Big Shot

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When the umpteenth variation of “Dead of the Living Night” comes on television, it’s tempting to deride the caliber of entertainment available today. And I do, but as human beings we’ve always had something of a spotty track record when it comes to spectacle. Imagine a huge tent filled with people waiting for somebody to be shot out of a cannon. Not long ago, that was entertainment. Before that, it was bear-baiting and feeding people to wild animals. Maybe we’ve come further than we think.

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  1. Early birds get to see new daily first! And read your current A and J at midnight, as does Ghost!

    Welcome back, Jimmy!

    Looking to see if I quoted Twain correctly, didn’t find the quote about funerals but found this!

    “It were not best that we should all think alike; it is difference of opinion that makes horse races.” Mark Twain

    My opinion on diversity and this blog well written.

    Love, Jackie Monies

  2. Jimmy, we are still shooting people out of cannons… In 2012, America’s got talent was doing it. Here’s the video of the audition. The bear baiting and feeding people to animals has moved to the political arena. Sure, I know it is only figurative, but the spectacle is about the same and it is certainly for the same purpose– the masses must be entertained lest they realize they are in charge.
    Here’s the human canonball from AGT:

  3. Guess what I always liked best about the circus? Hint: It wasn’t the elephants. Additional hint: Lower right, panel #1. (A feature which sadly seems to be missing from the AGT clip.)

    As I recall, Travis McGee also had a certain fondness for circus girls.

    Mr. Clemens could really turn a phase, couldn’t he? I’ll repeat the similar Gen. Patton quote I posted recently, which I believe also applies to this hardy band of Villagers…”If everyone is thinking alike, then someone isn’t thinking.”

  4. Good morning, Villagers! I missed out on whatever happened yesterday. I was sitting in the local hospital while Husband had a small tumor removed from his back. It had grown from the size of a pencil eraser to a large egg, and he decided it was time for it to go. The surgery went well, and the tumor was benign, but still, sitting and waiting is not easy. He is home and all is once again right with the world.

    And before anybody else does it…Big Shot!

  5. Coming from the glass house… Is turning a phase anything like a new leaf? Moulting? Emerging from the chrysalis? Wasn’t it Teddy Roosevelt that invented canon law? No– I guess that was cannon law for him. Thinking of Canon, here’s a great rant on Pcahelbel in D:

  6. Other people’s children had “normal” experiences. My kids got to be circus performers/show girls courtesy of having a weird mama.

    Oldest as a teen/young got to ride the lead elephant in to open the Shrine Circus in Houston wearing a skimpy bikini showgirl costume and a huge floral head dress that extended out about five feet each direction.

    Total training was, “Give me your foot, I’ll throw you on top.” Second instruction was “Lay flat when he gallops through the doorway, the door will break your neck.”

    She did both gamely, then got pinched by all the circus personnel and about a thousand Shriners who wanted to pose with her. I think they asked her if she wanted to run away with the circus.

    If my life has been interesting, so has my kids unfortunately!

    Love, Jackie Monies

  7. Come to think of it, teenagers must turn phases all the time. At least that was often said of me when I was one. (“Oh, he’s just going through another phase.”)

    Any hey, the moon does, too.

  8. Jimmy Buffett song, “Earl’s Dead- Cadillac For Sale” about the human cannonball and his career.

    I know who Jimmy Johnson listens to.

    Love, Jackie Monies

  9. Don’t forget Hugo the Human Cannonball by Ray Stevens! Or Something Wicked This Way Comes by Ray Bradbury (not a song but a good book about a strange circus).

  10. Another favorite quote from Andrew Jackson, “It is a dull man who can only find one way to spell a word”, when criticized for his erratic spelling.

    Love, Jackie

  11. I loved Ray Stevens! Remember the squirrel in the prayer meeting? He used to play at a nice restaurant/lounge my stepdad’s partner owned in my home town, so I guess stepdad got lots of reports on me!

    Funny thing I remember about seeing him was my date, who was a sports writer for local newspaper, had a brand new Chevrolet convertible. We went outside to leave and no car!

    Called police. They are taking report. Date looks up and cries “There goes my car down the street!”

    Police apprehend, driver is totally drunk, turned out he had a rented Chevrolet same color but hard top and had just gone out, put in key and driven off.

    Remember universal keys?

    Love, Jackie Monies

  12. I don’t know about universal keys but I worked at a parking lot in downtown Fargo one time and we had a large ring of about 50 keys that would get us into and start any GM product. Needed to move a lot of double parked cars on Monday night when the stores were all open. This was before the death of downtown everywhere with the rise of the “Maul”

  13. canonball:

    The party the boys had in Nicea after the Council adopted the Nicene Creed. How their young servers were dressed and whether they were male, female, or if it didn’t matter has not been recorded.

    Nihil obstat; Imprimatur. Peace, emb

  14. Darn, now I will have to wait for lunch to dance. *feet twitch* Last time I went dancing down the sidewalk in the twilight I got picked up on suspicion of being drunk. They were so disappointed that I passed my Breathalyzer and could stand on one foot till I counted twenty

  15. Thanks for the memories, CXP. Fun to think about bygone days. Tornadoes, of course, are not fun but certainly are interesting. We never had a close encounter but saw plenty of the after-effects, including around Washburn. Jim’s sister and brother-in-law just got missed by that one.

  16. Trucker, that was amazing! And you all are amazing as well. And the Piano Guys are going to be playing in Tulsa at the Brady so I can go see them!

    Or go to St. Louis or Houston, or one of their other appearances.
    I love cello and chamber music, if that is what I just heard? The most upbeat cello’s!

    Love, Jackie

  17. I love chamber music and all Classical music, Jackie. I love Mozart the bestest.

    Heh, I was just dying laughing to the point where my co-workers were peeking in at me. I got an e-mail from Victoria’s Secret that recommended I get refitted for a bra every six months. What part of 30 AA do you not understand?

  18. I love chamber music and all Classical music, Jackie. I love Mozart the bestest.

    Heh, I was just dying laughing to the point where my co-workers were peeking in at me. I got an e-mail from Victoria’s Secret that recommended I get refitted for a bra every six months. What part of 30 AA do you not understand?

  19. “Another lost art”… Jimmy, good one. 🙂
    TR- neat video, thanks!
    Nodak Wayne, what kind of fish was that?
    Folks, thanks for brightening the afternoon. You’re good people.

  20. Lily, I doubt I had ever heard any classical music live and only recordings I bought for myself. I went away to boarding school and heard my first chamber music, first symphony, first everything and I was like Julia Roberts in “Pretty Woman”. I was hooked at an early age.

    These guys are awesomely talented. My dear husband is in LR watching Fox news and complaining about the “racket”. I said I was going to invite him to go see the PianoGuys with me. He said forget it, he wouldn’t want to.

    I just told him it would be easier for me to find a new husband if he didn’t like these guys! The Charlie Brown Medley just made me smile and laugh, which I needed. There is not a bad recording on the list!

    Mention he likes the Transsiberian Railroad/way and those Celtic women?

    Love, Jackie Monies

  21. Llee, That is a Minnesota Muskie. Only 42inches long, needs to be 48″ to be legally kept. Every time I see little kids having fun splashing around on the beach I wonder if they know what is swimming around them.

  22. Jimmy: I went to the first page to look at some posts from a couple of years ago (12 06 12). The post for that date came up, but the comments were closed. I don’t want to comment, but this blog is a bit like a diary and there have been certain days worth remembering when the comments were pretty good.

    I remember going back to the early days and noticing people that were regulars who either a) Changed their alias b) Actually got a life (just kidding there) or c) Have gone to the great comic strip in the sky. Of course if they did, then we couldn’t know unless there is wifi in heaven. I think that there is wifi in Hell, but it keeps booting you off before you can download anything!

  23. I took my stepdad and mom to hear the first symphony they ever went to. Stepdad noticed the repetitive notes and asked why they kept playing same thing over and over. I was reminded of that in the “rant” about the same 8 notes for the cello in Pachelbel’s Canon in D, that he wrote them and then dropped dead!

    Also took them to first live musical onstage (and probably movie too) of “Sound of Music” and stepdad asked if it was a true story.
    I said more or less?

    Don’t think I ever got them to a musical movie actually? No operas, no ballets, no books, no art. Husband says I was dropped from a space ship by aliens in a pod.

    Love, Jackie Monies

  24. Steve, I’ve been commenting on the missing comments on and off for a couple of months or so. So far that has not garnered any response from Jimmy or anyone else, and I was beginning to think I was the only one who cared. In there would be the only record of many of my “friends I’ve never met” who, as you say, no longer comment. I too would hate to think they are gone forever.

  25. This is a very funny and enlightening group, full of humor, cleverness, intelligence. I do have other lives but I do live where it is hard for me to find like minded individuals or good conversation. As long as I was on the road or the phone working, I interacted with so many, some of them/many were entertaining.

    My customers became my friends, then when we retired and stopped being road warriors my friends became my internet friends. I am serious when I say I’d welcome any of you in person just as I do my boating bunch. That began as mostly internet friends who I invited to come for real.

    That number is pushing 300 or more in my back yard nowadays and that is fine. I am with Ghost, I liked reading the old postings, I did that for some time before I decided to move in.

    Love, Jackie Monies

  26. Nope. The only question I answered “yes” to was “Do you have gaps at the top of the cups?” That I do, but I just tighten the straps. I listen to many of my better endowed friends griping about how men stare at their chests and how the straps cut into their backs and their backaches, and I am happy like I am 😛

  27. Jackie – Trans-Siberian Orchestra perhaps? I love those guys! I love Canon in D and Für Elise, beautiful melodies.

    The rant on Canon is pretty good, saw it a while ago, but great for a grin. If you want to hear
    about a nifty clip of music, go to YouTube and search for “Amen Break.” It’s a six second drum sample that’s been used everywhere.

    Ghost, Have to get out the toaster box and count puzzle pieces, I don’t know. But I have been looking forward to putting it together all day!

  28. I think the old posts disappeared when Jimmy had trouble with the site earlier this spring. Remember the new posts kept vanishing from one day to the next? And Jimmy was trying to work out what was happening, and finally said he thought previous posts were gone for good, but he had stopped the new ones from going away.

  29. Mindy actually I like Trans-Siberian too but I was annoyed he wouldn’t admit the PianoGuys were good or agree to go!

    My oldest daughter got a lot of her “ideas on life” from me probably, so when her other grandmother came to visit she bought tickets way down close to stage and took her, thinking she would like the Christmas show. My mother in law could only complain about how terrible and loud they were and “ruined all the songs.”

    I am definitely clicking on the links and listening to the music and you know what, I am totally enjoying it! We have awful radio here, so no use even trying that. It is like having an eclectic deejay with good “trivia patter.”

    Love, Jackie

  30. Anybody remember the site that emb or cep used to link to where they had works of art that were snarkily captioned or retitled? I need one of them for my Sunday school lesson for next weekend

  31. Jackie, I agree about radio. Except for talk radio, of which I listen to very little, most is about on a level with the newspaper for quality entertainment. On the internet, my favorites are SkyFM, Pandora, and Spotify. You can listen to Sky and Pandora for free, with 1-2 radio-type ads about every 20 minutes. Sky has categories and Pandora lets you set up your own preferences, as does Spotify. The big difference between Pandora and Spotify is that Pandora plays music it considers similar to your choices as well as the artists you requested, while Spotify lets you set your own playlists based on what they have licensed. Spotify does have a free service but I found I liked it so well I went to the premium at about $10 a month for better streaming and no ads.

  32. We had Sirius radio in our trucks for awhile so Mike could listen but I am uncertain why he stopped that? He also had a hissy fit and changed my television source, internet source and telephone services! Men!

    Oh, and he had Sirius in his shop to listen while building boats. Are they still around?

    Love, Jackie

  33. Sirius is definitely still around – I listen to it in my car everyday. If Mike stopped subscribing, it could have been related to the cost, but you might suggest that he ask them what kind of deal they can give him. A friend of mine did that, suggesting that she would probably have to cancel otherwise, and was given a very fair price.

    We visited the new Air and Space Museum outside of DC this summer, a truly amazing collection of aircraft of all eras and types. The Wright Brothers plane is still in the old building on the Mall, but this one has an Air France Concorde and the Enola Gay. It also has a wing devoted to the space program, featuring the shuttle Discovery. There are lots of satellites hanging from the ceiling; a Sirius satellite (never launched obviously) is on the floor and even without its solar panels unfurled it’s really big!

  34. Ruth Anne, I did not know at the time but Mike had already started developing the lung cancer and was ill when he did a lot of things out of “irritation” when he was annoyed. We have been married for 47 years now and I am unfortunately having to figure out how to keep him not annoyed! I am a pretty independent person/woman and not used to being so irritating!

    Who me? Irritating? It seems that is all I do now!

    I will ask about the Sirius and some other suggestions. I love music and miss it.

    Love, Jackie

  35. “. . . better endowed friends . . ..” Better? De gustibus . . .. Your 30AA will never become 38 Long.

    Know an overly endowed ordained UMC minister, now retired, who had a major tumor removed, and who, along with reconstruction on that side, had the non-tumorous side reduced to match, and has been more comfortable since. Peace, emb

  36. they merged, it’s now SiruiusXM. We can’t live without ch82, the old time radio, I like ch81 doctor radio, and the 40’s on ch 04, 50’s on 5 and 60′ on 6; they have plenty of talk/political channels and they have even more on the web than on the regular car or house radios. it can be pricey, but you always have something you can listen to

  37. @ Jackie cancer and irritation – my wife is going through chemo and a whole invasive blob of cancer and we don’t really know how it’s going ot turn out. she’s handling it very well, rather remarkably really, she’s never totally pain free and gets understandably a little pissy sometimes, but she kind of catches herself and knows it and sometimes I kind of just go in another room

  38. Heh, my poor MG doesn’t even have a radio in it, so that is not a concern of mine. In the mornings and afternoons when I ride to the hospital with The Boss Of My Life, she leaves the radio off, which is fine with me, I would rather talk with her. She is a good conversationalist and knows something about just about everything, having been to one of those expensive schools. Me, I just went to a cow college in East Texas, so I am glad to learn what I can

  39. John, I stay out of the way as much as I can! He got master suite and living room to himself (or sitting room I guess) I am back in mom’s apartment with animals. And mom who sleeps a lot now and gets up and down all night!

