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I’m getting in the mood to cook some hearty cool-weather fare myself. Beef Burgundy sounds about right. I think this strip from 2011 tells a simple truth, at least when I’m in the kitchen. Despite washing bowls and utensils as I go, the culinary detritus eventually gets ahead of me, even with those classic “one-pot” dishes that I love so much. Boeuf Bourguignon, in the French, is beef simmered in wine, of course. The great Julia Child’s recipe is a go-to standard for this dish, and it reminds me of one of my favorite quotes from Julia: “I often cook with wine; sometimes, I even pour it in the food I’m cooking.”

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  1. My Mom made pot roast every Sunday, but since we never had alcohol in the house, she did not cook with it. Once I started making Boeuf Bourguignon, I realized what a great sauce that it makes. Now when I make a pot roast, I pour in some red wine and let it simmer. Wonderful flavor and consistency

  2. I developed the habit of washing up as I cook, and often tell people I learned it from my mother. Did she have that habit? No, she did not, and frequently had every pot and pan in the house dirty. Thus, I learned to clean as I go.

  3. Agreed. And it doesn’t even have to be the “fancy-smancy” French variety of hearty cool-weather fare. (Although, between the beef and the wine, what’s not to like? πŸ™‚ ) In fact, this very morning, I pulled my chili pot from under the cabinet and sat it out on the counter as a reminder to put on a pot of it this evening.

    Yes, I do have a dedicated chili pot. Why do you ask?

    And yes, Jean dear, that’s a corollary of the First Law of Bachelor Housekeeping: “Never let it get ahead of you.”

  4. I wrote this yesterday and sent it to my Auburn buddies. Since JJ is one of us, I send this to him and the entire village. Enjoy! Blessings on everyone.

    In 1948, when I was 10 years old, a group of us young boys were playing a sandlot
    baseball game next to my house in Baton Rouge, when my Mother came out and told us that
    Babe Ruth had died. We all sat down and cried. Today, 67 years later, I sat down and
    cried when I heard the news that Yogi Berra had died. I listened to Yogi on radio and I
    also remember watching the television game in 1956 when Yogi jumped into Don Larson’s
    arms after he had pitched the only perfect World Series Game in baseball history. Yogi
    was not a home run hitter or a fielding ace but he was a baseball players baseball
    player. He had a World Series Championship ring for every finger and he played in three
    that the Yankees didn’t win! He was also a great philosopher.

    In honor of Yogi and as a bit of advice to our Auburn football team and coaches, I’d like
    to say:

    To the coaches: “IF YOU COME TO A FORK IN THE ROAD, TAKE IT!”
    War Eagle!

  5. I agree Ghost, certain pots and bowls get designated for certain types of food around here because they always seem to serve that particular best. I have a pot for chili, a smaller one that is always the best oatmeal pot. There is a very old crock type bowl which always get used for left over bean soup because it always holds the right amount of bean soup. Stainless steel is most often the material of choice. I have a copper bottom stainless, 2 quart Revere ware that gets used most often. I have also discovered an enamel lined 10″ skillet that refuses to stick no matter how I abuse it. Even eggs just lightly sprayed with canola oil never, ever stick. So yup, certain pots and pans with certain items.

  6. Just FYI, any dish with tomatoes in it will taste better with a bit of booze in it. Some of the things in the tomatoes that give it a good taste only dissolve in alcohol, so you can’t get their flavor properly any other way. And, never put fresh tomatoes in the fridge, because some of the other flavor components change at low temps, permanently degrading the taste. (I do, however, have some friends who actually prefer them that way. Yuck!)

  7. Being Southern lady cook there is nothing that a good slosh of alcohol can’t improve. My Granny was Baptist and we served grape juice for our Lord but once I became Episcopalian, Katy bar the door! Didn’t hurt that late husband was in fine wine industry of course.

    Jack Daniels is my favorite go to for cooking, along with rum, port, red wines and beer. Unfortunately pancreatic disease made me a non consumer decades ago but cooking is fine.

    Favorite pot roast is a Cajun version indolent of many things but Jack Daniels plays a huge role. I actually visited his grave about 45 years ago and laid a rose. Love.

  8. Thanks, Sideburns. Now I know why I always add red wine to my Italian meat sauce.

    Another Yogi-ism I always liked, domaucan1, is “You can observe a lot just by watching.”

    Of course, Yogi is also reputed to have said, “A lot of the things I said I never said.”

  9. Debbe, thanks for the compliment. Humor, at least the best humor, is usually something that you knew, but you didn’t know that you knew it until someone put it into words. I know that sounds like Yogi Berra, but I’m actually thinking of George Carlin. He was famous for such things as “Have you ever noticed if you wear a hat long enough it feels like you’re not wearing it anymore, and when you take it off it feels like you’re still wearing it?” I know that when I heard that I said “Yeah, that’s right.” It’s like A & J. The funniest strips are those that appear to result from JJ looking in our windows.

  10. My sister had a close friend who over the years came up with more genuine malapropisms than anyone I’ve personally known. My favorite was her description of how she was once awakened suddenly in the middle of the night by a loud noise. “I sat deadbolt upright in bed,” she said.

  11. Before a doctor decided to ruin my life and good times, my favorite hearty, cool-weather fare was pizza.

    Of course, pizza was my favorite hearty, hot-weather fare, too.

    (Yep, still jogging, still dieting, still losing a little weight.)

  12. TruckerRon, Yep, the same way a mild winter means a whole lot more pesky bugs the following spring here. But I gather that the British spider population hasn’t increased, they are just intelligent enough to want to get somewhere dry to reproduce. And humanity has thoughtfully provided them those places!

  13. Debbe, thank you for the compliment — you have a big heart and are so nice to all the Village people. I miss Denise too and have made a couple of attempts to reach her on Facebook, but no luck.

    Mark, I will heed your advice about waiting room TVs. I think I have only resorted to desperate actions when the receptionist was with a patient or on the phone, or was nowhere to be seen.

  14. Debbe πŸ˜‰ I had to meet another ISP tech at home this afternoon, but it turned out he was no more successful than the first one in solving my InterWebNet connection problem. The service been increasingly sucky this evening.

    Perhaps they should send “Lily” to check it out. She’s cute. And busty. And even if she couldn’t fix my DSL connection problem either, she could probably take my mind off of it.

  15. Really need to finish packing but I have to see how all are doing as the Village shuts down. It’s time to leave, I need somewhere with terrible food I can turn my nose up at since I obviously packed neither my sales resistance or my will power. And I need my anti-inflammatory meds for the joints, they are all killing me. I have walked a lot here.

    My last purchase was some rare raw woods to ship to my son in law, I love that he likes to make sawdust and shavings.

  16. Good morning Villagers….

    So many links, so little time….Mark, that was quite a costume ‘Nash the Slash’ was wearing, one would think the tassels would be bothersome. Thank you.

    GR πŸ˜‰ love California Dreaming….it’s my ear worm for the day, my Miss Prissies are in for a treat while I walk the aisles πŸ™‚

    Cxp, I read your comment from the day before…poor parakeet. I have at least one or two hens in with my roosters….don’t want to overcrowd the cage as the roosters get so big. Brought George the rooster into the packing room the other day and let him strut his stuff.

