Behind closed doors


Two cat cartoons in a day! Well, they’re not really cat cartoons, they’re Arlo & Janis cartoons featuring Ludwig, aka “King Kitty.”

As you know, the New Orleans Saints will be in the Super Bowl. I was for the Saints going in, and I ultimately am happy they’re advancing. However, I must say, they played dirty. Basically, the defensive plan was, “Their quarterback’s an old man; let’s kill him!” Brett Favre wasn’t “sacked” once, if I recall, but he was pounded to the ground numerous times. What does that tell you? I know: it’s football, but there are rules to keep football from becoming purely gladiatorial, and those rules were bent Sunday. Maybe I’m just empathetic; we old men have to stick together. Anyway, as I said, I’m glad the Saints will play in the Super Bowl, and that’s all I’m saying till then. Heaven knows, you’re going to hear enough about it as it is.

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