Behold the squirrels, too

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We’re continuing our “Several Days of Oscar” this week with a classic A&J cartoon featuring St. Francis of Assisi. Well, there was a movie about him, I’m pretty sure. In case you’re still wondering where I get my ideas, the birds of heaven and the squirrels of some other place can go through 50 lbs. of sunflower seed in a week in my yard. They might not sow, but they sure do reap.

Over on Facebook yesterday, the subject of “Arlo and Janis Fans” came up. That’s a FB group that actually was started several years ago. I had nothing to do with its creation and have had no input there, until yesterday. As embarrassing as it is to declare oneself a fan of oneself, I joined the group. If you’re interested, you can navigate to Admittedly, it’s a bit of a parallel universe if you’re used to hanging around here. I plugged on the group’s page, so maybe some of them will visit us. Maybe they’ll even “like” us! I tell you, this wacky world of social media becomes a house of mirrors after a while, but a house of mirrors is supposed to be fun, right? I know some of you already are members of the group, but if you aren’t, pay them a call. Just ask, and they’ll let you join. They let me!