    Well, ‘Skittles’ nasty mouth cut his hours. He only works weekends now. I’m working with him on Sunday. We’ll see if I get an apology….you just don’t tell your supervisor to “shut the ___ up”

    Miss Charlotte, my mom was very strict about telling us girls to always treat people the same way we would want to be treated….and I do my best, despite the fact there are butt wipes out there πŸ™‚

    So, Jackie, you going home to OK? It’s about time for your annual gathering, isn’t it?

    Ya’ll have a blessed day…..

  17. Jerry, I love your humor….the one liners are good. And I loved George Carlin’s humor in what he saw…like back when there were dial phones…he joked about letting your finger take the free ride back. The best….his version of Snow White and the Seven Drawfes.

  18. This morning, I finally broke the 175 barrier.

    I weighed in at 174.6.

    But weight! There’s more!

    By nearly eliminating carbs and a little exercise five or six days a week, I have now lost 38 pounds.

    Nine more to go.

  19. Since I started drinking green tea I stay around 180. I buy the gallon jugs of the sweet stuff. I try to avoid artificial sweeteners. I have no idea why it helps with weight, but it seems to. Of course the men in my family usually lose weight as they get older. Some day I would like to get back into weight lifting. One day in 1997 I just stopped. I have the procrastination problem for real.

  20. Good work, Rick. I’m always happy to see someone reach a desired weight loss goal…and maintain it. I once weighed 175 pounds, but I forget which year of high school that was. πŸ™‚ (I’m guessing I may be a bit taller than you.)

    As I’ve mentioned, I weighed 195 at age 26 when I completed my USAF service and, coincidentally, that’s my Weight Watchers’ goal (based on BMI) to obtain Lifetime (dues-free) membership status. Back in my aerobics class days, when I was arguably in the best physical condition of my life, I maintained 205, a weight with which I was perfectly happy and which I am now (slowly) closing in on again. But free lifetime dues would be good, too.

  21. c x-p: You made me look it up, and one site added a word.

    Marvelous to Say, See, and Do: Mirabile Dictu, Visu, et Factu [In an ad / moving to Australia.]

    Now I know more than I did; Thank you.

    Peace, emb

  22. First, it is our favorite retired librarian’s birthday. I told her I thought that was like the CIA, you couldn’t check out.
    Couldn’t waste that so will Hotel California to ace it.

    Happy Birthday Ruth.

    I am late and have to go buy another suitcase for my favorite hobby, shopping. I am adored by the locals for my contribution to their slow season.

    Actually I am on way to St. Michaels, Maryland after I go to Oklahoma for Dickens and the car. My festival got moved to Missouri and Texas this year. I will invite y’all. It returns to Oklahoma in a modified format in 2016. Love.

  23. Rick and Ghost you are both remarkable. Isn’t it funny, isn’t it odd, do a little exercise and reduce what we eat and it comes off. Easier said then done. Love.

  24. I had to look up Leighton Meester and Adam Brody to see who they are. (My old fogyness is showing again.) Glamour Magazine calls the baby’s name, Arlo Day, “super cute”. (Pass the Dramamine, please.) But the child is a girl.

    The “publication” goes on to describe giving boys’ names to girls as “right on trend in Hollywood”. (Pass the Dramamine again, please.) Apparently the concept of gender, whether by sexual characteristics, self-identification, or name recognition, is just so Twentieth Century amongst the terminally trendy set. At least I suppose it’s better than Heavenly Hiraani Tiger Lily Hutchence Geldof, Bogart Che Peyote Rainey, and some of the other gems members of the glitterati have inflicted on their spawn.

  25. Thanks for the good wishes, Jackie. While it’s true that certain librarian tendencies (like looking up “the rest of the story” or verifying its accuracy) may never go away, I’ve been surprised by just how quickly I’ve lost interest in my former workplace (of 43 years). Being able to sleep past 5:30 am probably has a lot to do with it πŸ™‚

  26. Ruth Anne, being able to sleep in was probably the nicest part of my own retirement, too. You are not alone in this…!

    Good goin’, Rick! I wish I were as light as you.

    eMb: I couldn’t use “factu” as I only observed and related the event.

  27. The Board has directed me to tender on its behalf this update of the events outlined in our last communiquΓ©. Interestingly, the Roma King (ycleped Boiko Lacko) has been most persistent in his prayers for a speedy commencement of negotiations with the Board regarding the return of Nigel Arbuckle to the Orphanage. In fact, that worthy has let slip a bit of information which would explain his eagerness to rid his tribe of the presence of young Master Arbuckle. Apparently the boy became persona non grata when the daughter of King Boiko, who is his only child and therefore the cardinal prospective successor to the gypsy “throne”, became smitten with the lad.

    Even with the paucity of particulars provided by the putative potentate, the Board in toto has come to the conclusion from the context, if not the content, of Lacko’s remarks that the youngster has in fact come to know Lyubitshka, the Roma Princess, quite well indeed (and in the Biblical sense, if one catches my drift). As Board Member Inez Laytham-Bolger sniffed, “With our combined knowledge of how young men began to behave at a certain age, divining that detail was not precisely aeronautical engineering.” So it seems that Master Arbuckle does in fact possess at least one talent, the existence of which was not heretofore common knowledge at the Orphanage.*

    One of the King’s comments which immediately elevated the collective antennae of the Members of the Board was that there was a potential for “things of great value” to accompany Nigel, should he make a speedy return to the Orphanage. The Board is resolved to let the Roma King marinate in his concerns for at least a fortnight, if not a bit longer, in the hope, nay, the anticipation that he will again broach the subject of “things of great value” and this time indicate what those “things” might be. If he does not, the Director will unilaterally declare that the “things of great value” must be “gifts of gypsy geld” in the form of gold coins. (As is always the case, the Orphanage has no dearth of babies who need new shoes.) Board Member Frances Fields-Tumbler cautioned that a fortnight would mayhap be an excessive delay and would perhaps even increase the likelihood that Master Arbuckle might himself be gelded. After a short period of debate and reflection, the Board arrived at the decision that Lacko’s steeping period would last only until the 30th instant.

    I have the honor to be, &c.
    (s) Rosamund Wainwright-Altringham
    for the Board of the Village Orphan’s Society

    *As a sidebar, the Board has voted to informally censure Head Nurse Agatha Hosgood-Funderbotham for her rather crude comment, as overheard by Board Member Eunice Jayneway-Sunderstrom, that, based on Nurse’s numerous physical examinations of Nigel in clinic over the years, Lyubitshka, the gypsy lass, “is probably getting her cognitive functions smitten out with great regularity”.

  28. Very clever posting from the Village Orphans — you have such an imagination! Or maybe it’s all perfectly true! And speaking of cleverness, today’s Arlo and Janis in real time, makes me wonder if Mr. Johnson has been planning this all summer. The marketing that the kids tried didn’t work out, but they hadn’t thought of opening a farm stand at their place. Is it too late this season? Did they grow any pumpkins? Stay tuned for developments!

