looks awful. I am sad about Tennessee and fires. They don’t need tornadoes.

    Ghost. I know that friend. He still looks like the grinning kid who designs boats that run on a wound up rubber band and sneaks peeks every chance he gets or kisses the girls

  93. Good morning Villagers…….

    Tornado and fires in TN…may the good Lord be with all…..Amen.

    Jackie, have you ever heard of Boat Angel? They advertise on a billboard on my way to the hen house. . That is if you have one you just want to donate. Sounds to me there is a failure to communicate in that police force and insurance company…good luck.

    Cold is air is coming in….I’m going to go nuts here. Plenty of cleaning to do here too, but no ambition.

    ….and Jerry has been MIA for a while

  94. I saw Dolly Parton last night and she said that her park had been damaged by high wind, but the park itself had no damage from the fire at that time. Other areas such as Gatlinburg were a different story. Anyone wanting to help can donate to the Red Cross. Locally the drought seems about to end with storms moving in today.

  95. The south is being hit hard. I hope all in Village are safe. I just heard news story that said 72 tornado reports yesterday alone.

    If you are in line of storms please report in that you are safe.

    Ironic that the very medical conditions this new drug is supposed to cover (which really were not bothering me) have suddenly all manifested themselves with great severity. I was not wanting to change and regret I did..

    Awake and not wanting to start back on being responsible. Two orange cats and a ten pounds dog snuggled in the comforter, Skipper is on mantle considering.

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