Before there was Alexa…

Before there was Alexa…

November 27, 2001

I digress, but I thought I’d return to the classic sequence about computer card games that was introduced Wednesday. The above is the A&J comic strip that appeared next in the series, and you can see the others that follow by clicking on the date beneath the art. I think some of these may have appeared here on the web site not very long ago, but it’s Friday.

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  1. JJ, I love when you put the date of the strip in clickable format! I can waste at least ten minutes going through and liking a couple weeks of your work! Don’t stop!

  2. With St. Valentine’s Day coming up, good advice for men from Brigid Johnson (a writer whose blog I follow):
    “Some women do like lingerie. But lingerie is a minefield. Buy it too small and she’ll think she’s fat. Buy it too big, she’ll think YOU think she’s fat.”

  3. When Janis was playing strip poker… did home computers feature cameras back then? If not, Arlo should just sit down and enjoy the show! If yes, then, would Janis be risking arrest if any minors are watching the game?

  4. BTW apropos 02/02 strip:

    If the Woodchuck sees his shadow there will be 6 weeks more winter – if he does not it will be a month
    and a half.
    It is sunny here – the first time in 2 weeks. Jan was cloudiest on record, about 25 of 31 days.

  5. Mildly interesting but worthless factoid: In my 2nd Grade School Play, I performed the part of The Groundhog. I wandered out on stage in pj’s and robe, yawning and rubbing my eyes. When a bright light was shined on me, I turned and ran off stage. I’m sure it must have been freakin’ adorable.
    In other news, Punxsutawney Phil reportedly did NOT see his shadow this morning. Enjoy your early Spring, y’all.

  6. Marmota punxsutawneyensis?
    It’s been a long time, if ever, since I last felt that spring came early enough. Late spring is especially hard on ornithology classes.

  7. To quote Jethro Tull, “It was an old day yesterday, but it’s a new day now!”. Good Monday morning everybody. The Villagers seem to be hiding in their holes like the groundhog. As for how accurate the groundhog’s early spring fore cast is proving to be: Tulsa had a high of nearly 77 yesterday. Tomorrow it is only supposed to make it to the 40’s and Wednesday is predicted to be in the 30’s with snow all day and possible accumulations of 1 to 3 inches.

    • And Wednesday…of course…is the day I have a physician appointment in Tulsa. Well, it’s with the doc treating my gout-ravaged hand, so I probably won’t miss anything if I can’t make it.
      I believe formal hand therapy has done about as much good as it’s going to be able to do (although that was quite a lot!) and that further improvement will be incremental over time and mostly the result of what I do myself, based on what I learned from the therapists.
      They’ve all told me that gout in a wrist is rather rare, and none of them can believed how much damage it did to my hand.

  8. My little tech school canceled for the day… apparently folks in the higher parts of the valley and points north of me got a LOT more snow than we did here closer to the lake.
    I’ve got less than an inch on my driveway.

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