    I told him yesterday I would probably stay back there mostly to keep out of his way but also because mom seems to be hallucinating a lot now, thinks she has talked to us and she gets up at odd hours and comes into kitchen, searches for us. I am worried about her falling or getting outside and getting lost.

    Anyone else have an elderly parent in residence? She is 93 but I am lucky that everyone who works for me even part time has experience with either nursing homes or home health care. They all love her and I have sworn to keep her at home for her remaining life. Sitters are all my age, so we’re limping along.

    Now not sure about me!!

    Love, Jackie

  40. Lily, what year is your MG? I used to run around with my best friend in one so old the windshield wipers were operated by hand from inside the car with a switch you turned by passenger. The top got pulled up by hand too. I think it was probably about a ’51? Or older?

    I asked Mike just now and his MG we used to go out in was a ’57 he had restored, as it was in 1960’s we were driving it. Heck, I don’t think he ever let me touch the pedals! Candy apple red with a touch of metallic I think?

    Love, Jackie

  41. Jimmy:

    I guess my childhood occurred during the transitional period.

    The circuses that came to this area featured shooting a bear from a cannon.

  42. Jackie: 1978 MGB. It was a graduation gift from my father when I complained about my boring old Toyota Corolla. He gave me the keys and the title and said “There, you’ll never drive bored again.” My cololla has been in storage for six years and I am driving the MG. Thanks, DAD!

  43. Jackie, the Sirius/XM is one other reason I like Dish Network. With several of the packages you get a lot of their music channels included, as well as a multitude of music channels from Dish itself. I have my tv in my home office connected to a stereo, so I really have a choice when I’m working. Oh, one other reason I went to the prime membership on Spotify is that allows you to load your music to your smartphone or tablet, etc and listen without being online. Does not need to stream from the source. If you have a car radio with an input jack or that is Bluetooth compatible, you have your music wherever you drive with no DJ’s and no ads. Heaven.

  44. Lady Mindy, I found one on line that looks very similar, but without the flags. The scale is too small for me to tell in the photo, but if it’s WWII era, the Middle East will look very different than it does today…Israel would be Palestine, Saudi Arabia would be Arabia, most of Syria would be the Levant States, etc.

  45. The free version of Spotify doesn’t work on mobile devices, but as I’ve mentioned, I subscribed so I can listen on my smart phone, with a Bluetooth headset, when I’m traveling. Also makes it easy to plug my tablet into my sound system and listen. (I’m sure there’s a way to do that wirelessly, when I get around to figuring it out.) There’s an astounding amount of music available on it, and all in all, I probably get more value from Spotify than any other $9.99 I spend each month.

  46. Ghost, you took the words right out of my mouth! And if your stereo and tablet are Bluetooth enabled you should be able to stream without a wire, just as you do with your headset.

  47. Sound system tuner is not Bluetooth capable (it’s an old Sony), but I’m sure there’s some kind of a plug-in thingamajig for that. Just haven’t had time to track one down.

  48. The only thing that I ever listened to on XM was Jay Thomas (not his real name). I sent an email just to say hello and reminded him of when we preformed together in college. I received no answer. I guess he never got over being killed on Cheers.

  49. A problem with TV programming today is there are so many “reality” shows that suffer from untalented writers. Anyone who believes “Duck Dynasty”, “Storage Wars” “Hardcore Pawn” and all the rest are reality is living in their own world.

  50. Things you think of late at night trying to go to sleep: Hugo, OK is the home of the circus (winter I guess) and the cemetery has lots of headstones with circus themes for deceased performers.

    Second thing to do besides count sheep: Try to figure out what kind of occupation Ghost has that 1) Staff of all females 2) Travels a lot ? 3) Has an IT tech 4) Department managers 5) Vice-presidents 6) Sales ? meetings

    This got downright entertaining because I kept coming up with occupations and the six things above kept eliminating them for one reason or another. It was more interesting than an Agatha Christie plot. Was it the Colonel in the library with a candlestick?

    Good morning and love,

    Jackie Monies

  51. Should anyone wonder about my schizoid personality, I will point out that I STILL have property to dispose of in Monroe, LA just across the river from West Monroe, LA. Heck, I kept begging one of my cousins to let me contact someone about a reality show for him.

    He was good looking, part Cajun, better outdoorsman than the Robertsons, funnier, ribald, definitely NOT religious, serious mud truck and women mudder (meaning they raced 4 wheelers with half naked muddy women on back) oil field directional driller, alligator hunting, net fisherman. Had a crazy ex-wife, children that were a reality show in themselves!

    Someone here has visited where I am from! I tell you, I was dropped off by aliens in a pod!

    Love, Jackie Monies

  52. Good morning, all. Don’t worry, I don’t get hangovers. Dunno why. Jackie, I have been to Monroe, but I drove on through going to Florida. I didn’t go to my Dad’s condo this year, though invited. It was when we were in the Mediterranean.

  53. Great video Jackie! I’ve been to a bunch of air shows, saw the Thunderbirds and Blue Angels more times than I can remember. Never saw a show go into the evening and dark hours before.

  54. Wayne, that in the dark with lights air show video amazed me. I have never seen one done in the dark. In the 1960’s when I worked at airfield and later when I was trying to learn to fly I knew a lot of the much older stunt pilots who did wing walking, lots of acrobatic tricks on the struts. I need to go see some current shows, obviously, there were amazing stunts done in this video.

    Crop dusters and air show people probably have a lot in common?

    Love, Jackie

  55. Lily, William Leastheat Moon stopped for gas in Monroe in his journeys along America’s “Blue Highways” and mentioned it in book. John Steinbeck did too in “Travels With Charlie”.

    It is I-20 that does that, takes everyone across America fast and they drive through. Maybe gas and a burger?

    Love, Jackie

  56. OK, it is raining kinda and I am getting nostalgic. Had to look up information on Stearman biplanes and Fleeman Flying Service for whom I once worked. Found a magazine pilot’s article which described the “wonderful flight service and being greeted by a genuine Southern Belle.” That was my job description, Southern Belle, and my job was to coordinate and facilitate all the incoming private planes gassing, services, arrivals and make flying into our “terminal” a pleasant experience. It required an FAA license to do that. I was not working for them at the time of article!

    The now deceased Mr. Fleeman founded and ran the Miss Louisiana competition, so Southern Belles were plentiful.

  57. Good afternoon, GR 😉

    …and good afternoon to all others. No hangovers, Lilly!!!! … must have one heck of a tolerance 🙂

    Ahh….awaiting the onslaught of rain….sure wish I could send it to CA……

    So, now my household number is back to three, Andrew moved out last evening and went back to his home, where he and his 1 1/2 month old girlfriend and her 2 year old son will be setting up house. I am happy for him….just pray he can control his mood swings. He will be closer to his Brooklynne and his neighbor is his Dad….who does need to be ‘looked’ health wise and a renewal of a father and son bonding.

    I will miss Brooklynn Rose, terribly….but, Andrew said he would bring her down to see me (about an hour’s drive north of here). I am going to copy down the griddle cake recipe for her….maybe they can stop eating out and start family meals instead of Denny’s and Mickey ‘D’s.

    My husband is making homemade yeast biscuits, leftover garden salad and chicken with gravy…smashed potatoes….bring on the calories….gonna need them in the next couple of weeks.

    I gave some eggs to a ‘neighbor’ and she brought over about two pounds of homemade ‘ham’ salad…it is to die for.


  58. Ah ha, Bryan….come inside , come inside… of my favorites…thanks.

    Jackie…’s a Zepplin tune for your upcoming fall sailing extravaganza: It’s called “Down By the Seaside”…my son suggested it 🙂 yes…I do talk about you all.

    Lilly…noticed on your FB page you’ve listed the Stones and Zepplin as your favorite artists…so, what’s your favorite tunes?

  59. Nope, Debbe, haven’t had a hangover since my teenage years. That was a great discovery when I got out of the hospital: I could drown my sorrows at night and still get up bright-eyed and bushy tailed. For small mercies by ye glad…

    Jackie, I don’t know, it was a Holiday Inn on the Interstate, nothing to write hoome about, but it made a nice break

  60. Have spent all morning morning at the hospital with my Mom. Just tests, but still not my favorite way to spend time, especially after all the hours I logged with my sister before she passed away. Still waiting for them to finish with her, perhaps another hour.

    When I think Vicksburg, I think Goldie’s Trail Bar-B-Que. Which was of course better in their original “shack” location on the bluff overlooking the River, before the fancy eatin’ place bought the property and Goldie’s had to move across the street. Why does ‘que always taste better cooked behind and served inside of a shack?

  61. Because bbq should be cooked and sold in a place so decrepit the sign fell off and they never replaced it because everyone knew how to find it. And in places your mama would turn around at the door, afraid to eat there.

    And better yet, with big old greasy outside smokers and grills. We had a favorite in Texas my kids called “Pick A Part” Barbeque because you went in and pointed to a slab of something? on open fire pit and they pulled it out to sell to you!

    Hope your mama is OK, Ghost.

    Love, Jackie

  62. Because bbq should be cooked and sold in a place so decrepit the sign fell off and they never replaced it because everyone knew how to find it. And in places your mama would turn around at the door, afraid to eat there.

    And better yet, with big old greasy outside smokers and grills. We had a favorite in Texas my kids called “Pick A Part” Barbeque because you went in and pointed to a slab of something? on open fire pit and they pulled it out to sell to you!

    Hope your mama is OK, Ghost.

    Love, Jackie

  63. John is great. I went to see CCR w/o John and had very low expectations. They were great. Three concerts that I could have left early with no problem: Clay Akin, Elton John and, surprisingly, Eric Clapton.

  64. I wouldn’t go to an Eric Clapton concert in the first place. The only song of his I really liked was “Promises”.

    This guy that was kinda chasing me – no thanks! – told me once that he had tickets to a Jimmy Buffet concert and he couldn’t go. Would I like to go in his place. At first I said yes, and took the tickets, but then got cold feet and gave then to a couple I know. Guess what, the guy was sitting in the next seat and asked, “Where’s Susie?”. The woman told me that she deadpanned, “She’s washing her hair, I heard.” She knows me pretty well

  65. Jackie – I shared your description of what a BBQ joint should be with my husband. He thinks that’s the most accurate description he’s ever heard!

  66. There’s a place in Dallas near the Medical School named Sonny Bryant’s that I heard has good BBQ. The windows are dirty and the clientele mixed. We stopped by there once and I waited in the car. The BBQ was okay, but not worth visiting that dinky little flyspotted place. But, then I don’t like BBQ or Mexican food all that much. Everything considered, I’d rather eat at home

  67. Jackie…how does she do it after all these years…..perhaps, rollin’ on the river 🙂 I’ve heard or read somewhere her legs are insured for a few $$$

  68. Wife was the barbecue fan; I’m not. Just don’t care for any of the BBQ sauces I’ve tried lately. I say lately / an experience I had in ’65 / an excellent NSF 3-wk summer workshop in botany at UNC Chapel Hill. C. Ritchie Bell was the UNC prof in charge, and he invited 5 of us [= 5 faculty from various colleges] to go to a Dutch treat BBQ, and to have mint juleps at his house beforehand [also Dutch treat: we purchased a fifth of specified brand bourbon for him, and he prepared the mint juleps from his own fifth before hand]. I’d flown there from n. MN, rode w/ one of the others who had a car. Ritchie apologized for having to make a fifth do for 6 juleps; normally it would do for 5. As many of you know, a properly prepared MJ starts w/ a large glass/mug/whatever [w/ a little mint crushed against its wall] of crushed ice, w/ a straw inserted down the side, the bourbon poured into the crushed ice, and the 5/6 drinks all put in the fridge. Sprig of mint stuck in also. I’m no whiskey fan, but found slowly sipping the diluted slightly minty drink pleasant enough. One of the guests didn’t think carefully / the nature of the drink’s setup, and simply sucked up the liquid through the straw in short order. The rest of us sipped slowly and all went well.

    After 25-30 minutes, Ritchie drove us to the nearby, famed BBQ site in his van. It was rustic, but not run down. Barn of a place, long wooden picnic tables with attached wooden benches. One item on the menu, pulled pork BBQ, rolls?, hush puppies, probably slaw, coffee. Don’t remember a dessert, and found the BBQ ok. Good evening of southern hospitality. Ritchie was probably 10 yr. my senior, is likely gone now. Workshop really paid off in my later classes; my undergrad/grad background in plants was weak.

  69. Barbeque in North Carolina is usually pulled pork and their sauces are totally different from Texas or Alabama or Memphis, Kansas City ones. I leave out other states as not considered serious barbeque producers, despite what Bill Clinton thinks of Arkansas Q.

    I used to follow Calvin Trillin in the New Yorker on barbeque, he was a fanatic. I’d try and go to all the places he recommended, he knew his sauce.

    Funny thing is all the years I did florist shows, I would NEVER eat the “traditional” show dinner which was always smoked brisket. I found it made me nauseous which Lily probably says is right and I had to talk often for hours with impromptu unscripted comments.

    So, I avoided the unlimited barbeque they provided attendees!

  70. Home at last. Thanks for the thoughts and prayers. (And no, Lily, nary a nag from my mom.)

    Needle biopsy of lung, outpatient, turned into pneumothorax, inpatient admission. (Jackie, I’ve been following Mike’s progress with more than casual interest, as you might guess.) The good news is that the pneumothorax appears small and did not increase in size between two chest x-rays this afternoon.