  29. Yay, Nigel!

    I suspect Gus has been retired about long enough by now to be thoroughly sick of doing nothing. (Not his style.) While the kids think in terms of a small produce farm operation, he’d more likely be thinking in terms of starting a produce brokerage operation. I had an uncle in south central Florida who got stupid rich as a produce broker.

    Since The Dock (and the dock) where the apparently-never-named A&J schooner was berthed has probably been demolished by developers by now, and there have been no reports of the boat here for some time, I suggest it be christened “The Flying Dutchman II”.

    Of course, I suppose it could be tied up in the river bordering the farm, and we just haven’t seen it.

  30. Lovely blow, ideal wind direction, but another time when the operator forgot we did not come to watch the crowd. Tops of the highest jets were out of sight. Grumble. emb

  31. Everyone:

    Thanks for the compliments – they are a great motivator.

    One of the reasons that I post occasional comments about my weight loss is that I am concerned that I might fall off the wagon into a vat of gravy and eat my way out. I don’t want to humiliate myself by putting weight back on and having to admit defeat.

    Also, I am hopeful that I might encourage one or two to exercise and change diet before a doctor says to do it – – or else.

    My doctor was nice as well as subtle about it, but I knew what he was saying.

  32. Rick: I’m 6 feet 2.15 inches tall, but I used to be 6 feet 2.25 inches tall. πŸ™‚

    You’re already at a BMI of 23.09, putting you well below the upper limit of a “Normal” BMI (24.9). Your goal of 166 pounds will put you at 21.90, which is getting down toward the lower “Normal” limit of 18.5. Below 18.5 is considered “Under Weight”, which has its own set of problems. Is 166 what your physician recommended for you? (That is just about in the middle of the “Normal” range, and I’m guessing your doc picked that weight for that reason rather than giving you a range of weights to shoot for.)

  33. I am 6 1Β½ and the last time I was 175 I stuck my tongue out and people thought I was a zipper.
    195-200 is where I feel best.

    Found one of my College sweat shirts – I can still get into it, though a little tight.
    It is marked Xlarge though when I held it up to a young fellow that wears a small
    it was more his size. Either it shrank in 50 years or today’s sizes are more generous.

    Not a hoodie – more like a pull over.
    Sort of like[]=ads_f36002_ntk_cs:”Short+Sleeve”&filtered=true

  34. Good morning Villagers….

    And a happy belated birthday Ruth….my one sister is the librarian at the Loogootee school system and has been for years….she loves the little ones. She was reading “Dick and Jane” to them one day and it got out of control with the boys….giggling and all….Brenda finally shut the book and said, “the boy’s name is Dick and that’s all I’m going to read”…she was surprised that she didn’t hear from any of the parents. Oh, the minds of little ones have changed so much in all the years since I read “Dick and Jane”.

    TR…could be a toss up on the women in black. I wonder where it was photographed at….not over there you can be sure of that!!

    Emb…didn’t offend me, personally I thought it was funny….as I had a nice white dress and a party for my confirmation…10 years of a Catholic education. I remember when the mass was said in Latin.

    Cxp….that’s the first time I’ve clicked on the ‘classics’….you’re right, didn’t make sense and what doesn’t make more sense is why is it considered a ‘classic’?

    Ah…the Village Orphanage Society…well done, great thought and creative writing, but ya lost me at “paucity of particulars provided by the putative potentate”!

    Going to be cloudy today, and tomorrow….doesn’t look good for viewing the ‘blood’ moon tomorrow night. Doesn’t matter, I’ll be asleep in the recliner by 7ish, wake up, and be in bed by 10ish.

    And a Happy Caturday to ya’ll

  35. Mark…good one πŸ™‚ …then there’s a group called “Mister, Mister” isn’t there? Didn’t they have a one hit wonder? No time to look up now….your turn.

  36. Jerry:

    Because the doctor claims that I have Type Two diabetes and because I humor him, I avoid sweetened drinks, but I recently began drinking hot green tea at least twice a day.

    I also added a half teaspoon of cinnamon to my daily diet.

    According to all of the reputable sites that I could find, green tea and cinnamon not only help one lose weight but also either control or eliminate diabetes.

    I checked with my doctor before I began using them, and he said that they are okay. He didn’t offer an opinion as to their efficacy, though.

  37. GR6:

    Thanks for the information about my BMI; I really appreciate. I hadn’t thought to check it.

    The last time that I checked my body fat percentage (“BMI” wasn’t used then), I was in a phys ed class in my freshman year at Western Kentucky. I was a typical skinny teenager and weighed about 160 or 165. My percentage of extra body fat was zero. That gave me a laugh.

    The doctor never suggested an amount. I started eating properly and exercising, and the weight disappeared. That’s all there is to it.

    When I reached 190, I thought that I would try for 180 because I had read several years ago that, according to official government studies, 180 was the proper weight for a man of my height and skeletal build.

    180 might be right if it’s all muscle, but that isn’t my case, yet. It looked as if I still had about 15 pounds of fat around my middle.

    When the weather becomes too bad around here for outdoor running, I plan to join a local gym and begin using their treadmills, etc. I will also begin a light regimen of weightlifting so that I can stretch the spine a bit, along with toning the upper torso some. I know that, at 62, the results will not be what I had when I was 20, but it will still be good for me. I am also hopeful that the combination of running and weightlifting will take care of the abdomen.

    Going to the gym and being surrounded by younger people who are well muscled and in great shape doesn’t bother me. At my age (and all my grey hair), I doubt that they will have disparaging thoughts about me. Instead, they’ll most likely look at me and think, “Yeah! I hope I can do that when I am his age.”

    I apologize for writing so much. I’ll keep it shorter in the future.

  38. Don’t apologize, Rick! I enjoy reading about your very productive efforts. Yes, it is encouraging. Now – If I can only get those “encouragement” seeds to bear fruit.

  39. Galliglo:


    I have no pride in what I am doing, though, because it is not pure.

    I’m doing it only because the doctor told me.

    If I had begun it on my own, I might have a little pride, then.

    Still, I think that I might have surpassed my doctor’s expectations. We’ll see.

  40. Haven’t recently spoken about my work…
    Last week, I was discussing with a staff member the things that needed to be done and priorities. I told her that I could help with certain things if needed, but I wanted her to start with one specific task. She leaned back in her chair and said, “YOU do that. I don’t like to do it.” Needless to say, I was shocked. But I quietly said, “No, YOU do that” and walked away. Later I met with my boss and told him what happened and that we should not be surprised if she walked out. Sure enough – That is what she did last Thursday! She sent him an email saying I’m leaving my keys and I’m gone (or words to that effect).
    So… this week has been VERY hectic with my trying to do her job plus mine. Thankfully, I have a replacement coming next Monday AM, but then, there is the training process. Oh well…

  41. Old Bear:

    Clothes sizes: My wife and I have also noticed that sizes no longer seem to follow past standards. I don’t know if it’s a deliberate ploy on the part of designers or lack of oversight on the part of foreign textile plants.

    Feel best: Because each body is different, I’m still trying to find the weight that is best for me. So far, the more I lose, the better I feel, and the more energy I have. I also find that running is easier with each pound that I lose.

  42. Galliglo:

    At least she left on her own, and you didn’t have to go through the pain of firing her.

