Beaucoup, Arlo and Janis”



Well, it’s begun. You now can go to Facebook and see a page related toBeaucoup Arlo & Janis,” the working title of the upcoming book. It’s a little late in the game for a “working title,” but that’s it for now. Those of you who have a Facebook account will feel right at home, but you don’t have to open an account to view the book page. To be honest, there’s no important information there that has not or won’t be revealed here, so don’t feel obligated or neglected if you don’t visit. It’s just that it’s so… Facebookey!

Of course, the big advantage of Facebook (for someone in my position!) is that it’s easy to spread the word. You tell your friends, and they tell their friends, and so it goes. The Facebook page is far from perfect and is really little more than a prototype. I’ll be adding some stuff to it all along, but the fact that it’s there is all that matters. Another good thing about Facebook!