    They expect at this point it will resolve itself without intervention, but they thought it wise to keep her overnight for oxygen and observation. As did I…it didn’t seem like bringing her home and then perhaps having to drag her back to the hospital in the middle of the night and go through the ER if she developed problems was a particularly good plan. So I’ll be back there at about oh dawn thirty tomorrow to wait for the hospitalist to come by to see her and order another x-ray.

  71. A distinction in memory of wife, RN, BSN, BA [English, Biology]; MA [English]. At work in hospitals, she ran into it all the time, and often corrected it. I think the Village would agree that Jackie may be nauseated on occasion, but is not nauseous. To be nauseous is to nauseate others. Peace, emb

  72. Ghost, I hope all goes well with your mom. I suspect she is about my age which is 70. If the mass is not growing, that is good news but I know I have had to learn an awful lot about lungs awfully fast.

    You are a sweet and good son and I hope your mama appreciates you.

    Love, Jackie

  73. Yep, Jackie, that’s an excellent description of a good place to get ribs and such. Some of the best ribs I ever had were at the original Leatha’s BBQ Inn, just west of Columbia Mississippi, headed toward Foxworth. Not only did it not have a sign, it was located in an old house at the end of an unmarked dirt road beside the Pearl River. Fortunately for me, “Yeah, Leatha’s” was the answer to my question to a local, “Is there a good place around here for lunch?” And that the answer came with directions.

    There’s just something about sitting on a screened-in back porch shaded by big oaks; sipping honest-to-goodness Southern sweet iced tea; and watching the sun-lit Pearl drift by though a light haze of sweet, fragrant hickory wood smoke while waiting for your order.

  74. We are road warriors who have spent a lot of windshield time. In normal times I can find great places in almost any little town. I was in Mississippi off the Trace somewhere driving my mama and cousin Eula to Nashville. Eula wanted to go to Opryland, mama just wanted to go for a ride. We didn’t see Opryland, mama had me drive around the freeways in Nashville and said we’d seen it all!

    Anyway, I found a fantastic downtown eatery in some little town, no sign, nothing. Eula could not figure out how I knew? I told her I counted Lincoln towncars, Mercury Gran Marquis’ and police cars with a point system and looked for people going in somewhere. It usually wasn’t prayer meeting!

    Love, Jackie

  75. Absolutely, Mark! Notice my rating system in the parking lot with the Lincoln towncars and similar parked out in the dirt lot! I knew that was Alabama when I saw the Northport! It meets every criteria for me.

    Some of the best barbeque I have ever eaten, especially ribs, has been in Alabama.

    A couple years ago I borrowed a professional competition smoker from my cousin who borrowed it from the guy he gave all their oilfield welding business to. It cost $10,000 and was over 12 feet long and came welded to it’s own deluxe trailer. It had all the bells and whistles and then some.

    Pulled that thing with my pickup from Louisiana to Oklahoma being chased down on every back road I was on. If I stopped to get a Coke or bathroom, someone pulled in alongside and asked permission to get on trailer and look. “Where did I cook? What competition was I going to?”

    Some just pulled alongside and yelled at me on the road through the windows. Interesting trip both directions.

    Love, Jackie

  76. I’m afraid I’d have a call for a minor point deduction, due to the facts that both the door and window at Archibald BBQ seem to fit their frames, the Formica on the visible portion of the bar appears to have no visible chips, and at least two of the bar stools match each other. And of course, there’s the matter of the professionally painted sign.

    G’night all. Have one for me, Lily. If I did, I probably won’t make it up in time tomorrow morning.

  77. Jackie,

    Best ribs I ever had were at Bob’s Barbeque in Ada, OK. Ate there with my dad and older sister back around 1982. At that time, they just kept bringing pork ribs as long as you were eating. I ate mine dry, with just the rub and any sauce applied during cooking. As I recall, there was a pretty good sized pile of bones in front of me… probably the equivalent of at least four full racks of spareribs. I was, at the time, a bottom-less 18-year-old young man. I was playing football and basketball, so calories weren’t an issue.

  78. Agreed, the sign bothered me too but the dirt and smoke on the chimney seemed to make up for any degree of cleanliness.

    We used to eat a lot at an unmarked steak house outside College Station, TX where the entire building leaned and there were cracks around bottom of walls wide enough for a possum to get thru, forget the rats. You could see dirt thru the floor cracks too.

    Steaks hung over sides of plates and the full chicken fried came on two plates. One time there were over a dozen agricultural meat inspectors at next table to us.

    Oldest daughter was in hotel/restaurant school at time and a cleanliness freak. We said no one was to mention said place to her or she’d turn them in. Mike said it would do no good, the health inspectors probably ate there too!

    Love, Jackie

  79. Lily, as one who has had pancreatitis for a LONG. long time, along with three bouts with hepatitis, please keep your blood tested for liver damage. I know you may not care now but some day you might. I suspect there are indeed those who love you and care about you and I know I probably sound like your mom nagging you.

    Does the drinking help you sleep at night? Keep the monsters at bay?

    Sometimes I just turn the lights on, it banishes them, as does daylight. I know you scoff at zombies but night terrors are like zombies and were wolfs and the living dead, they can’t live in the light of day.

    Love, Jackie

  80. Good morning Villagers…..

    Do not, I repeat, do not read the third comment on the Dark Side, what a moron.

    GR 😉 Read up on the pneumothorax….I pray you’re able to take your Mother home this morning.

    I’m still battling this pleurisy, I’m going to call my doctor this morning. It’s getting somewhat better, if she’ can’t get me in, she’ll phone in a ‘script for what they call a Zpak. I get it at least twice a year, and working in a hen house does not help.

    Lilly, Jackie is offering some very good advice. I had Hep C. Cured, but I still watch my liver enzymes. And I do like my beer, but moderation in all areas. 61 years old next Saturday, and I would like to stay around for a little longer.

    and it’s PAYDAY 🙂


  81. Not nagging, just a personal observation. During the latter stages of the hellish 8 months my sister was dying, I began having two or three doubles at night before bedtime. (For the bartenderery-imparied, that is six to nine ounces of, in my case, bourbon.) That was the only time in my life I ever used alcohol because I was sad. I stopped doing so when I realized that sad plus numb does not equal happy. And that numb does not actually solve anything.

  82. Thanks for the “cat photo”, Debbe. That teacher is kind of cute. I wonder if she offers night classes? 😉

    She actually looks a lot like one of my “fellow” managers. The one I like to dance with. Can you guess why?

  83. Mike and I used to have a hairdresser who looked like that sorta.
    He said she always tickled his ears when she cut his hair. I never noticed that on mine?

    Now he goes to my “evil twin” who is also called Jackie. She drives the rest of us crazy, so I switched to her old partner/owned the salon after she moved AGAIN. So, why would he subject himself to that voluntarily?

    He has not grown any hair much yet, so I doubt he’ll be needing a hairdresser anytime soon.

    He says the exercise personal trainers are older than me!

    Love, Jackie

  84. Going out and cleaning weeds from more flower pots before it heats up today. Gardening helper got sugar snap and oriental peas and about eight kinds of pole beans planted on two beds worth of trellis yesterday. Put inoculate and presprouted the seed, dug them trenches and used organic and peat down in trench to keep them cooler. I forgot to tell her to water them after planting!

    Last night I got beet seed and beta vulgaris chard seeds presoaked.Today I have to teach her how to sift wood ashes to add to rows to get potassium for the beets.

    A neighbor/friend brought me a bushel of tomatoes from her garden, so I need to go buy some quart jars to can them. That is far easier than searching for where husband threw my old ones, if he packed them?

    Boy, does Jimmy have my number! The arc on gardening is me all over except husband is out of picture this year for any help.

    Love, Jackie

  85. Good morning, Villagers. Jackie, my liver functions were fine last November. Yeah, liquor keeps the monsters away. Turning on the lights just makes me feel stupid and alone. I used to go get into the bed of The Boss Of My Life, but that just made me feel like a kid, though a secure kid. I would instead go downstairs and slug a mouthful of vodka and go back to sleep. That worked great, and was fun, anyway. Haven’t had to do that for a month or so, now. Anyway, I am as usual bright and merry this morning. We have a light office today, and may get to go home early!
    It would be nice if it was payday, but that’s not for another week.

  86. Around here we have a really god BBQ place called Smokin’ Gold. It’s in a renovated gas station, and the back is lined with Big Green Egg smokers. The pulled pork is great, but what surprised me was how good the brisket is. My usual opinion is that barbeque is pig, and sometimes chicken, but never beef. Now I will eat brisket from Smokin’ Gold, and is it ever good!

    The best place, though, is in Athens, home of the University of Georgia Dawgs. Woof Woof. (And no, I’m not an alumna. My family are Georgia Tech grads.) The Butt Hut is one of those falling down places with formica tables and rolls of paper towels on every table. Not only is the pulled pork to die for, but their mac-and-cheese and fried okra are great, too. And the sweet tea is just like my grandmother made, so I would go there just for that!

  87. At least Arlo and Janis have a garden and are getting some tomatoes. This year between back surgery and knee issues I never got my gardens planted, and boy do I miss them! I’m already making plans for next year.

  88. Debbe, seems that the comment you mentioned got flagged and removed. shucks. I was looking forward to seeing what kind of stupidity was out there this morning.

    Ghost, 🙂

  89. Lily, I get insomnia sometimes and the monsters won’t leave. I get up and go in office and read or write. Sometimes that works enough I can go back to sleep but I don’t have a real job anymore like you do to have to perform.

    Everyone, don’t laugh but I talk to mine. Tell them to leave, go away, I don’t have time for them. Sometimes they go, sometimes they stay, sometimes I turn the lights on to banish them. Or worse yet, I leave the room to them.

    The night terrors have definitely diminished and don’t hit often like they did. There is thought that some of the accounts in the Bible are just such visitors. Since I have sleep disorders it can be part of that but also post traumatic stress disorder like Lily and I probably both have.

    Alcohol as a long range numbing agent is addictive and takes more and more to work I suspect. Allergy medicine like Benadryl works pretty well, believe it or not, and I have to take it anyway.

    This is not medical advice, just personal observation as Ghost says. I already couldn’t drink by the time I might have needed to!

    Love you, Lily,

    Jackie Monies

  90. Trapper Jean, we lost spring garden to with cancer, so I am going for a fall garden. I told helper this morning, it is hell to have to hire someone to do your hobby for you. I am trying to teach her some more about gardening I guess.

    Today she is out planting my spring potatoes that are still valiantly trying to make plants in their sacks. I ordered them in September, they shipped while we were in throes of cancer, I stuck boxes in office, sunroom and potting shed. They are still alive!

    I have her out with my soil sifter straining the trash out of the wood ashes to add to soil for the root crops for potassium.

    We’re adding beets, turnips, kohlrabi, carrots, radishes, swiss chard, spinach on either side of potatoes in rows.

    Love, Jackie

  91. But anyway…Yay, Lily! Yay, Jackie!

    I’m proud of both of you ladies, and I’d certainly be the last one to tell anyone how they should live their life.

    Jean dear, it was pretty stupid, alright. (Debbe madest me look.) Only two words, one obscene and the other a racial slur. Someone commented that the same person had posted the same thing on another comic’s comment section. It may be all over

  92. Ghost, something got moderated there, so I didn’t see it, I guess. The rest were more or less predictable comments about the dumb “Fertility Ritual.” Note to Janis, my garden does fine and I don’t need any stupid rituals. Except when it rains in the summer months, I do go out and dance in it. 😀

    Jackie, I don’t talk to mine, they are too scary. I’d rather drown them in vodka. I hate Benadryl as a anxietolytic cause it makes me logy the next day, which is a sure tipoff to my friends and co-workers that I had a bad night. I’d rather take a slug of vodka and use Listerine the next morning. As mentioned, I stopped being afraid of death a long time ago. Anybody who has prayed for it like I did doesn’t, I suspect.

    Love you too, Jackie

  93. Ghost: It depends on where in the hospital you are. It zips by in the operating room or in the ER when interesting things are going on. It drags when you are stuck in bed and leashed to a dozen tubes. I have been in both places.

    “When you are courting a nice girl an hour seems like a second. When you sit on a red-hot cinder a second seems like an hour. That’s relativity.” – Albert Einstein

    And my favorite Einstein quote: “The faster you go, the shorter you are.: – Albert Einstein?

    LOL, that’s what I tell my friends when they complain about me zipping around!

  94. Lilyblack and Jackie, I have found something that works for me without leaving me sleepy in the morning. It is a compound of melatonin and a few herbs and the tablet will dissolve without water. It comes in a brand name version and CVS has it under their store brand. I like it better than the melatonin tablets alone because it has a lower dose of melatonin, making it easier to wake up in the morning.

  95. Mark, thanks, but no thanks. I have tried melanin in large doses and it doesn’t work for me, at all. I have used both Xanax and Valium and they work, but take a long time to act and a longer time to wear off. Vodka is cheap, readily available, works fast and is gone in an hour or two. What could be better?

    I have already mentioned I don’t care a rap for living a long time, thanks very much!

  96. Slowest of all is when you’re sitting by the one in the hospital bed. Waiting for a hospitalist to show up. When there only one on duty. When he starts his rounds on the bottom floor. When your patient is in a room on the top floor.

  97. Lily, I decided I wasn’t interested in living a long time back about 2000, but I’m still here. Anyway, as John Lennon said, whatever gets you through the night is alright. And someone will probably link that song now.

  98. Something you notice when you are stuck in a hospital room that you can’t help but be concerned about (if you are me, anyway):

    The Number 3 story on Yahoo News right now is about US military forces re-engaging in Iraq by carrying out an airstrike against IS fighters. The Number 1 story is about Leann Rimes accidently tweeting a picture of her butt.

    I am not making that up. Also, I am still worried about our society.

    And I guess they don’t call it “Yahoo News” for nothing.

  99. Jimmy said above, “Before that, (entertainment) was bear-baiting and feeding people to wild animals. Maybe we’ve come further than we think.”