    I hate recommending termination of anyone, even when it’s clearly deserved.

    Yep, I’m softhearted. It must be a holdover from my teaching career.

  43. Rick

    Had a boss that said he weight 300+. He did not look it. It was not around his middle.
    He was just BIG not fat. I suppose he could have lost some , but some (underline that) people don’t look good with too much weight loss.

  44. Rick: Go for it, guy. Any healthy weight that makes you feel good (and feel good about yourself) is the one to shoot for. (I just couldn’t make myself write “is the one for which to shoot”.) But I thoroughly disagree with you about one thing…you *should* be proud of what you’ve accomplished. Your doc may have recommended it, but you are the one that made it happen.

    Don’t underestimate what moderate, regular weight training will do for you. I’ve been surprised at my results since I started a day-on-day-off regimen of free weights and Nautilus-type machines. And I don’t let the looks of the younger folks at the gym intimidate me. I’m one of those people whose age others routinely underestimate by about 10 years, so I just remind myself how amazed they’d likely be if they knew my true age. (Watching some of them is a treat, too. πŸ™‚ ) And when I see some guy who looks like a miniature version of The Hulk, I tell myself (borrowing a page from Huckleberry Fynn, “I could look like that if I wanted to, but I don’t want to.”

  45. Debbe

    Look out the window as you head for bed -totality runs from 9:11 to 10:23 CDT.

    Wizard of Id Classics only means they started from day one. Circa 1964.

    Most of those commenting had problems deciphering.
    As one commenter said “people just don’t use Petroleum Jelly much anymore.”
    It is a very bad pun. Vassal Lien.

  46. A couple of years ago I came across an older guy talking to a much younger one in the locker room. The young guy was so “ripped” that his head looked too small! He was describing how he spent the day unloading trucks and all his free time in the gym toning his form, focusing on muscles not used during the workday.

    The older guy asked about his social life, what sort of foods he liked, movies or shows he watched… and the kid was flummoxed that any of that could matter! I guess he was addicted to body building.

  47. Debbe πŸ˜‰ My best effort at translating β€œpaucity of particulars provided by the putative potentate” yields “lack of details given by the so-called King”. Sounds as though someone had an “alliteration attack”. πŸ™‚

  48. On the Wizard of Id strip in question, look at the original copyright date on it. 1965. So yeah, in this case the 50-year-old humor didn’t translate because the cultural references have shifted, like the reference to Pismo Beach.

  49. Clothes sizes: The numbers have definitely changed. I once read that, with women’s clothes anyway, the more expensive the brand, the smaller size one would wear. Now it seems they’ve all gone that route. Not long ago I came across a pair of shorts that I wore in my 20s. Comparing the size on that label to a current pair, you would think that I’ve only gone up one size in 40 years – hah! Can’t help wondering if keeping the old size system might have been a deterrent as we (as a society) have crept toward obesity.

    I do not expect to ever wear those shorts again, nor would I want to; in those days my doctor suggested that I should gain weight. However, getting closer to where I was 20 years ago would be good. Another good thing about retirement – it’s much easier to get motivated to go for a walk when your feet don’t hurt from being on them all day.

  50. Happy Birthday, RA.

    I seem to recall reading some years ago that the sizes for women’s clothing were derived from physiological data obtained from women who were in the Women’s Army Corps in WWII. Which was probably not a very representative sample of the female population even then, and certainly not these many years later. So it wouldn’t seem surprising that some adjustments in sizing have occurred since then.

  51. And thanks for the remarks about the employee firing themselves! I have to admit, that even though I am being drowned in paperwork right now, I am glad she is gone. She has always had a bit of an attitude problem.

    The day after she left, I called a staff meeting of those in my department. Told them that I was sure that rumors would be going around and that I wanted them to know what REALLY happened, and that I would always be open for suggestions and/or concerns. I might not agree, but I would always listen. Got some good feedback about my meeting with the staff. Guess that has not happened too often in the past. My opinion… we are all a team and have to work together!

  52. β€œWizard of Id Classics” for yesterday (9/25/15) – anyone here get the humor?

    Typed ‘Wizard of Id Classics’, went to today’s cartoon, hit the back arrow to get 9/25/15. Only point seems to be the 2 witches [green skin, warts, and all] are making their witch’s brew [there are two homonyms!] out of stuff that’s on sale / the change in seasons. Arlo and 9CL are better.

    Peace, emb

  53. So “vassal lien” is all there is to the cartoon? I had expected at least a 3- or 4-word scheme, probably rhyming. Was working with (serf turf) and (lax tax), but couldn’t get anything else to attach to either pair and the given situation.

  54. Thought for the Day: “If a man neglects to enforce his rights, he cannot complain if, after a while, the law follows his example.”β€”Oliver Wendell Holmes

  55. GR6 and OB:

    You guys are great for my ego and motivation, not to mention just being great guys.

    Thanks – I really appreciate it.

    Two other reasons I’m trying to lose weight and to exercise:

    I have spent many years in jobs trying to use what little brain I have, and it’s kind of fun seeing what I can do with what little physique I have.

    When I’m running/walking, I usually don’t think at all about what horrible shape the world is in today. I consider it to be my 5K-a-Day Va-Kay.

  56. And Rick, I swear that when your body works better, your mind does, too.

    Except perhaps in the case of the young man Trucker mentioned…based on his thought processes, or lack thereof, I believe that his head *is* too small. πŸ™‚ But yes, gym/exercise addition is a thing. I suspect it of a female of indeterminate age at my gym. She’s near-anorexic thin; works at an insane pace; and, I’ve been told, has been known to snarl at anyone who speaks to her while she is working out. She reminds me of Grace Jones, the singer/actress/model who was in the James Bond film.

  57. Rick my VA dietician was less than subtle with me. She handed me a graph of my weight gain over the last 4 years. Ugly, ugly, ugly, but effective. I am doing the life change slow but steady, 17 lbs loss so far, but working hard to make the life change effective and permanent.

  58. Rick, back when I was fifty, I was 5’10”. Now, 16 years later, I’m 5’7″, probably due in part to the compressed fractures of several vertebra just before I was diagnosed with osteoporosis, and probably caused by it.

  59. Ursen:

    I have heard from many sources that, for the majority of people, slow and steady is the wisest course.

    It seems that you also received a wake-up call and that you took it.


    You’re on your way.

  60. Sideburns:

    I am truly sorry to hear about the osteoporosis.

    I have seen its effects in my family, and I know the pain that it can cause.

    Does any chance exist for a medical remedy for the vertebra or the osteoporosis?

  61. Possible remedy for fractured vertebrae is called kyphoplasty or balloon kyphoplasty. Needles inserted into affected area and bone cement injected. Balloon version has inflatable sac inserted and expanded to achieve normal size/shape, then the cement is injected and when it hardens it maintains the vertebra in a more normal position.

    I don’t think you can reverse osteoporosis though.

  62. Rick in Shermantown, sideburns, and others with medical concerns (that probably includes the whole village) might want to give this site a look:

    They have a print version of the book too, and I would highly recommend it because it takes the technical medical information and translates it into something most of us can understand. I have a copy and it is very useful in understanding medical procedures.

