Big Dreams

Big Dreams

January 13, 2016

Today’s classic revisits an old theme, “the dreamhouse.” It might be an old theme, but the dream keeps changing. I think this series, which can be viewed in its entirety by clicking on the date above, is one of my better treatments of the subject. Also—and I did not realize this when I began setting up this post this morning—if you click all the way through the four cartoons in the dreamhouse sequence, you’ll come to a Sunday which just might be my best poetic effort ever. (Warning: it’s about basketball.) But enough about me! I hope you enjoy your weekend.

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  1. I just got into work and filled my water container in the kitchen…which leads to a trip to restroom nearby. As I walk in, there are no lights. I flip the switch and hear the fan shut off, so I go back to my desk to retrieve the flashlight from my smart phone. As I walk in, the lights come on. I look up and spot the sensor which must detect motion and I was the first one in this morning.

    That leads to another story about the i-phone, a bathroom, Face Time, my boss and easily the most embarrassing moment in my life. But that is a story for another day!

    • Don’t ruin the mind’s picture by actually telling us the story! With those elements the possibilities are endless! 🙂

  2. I missed congratulation Jimmy on his 2000th post. Over a 12 year period that is 167 posts per year. I wished the old comments were not closed as I would love to go back and look at some of the characters that have commented on this site. A few are still here and a couple made some meteoric exits. It still amazes me how sometimes I will make a rather casual observation and everyone will comment on it, while other times I written something that I really thought could provoke comment and there was little to no response. That’s OK, that is the way life is sometimes. All I know that there are a lot of people that care about each other and communicate (usually) in a civil and appropriate manner.

  3. My wife has acknowledged that my wishes for our next home, should we ever swing it, are also hers:
    1) A single floor home since we’re both headed towards our final years.
    2) It’ll face south so it catches the noonday sun during the winter and be shaded by deciduous trees in the summer.
    3) The carport or attached garage will be on the west end to keep that summer sun at bay in the evenings.

    Everything else will be as she wants it. And we’re checking on medical services available in Arizona towns so we might someday escape the Utah winters… and be free of DST!

  4. A decent day, finally, in SE Oklahoma…sunny, no wind, and 54 degrees, to end a week of mostly cold, cloudy, and/or rainy days. It’s been so chilly that some of our realistic mannequins at the boutique have been displaying pokies all week. Of course, tbh, they are the same ones that had pokies back in July.

  5. I once lived in a rented house that had a toilet in the laundry room that the landlady had just hung shower curtains around. The laundry room served the five-occupant house as well as the two double-occupant apartments in the back.

  6. How about in the shower? Won’t name the nation to avoid diplomatic outcry. Not square in the middle, but tourist could not use the toilet when shower was on. Good tour otherwise.

  7. In my Grandmother’s Apt. the tub was in the Kitchen-under a porcelain cover that served as a work top when the
    tub was not in use. The toilet was down the outer corridor that also served the other front Apt.
    There was another toilet for the back two Apts. – this lasted till the late 50s. Then she got her own toilet located in the
    bedroom, shielded by a folding screen.
    This was 76th St off 3rd Ave NYC

  8. Really not so bad. The “el” ran ON 3rd Ave., and, from 14th St. “N,” Manhattan blocks are much longer “E-W” than they are “N-S.” She could have been many tenements E or W of the noisy “el.” From ’32-’41, at 149 W 4th St., my family were only a parking lot away from the 6th Ave. El, but got used to it. The real screeching was only 1 1/2 blocks “S,” where the el turned from 3rd St. onto 6th Ave.
    Heard the same screeching sound on our honeymoon in D.C., from trolleys by the Washington[?] Hotel, near the US Treasury Bldg. Mom made the reservations, by phone from Universal Pictures home office in NYC: 5 nights @ an outrageous $10 per night! Starlings on the USTB made as much noise as the trolleys.
    Second 5 nights we spent near Cornell U. in Ithaca. Don’t remember the rates. I supposed we kissed on the suspension bridge over Fall Creek. It’s required when a dating couple walks across. Don’t know if the requirement has been updated to make it gender-inclusive.

  9. emb
    It was less than 1/2 block East from EL – you are right by second night you did not hear it.
    Her Apt. was right next to the Sub-Station (Which had better foundations so everything tilted
    away from S-S.)

  10. Your Sunday poem about basketball reminded me of the great Celtics/Lakers battles of the 1980s, and how my stress level would skyrocket in the close games!

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