    Perhaps not, if you consider agenda-driven cable news programming.

  100. Someone on The Dark Side has noted that the originator of the obscene comment this morning had just jointed yesterday; had made 8 comments since; and all 8 have been deleted. Is there perhaps a pattern there?

  101. Ghost: I always carry a book that I have meant to read but haven’t got around to when I have to sit with somebody. I tried the Bible, but I was always making notes and comments and looking through my purse for a pen or pencil or highlighter tool, as well as a notebook. It is a rule of my life that when I need to make a note, I have left my notebook in my other purse. So it was kind of self-defeating.

  102. You know, considering how much these various “celebrities” have bared in print I wouldn’t care if they tweeted full frontal close-ups, rear end close ups where you can count the stretch marks and cellulite, male or female or indifferent?

    I am hardly prudish, that would be total hypocrisy but why should it be considered “news”?

    Lawdy, lawdy Miss Claudy. Yesterday’s big news was Madonna followed by little imitator shooting their crotches!!! Madonna needed a bikini wax.

    Ghost, I feel so bad for you. There is nothing worse than sitting in hospital room in limbo, waiting and waiting and waiting. Except waiting for more than one of them to show up. My youngest, “The Little General” (named for Napoleon, not the car)
    was a pro at that. She’d corner anyone she knew that knew something and skillfully quiz them so they didn’t know they might be violating HIPA laws!

    Love, Jackie

  103. Jackie: Napoleon the Corsican general or Napoleon the pig from “Animal Farm?” 😛 I swear that the pig was the first ting that popped into my mind when I read that. But, then, I have been told (often) that I have a very strange mind, never mind my sense of humor!

  104. Napoleon the General from Napoleonic Wars. She is less than 5 feet tall, brilliant mind, dynamic, organized and unstoppable. You do not want to contradict her, she is a great tactician and charming to boot.

    Her dad gave her the nickname when she was just a kid. She was born that way.

    Love, Jackie Monies

  105. Not an accident she showed her butt, Lil? Ya think? 🙂

    Yeah, Jackie, I knew you’d understand about hospital waits. But what’s that about Madonna and a bikini wax?

  106. We were for awhile plagued by trolls on a variety of boating forums and blogs with comments. And scammers and any number of infectiously vile critters. I learned the names and covers of most of them but they were clever and took in a lot of people who felt sorry for them.

    Now we usually have screens in place to keep them out and if anyone violates profanity, politics, racial comments, that sort of stuff we can ban them or put them on approval only.

    I rarely read TDS but I also rarely read comments anywhere because I HAVE to read so many to watch for trolls and spam.

    Love, Jackie

  107. To celebrate her birthday Madonna shot her crotch up really close without any filters or air brushing in a “selfie” and then Miley Cyrus who idolizes her did same thing. I did not bother with the second, having somewhat accidently seen the first. She was wearing a black leotard bottom I think with high cut legs.

    Just google Madonna crotch shot.

    Love, Jackie

  108. Yeah, I knew I could have googled “Madonna’s crotch” but I was truly afraid to see what I’d get. I’ve always thought Madonna was gross, and that she wants to shock just for the sake of shocking, rather than to actually prove some point. And I think age has just made her worse. I hope no one is offended by the phrase “attention whore”, but I don’t know of a better way to characterize her.

  109. Ew, Madonna. She reminds me of somebody you might meet at a party that just won’t stop talking about herself. And no wonder Miley C. idolizes her. Little floozy.

    Jackie: I collected nicknames when I was a kid to the point that in my early twenties I insisted on being called “Susan,” which nobody did and used to annoy me. The Boss Of My Life caught me in a snit about it and told me that I was not dignified enough to be a “Susan,” so I just go with the flow, nowadays. My dad has always called me “Sweetie Punkin Girl,” or a variant. My family called me “Wild Girl” or just WG for a while. Nowadays I get “Smurf” or “Short Stuff” or even “Shortie.” Whatever. I know who they mean. At least I am not like a character in not one but two books by different authors I have read, “Itty Bitty.”

  110. And yet in “Evita” she could actually sing and channeled Eva Peron who had been the 1950’s media maven kinda like the Kardasians, coming from nowhere to power. She did that one well I thought to my shock and fascination. I say that because this was period I was living in South America off and on and thought Eva Peron might take over the southern Hispanic world someday. She was so idolized.

    Love, Jackie

  111. Doesn’t sound like she was acting much. Sorry, Jackie, Eva means nothing to me, nor South America, either. I have always wondered why such big areas of the world matter so little to history

  112. Perhaps Madonna’s next film will be “Desparately Seeking Attention”. Co-starring Miley Cyrus.

    Thanks for asking, Llee. The doc finally made it here just a few minutes ago. The morning x-ray report was “stable”, so it’s no worse but no better. We decided it would be best for her to stay again tonight and repeat the x-ray tomorrow morning. Nine chances out of ten she’d have been OK to go home this afternoon, but to me that’s like saying, “Well, if someone shoots at me ten times, they probably won’t hit me but once.”

  113. They matter, Lily, because they are part of history and whether we like it or not, they will be our future. Arabic, Oriental and Hispanic people have rich and complicated histories, traditions and religions. We are already a minority as Americans, but we don’t realize it.

    This is not a rant, simply that we can’t be ugly Americans who believe we can dominate because of “who we are.” There are more America’s than the United States. More ethnicities, more colors, more beliefs and we just can’t say we are it and that’s how it is.

    Love, Jackie Monies

  114. …and you know what…Madonna and I share the same date (different year though) of birth…don’t believe in astrology, but we Lions do Roooaarrrrr!!!!!

    Oh…and I don’t wear metal ‘pokies’ 🙂

  115. When I finally walked out of the hospital to get a late lunch about 30 minutes ago, my phone rang. I could tell it wasn’t a local number, but with my Mom in the hospital I decided to answer it.

    “Hello, Ghost,” the rather heavily accented voice said. “This is Windows Support. We got into your computer and we found a problem.”


    Usually when I get those calls, I exclaim. “OH MY GOD! A PROBLEM? OH NO! NOT A PROBLEM! HELP ME, HELP ME, OH GOD, PLEASE HELP ME!”, just to see if the caller has been provided with a script card to deal with that response.

    But I was tired and hungry, so I said, “What the #@$* are you doing in my computer? Get the #@S* out of it and stay the #@$* out of it!” and hung up. Relieved some stress, anyway. 🙂

  116. GR…glad the cat photo caught your, …..hum…attention…just wanted to put a smile on your face this morn….hope your mom comes home tomorrow.

  117. Haven’t the stage props gotten incredible from the early years? Talk about entertaining the Romans in the coliseum?

    Circus Maximus.

    Love, Jackie

  118. Yup, Jimmy it was….but, there may be a tie between him and the present one residing in WH…oops…sorry….

    heading back to the recliner….tired, early day tomorrow. Today they delivered 7 canisters of CO2 for the 13th….when my hens are ‘retired’, takes about three days to ‘retire’ about 75000 hens….it’ll be a sad day for me.

    Think I’ll let the roosters out loose in the cornfield next to the hen house…..let’s vote on it??!!

  119. Here is a little video I just watched on planting fall spinach. I thought it might brighten Ghost’s day, as this chef has more cleavage than Giada.


    That may not be right, mama talks while I type!

    This chef seems to maximize all the space she has been given.

    Love, Jackie

  120. Jackie: have you ever heard the rule that the further away from you that a disaster occurs, the more casualties it takes to get your notice? I don’t really care whether the future belongs to the Chinese or not. I’ll be pushing up daisies long before it happens. It should take a good fifty years for someplace to build a Navy or Air Force that can beat the USA’s. By that time, in Lord Liverpool’s words, “our interest in it will doubtlessly decreased.”

  121. Debbe, you probably know which way I’d vote on the “free the roosters” question. But I hope there is not a serious coyote issue in your area.

  122. Free Rooster Cogburn and Others!

    Ghost, I give up, I can’t get that link right! And she was on her knees and leaning over the dirt to dig holes while wearing a VERY low cut blouse and a lot of wiring. And I don’t mean she was mic’d for sound either.

    Love, Jackie

  123. Thanks, Jackie! (And David.) I’d already found her…Teca Thompson…planting her spinach crop. And yes, she is quite pneumatic, isn’t she?

    And “…maximize all the space she has been given.” Good one. 😉

    Debbe 😉 I’m afraid Jackie has met and raised your cleavage bid. Would you like to bid again? 😉

  124. David in Austin, I suspect you are a better and more serious gardener than I am!

    I am in soaking lima/butter beans so I can sprinkle some inoculate on them and see if I can persuade them to make beans before it freezes here by gaining on germination. While reading about spinach (and wouldn’t that woman persuade Popeye to eat even more? Remember Olive Oyl?) I hit this “Put spinach seeds in freezer for one to two weeks before planting a fall crop”.

    That was a new one on me. Didn’t explain what that did to increase germination? I often get poor germination on spinach anyway.

    Anyone have spinach for fall crop tricks?

    Love, Jackie

  125. Found the answer on spinach in the freezer with seeds. I don’t have time for that! Maybe I can soak the spinach seeds too?

    The beets and swiss chard are soaking for morning.

    Dang! I need to keep a serious gardener’s diary like you are supposed to do! Like Thomas Jefferson and George Washington did when they weren’t fighting for independence and declaring our rights? I start one and it ends up me never getting what I am supposed to do done on schedule! You are supposed to plant the seeds, then go forward two weeks and put “Side dress with compost, nitrogen fertilizer and thin half the plants out” and then do it.

    Good thing I sold silk flowers and plants as a wholesaler!

    Love, Jackie

  126. Jackie, I do keep a diary, but I never do things like side-dressing, though I do use compost. My diary just shows what brand and lot of seeds, or if reseeded from which tray, date of planting,date of first sprouting, first harvesting and last, and where on my gridded map they were planted. That is the reason I plant my tomatoes in half shade by the garden shed and overhead lattice-work. I get to smile when my fellow gardeners gripe aboput their tomatoes drying up! 😀

  127. Sorry, Jackie, about all I know about spinach is that despite all the mothers who ever said, “Eat your spinach; it’s good for you”, it is high in oxalates and eating a lot of it can cause kidney stones. And, of course, that it makes a great salad with crumbled bacon, sliced boiled eggs and mushrooms, and topped with a warm bacon dressing. 🙂

  128. Gosh, Lily, I thought one just dropped some seeds in the ground, watered and weeded occasionally, and then picked the produce. That sounds like the military way to grow stuff. 🙂

  129. Not if you want the plants to go on living, Ghost. Not in Texas, anyway. Not if you don’t want to be reduced to buying your veggies at the supermarket. Adequate, but not the best flavor and not near the fun

  130. The discussion about Madonna and her singing/acting brings to mind a discussion/debate I’ve been watching play out on another blog…is it OK to enjoy/appreciate/purchase the artistic work of someone that you otherwise feel is despicable in some way that matters to you?

  131. Debbe, had a busy day and didn’t read today’s comments until now, Re leaving the Clapton concert, I admit that the rowdy crowd had something to do with it, but even after I had the guys behind me thrown out I found that every song was being done exactly like the record and I didn’t expect that from Clapton. I can stay at home and play the record so I’m afraid that I was kinda bored. My favorites have been those that I was close enough to touch them if I had gone for it, Jerry Lee Louis, Neal Diamond, Tom Jones, Englebert Humperdink, Ronnie McDowell, John Conley, the guy that did “Down in the Boondocks”, his name escapes me right now, and oh yeah a very scruffy looking Kenny Rogers and the First Edition in our cafeteria around 1970.

  132. Good night, all. I am drunk, as usual. Let me just say, re: enjoying the work of people you despise, that Cellini, Caravaggio and even Leonardo would fall under that rubric in my case. I would hate to mention Andy Warhol in that group.

  133. That is a really GOOD point, Ghost. I am most definitely not a Madonna fan, so when I found myself saying “Dang, that woman is good in this” it went against all I believed. Another person I can think of just instantly is way my husband feels about Jane Fonda. He has never forgiven her for Viet Nam. Yet, she is most definitely a talented actress. I am not sure he will admit that?

    But yeah, I can think of others I am sure, I just did, not people for politics but probably for what I consider immoral or illegal actions. Isn’t it strange, people become celebrities or “famous” and they think nothing applies to them? Guess that viewpoint is shared by a lot of common people as well!

    Love, Jackie

  134. Jerry, I agree on what you said for sure. I have sat so close to stage sometimes that I have had drops of sweat flung my way by the great Jerry Lee and Ray Charles both, Lisa Minnelli, Tina Turner, others — those guys worked when they performed and gave it their all. They never phoned in their performance.

    Love, Jackie

  135. Jerry and Jackie, it’s a tough call. I rather liked Elton John’s music and figured how he lived his life was his own business. But when he started to actively try to destroy Christianity because it conflicted with his lifestyle I started ignoring his tunes. Now he is trying to impose his views on everybody instead of living his own life. Fail!

    I like Pink Floyd but I have a difficult time listening to Roger Waters solo work. He has carried so much bitterness for so long it has distorted his talent. Yet he still has flashes of brilliance that come through, such as Each Small Candle.

  136. Good morning Villagers….

    GR 😉 , how’s your Mom this morn? We’re all praying she gets to go home today. Does she live alone? Will you stay with her a couple of days when she goes home? (My son says I ask too many questions….inquiring minds want to know, I say.)

    Jerry, I can see your point, spend all that money and you could have stayed home and listened to the same quality, without the madness of a drunken/stoned crowd. I always liked a little ‘extra’ from the performer when I went to concerts.

    To free or not to free the roosters. My husband said the coyotes would get them, and he is right. They have spent their whole life in a cage, with ample food and water supplied. They would not survive even here on my property. I wouldn’t know how to condition them to drink water as they drink from a small water ‘nipple’ that when pressed disperses water.