  63. Mark when I did workmen’s comp cases, Mercks was the well worn bible when you wanted to understand obscurity. They are available even in paperback I understand now?

    Spent part of my day dealing with replacing my phone and computer, trying to get my internet server working and desktop computer to even come on. Tomorrow I go for tutorials from a lovely young lady down at ATT on the tablet, when the new phone comes Monday I go back for tutorials on that too.

    Got a simpler notebook or skinny laptop or something to travel with to replace the old clunky one and I suppose I can find a tutor for that one, someone suggested Craig’s list and meet them at McDonalds. If I master those three I will then tackle the Apple since I paid for coaching there anyway.

    Other than that, my return flight was pretty uneventful, sat next to a gorgeous female aide to the governor of one of our western states, I know she was for real because she knew the correct names of most of the guys I went sailing with out there with no prompting. She and I hit it off terrifically, hated to have her deplane in Denver. Then on to Tulsa with a 29 year old entrepreneur who owns five McDonalds and did not inherit any. That made me have hope for the youth of America and hard work. He began at 16 with McD and intended to own his own, skipped college except U of McD and must have the strongest work ethic I have hit lately.

    Anyway, I am off to bed after I brush my teeth and skip the bath I think until morning! I got in at 2 a.m. last night and have dealt with computer disaster and got a great haircut and manicure and pedicure to offset the tragedy/travesty.

    Oklahoma has a ton of obesity. I am not clever tonight but it is highly noticeable, especially
    when you just left an area of healthy people who eat organic or at least healthy and walk and bike everywhere.

    Love, Jackie

  64. Anonymous loves that song, Ghost. Randy Newman the composer is a great favorite of mine and I remember that version from the day.

    You do realize I am traveling alone I hope? I love the people I get to meet and interact with, I have seldom met anyone that bores me or depresses me, travel is as interesting as you make it.

    Although I must confess I am leaning toward the bikini bottom and tee shirt with no bra and flip flops, toothbrush in one hand and credit card in other hand wardrobe for air travel. I hate going through the security, having a terrorist on the plane would be worse of course.

    On subject of employees firing themselves, my minion, female, had decided to quit long before she quit wanting to be paid, so she just stopped working. When told she had to fill out a time card like everyone else was doing (my accountant requested of course) she went ballistic and quit. I have filled out many such cards, no one has a problem if they are actually where they are supposed to be at times put down.

    Love, Anonymous

  65. When I owned flower-gift-candy-balloon shop, things got hectic frequently. We used to say we could get a lot done if the customers would just leave us alone.

  66. Jackie, the Villagers are happy you are at home, under your own name, after a safe trip where you made new friends, as usual. I bet Dickens and the other pets were glad to see you.

  67. Jackie, I have a suggestion on tech tutoring. Instead of taking whoever you may find on Craigslist, how about getting in touch with your nearest University or Jr. College’s computer science dept. Bet they could point you to a student who would be willing to teach for side money. Or there might be free classes at your local library or “senior center”. Glad you had a great time in Washington, but it’s always good to get home. Welcome back.

  68. Mark, just saw your posting on Manna Co-ops. I loved that gorgeous co-op I kept patronizing in Port Townsend, the one I put the photos on Facebook with the celloist and other instrumentalists playing out in parking lot. Busking with a cello and an upright piano on wheels!

    Your Alabama ones look awesome. I used to do the boxes in Houston which were fun, you’d never know what your were getting. I bought some kale crackers and sesame seed crackers, small brie cheeses, hummus, pear, apple, pistachio cherry shortbread and a fantastic whole wheat, cranberry chicken salad sandwich for my flight home from the co-op, a store so fantastic they made Whole Foods look like sliced white.

    Incidentally, the Safeway there was fantastic too, best one I have ever seen and I used to sell to Safeway. Obviously, this was a small town whose inhabitants considered eating an art.

  69. OMG! They are hysterically funny! I haven’t gotten past Senor Steve and the Singing Mariachi and I am laughing so hard I had to stop and rest. Twenty five years have given Berkley a freedom of expression he didn’t have before. I am back reading another comic again, Jimmy I can’t help myself. Sorry.

  70. Good morning Villagers….

    What a brilliant full moon outside my computer room window.

    Thanks OB, for the info. And I can look out my bedroom window to see the eclipse, if it is clear as it is now.

    Gal…good for your for standing your ground. As head of a housekeeping department I had my share of “gotta let you goes”….and they are not fun.

    So the surrounding fields are full of chicken poop…they hauled manure yesterday and at least two feet or more was pumped out. I had ‘help’, the daughter of the owner of this farmer brought in her two children and a friend. So I had two 10 year olds and one 8 year old. I told the father of the 8 year old I want him to come work for me in a few years…he caught on quick and was a good worker.

    Spoke with The Boss yesterday too. Reminded him that ‘Skittles’ (Dakota) was working with me today. I also told him I wanted an apology from Dakota, and he said I would get it. You just don’t tell your supervisor to “shut the ____ up!” He told a co-worker the story and said he was tired of hearing me “b^tch” all day….he also failed to tell so called co-worker exactly what he said. The Boss says Dakota is this (forefinger and thumb used) from being fired..

    I don’t understand it, when it’s just Dakota and me, he works fine, But when other teens are around, it becomes a &issing contest. Maybe last Sunday was “Talk Like a Sailor Day” πŸ™‚

    Mark, I couldn’t get that link to play, will try later…

    GR πŸ˜‰ , thanks for the translation, and I had a pretty good idea what alteration meant too, to many ‘p’s’…….

    Good to see Bloom County back….I absolutely love Bill the Cat.

    Glad to see you made it home safely, Jackie.

    Ya’ll have a blessed day…

  71. Hi Debbe. I would have probably drowned him in the chicken poop pit. When my late husband’s sailing partner said that to me and then promptly went and got the two of them stuck in the mud exactly as I had told him would happen I gave serious thought to leaving the two of them out there in the two to three foot muddy waterless bay of goop until they turned to skeletons.
    Florida Bay is probably like a chicken poop vat!

    They are little boys acting tough, of course, so alone you can be his friend but when his co-teens are around he has to show off. It’s that simple.

    Back to bed, Charlie woke me up with howling like a werewolf and I thought I was in a hotel room with one outside howling. Love, Jackie

  72. Mark:

    That is a great site – thanks!

    I especially like these two:

    I don’t consider myself to be elderly, but, according to the federal government’s guidelines, age 62 is the official beginning of elder status.


  73. Mark:

    I posted a response, but, because it has links to Merck articles about exercise in the elderly and starting an exercise program, it is now in moderation limbo.

    Here is the text of my post:

    That is a great site – thanks!

    (Links were here.)

    I don’t consider myself to be elderly, but, according to the federal government’s guidelines, age 62 is the official beginning of elder status.


  74. Jackie:

    Last week, I heard a report on the local NPR morning broadcast that Ohio now ranks as the eighth most obese state.

    That’s additional motivation for me.

  75. “…age 62 is the official beginning of elder status.”

    Rick, I hope you don’t believe everything the federal government tells you.

