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If you go to Facebook and search for “Arlo and Janis Fans,” you’ll find a page devoted to, well, Arlo and Janis fans. I don’t have anything to do with this page, for the record, and have only checked in a few times myself. However, it’s very flattering, and you’ll see a lot of familiar faces.  I think a regular here started it. I don’t dabble with Facebook much at all, because I don’t understand it very well. It makes me nervous. However, I know a lot of well-adjusted people who enjoy keeping up with family and friends there, and I thought maybe I should mention the page. I need all the friends I can get.

Thank you for all the response about the book. I won’t keep yammering about it here, but I’m posting the email link again below. Probably, when my shirttail hits my hind quarters, I’ll put up a permanent link for a couple of weeks. Anyway, if you think you might be interested in purchasing an upcoming Arlo and Janis cartoon book, drop me an email saying so at . That is, of course, if you haven’t already. It’s only an attempt to determine an optimum size for the first run, not a commitment of any sort. You can learn more by reading yesterday’s post.

See you in the funny papers! Eight years of doing this blog, and I think that’s the first time I’ve ever said that.