    And it’s National Cat Day…..meow

    Happy Caterday

  137. Jackie….I think Sean Penn is a great actor…..until he started hanging out with Chevez. Now I’ve read that he and Charleze Theron are an item….she was great in the movie “Monster”.

  138. …my husband just got up and we started laughing over an interview this news network was having with some retired officer (now, remember our Commander in Chief is leaving for a one week’s vacation at Martha’s Vineyard)…..anyway, this retired officer said it was unusual for them not to name a mission, he said maybe it should be called “Operation Martha’s Vineyard” 🙂

    Aw, come guys, it was funny, and he would be having his “weakly” address from there….


  139. Ghost, if you find/can afford a piece of art (music, sculpture whatever) and you like it- buy it. You don’t have to bring the artist home with you, too. Sometimes jerks can really do art. Appreciating the art and approving the artist don’t go hand-in-hand.

    On the other hand, if you don’t want to support that jerk because he IS a creepy jerk- don’t buy it. 🙂

    Down the road you’ll find an artist you like with another piece that catches your eye and you’ll have $$.

    Hope Mom is much better today. Everyone-have some fun today!

  140. World Cat Day made me smile and then laugh out loud. Thank you, Debbe. Mine got their first rations of canned food to go with the kibble, I have to do it within seconds of getting up!

    I’d figure out someway to keep roosters in house, then return them to chicken house. Good thing I never got that job with the U.S. Department of Agriculture. Stayed on the list at the top for a year while they tried to think if they’d break down and hire a woman. They did, about a week after I’d signed on with labor department, but I’d never have made it.

    Animal lover here would be dead along with animals.

    Charlie is out howling at top of his lungs, he has heard the dog sitter’s car go by I bet? A coon/fox hound in full voice, backup sung by a Catahoula cattle dog will get the vacationing “weekenders” in the neighborhood up!

    Llee, you are right of course. Talent as talent probably should be the determining factor, not their politics, love life, idiotic behavior, etc. Unless every time you look at the sculpture it reminds you! Better we know less about personal idiosyncrasy.

    Love, Jackie

  141. Debbe 😉 You sure do ask a lot of questions for a blonde, 116-lb, egg-packing, hen-sitter. 🙂 My Mom had a restful night, which is not always easy to do in a hospital. As you’d expect, Radiology is not as busy on a weekend, so they did her chest x-ray at 0700. Now we are waiting for the hospitalist to make his patient-trek from the ground floor to the top floor. He also probably doesn’t have as many patients to see on a Saturday, so perhaps he’ll be here soon. If the x-ray showed improvement or even no worsening, she’ll go home.

    She sold her house a couple of years after my Dad died and lives independently in her own apartment, which she loves. But we found her one near where I live, so I’m only minutes away. And I will of course be keeping a close check on her for the next few days. We’ll probably be seeing her pulmonary doc Monday or Tuesday.

  142. “. . . they think nothing applies to them? Guess that viewpoint is shared by a lot of common people as well!”

    I guess it does, especially in their cars. Try driving the I 494/I 694 ‘belt’ around the Twin Cities at or below the legal speed limit, or look at the parade behind you if you’ve been cruising at approx. the speed limit on good 2-lane state or co. highways. Sunday morning, these people will be asking their ‘Father’ to forgive them their trespasses, and, God willing, I will be trying to forgive them theirs. Family reunion weekend.

  143. Walked down the hall to a waiting room to send some family emails while my Mom was getting her bath. TV there was on a cable channel showing “Snakes on a Plane”. If Lily’s Boss of Her Life yelled at “Grey’s Anatomy” while watching it, I can only guess what a herpetologist would do were he or she to watch that piece of improbability about snakes. Shrieks of anguish, perhaps?

  144. Russian nuclear-capable strategic bombers regularly penetrating the US’s northern ADIZ to test our air defenses? Shades of the 1960’s. Our commander-in-chief, though, has assured us that the Cold War has not resumed. Good to know.

  145. And my last comment is in Moderation Heck because I put two hyperlinks in it. Oh well…

    Oh, on the topic of drinking to drown fears or sorrows-you can’t really drown them; they just learn how to swim.

  146. Ghost, so what does a PILOT think about snakes on a plane? I keep remembering Indiana Jones and the big snake in the biplane!

    My “gardener” is out in back planting seeds for me. Either she is slow, has passed out in heat or gone back to stapling the trellis netting onto the 4 x 4 posts I have all up and down beds.

    I am thinking I am being clever with this system, put them in pairs with a transom across top in spans down the three raised beds. Idea is if you want to run a row of green beans, etc. down the Long way you just stick the poles thru the open holes at top, then into soil at base. Ditto on strings to climb up. They can be configured in any shape, any pattern since they are four feet wide, same width as the beds and have the holes evenly spaced top and sides for about 40 feet times three.

    Endless possibilities for horizontal and vertical supports for plants, putting shade cloths up, tenting for warmth or shade.

    Of course I waiting 20 years to get them up and then had to hire it done!

    Ghost, it is like the military! Cost overruns and all.

    Love, Jackie

  147. Good morning, Jean dear. Try your links again…I can use the entertainment. 🙂

    This hospital plays the melody to the first two lines of “Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star” over the PA system whenever a baby arrives in OB. A little corny but still nicer to hear than a Code Blue.

  148. Good morning, all. Jean, mine are still inquiring about water wings at Wal-Mart. I am happy to say that I slept wonderfully and had only one nightmare, and that was just about leaving my dog in my car. I feel great today and got fussed at for dancing to the hospital doctor’s entrance. 😀

  149. Just came across this Mark Twain quote in an email signature from a boating friend, “Now and then we had a hope that if we lived and were good, God would permit us to be pirates.”

    Has to be Huck Finn or Tom Sawyer? Or a memoir of Twain?

    I liked this one too, “Everyone complains about the weather but no one does anything about it.” I always thought that was Will Rogers and now find it was Twain.

    Love, Jackie

  150. Ghost, glad your mom is better and may go home. I asked The Boss Of My Life if we would be celebrating National Cat Day and got a combination glare-lip twist that I shall treasure in my personal library of facial expressions. Her “No Cat policy” dates back from when The Boy In My Life had his cat disappear and she had to deal with it.

  151. Jackie, to the best of my knowledge, all MGBs of that year were convertibles, though I have seen some nifty aftermarket hardtops to add on. Not that I am interested. I like to feel the wind in my hair. Neeshka has a special harness that attaches to the seat belt that keeps her from jumping out.

  152. Munchkin, looks like you and I had something in common today other than being armed…we both had to go to a hospital early. I stopped in the DR for breakfast on my way in and noticed a large table with about a dozen paramedics and EMT’s around it, all having breakfast. I knew three or four of them and stopped to say hello on my way out. As I was leaving, I joked, “You know, if I were going to have a myocardial infarction, this would probably be a good time and place.”

    “Not necessarily,” one of my friends grinned. “We all just came off shift.”

  153. Back in the 70’s to 80’s I lived in a waterfront townhome with balconies/decks up to third floor levels. That was where I gardened mostly, although there was a small patch of dirt that might have been mine? Mike called me the “Hanging Gardens of Bal Harbour” (from Babylon of course)

    I won Yard of the Month from the Nassau Bay garden club so many times it became a sore subject, since at the time we had a lot of nice homes in town! When I finally opened a flower shop they immediately disqualified me as ineligible since I was now a professional!

    The Hispanic yardmen in community who kept up the homes weren’t “Professionals” I guess? That was so silly. That and fact I wouldn’t join the garden club because they didn’t truly garden?

    Love, Jackie

  154. We have a garden club here in town, and The Man In My Life belonged to it for a while. But they were always “suggesting” ways he could better use the beds, etc., that he quit going. He loves his roses and St. Augustine and his trees, but nothing else interests him. Except to come out and supervise me!

  155. Jimmy, Jimmy, Jimmy! You lied to us! Arlo and Janis’ squash did not turn black on end because the Squash Gods were angry!

    They had blossom end rot as a result of uneven moisture supply in soil! I just learned this five minutes ago.

    I believed you!

    Love, Jackie

  156. Jackie, the mystery of the ages. Sometimes you can even have good soil moisture, adequate calcium, and STILL the squash and tomatoes have blossom end rot.

  157. Another Dispatch From A Hospital Room:

    My boredom has reached the level where I’m surfing the InterWebNet. Where I just learned that the latest social media craze (craziness?) is the “back selfie”. That’s right, “celebrities” whose narcissism has reached the point they think their followers want to see photos of their freakin’ backs. I won’t give them any more undeserved recognition by using their full names, but you probably wouldn’t be shocked to learn that some of their first names are Kim, Justin and Miley. God help us.

  158. David, what is your secret to keeping the moths from laying their eggs in the squash stems? I liked the “sacrificial acorn squash” suggestion, or at least laughed at it. I have tried the squash surgery to remove the larvae and the adult who is cuddled up in there. Like I had to bandage and replant those poor stems.

    The patients died. Net says fall squash have less larvae since the moths have already gone elsewhere to incubate? Unless they have a winter condo in my yard and are overwintering like the “Winter Texans.”

    Love, Jackie

  159. Ah, Jackie. You have revealed another societal secret…Most “Garden Clubs” are social clubs, not garden clubs. When I first got out of the AF, I helped out a friend by working one weekend at a facility that was hosting a state-wide Garden Club meeting. You would not believe how many diamonds and pearls and expensive gowns there were…or how much blue hair.

    I was serving as sort of a concierge, so I turned on the charm and tried to be really helpful. Most of them were very nice, and I scored some nice tips. After it was over, my friend said, “Wow, Ghost, you seemed to be a real hit with the ladies.”

    “Yeah,” I told him, “now if I could just do half as well with the ones under seventy-five.”

  160. They used to ask me to design their entries for the floral design contests! I refused.

    Funniest one was the local doyen who dragged in a giant basket of dead poinsettas for us to “replace because they were obviously defective.” We did (she had frozen them on front porch) and she showed a second time with same basket “still defective.” She was a terror, wrote for the Houston newspaper on gardening, didn’t have a clue.

    One of my employees, trained by me, asked “Where are you keeping them? On t.v. is too hot! The soil is all dried out, this is how you water properly. Come back to sink, you let water run thru and drain, then replace in baskets and don’t put on t.v.!”

    We watched speechlessly, afraid for her life. Did she have any idea who that was?

    “Well, she didn’t know the least thing about how to water a plant or take care of a poinsettia” employee replied. She was not only a columnist but president of the local and regional garden club societies!

  161. Giada is definitely less pneumatic since the baby came. She claimed in an interview that was due to postpartum weight loss, but it seems suspicious to me that they didn’t get even larger. I suspect a cosmetic procedure may have been involved.

  162. Jackie, I too am a ‘Nam vet. I don’t care how much talent Hanoi Jane might or might not have, she’s still an un-person to me. I might add, btw, that I have a few friends, both liberal and conservative who served in (or during) ‘Nam and they all feel the same way: the fact that Congress never declared war against North Viet-Nam is the only thing that keeps what she did from being treason, as defined in the US Constitution.

    Last night at my SF club, we had an auction that included some mounted posters. There were some of them I might have liked owning, but not, TYVM, the one for Barbarella. My sister knew better than to bid on it for me because I wouldn’t want to have it in the house.

  163. Jackie: and that is why, and that is why…I just grow zucchini! But if those were my squash, I would prolly blast those bugs off with a hose and then apply soapy water. Just sayin”

    Ghost: and that is why, and that is why…I garden in my running shorts and old, worn out running shoes and a tank that says “Compost Happens!” I get tan and sweaty and can just run under the sprinkler when I get hot.

  164. Another Dispatch From A Hospital Room:

    Jackie, I don’t really have an opinion about snakes on a plane, as I’ve never flown an airplane with a snake or snakes on board…that I know of. There was one incident many years ago involving a different critter, though. I just taken off in a Cessna Skyhawk on a solo flight and was making a left turn-out when I heard a long, long wailing sound. There are audible alarms on most light planes (stall warming horns, gear up horns, etc.), but my first thought was, “What the hell warning is that?” I rolled the wings level and the “alarm” ceased. I banked right to depart the pattern, and the “alarm” sounded again.

    It was at that point that I put the pieces together. There had been a friendly tabby hanging around the FBO office for a couple of days. In the summertime, we normally left the pilot-side doors open to prevent heat buildup in the aircrafts’ cabins. The Cessna is a low-wing aircraft, making it simple for a cat looking for a cozy place for a nap to hop into. That cozy place was up under the right side of the instrument panel.

    Having seen what a hysterical cat could do with teeth and claws, I didn’t like to think what could happen in the confined space of a 172’s cabin if the cat had come out fighting. Although this won’t win me any admirers here, I opened the window next to me, my plan being to sacrifice my left hand if necessary to save my face and eyes. (I remember wondering idly whether a cat would land on its feet from 800 feet.) Slow, careful turns got me back in the pattern, and I landed without incident or any additional “alarms”. After I taxied to the ramp and shut down, I popped my door and got out, wondering how I would get the cat out of the cabin. The gray streak that passed close by me, never to be seen again, answered that question.

    I explained what had happened to my boss, a laconic older guy and the only pilot I’ve ever known to accumulate over 35,000 hours of flying time with no military or airline time. He looked at me and deadpanned, “If you can find the owner, see if you can collect for a sight-seeing flight.”

  165. Glad to hear it, Ghost.

    What with my squatting, bending over, and sprinkler-running, I wouldn’t go bail on any part of me that might show, if only momentarily. But our back yard is fenced and surrounded by trees, so I don’t worry much about that.

  166. The late Phillip Seymour Hoffman was a brilliant actor and his death is a tremendous loss, but what a weirdo. It seems that is common in Hollywood.