    Debbe πŸ˜‰ Jackie is correct…at a certain age, boys have to begin establishing their place in their peer group. And since it’s not socially acceptable to whip out their Mariachis and compare sizes…

  76. Rick, I looked up the report, thanks and Oklahoma has held firm to their position of #6 on the report where I believe they have been since early 2000’s. So, either we beat or lost to Ohio at their number 8 position, depending on how you view this. I say we held onto our fat and lost to those who lost theirs.

    For the rest of you in fattest to skinniest, Arkansas, West Virginia, Mississippi, Louisiana, Alabama, Oklahoma, Indiana, Ohio, North Dakota and South Carolina.

    The Bible Belt unfortunately needs to let it out another notch or two. As always.

    So Rick, Ghost and I have good motivation and we go against the natural inclinations of our fellow residents. Which makes it harder to do of course. See our comments on peer pressure.

    Jackie has gained great understanding of how little boys operate at all levels from birth to the grave through a lifetime of dealing with their peer pressures and responses. Expensive education at times. I still love the boys but I laugh a lot. It helps. Beats crying.

    Love, Jackie

  77. Since Ghost has been sharing his exercise and free time music, I thought I might begin putting some of my favorite work out music as well,

    That is Santana Into the Night in case I didn’t type it right! Ghost and rest of the boys would have enjoyed the one with pictures I suspect.

    The simplest trick I have found for exercising at home or on the road is ankle and wrist weights with velcro. If it gets too easy you can go to a heavier weight or add a second set of them. I learned this about 50 years ago when I exercised in New Orleans.

    In old age, I find that light weights are just fine, I do more reps or add as above with hand helds but I haven’t found a foot/toe held weight so ankles!

    Good luck to all trying to get in shape for whatever reasons. Love, Jackie

  78. Jackie: Wrist and ankle weights are good. By the time I got to the point in my aerobics class of doing military pushups with my feet in the seat of a chair, while one of the young ladies in the class did synchronized pushups with me, except with her feet resting in the small of my back, I was also using 5# ankle weights and 3# wrist weights for the aerobic exercises. Takes you to another level, especially in aerobics where you are doing a lot of arm movements and leg lifts.

    Not to put too fine a point on it, but in the past few months since I wicked up my gym workouts, I’ve only lost a few pounds, but I’ve sure lost some inches in waist, hips and thighs, and I’m rapidly getting that “inverted delta” body shape back. (Even WW, I hear, will be de-emphasizing weight goals the first of the year, and instead emphasize their clients meeting their own goals of feeling good and looking good.) I’m OK with that…as long as I don’t forget to wear a belt. πŸ™‚ My camo BDU pants I work out in were fairly snug in the waist a few months ago, and now I can loosen my belt and pull them off without unbuttoning the waistband or unzipping the fly.

  79. Lovely eruption but, as we’ve come to expect, tops of the highest jets were unseen so we could still look at the crowd. When will in occur to USNPS that we, like the people in the crowd, have come to the geyser, not the crowd?

    Peace, emb

  80. Now why was I expecting that belly dancer? Precognition?

    All of you who are more technologically inclined than I will be happy to know I can now use my tablet if not well at least use. I now have cordless earphones to listen to music or whatever on planes in case I don’t like my seat mates (happens sometimes) and a Bose speaker to listen to music in hotel rooms or in car and signed up for all sorts of things, Spotify, Pandora, Iheart and lots of apps like one for Opera! Wow! There is an app for everything.

    Got a good screen protector and a good case for my tablet, bought some good pointy things and I get the latest phone to replace the lost one, got a better Otter case. Sweet patient sales rep for ATT has discovered how to have a good career, be nice to people and they come back and ask for you by name and buy things. The males sales force might pay attention.

    I think both Ghost and Rick are ahead of me but may have begun earlier in their decline to recover or had less to achieve. Or both? Or just work harder. Makes me want to bump up. I actually use only one lbs. on wrist with l.5 hand held weights or a second set of one lbs. above the others. So anywhere from one lb. to 2.5 lbs for wrists. The ankles are l.5 lbs. and I am getting a second set to add more weight. I will not tell you what I used to do but let’s just say the legs were awesome, albeit a tad short. I did 5 lbs. on legs and did wrist weights on wrists, plus free weights up to 25 lbs.

    Bet no one suspected I was a closet exercise compulsive. Love, Jackie

  81. I just emailed this to USNPS:
    Dear NPS,

    I just watched OF erupt, and then posted this on a favorite blog:

    β€œLovely eruption but, as we’ve come to expect, tops of the highest jets were unseen so we could still look at the crowd. When will it occur to USNPS that we, like the people in the crowd, have come to watch the geyser, not the crowd?”

    Will send you their address next.

  82. I rarely wave my fud around, but signed that email with degree, emeritus, biology, institution, email, and phone. Will let you know if I hear back. Feel free to write your own missive, but they NSA may start a troublemaker file on you.

    Their address is:<;

    Peace, emb

  83. eMb, maybe the thinking at the OF office is like “Let’s show the world how popular this is, so that more will want to get here and do the ‘in’ thing.”

    In contrast, we viewers think “Show the public the actual attraction, and more folks may wish to see it in person.”

    I suppose Madison Avenue would approve of either.

  84. TruckerRon, apparently they resurrected that strip since Trump is relevant once again. Commentary on the dark side referred to it as an early ’90’s strip. Sure enough, in the bottom left it has a 1997 copyright date.

  85. Sorry, Rick. I should have broken it to you more gently.

    Jackie, perhaps the word you wanted was “prescience”. And welcome to the 21st Century. Ain’t it grand? Technologically, anyway.

  86. Just jumping in real quick.

    Do you see what I see…..think I’ll be going to bed about a half past the moon. I can watch the rest of it from my bed, while laying on my left side….our home is at an angle, not straight line with the road…

    good night my friends……………

  87. Mark, I wish GoComics could reprint the Tarzan strips with the original date of publication intact. I zoomed in on today’s offering and couldn’t find it (only 9/27). Did they hide it since you looked? It would be useful to know when they’re messing with the order of the story arcs.

  88. Yep, it’s overcast here. I can see a little glow through the clouds, but that’s it. I guess that I’ll go watch what’shisname eating and drinking in Cuba. There’s an area of interest in the Gulf, but another problem for the snowbirds down south I think.

  89. Actually the moon was pretty spectacular in Oklahoma, I was on highway between McAlester and Muskogee, what with Lowe’s not having enough of the replacement locks in either store. I mean, who in Oklahoma has eight doors with double keyed dead bolts and double keyed handicapped handles, the ones that look like closet door ones? I had to settle for some with just plain round knobs to get eight sets. Maybe he can combine them or use them on doors we don’t open as much?

    Moon was not nearly as spectacular as that huge super moon that pulled water into Florida Bay for us in debacle in the mud but it was nice and either I saw something passing over it or the witches were flying over in an early fly by.

    Going to bed to do two sets of twenty of everything to work on arms, shoulders and legs. I am ashamed now that Ghost has revealed how hard he is working for a hard body at such an advanced age. Ha! I am not teasing you, guys, you all did make me ashamed for slacking.

    Love, Jackie

  90. TruckerRon, it is hidden in the microscopic print under the bottom left panel.

    Have had good view of the full moon every night but tonight. We’ve been under heavy clouds all day here, and I can’t see anything. Time for bed.