  167. Ghost – while you wait you might want to check out I use Digg Reader as an RSS feed manager to help me keep up with some other blogs that I enjoy. Naturally they dump me on their main page when I get out of Reader. Digg is described as a news aggregator. They post links to quite a variety of stories – serious, amusing, scientific, and simply odd – and a good range of viewpoints, foreign and domestic. Today you can learn about the death of the world’s oldest European eel (at 155), Europe’s attitudes toward American chickens, and a tick whose bite might cause an allergy to meat.

  168. Jerry: Just imagine your reaction if you were told that you would spend most of the year unemployed, then maybe get a job lasting a few weeks through a process of constant humiliation. What other type of person would it attract?

  169. It will not surprise anyone to learn I have nudist friends who garden in the buff, although not in America. I said I would be afraid of snakes, ticks, stickers, mosquitoes and okra, but apparently that isn’t a problem in their country.

    They own large acreage and a long driveway and fenced, obscured garden spot. One day my friend was out weeding in the nude except for tennis shoes I think when a family of door-to-door evangelists came calling, Bible in hand.

    My friend was wearing a hat, forgot that. Head of household says, “Sir, cover yourself immediately, you are exposing yourself to my wife and daughters!”

    Friend takes off hat and does a sweeping bow, ending with putting hat in hand at waist and says, “I believe you are trespassing, sir, but pray go ahead with your presentation.”

    He said the women looked like they might want to stay but the father hustled everyone out immediately while calling down the wrath of God on my friend.

    Love, Jackie

  170. I don’t have too much trouble with the dreaded SVB. The first thing I do is NEVER plant the squash in the same area as last year. The second thing I do is till the heck out of the area that I’m planting with summer squash. The goal is to turn the soil, expose any possible larvae, then allow the sun or birds to kill. I may also get lucky and the mechanical action may squish a few grubs. The third is to plant more than I expect to need, so I can manage if I lose a vine or two for any reason.
    I’ve heard that row covers early in the season (while the moths are breeding) will help, and that you can wrap the stems near the ground with strips of aluminum foil to deter the grub attack. You can also plant two crops, one after the moths have bred, for a later harvest. Some people also inject *Bacillus thuringiensis” or Bt liquid into stems to kill possible borers already in the hollow stems. Also, if you have a true vining squash you can mound moist soil over the stem well above the base while the plant is smaller. It may develop adventitious roots that can support part of the plant if the original root system is lost due to SVB.

  171. David, I KNEW you knew more than me! Are you a Texas Master Gardener? Or better yet, are you a horticulture professor?

    I got so desperate one year (I love squash) that I put all new potting soil in big planters and planted my squash in there and they still got the borers!

    Weird thing is we used to grow tons of squash at grandmother’s in Louisiana with nary a problem except what to do with the surplus!

    That blog for gardening, Dave’s ______ something, is that you by any chance?

    Ghost, sorry, my nude gardener is male and I don’t have a photo anyway. He’s Mike’s friend too, so it’s cool.

    Love, Jackie

  172. Yay! Home again, home again, jigity jig!

    Geez, Jackie, why don’t you know some female nude gardeners?? That you have pics of. 🙂

    Lily, something I just thought of…be on the lookout for drones. Otherwise, you might show up on 😉

  173. Thanks, Ruth Anne! I’ve heard of Digg but have never taken the time to look into it. As you may have guessed, I have rather catholic interests and eclectic tastes, so it sounds like that site might be right down my alley. I’ll check it out as soon as I get over my case of hospital-lag.

  174. Heh, Ghost, the drones would have to have pretty strong magnification to embarrass me.

    As for news, any that I get (I don’t require much) comes from FB, Wikipedia, or Fox. Especially since I am not a team sports enthusiast, one look per week on FOX News is enough for me.

  175. A check of the InterWebNet uncovered (no pun intended) the video “Naked Gardening”, featuring a British couple named Ian and Barbara Pollard. However, it seemed it was entitled “Naked Gardening” in the same manner as the TV show “The Naked Chef”. In other words, no actual nudity occurred. Pity, as I believe that watching Barbara engage in naked horticulture would have been…interesting. Lovely gardens, though.

    And then there was this…

    And I did learn that the first Saturday of each May has been designated as World Nude Gardening Day. Mark your calendar for next year, ladies. I’ll send my drone by. 😉

  176. Weren’t their lupines just absolutely gorgeous?

    In New Zealand and Australia there are a lot of naturists which is what they call them there. Apparently you can go anywhere, biking, hiking, sailing, to beach, down streets and it is not going to get you arrested.

    But I hear people are polite and not offensive in behavior, what with being British.

    Love, Jackie

  177. Ghost and Jackie, I read recently that the “Naked Gardeners” were splitting up and may have to sell the home and gardens. Too expensive and time-consuming for one to do it alone.

    Here is one site where you can find local newspapers from the USA and around the world:

    The link is for the USA papers but if you click on the online newspapers at the upper left it will let you choose which country you want.

    Glad to hear your mom is on her way home. Today they will let my new great-niece and her mom come home too. Saturday seems to be a good day.

  178. No, Dave’s Garden isn’t me. In fact, it isn’t him anymore either. He sold the site and customer base to someone else. I do frequent that website, and the alternative “All Things Plants.” My gardening expertise is some doing, and more reading. Until this year, with the wheelchair, I usually tried to grow 20-25 different types of tomatoes. Normally I will grow a minimum of two of each type, and 3-4 is better. I know of people [hobbyists, not pros] that grow in the vicinity of a a hundred types per year. There are thousands of tomato varieties. Depending on the source, the number may be from 4000 to 8000! I’ve grown a very small sampling of that list. Favorites for the south are open-pollinated ‘Indian stripe’, ‘Cherokee purple’, ‘Kelloggs Breakfast’, ‘Arkansas Traveler’, ‘Bradley’, and Marglobe. Hybrid types that have done well for me include ‘Big Beef’, ‘Jet Star’, ‘Celebrity’, and one called ‘Phoenix.’ I also love to grow cherry tomatoes. There are lot’s of red cherries, I usually grow ‘Sweet 100’ or ‘Sweet million’ as well as ‘Husky Red Dwarf Cherry.’ A couple of yellow cherry types that I’ve found to be prolific and delicious are ‘Sun gold’ and ‘Sun Sugar.’ There is also an heirloom type mixed color cherry that I love called ‘Isis candy.’ It is a bi-color red/yellow that looks a lot like a cat’s-eye marble. When ripened on the vine they are sweet and full of flavor. There’s also a new crossed variety, but open-pollinated, that is orange [lots of other orange tomatoes, too]. It has the advantage of growing well in the heat, developing large tomatoes, and producing a prolific crop. It is called ‘Sweet Ozark Orange.’ The grower is a member of the Dave’s Garden forum and is making seeds freely available.
    There’s an internet meme that made some rounds on Facebook that diagrammed the paucity of reading. Part of the graphic stated, “reading one hour a day in your chosen field will make you and international expert in 7 years.” I’ve read substantially more than an hour a day about vegetable gardening (and tomatoes) for the past six years… I don’t claim expert, but I do at least feel I’m moderately educated on the subject.
    The text of the meme:
    1) Thirty-three percent (33%) of high school graduates never read another book for THE REST OF THEIR LIVES. [emphasis added]
    2) Fourty-two percent (42%) of college graduates never read another book after college
    3) Seventy percent (70%) of US adults have not been in a book store in the last five years [not sure if e-books or Amazon effects this number].
    4) Eighty percent (80%) of US families did not buy or read a book last year.
    5) The more a child reads, the more likely the are able to understand the emotions of others.
    6) Reading one hour per day in your chosen field will make you an international expert in 7 years.

  179. Almost put that “leapin’ lupines” on the comment, Lily. I was sheltered and not exposed to much until I got out on my own, hah! I meant on flowers. Then when I got to college second time around I worked in horticulture farm and greenhouses, which broadened knowledge a lot.

    First lupines I saw were Texas bluebonnets because my grandmother had a plant she called a bluebonnet but was actually a Virginia something or other with little bloom to it. Then I saw a field of bluebonnets! Oh my lord!

    Then I got off a plane in Maine and saw fields of tall lupines. Bluebonnets on steroids!

    I have asked to be cremated and my ashes scattered in a field of bluebonnets in Texas. My daughter says she will walk deep into the field and not the shoulder so the tourists don’t stomp on me.

    Love, Jackie

  180. Heh, “Reading maketh a full man, conference a ready man, and writing an exact man. … ” Sir Francis Bacon. I used to know the name of the use of “man” to describe a human of either sex, but I have forgotten it, along with the term to describe repelling of formerly colonial names, like Mumbai and Myanmar. First time I read “When a man is small” by the very female Mary Frances Kelly Fisher it threw me a little. As for me, it’s a poor week when I don’t read at least one book. I remember at a party when a doctor friend walked into our library and commented that he hadn’t read a non-medical book in years. The Boss Of My Life smiled sweetly and said she read medical journals on her lunch break.

  181. David, about books, I read by the age of 3 and have just kept on reading, going through all the books in my school library by the age of 8. I devoured books in those days, swallowing them whole.

    When we lived in Houston, and even now, we have library with real books. In Houston it was large and had a ladder that rolled around room to reach top shelves. That room had no drapes and totally mystified the neighbors.

    Why did we have a ladder? Had we actually read those books or were they for decoration?

    Our library now is small, dedicated to Mike’s sailing books but we both still read. I like real books with paper but find I do a lot of reading on net. I am incurable and curious like Ghost about so many things.

    Your knowledge on tomatoes is impressive. I need to get back reading gardening blogs. We have several good ones here in OK>

    Love, Jackie

  182. Yeah, probably the only way I’d bomb out of that survey is if it included “Hasn’t bought a book in more than a week” and “Hasn’t read a book in more than 24 hours”.

    I firmly believe that you mind, not unlike your body, will atrophy if not regularly exercised. And reading is a great way to exercise it.

  183. Ahh…body and mind… son thinks I think too much, and I, myself, lift too much….it was an eggceptionally good day for me…..worked the teens today…..with good results…thank you very much the Boss my said……………………

  184. Ahhh, is right, Debbe. I have gotten the zucchini and the tomatoes harvested for the day, the hot peppers soaking in their brine and vinegar, and the radishes and carrots scrubbed and ready for the relish tray. It is a swell evening, everybody is in a good mood, and The Man In My Life is grilling steaks. Mine is a fine New York strip and I think I see him taking it off the grill just now. Later, all.

  185. Good morning Villagers…..

    Today’s BC comic strip reminded me of you, Jackie….check it out 🙂

    Pitiful me…oh, I do have those days, but try to get over them quickly. Have to, need to get for the next pitiful day……

    Good friend came by last night, we slammed down a sixer, talked, laughed….then she needed to drive home, back roads of course. And, then of course, I went to bed. My sleeping habits are like the hens in bed by 8ish and waking up early, around 1 or 2, tossing and turning.

    Hey, Indy Mindy….did you get lost in your closets????

    ..and GR 😉 , Linda is incredibly sexy in her videos, my favorite:

    Ya’ll have a blessed day

    ….and GR, glad your Mom’s home.

  186. Except for Debbe’s insomnia, am I the only early riser? Good morning all, cats have had some canned food along with tiny dog. His food, not him! Peaceful and quiet Sunday morning, which is how God started this all I think. Then he put man into the Garden.

    Got a note from one of my editors, who said he was glad to see me writing again. I thought of you all and how easy it is to talk to you. I will start imagining all my writing is to you.

    Love, Jackie

  187. Debbe, thanks! So true and I even have the three big raised beds. Mine have 12″ x one inch sides, treated lumber with 4 x 4 posts. The first garden there was too shallow and posts too light.
    One time a derecho or a gustnado, whatever the Whether Channel term is took out a crop of sweet corn laying it flat, another took out the pole beans which were growing lengthwise on a net that looked kinda like a hockey goal net.

    It’ll take a real tornado to get these.

    Love, Jackie

  188. Ghost, I’m sorry you were bored, and that I didn’t get back here to see that my links were still in Moderation Heck. I am glad that your Mom is home, and hopefully you won’t be bored again for a long time!

    Still, here is the first link from yesterday. We were talking about Madonna, I believe, though this isn’t about her.

    I’ve never much cared for Sean Penn or Madonna, so I’ve never seen the movie that song is from, but watching the video the thought that popped into my head was “Oh, such a young Christopher Walken!” This is one of my favorite videos of him-

    Husband says the reason Madonna was such a good Eva Peron is that she was a whore trying to be a lady. I can’t say, as I didn’t watch that movie, either.

  189. This was the second link, but since it is no longer National S’mores Day (if indeed it ever was) I’m not sure how entertaining it will be. The other comment is now also for sideburns.

    Jackie, my husband is in complete agreement with your husband about Jane Fonda.

    Oh, isn’t today also National S’mores Day? Where did I read that? I forgot. Anyhow, whether it is or not, I present you with a recipe:

  190. Jackie, I’m not necessarily an early riser but before I get my tea there are the outside cats to be fed and talked to-they won’t get close enough to be petted-then the indoor cats and my dog Buddy to be fed and played with. Then I can have my tea and a quiet moment to think about things before the day officially starts.

  191. At the end of the newer story [the ‘wet’ story], Gen. 1:1-2:4a, Elohim got yesterday off, sundown Fri.- sundown Sat. He had created all the beasts, and then both men and women earlier Fri., all simply by saying ‘Let there be . . ..’ No mention of a garden.

    In the older story [the ‘dry’ story], Gen. 2:4b-ff, Yaweh creates a male human, out of some soil, first, then all the critters, then the woman from the man’s rib, as a fit helpmate for him. I’ve seen letters to the editor, within the last decade, from writers who KNOW that men have one rib fewer than women, because God used that rib to make a woman. Sadly, their faith seem to depend on believing things of that sort. Oh, yeah, and somewhere in the Middle East, there’s an angel with a flaming sword, keeping us out of a snake-ridden garden.

    If you want to help support another expedition to Mt. Ararat to look for remains of Noah’s ark, just send me a check made out to ‘cash’. Dominus vobiscum. emb

    Gotta go to church now, to hear my elder son preach. Family reunion after that.

  192. EMB, actually I believe neither, either version, as I believe they are fables, written to explain the unexplainable. The Garden allegory was just that on my part.

    But I do find gardens to be peaceful. One of my profs once told me I was born a Unitarian and did not realize it.

    I have a good friend, gardener, who says he belongs to the Church of the Worms, as he spends so much time on his knees praying. He does a good fable/tale for his worms also but I won’t go into it here.

    We all can practice our beliefs and prayers in our own ways, thanks to our country’s rights to religious freedoms. And that is a magnificent gift our forefathers came here seeking.

    Jean, it is S’mores Day according to Foxtrot’s strip today.

    Jimmy Johnson, you outdid yourself today, some fine artwork indeed! TDS is actually pretty accurate today, they got Ansel Adams right along with all the others. I did not see Gaugin? or did I just miss him?

    Love, Jackie Monies

  193. “Jose Cuervo, you are a friend of mine. I like to drink you with a little salt and lime. ” Someone else can link the video for Lily!

    I know she doesn’t listen to C and W. Does the lord of the house drink tequila too?

    Once I was in charge of making margaritas for a club/social event and experimented with a variety of recipes and comparisons to purchased bar mixers until I got it “right”. The club ended up drunk, pushed everyone into pool including the mariachi band who were pretty mad!

    Mike says I always believed the rum, tequila and whiskey councils on proportion of alcohol to mixer and ended up with people drunk on just sniffing the fumes.

    Love, Jackie

  194. Idon’t know if greg cravens (cartoonist supreme) still checks this blog occasionally but in case he does: BRAVO, GREG!

    The cartoon from “the Buckets” for Sunday, Aug 10th has been cut out to go to my favorite (?) oral hygenist.

    Keep on truckin’

  195. Good morning all. After three days spent at the hospital with my Mom, getting her home and settled in, having a decent meal, and a short sojourn with Señor Mark (of Maker’s Mark fame), I’m not ashamed to admit that I slept in today.

    Jean dear (and Debbe), thanks for the tunes by Linda. Especially “Blue Bayou”, which could well be my favorite pop song of all time. And I’ve always loved watching that Walken video. When it was released, I remember someone marveling about how well he danced in it, and then someone else pointing out that he was a professional hoofer before he was an actor.

    Jackie, I’m sure neither you nor anyone else here will be surprised that “Tequila Makes Her Clothes Fall Off” is one of my favorite titles for a C&W song. Lily, I’ll do my best not to think of you when I hear it in the future. But no guarantees. 🙂

    Debbe 😉 You have a blessed day (and week), too.

  196. Another (deceased) hoofer who people don’t remember as a dancer was Jerry Orbach. People think of him as the detective he played in later life or even as the father in “Dirty Dancing.”

    I had not seen that video and it was mind boggling actually. Walken has such a rep as an “evil” character in movies but in that video he looked so young? Didn’t he begin as a stage actor?

    “Blue Bayou” was my late father-in-laws favorite song and Linda Ronstadt was his favorite singer. Unfortunately I cannot hear either without thinking of him, which has rather ruined it for me.

    She has a beautiful voice and “Canciones Por Mi Padre” was such a surprise somehow. Yet opera singers perform in foreign languages every day and it doesn’t surprise us, it is what we expect. (my Spanish is probably wrong up there)

    Jean, Dagwood had “virtual s’mores” today as a joke, so I think you got the date right!

    Love, Jackie

  197. Jackie, I never click on links, so save your typer! Anyway, I have just about the whole Linda Ronstadt’s Greatest Hits on my iPod. There is no Lord of our casa, but the Lady (AKA The Boss Of My Life) doesn’t touch tequila, preferring Laphroaig on the rocks. Neither does The Man In My Life, who drinks wine and brandy. So they buy it just for little old me!

    Ghost, I have heard the title of that lamentable ditty, but never have heard it, as I believe nasty titles for C/W songs are put there like the rattle on a rattlesnake, as a warning. Gotta admit, two songs I like are “Beer For My Horses” and “Too Much Fun”, as well as Ms. Ronstadt’s oeuvre. But both of those are better read than heard, IMHO

  198. I hesitate to call your adopted family “enablers” Lily but I’d think a glass of good red wine would be better all the way around with the man in your life.

    Of course when he finally did die, my late uncle had veins as clean as water pipes due to the years of alcoholism. Unfortunately my father in law, who favored martinis heavy on the gin and not much else did die with liver damage and all his organs shut down.

    My family was full of a lot of drinkers, one was my oldest daughter who binge drank and did drugs, still managed to be a good employee. Some can, so I acknowledge it is your right to do what you want with your life.

    Love still, Jackie

  199. I drink wine with meals, Jackie. It is a requirement to eat meals cooked by The Man In My Life, and he selects the wines for each course. The Boss Of My Life keeps the bar locked till eight or when dinner is over, whichever. As for “enabling”, The Man In My Life says he will keep the bar stocked with whatever the folks who live in his house drink, and that’s that. Both of them say that whatever a grown woman drinks is her own business, and I am their guest. Well, sort of a permanent guest. 😀 Plus, it is a lot safer to drink at home where there are people to look after me.

  200. Totally true, Lily, it is safer. Have you ever heard of the older play, “The Man Who Came to Dinner” which is a comedy about a dinner guest that never leaves?

    You already know you are fortunate to have been “adopted” by this couple, so I won’t mention the obvious. But you do seem to have a role that many would envy. It does seem you may have paid a high price for the position.

    Bless you, I hope you are repaying their kindness?

    Love, Jackie

  201. I know this is off the gardening/drinking topic, but have any of you ever watched one of the Zatoichi movies? Found one on Youtube and watched it the other night. Quite interesting for depictions of life in the samurai period and reminded me of the Clint Eastwood Italian westerns.

  202. Me, paying a high price? I am blessed and I hope it goes on for the rest of my life. I have never been happier. Every day I wake up and look forward to the day. I work in the field that I love and have fun with and help people at the same time. In the evening, I have great, interesting people to talk to and great food to eat, with as many books to read as I would want. On Sunday I go to a wonderful church and sing in a choir with a bunch of sweet, spiritual people.I wouldn’t change a thing. Well, another shoe closet would be nice and my MG starter to quit acting up.

    Do you mean not dating and no kids? That’s no loss, IMHO

  203. No Lily, celibacy and no kids is a life choice and I have plenty of friends who make that choice or have. We have too many marriages, too many divorces, too many children, so choosing to not contribute “too many” anything is fine with me. You had inferred in past that the doctor for whom you work and with whom you live had been your physician following your kidnapping and assault.

    I consider that part of the story “a high price.” Perhaps I misunderstood you and it is in no way connected.

    Love, Jackie

  204. Abrupt change of topic! Has anyone here been fortunate enough to eat a Lay’s potato chip hot as they come down the line?

    I just sat here and ate all the tiny crumbs from a bag of Lays because they had been broken due to being so thinly sliced and fried. I could never watch that “King of the Hill” episode where Lou Anne’s boyfriend/husband broke into the plant to try to achieve his life’s ambition to do so without thinking how they tasted.

    When I was in ag school we made a field trip there and got to eat them on frying floor off the line. They ARE better.

    Potato chips anyone?

    Love, Jackie

  205. Debbe – Nope, actually been slacking on the packing front a bit. Had to order a bunch of alcohol just so I could have some smaller boxes for my fragile stuff; not really, we *did* need it, but it sure was useful. Spent way too much time on the phone with “customer service.” I shall not name the company. Biggest issue is my allergies – I look like I have two black eyes right now from crappy sleep. (Yesterday’s five hour nap excluded.)

    My friend got two kittens. I want to go snuggle, allergies be damned.

  206. On comics – this Sunday’s crop of Sunday funnies aren’t too shabby. Good artistry on several strips, and some grins as well. We now know the orange and white kitty’s name on 9CL, how Jeremy got his name on Zits, got to see a great classic Peanuts, and Jimmy’s take on the “selfie.” Oh, the Buckets was good too. 🙂

  207. Llee, you are welcome. I had never heard of the series either till about 15 years ago. Then the cable system I was on had an offbeat movie channel that ran what they called Samurai Saturday. They would have a different Samurai-type flick on every week and I got hooked on these. One of the collector DVD companies issued a box set of all 25 films the original actor starred in at a price of over $200. I am not “that” hooked on them!

  208. I could have sworn the one that is Monet was Ansel Adams, the photographer! And someone pointed out that the face on the canvas is really JJ’s. I went and searched and found a photo on internet that is probably closer to what JJ looks like now and I think whomever spotted that was right.

  209. Have been over reading PBS Stephen Pastis blog. That guy is not only fearless but says and does pretty outrageous things. Also funny. I had never read him until some here recommended him and also that Bill Watterson collaboration which caught me.

    Since he is a lawyer I guess he knows how far he can go. Although I thought the Garfield stuff was going pretty far, it seems that one wasn’t as bad as some others.

    I intersperse cutting and dumping seed packets, laundry, working on my boat festival, reading blogs and coming back here. Depends on which gets most boring fastest!

    Dirty dishes piled in sink haven’t attracted me yet.

    Love, Jackie

  210. Jackie, I have already washed and dried the dishes and glassware and put them away in the cabinets, cleaned and polished the dining room table, put the leftovers in their cunning little “Tupperwares” (they aren’t really, but we call them that anyway. We must all bow to tradition in our casa) and put the place mats and napkins in the washer (they only get washed once a week or they fade: you mess yours up, you live with it or use paper towels). And I can truly say, without just the required minimum of Susie-snark (as it is known around here) that I would rather do all that all over again rather than read a Steven Pastis blog. That strip gives me, not a headache cause I don’t get them except for slushie-headaches, but a mild nausea. But, then, I dislike Calvin and wasisname too. And Zits. And Garfield. Never mind, I told you I am weird.

  211. I have a personal rule that used dishes, glasses, flatware, pots or pans are not allowed to reside in the sink for more than 30 minutes without being washed, then dried or placed in the drip rack.
    Have I dinged my macho facade again?

    Actually, I learned long, long ago that the first rule of bachelor housekeeping is “Never get behind.”

  212. Good morning Villagers…

    Jean, thanks for the Linda links. I bookmarked them both in my Ronstadt file. Love the sound of the frogs in the background in “Blue Bayou” 🙂

    Also, Christopher Walken is a favorite of mine….the man can dance. Clicked on a couple of links while there….watched him read the Three Little Pigs…hilarious…then there was this: I’m not a Gaga fan, but this one one funny.

    Saturday night my son went fishing with a couple of friends (a married couple he went to school with). Anyhoo, as they were trying to dock, the boat went backward, my son missed the dock and he fell in…with my cellphone. My husband reminded me that they had closed that lake a few years back because a man had died from a brain eating amoeba, and drained it. I told him I can always replace a phone, but not my son. Oh, and they only caught two catfish, and I personally would not eat anything out of that lake.

    Busy week, trying to find extra help for the clean-up after the hens are gone, and the last of them should be going out Thursday night at 10ish. Boss man want everything cleaned by the 22nd so it can be disinfected for 24 hours. New chicks on the 25th. God have mercy on me.

    as usual, GR 😉 Mom doing ok?

    ….and it’s MONDAY and may it be a blessed one at that

  213. Mark, thanks for the ‘cat’ link. And Jerry, I clicked on your link, a got a 404…will google later. I love watching the “happy returns” from pets. No better way to say ‘thanks’ to our women and men in service.

  214. Went to a HS reunion (class of 1974 but I graduated in 1975) this weekend and toured the school (which had changed dramatically). I was the 2nd or 3rd person there and eventually abut 15-20 people showed up for the tour. What was funny is that nearly every person that walked us said “I wasn’t sure if this was the right place, all I saw were a bunch of OLD people in front of it!)

    The other frequent comment was “If we did that today, we would have been in jail or worse!” The best thing about these events is that our school had a lot of cliques which limited some of the friendships. As the memories flowed, all of that melted away. We all realized that life is very short, especially when looking at the memorial DVD of the classmates that had died. I summed it up by saying “Life is like a roll of toilet paper, it goes by really fast near the end of the roll.” (I stole that)

  215. Jackie, Jesse L. Martin, who was on Law & Order opposite Jerry Orbach and is also a Broadway actor, has often said that one of his favorite things about working with Orbach was that while they were waiting for scene changes on the sets he and Orbach would start singing songs from various musicals. He said that Orbach’s knowledge of Broadway musicals was incredible.

    Ghost, I’m glad to have made your day a little brighter!

  216. I do not know how Ghost has escaped the clutches of some woman? I think he’d have been snared in a tiger trap by now.

    Love, Jackie

  217. Debbe 😉 Good morning, hon. I can tell that August is not going to be a great one for you. It’s not my favorite month, either, what with it being the month my father died, the month I had surgery one year, the month I got laid off another year, and I suffered various other personal traumas, plus some pretty significant hurricanes over the years. And now there is my Mom’s situation we are having to deal with in another August.

    Speaking of my Mom, she is feeling well today, thanks. She says she thinks her hospital stay actually allowed her to get some rest she needed. (She is one of those people who is always very active and to whom the concept of “pacing one’s self” has never really occurred.) Placed a call to her pulmonologist about two hours ago and am waiting for a call-back about a follow-up x-ray and evaluation. (And I know…being a Monday, good luck with that.)

    Steve, odd that you should mention “classmates that have died” this morning. Just last night I for some reason thought of a particular college classmate, wondered what he had been up to lately, and googled him. I found from Wikipedia (yes, he was that kind of classmate) that he had dropped dead at home from a massive heart attack…over four years ago. That didn’t surprise me in one respect…he was the hard-living, fun-loving, hyper-creative type in college, and he never changed in that regard. (And it probably didn’t help that he lived the first 25 years of his life in the shadow of his nationally renowned father.) But still…four years ago? Geez.