    I may not be doing much but reading strips and comments this week. Nationwide, the medical industry is finally converting to the ICD-10 coding system and I think we are all going to be pulling our hair out for the next month or so. Please think kind thoughts of all the coding and billing professionals who work to get the medical professionals and hospitals properly paid for the work they do.

  91. Thank you on behalf of all the Medicare beneficiaries because without you my claims would never be paid promptly and fully and I never have to file anything!

    Thank you, thank you, thank you! Does this mean I should steer clear of Tuscaloosa on my eastern-western journey to Maryland? Love, Jackie

  92. Fine views here of the beautiful eclipse of the moon. A sparkling clear day and evening, and COLD tonight. I had to get out my winter jacket to go on the porch to see the moon! I’ve popped in and out from computer to porch; it’s winding down now, 12:25 am Monday.

  93. A big thank you to Mark in TTown and the other professionals — I too am grateful that I never have any problem with Medicare, and everything runs smoothly. I hope this changeover goes well for you.

  94. I checked the definitions of precognition and prescience. Both fit appropriately. Both work for me. I am a little paranormal at times. Some people would say weird? Love, Jackie

  95. Spotty clouds got worse, most of totality vague at best. No big deal; I’ve seen several lunar eclipses. Got clouded out / the one solar eclipse we went to Hawai’i to see.

    Peace, emb

  96. Mark, I meant to mention I saw a friend last week who manages a multi-specialty medical clinic and asked him if ICD-10 was going to pose any major problems for his operation. “It’s going to be grim,” he said solemnly. And he’s an old IT guy who designed and built the EMR system for his clinic, which I understand works better than the one the local medical center bought for their clinics.

  97. Good morning Villagers…..

    Well, a few clouds moved in, but could still see the eclipse. Went to bed as I said, half pass the eclipse, laid there….next thing I knew, 12:30. Potty break, then back to sleep. My internal clock wakes me around 4is. I haven’t set an alarm in years.

    Yes, I know that when there is more than one teen around, it becomes ‘a battle of testosterone. The firsts couple of hours, all Dakota wanted to do is talk and talk, what about, I don’t remember. So I made him pack while I walked the aisles. I did make him scrape the outside aisles and back floor deck in the hen house. But not before he asked me (in front of Andrew) ‘why didn’t you have Evan do it yesterday?’ I told him it was none of his business what I had Evan doing yesterday….just get it done.

    And it’s Monday…..good thing there are five paydays in the month of October.

    Ya’ll have a blessed day…….

  98. GR πŸ˜‰ I just knew your link was the belly dancer to ‘Black Magic Woman’…. πŸ™‚

    But for some strange reason, this song popped into my head as i poured my first cup of coffee:

    ….and check out all the oldies but goodies listed on the right side.

    Jackie, ‘Night of White Satin” would be good music to do stretching exercises to, sort of like the Chi movements…

  99. I didn’t say I didn’t exercise to Nights in White Satin. Actually I love that song and the Moody Blues. I have been known to exercise to opera and symphonies.

    My right arm muscle is killing me, I have a torn rotator cuff. Exercise is getting it. Love, Jackie

  100. Here’s a good, old joke:

    George was driving a Yugo on the Interstate when it broke down. A short time later his friend Ted pulled up and offered to tow the Yugo behind his Porsche. ‘”If I go too fast,” Ted said, “Just honk your horn.”

    So the Porsche set off with the Yugo in tow. A few miles down the road a Mustang pulled along side of Ted and yelled, “I bet I can outrace you with that Yugo behind you!” Now Ted was up for the challenge and the two cars sped off side by side.

    Two State Troopers watched in disbelief as the cars flew by. “Wow! Did you see that Mustang and Porsche racing neck and neck?” said one. “Yeah. And what about that little Yugo flying behind them, honking his horn, trying to pass them both!”

  101. Well, am glad I got to watch the moon through the eyes of the Villagers. I was really looking forward to the spectacle, because most sky-watching events in Conroe don’t come off: too many trees, too much humidity. So – too bad for comets, etc. I thought the moon would be high enough and last long enough, but then, after almost 2 weeks of dry weather, the clouds roll in yesterday and the rain starts drizzling. Sigh. It’s still drizzling all day today, so most likely not a chance to see the moon almost full, even with no eclipse. Double sigh. Oh well, I doubt I’ll be around for the next chance, but I will get to play with the grandkids this weekend. Simple pleasures.

  102. This lunar eclipse was the first I’ve been able to watch clearly from my home in over 20 years. All of the other interesting sky events seem to have involved clouds. The last lunar eclipse I had seen was several years ago a few miles south of Barstow, California.

  103. Thanks Mark. I enjoyed the video. Fall is definitely in the air with rain, gusty breezes and some trees changing color. I really was going to do yard work today, but it would be too wet if it stopped raining right now. Denise, where are you?

  104. Got my new attached teeth all installed. I told dentist they were best thing that happened to me all day, they said they don’t hear that very often!

    Have nine new beautiful caps installed which makes me wonder if I have a single natural tooth left? Surely there is one or two to attach all the other artificial ones to?

    Decided to go whole hawg for the teeth, am going to cap the bottom ones as well as change out one of the caps another dentist did which is too white. So, that is six more to do and they will do all at once, match the newest ones. I seldom open my mouth as large as Giada did on Food Network so the ones in back need not match.

    Have decided I have to live to 94 to get the monetary worth of my investment in dental futures but that is OK, I never have to have dentures! And I smile a lot now, so good investment.

    Love, Jackie

  105. I keep thinking about getting my front teeth made beautiful. I have regular checkups, so they’re healthy, but the front bottoms are a little ragged and all the women I meet have perfect teeth and I hesitate to smile. I’m juggling an older woman, a younger woman and one the same age asked me out, How did that happen ??

  106. Jackie, my first impression was that Giada’s head is too big for her body. Well, for most of her body, anyway. πŸ˜‰ Then I decided that if one has 42 teeth, it pretty much has to be that way.

  107. Here’s a story worth sharing (and I wish I’d come up with it myself!):

    There was a farmer who grew excellent quality corn. Every year he won the award for the best grown corn. One year a newspaper reporter interviewed him and learned something interesting about how he grew it. The reporter discovered that the farmer shared his seed corn with his neighbors. β€œHow can you afford to share your best seed corn with your neighbors when they are entering corn in competition with yours each year?” the reporter asked.

    β€œWhy sir,” said the farmer, β€œDidn’t you know? The wind picks up pollen from the ripening corn and swirls it from field to field. If my neighbors grow inferior corn, cross-pollination will steadily degrade the quality of my corn. If I am to grow good corn, I must help my neighbors grow good corn.”

    So is with our lives… Those who want to live meaningfully and well must help enrich the lives of others, for the value of a life is measured by the lives it touches. And those who choose to be happy must help others find happiness, for the welfare of each is bound up with the welfare of all…

  108. Trucker, that is so true! Funny, I was saying exactly that to my banker as I was helping with a contribution to the local food bank. I choose to hand contributions to locals now, rather than big national charities, I guess I feel the middle man is being eliminated. But back to choosing to be happy, the branch manager had spoken to several other customers in bank as she helped me.