  218. Good morning, Villagers, and a lovely morning it is! Got eight miles in this morning. The Boss Of My Life was already dressed and patting her foot when I got back, so I had to jump in the shower and pull on my scrubs with wet hair. Lucky we have a drier that plugs into the d/c outlet in the suburban or I would have had to make rounds looking like a drowned rat, or, as The Boss Of My Life would say, “more like a drowned rat than usual.”

  219. Lily you could be like my oldest daughter used to be and look like a starving hollow-eyed waif on a poster suffering from malnutrition who needed a shower and some clothes that fit? And despite that still was an outstanding employee and won employee of the month so many times I thought they’d eventually disqualify her?

    It isn’t all about appearances.

    Love, Jackie

  220. Two days in our 48 year anniversary and I wonder if the other half will remember? And is there anything I haven’t bought and given to him yet? I usually wait for him to order it, as my surprise gifts aren’t always well received. Like the collectible John Wayne doll because he was a huge fan but he gave to Goodwill?

    I suppose I should ask.

    Love, Jackie

  221. Jackie, I don’t know about the “hollow-eyed part,” (though The Boss Of My Life is given to getting snarly when she deems my temples overly sunken) but she has told me many times, when I have done something clever, like institute a card file for every procedure she does to be handed over to the billing clerk each day, that I am a treasure. I glow for weeks. But my clothes fit, darn it. Even if I have to make the clerk root around in the stock room for Extra Small.

    As for your anniversary, The Boss Of My Life told me a long time ago never try to buy something for a man that goes with his hobby, because if he wanted it, he would have already have it if he had to sell his eldest son to get it. So, I get them clever old things off eBay or that I find in second-hand stores.

  222. Jackie, I don’t know about the “hollow-eyed part,” (though The Boss Of My Life is given to getting snarly when she deems my temples overly sunken) but she has told me many times, when I have done something clever, like institute a card file for every procedure she does to be handed over to the billing clerk each day, that I am a treasure. I glow for weeks. But my clothes fit, darn it. Even if I have to make the clerk root around in the stock room for Extra Small.

    As for your anniversary, The Boss Of My Life told me a long time ago never try to buy something for a man that goes with his hobby, because if he wanted it, he would have already have it if he had to sell his eldest son to get it. So, I get them clever old things off eBay or that I find in second-hand stores.

  223. Lily, my daughter wore an company uniform in those skinny days and they’d find the smallest ones they could which still hung on her! Then she’d throw the uniforms in back of her car and drag one out to wear and borrow an apron that was 10 sizes too big and wrap it around a few times.

    Whole Foods does not wear uniforms and she isn’t that skinny now but she was awful bedraggled as a teen or in college.

    Actually, I was wondering if there was a waiting list to adopt you?

    Love, Jackie

  224. Lily, Would you do me a favor and just drink a little less tonight? Drink whatever you like, but just not quite as much as usual. Ok? Thanks.

  225. Lily, not poking my proboscis where it doesn’t belong, but I am curious about something. Since it can vary from person to person, what is your definition of “drunk”, as in last night’s post?

  226. That’s pretty much what I thought, Lily, but I just wanted to make sure it was not falling-down, throwing-up, blacking-out drunk. Or leading to walking-around-and-driving-your-car-Ambien-type sleep.

  227. Dear Jackie Monies, better not wait for him to remember your anniversary; just remind him, in a nice way, and ask him what he wants, or if he wants anything! He may not want to bother getting a gift (lots of times I’d rather not, myself.)

    A snuggling session could be the very best thing !!

  228. Charlotte, the old prescience must have kicked in again for me. I came here just now to inquire about you, as I didn’t recall seeing a comment from you in while, and there were not one but two comments from you. So may I assume you are doing well?

  229. Ghost, you mean the two 35 year old trophy wives or maybe a set of three 24 year olds? Not sure what he’d do with either?

    The age keeps getting older as I age, dividing my age by two now results in 35 vs. 20 year olds when he started that nonsense when I was forty.

    I think Charlotte’s snuggling idea might be good. I can bring his cat to front part of house for a visit with me.

    Lily, just think about it, all us worrying about you! You have an entire pack here concerned. Better than snoopy neighbors, we just worry.

    Think I’d like your “family” too. They seem to care about you and want your best interests. Plus, they seem to have good taste and intelligence to offer, something I always admire in others.

    Back to my begging for donations for my boating festival for prizes and raffles. This year we benefit the American Cancer Society with our EC (End Cancer) Duck Races and other events.
    Since my sponsors are all personal friends too, I end up writing a letter to them all individually.

    Love, Jackie

  230. Lily, As you can see I wasn’t trying to fuss, but we were becoming a mite concerned. It’s obvious where I was headed, drink five tonight, four tomorrow, etc. You have the drink. Don’t let the drink have you.

  231. Jackie, they are the very best people I have ever known. Smart, educated and cultured. Best of all, they like me! 😀

    Jerry, in the immortal words of Winston Churchill, “I have taken more out of alcohol than alcohol has taken out of me.”

  232. Jackie, perhaps you should approach a certain insurance company whose mascot is a duck. They could even tape a commercial with the duck visiting your event. You never know, crazier things have happened!

    Lilyblack, your comments on the quantity and drink of choice remind me of that t-shirt that goes 1 tequila, 2 tequila, 3 tequila, floor. Of course for you, the last word would be bed, but that would spoil the rhyme.
    And your reasons for drinking made me think of this song:

    I hope you never have to deal with real “beasties” ever again!

  233. Lily, my concern (probably shared by others here) was centered on the fact that there is a vast difference in alcohol use as a coping mechanism and as a means of slow suicide. Personally, I’m now convinced that you are bright enough to know that difference and act appropriately, and that even if in the unlikely event you didn’t, your new family would look out for you. Cheers.

    Keep getting your liver function checked, though. 🙂

    Love, Ghost

  234. Lily, last year I lost my favorite crazy Cajun cousin who was at the time earning over $300,000 per year teaching people how to be a directional driller. I admired him because he had dropped out of school in 7th grade and taught himself the math and science it took to do what he did. He died in a rollover, thrown from his pickup truck. No seat belt.

    His fiancée who I also liked died this year, a suicide by alcohol. Literally, she drank medicinal alcohol to die. Her dad is my cousin also, you know how the South is! But the tequila and vodka she favored wasn’t enough to keep her ghosts at bay. She left four children.

    No jokes about Southern hillbillies marrying cousins (they weren’t related actually) Tragedy often gives birth to more tragedy and pills and drinking don’t stop it. So those who are worried about you often have seen it before. Things change and there is one thing I learned as a florist, the ones left behind are the ones who hurt. Not the ones who are gone.

    Hey, begging for the Aflac Duck would be easier to write than this.

    Love, Jackie Monies

  235. Lily:

    I am a parent, an old parent. Just back from a family reunion, all three kids, two spice, and one grandchild [of three] there [the other two grandkids with prior commitments]. I think I can safely say that, if a parent or two are still living, they want you to still be on this side before they cross to the other. Maybe an aunt or uncle do also.

    Pardon the paternalism. We cannot help it.

    Peace, emb

  236. Yeah, Munchkin, but what if you change your mind, and your liver is already shot? Or are you like me and are counting on medical science being able to grow me some new organs by the time I need them? 🙂

  237. Don’t really think anything I can do or want to do can really alter my trajectory of life. I’m having fun, and I don’t wanna change! I have no kids, my mother doesn’t care anything about me, my father has his new family, so why shouldn’t I please myself? I’m gonna live fast, work hard, die young and leave a good-looking corpse.

    ” There is nothing better for a man, than that he should eat and drink, and that he should make his soul enjoy good in his labour. This also I saw, that it was from the hand of God.” – Ecclesiastes 2:24

  238. News on Robin Williams is reporting “apparent suicide.” The family reported that he had been battling depression. The end of an era! Respectfully, “This is Mork, from Ork, signing off, Nanu, Nanu.”

  239. Ack, that is sad indeed. Williams has been one of my favorite comedians since I first saw him on Happy Days. I actually just watched Popeye again last week.

    Goooooodbye, Vietnam!

  240. Ok, I’ll be the bad guy and use a bigger hammer. I’m guessing that Robin used carbon monoxide, but they aren’t saying. He certainly lived fast, loved hard and all that crap. Now he’s dead and I’ll bet he didn’t leave a beautiful corpse. Just another name added to a long, long list of the very best, Elvis, Hank, Jim, Jimi, Janis and on and on. I wonder all the time just what they could have done if they had just stayed with us.

  241. Yeah, well, Robin Williams was “suffering from sever depression.” I have never been depressed, just sad at times. In the hospital there was Sister Morphine, which really helped, and afterwards, of course, there was Jose Cuervo.

  242. “The Coroner’s Division of the Marin County Sheriff’s Department describes (Robin) Williams’ death by asphyxiation as suspected suicide.”

    It sounds to me as though he may have hanged himself. You gotta really want to go to go that way.

  243. Two of my best friends parents, one of each sex, did that. Their children found the bodies. Left one impotent, not sure about the other one?

    I have buried more suicides than I care to think of. Clear Lake, TX had a rash of teen suicides one month there, one after the other back in the 80’s. Made all the news, national and all. I buried all of them I think. I was still burying suicides when I stopped being a florist about 6 years ago.

    Contrary to movies and drama and novels, Lily, there are seldom pretty corpses. Another one of my cousins married the most beautiful woman I have ever seen and she killed herself about a month after the wedding. They used my bridal bouquet for her funeral but a week later she was still unrecognizable from the carbon monoxide.

    Love, Jackie

  244. I’ve been off reading tidbits, useless (and useful!) factoids, and reading about all the really useful words other countries have and we don’t, and I have no hope of pronouncing. I return to the universe to discover Robin Williams is dead. It is a damn shame, but I am honestly not really surprised. I’ve always seen the pain behind the manic humor. I have no doubt bipolar or manic depressive disorder fueled much of his material. I’ve mentioned before my emotional response to seeing “Good Morning Vietnam” at the drive-in when I was nine. While “Dead Poet’s Society” is a great film, GMV will always be his magnum opus, IMHO. May he be at peace.

  245. Lilyblack, you are right about the many demons. Severe depression is a tough one, too. That’s a beastie I know. You lose interest in everything, including waking up the next morning. Every day you get up, fight it off and go on. Some day, some people just get tired of the fight and it’s over for them. But not for the rest.

    Goodbye Robin. Mork has left the planet.

  246. Dear Ghost, thank you for thinking of me. I have been reading every word of this forum, every day, with great attention. Everyone is so interesting! Every person who writes in has a different point of view, and has lived a different kind of life. I love reading all the stories that Jackie posts … the drama of the chicken farm that Debbe regales us with … Lilyblack’s insouciance. There isn’t much I can reply with, except amazement!

    My good fortune has been to live a long, peaceful, happy life. Quite unusual, apparently.

    I care a lot about all of you.

    So sad about Robin Williams, can hardly believe he’s really gone.

  247. Someone, without doubt, is going to look at the news story about Robin Williams and say “but he was rich and famous, how could he have been depressed?” One of the truest things I was ever taught is that fame is fleeting and money can’t buy happiness. It doesn’t even rent it for long. The most ironic thing is that he was in Bobby McFerrin’s wonderful music video, Don’t Worry, Be Happy. How sad that this man who could make others so happy couldn’t find happiness for himself.

  248. Thanks to Trucker. I realize now that I knew nothing about this wonderful man. Lily, I’m beginning to wonder if I haven’t encountered you before in another forum.

  249. Good morning Villagers…

    Been reading about Robing Williams’ years of addiction….cocaine and alcohol….then twenty years of sobriety. He was a gifted man. I loved his movies….The Fisher King, The World According to Garp, on, and on, and on. And, his contribution to Comic Relief. I’m like GR, death by hanging oneself, you really are intent. As someone said above Gooodbye, Vietnam.

    Good morning Miss Charlotte, glad you enjoy my follies at work. On weekends, I have the two teenage boys…they do educate and entertain me…like Dakota sitting on the concrete floor and dragging his butt across the floor….I told him to “get up, they have medication for that” 🙂

    Tonight is the night they start “retiring the old girls”…..they dropped off 6 “kill” boxes yesterday. Now it’s our job to get them and CO2 cylinders into the hen house. Yesterday, I pulled out a dead rooster… know, I’ve had these girls for almost two years…..they’ve been good. I hope we get the same breed, Hyline….low mortality and good eggs. But they are still living and breathing animals. But as my son Ian says, “mom, they bio mechanically engineered egg laying machines!”


    GR 😉 you’re a good son. I hope I will be as blessed someday.

  250. For anyone travelling in the area, be aware that I-70 between Cambridge, OH, and Indianapolis has a host of construction areas, some of them only, say, 200 yds. apart. Drove it last Friday eastward and back yesterday. Yesterday was worse, as we had beaucoup rain – all too often enough that I couldn’t see the road and hoped to be following a vehicle with large taillights. When I lived in the Blue Ridge of VA, the locals referred to such as a “frog strangler”! I’ve since acquired more colorful descriptions, but youngsters may read this blog. The dense rain kept with us also on the interstate NW of Indianapolis for a while. Blinding rain plus construction changes-of-traffic-patterns can get absolutely hairy….

    Event was the 200th anniversary of the founding of wife’s hometown, one which is now combined with its younger (but slightly larger) neighbor. I managed to buy a full wheel of Danish Blue Cheese at a very favorable price while there and, not incidentally, we both (plus our son) had a great time with my sister-in-law. There was a suitable ceremony and unveiling of a brick wall (carved with pictures indicative of the town history), memorials to past veterans of all wars (vets included no fewer than 9 close relatives just of my mother-in-law), and a non-denominational church service. During the ceremonies, 2 or 3 huge trucks came by bearing full loads of chickens [I thought of our people here]; so did many other trucks and bikers. The town’s sole intersection of note has become very popular, it would seem. OH 39 & OH 93, if you are curious.

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