    Every single one had launched into a “I’m doing terrible, how can you ask?” routine and expressed unhappiness with life. She commented that I am always upbeat and positive, no matter what, which I hear a lot. And I replied that I choose to be that way, no matter how bad things are or are not, I choose to smile, joke, laugh, say something positive. And we agreed that everyone controls their own life to that extent because that is how people will see you and respond to you.

    What she and I discussed was an observation I had made immediately when I got back to Oklahoma, not only are people here over weight by a lot but they are down beat and depressed, making others respond in same way. Maybe the two go together? It was such a contrast to the area I had just left and the people there.

    So, John, Rick, Ghost, anyone else who has struggled with weight and body issues or health, do you not feel happier, more positive, more uplifting with the achievement you have made?
    I do except I am too tired to be literate tonight and my cell phone does not work, so off to bed and a bath, not in that order! Love, Jackie

  109. John, this comment is directed at you: Get the veneers on your teeth. You will not regret it because you hesitate to smile. I know that feeling, I put off expensive dental work and let the money go to other projects or to husband, kids, not to me or my concerns. I had teeth that needed repairing and some missing. But I figured it didn’t matter anyway, I didn’t smile that much and in the scope of overweight and not looking good who cared about that?

    Well, guess what? I care and people comment on my beautiful radiant smile and now those beautiful teeth. Get your teeth done so you smile at everyone you see. I do now.

    And the next time Playboy wants to do a centerfold from the geriatric division I can apply, I finally got the teeth done that they wanted when I was 19. Go figure.

    Love, Jackie

  110. Whenever there is an unusual event, we cloud out locally. It has been clear and sunny for 5 days and then half way into the eclipse the clouds came a covered the entire sky. Oh well, we have seen a number of nice lunar eclipses before and there will be many more.

    We went to Mexico to see a long solar eclipse and as the sun eclipsed, the sky became cloudy. And it cleared immediately after the eclipse was over. I believe those two were related. As the air cooled when the sun eclipsed, water vapor condensed into clouds. And this was in a desert like area.

  111. Yeah, an overcast ruined last night’s lunar eclipse for me, too.

    I met an older gentleman at the gym today, who was cranking it out on a stationary bike. He commented on my Air Force PT t-shirt, and when I asked if he were a veteran, too, he told me he had served in Korea with the Army…during the Korean War. By my calculations, he’s at least 80 and could be over 85. Hope I’m in as good a shape as he is if I make it to that age.

  112. Jackie

    I used to be down beat – But what ever I complained about some one seemed to be worse.
    So I resolved to be up beat. As Roger Ericson said ” I am fantastic and getting better.”
    Do you know what – I am. The more upbeat I am, the better I feel. And I seem to make others feel better also.

    All my teeth are mine – bought and payed for. (But no bridged or plates)
    And a girl should have nice Pearly Whites – the more you smile the more you will smile.

  113. Last night I commented that we had clouds all day and I didn’t expect to see the moon. I was wrong. Just before going to bed I went out and saw the moon in about half-eclipsed state. Not red, but big and bright. Very glad I didn’t give in to my doubts. My ex and I watched a full eclipse of the moon from beginning to end in Tennessee somewhere between 2001-2003. It was a rather cold night but a fun experience.

  114. Debbe πŸ˜‰ Mood – Simply great.

    InterWebNet service still sucks. So far, many remote tests have been run by the “DSL Team” (ever notice that every group of customer support agents is now a “Team”?), and two DSL techies have been on site, to no avail. The “Team” agrees there is a problem with noisy phone service and random DSL interruptions, but they claim they cannot isolate the problem to their circuits or equipment. Their only theories are “interference” within the residence (which would have to have mysterious begun about three weeks ago) or bad phone jacks (all of which would have had to “go bad” at the same time). All I know to do is get an “inside” techie here to check the jacks for the noise problem and hope that whatever is causing that is also causing the DSL problem, both of which began at the same time.

  115. GR6

    I had a problem with phone connection – I would call and give symptoms and solutions.
    I work with a man that worked for the phone company 40+ years.

    The techs would get 1 sentence. It happened mostly when it was wet.
    I knew it was outside the house because we hooked up to the outside junction box.
    Finally I collared a tech that came to the street junction – and I got a good one.
    We found 2 and a half wires burnt off and the 4th headed that way on the buried cable.
    Waterproof connectors were not used on the initial instillation.
    So far so good 18+ years.

  116. Old Bear, I totally agree with you. Even the banker today began in a bad mood and when I left she was smiling and laughing too and we agreed that we could improve others’ moods as well. I know, she did not begin that way.

    It is infectious, often like a virus, insidious too.

    Ghost, you always make me smile you know. I bet you had the shiniest belt buckle in the USAF.
    I have this visual of you dancing to slow music……….

    Listening to Luther Van Dross myself while I do the work I paid the late minion to do and I returned to find nothing done and now the new minion is being paid for ditto. But you know what? She is hard working and young and I can’t view it as “I already paid someone else, so I shouldn’t have to pay twice.” I am going to thank her for good work, notice what she did and compliment her, plus pay of course.

    Still have to do my nightly exercises, I took swim suit with me to ATT office, don’t ask, but I didn’t get to go swim or exercise either. My fitness center is 25 miles south of me.

    Got extremely excited to see a Geek Squad truck in parking lot today, did a U-turn and ran in and asked, “Who in here is in that Geek Squad truck?” Until I found out the service call is $250 plus the labor to fix or clean up the dang thing! Advice was ditch what I had, get a new one and start over. That is exactly what I have done with every single piece of electronics so far. Obsolete before you learn how to use them.

    Love, Jackie

  117. It’s the first chili making strip of the season. Let’s see what recipes* show up here this time around.

    *to all newcomers to the Village, If you are stuck for dinner ideas, come here and ask for everyone’s favorite recipe. Chili, eggs, and desserts are specialties of the Village.

  118. Good morning Villagers…..

    John…..there must be something more to you than a smile…..three women!!!!

    I too would like to get my two upper teeth fixed, one is a thirty year old crown, and the other is aging, But, alas, have to sink my extra income on healthcare insurance, which does not have dental. But smile, I still do, and laugh…smiling and laughing are contagious.

    AND yesterday was Monday….know the song “All By Myself”….well, I was. Andrew was playing car mechanic at the mill, and I was left all by myself. Then they hauled the dead hen bin which leaked on the front deck….guess who cleaned that up….arrgghhhh. Today, The Boss is pulling someone from the mill and Andrew is to train him in the hen house….yayayayaya.

    Jerry, this is for you…beep beep m beep beep:

    TR….Loved the joke and the story of the corn.

    gotta go

    ya’ll have a blessed day

  119. Forgot to mention –

    Beef chili is now mostly off my diet.

    It has become my “cheat food.”

    I eat it about once every two weeks as a small reward.

  120. Hey there! I know this is kinda off topic but I was wondering which blog platform are you using for this website? I’m getting tired of WordPress because I’ve had problems with hackers and I’m looking at options for another platform. I would be awesome if you could point me in the direction of a good platform.

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