Big Spender

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Here is the next installment of Susan and Gene at the movies in 1995. I don’t want to look like a sorehead, just because there weren’t any SEC teams in the big championship game (for the first time in the Neolithic era), so congratulations to The Ohio State University Buckeyes, and condolences to the Oregon Ducks. At least the game featured two of the more distinctive team names in college football. Ohio State has a great team. They demonstrated that with authority down the stretch, when it counted. Have you noticed, though, that the trend in sports journalism, especially after big games, is the obligatory story, “What is wrong with the team that lost?” Mm, nothing? They simply lost? Nah! That couldn’t be it!

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  1. Rufus! Rufus? I am delighted to see you here. My father’s middle name was Rufus and when I started doing genealogy on his family I found it went back historically for centuries! Well, way over a hundred years anyway.

    We were from the Carolinas, North Carolina and before that Virginia in the 1600’s and early 1700’s.

    No one else ever left North Carolina and most are still there.

    Love, Jackie

  2. “Our Town” Village great name Jackie!

    As opposed to North, East, South,West,Valley,Hill,Spucedale,Center and others that were in the
    town where I grew up.


  3. An uncle by marriage was named Buford, which is a perfectly fine name, except for some reason it seems a strange one to hang on a child. “Baby Buford”?

  4. Ran across this while digging for info on Wm. S. Gilbert. Sir Tree was probably not pleased.

    “To resolve the controversy over who wrote Shakespeare’s works, simply have Sir Herbert Beerbohm Tree read from Shakespeare over the top contenders and the true author will surely turn over in his grave.”

    Wife would have, or maybe does, love it.

    Peace, emb

  5. I went to work for a company where the Office Manager always had sticky candy at her desk. One by one all of my crowns came off and my dentist was an hour away. My mother-in-law was his office manager, so I could always get in quickly.

    If any of you have ever had a crown come off, the aroma is enough to knock you over. Makes you wonder how much bacteria is in your mouth!

  6. One of the puzzles from my trucking days: Why are North Bend and Bend (both in Oregon) 240 miles apart? And why is North Bend actually a few miles south (and a whole lot west!) of Bend?

    Each time I got a new dispatcher I could look forward to receiving incorrect routing instructions when given a load that included stops in both towns since it was “obvious” that the two towns were close neighbors.

  7. *further applause for continuation of 1995 series*

    What is striking about the writing in Arlo and Janis is that Our Humble Author has toiled in many subgenres of humor over nearly thirty years (!!) but maintained his high standards throughout. Take Gene as an example. There was ample “little kid” type humor initially, and it was great. The above strip features “transitional” kid humor, where Gene careens through learning to deal with girls and is typically baffled (although a strikingly great feature of said strip is Gene’s ultracool demeanor as he presents the Milk Duds.) Then we had “surly adolescent” humor, all of it worthy of “Zits,” the acknowledged leader in the field, coupled with the fact that Gene was absent for large stretches… Lord knows he wanted to be ANYWHERE but with his boring, stupid parents. And we come to the present day, with young adult Gene and family.

    I would be remiss if I did not note that other subgenres and themes have been played throughout the A&J run with high standards maintained from the git-go to the present.

    Our Humble Author has modestly noted that every strip cannot be a gem and that cranking it out on a daily basis can be a challenge. Yet what he might consider “lesser” work can often resonate with his audience unexpectedly.

    Anyway, it is good to see these strips again after… TWENTY YEARS?!? Wow!

  8. Evan,

    All of what you said is true and also proves that: Win or lose, IT’S GREAT TO BE AN AUBURN TIGER !!!

    Us Auburn alumni are grateful to have Jimmy as one of us. WAR EAGLE !!!

  9. Since Zits was mentioned, today’s is one that raises my hackles:

    Do young people really think texting is a great thing? I speak far faster over the phone than anyone can text. My typing (emails) is also far faster than texting. I only text when the reception in an area is too poor for voice or the recipient is a doofus who never checks his voicemail and can’t be reached at that moment.

  10. I have always considered Alabama (the state) to harbor some of the most creative people I run into, no matter what genre. And I LOVE talking to men from Alabama, not just the accent but the way they express themselves.

    Just wonderfully funny and creative. I guess I should include Mississippi in that category since Ghost is over there!

  11. Spent morning at dentist which is always interesting, he is a direct line descendant from one of the original Civilized Tribe’s chief who brought the tribe to Oklahoma prior to the forced relocation. Man of few words but highly skilled and a good man. I have known everyone in the office for 20 years, this is a small town. So, lots of conversation about mama and Mike and the legacy that Mike left. They had seen him quite recently, had no idea he had cancer. He was also a man of few words. Mama and I made up for it! LOL here.

    So, I have to have a root canal and a cap, there goes two grand. Good thing you have a brother in law rate. Another joke, there!

    Ghost, I know Buford is a good old Southern name but you do realize my other side of the family, paternal grandmother from Carolinas, had a family that passed down “Buford” for an equal number of centuries. My great grandfather was named Buford but went by “Jack” which was no part of his legal name, had a son named Jack, my grandmother named my father Jack, I am Jackie and my grandson is Jack.

    Round about way to avoid being named Baby Buford.

    Love, Jackie

  12. GR6 & TR, I agree. Just learned this very day that YouTube has a selection of cats who love boobs videos. Not sure the relevance, but….

    Jackie, texting is a standard communication form. Latte drinkers text while ordering. Elevators are unoffical texting booths. I am surprised our institutions of higher learning have not monitized texting into their curriculum. “Effective Management by Texting” “Texting for the Serious English Major” “Algebra and Texting” “Texting and Bio Chemistry, use of higher notational symbols”

  13. TruckerRon, I have extremely warm memories of chatting on the phone for hours, hearing the girl’s lilting and melodious voice. It is one of the many pleasures of Vive La Difference. Why the texters of today would trade that for endless thumb typing and blocks of dead text is beyond me. “What’s the matter with kids today?”

  14. Milk Duds, many years since I had any, but I didn’t think they were sticky — more like Malted Milk Balls — am I right or wrong? When we got crowns our dentist told us, “Don’t eat any caramels or Sugar Babies.” We took his words seriously and never had any crowns come off.

  15. Ghost and all who called me “kid.” – I was outside shoveling at work today. I am wearing jeans and a sweatshirt. Not really paying a whole lot of attention to people coming and going. My employee comes out, not sure if she’s insulted or amused; someone had just complimented her on having “her son” out shoveling for her. I don’t know if I’m insulted or amsedan either.

  16. Ghostly Observation #28

    While I was telling my phone to set a 15-minute timer, it occurred to me that while I used to only talk *on* my phone, I now spend a lot of time talking *to* it.

  17. I’ve had my first smart phone about 8 months now and just learned how to read a text. Heaven help me if I need to write one. To make matters worse I tried to sync my new Garmin fitness band with my phone. Boy did I booger that up.

  18. Ghost: “Not [to] mention the bathtub sub-genre, the sundress sub-genre, and the handcuff key sub-genre.”

    Evan: “Vive la difference.” [One diff. = one-track minds are more common among men.]

    Since genre is French, and Ghost finds some genres delightful, “Vive les genres.” Which reminds me, our widespread but not universal making of plurals by adding -s or -es is relatively new. It came over with William in 1066. Before that it was by adding -er, -en, or some such: oxen, children, kindergarten, etc.

    All so that Mme. Whatsherface would have a subject for the Bayeux Tapestry. Poor Harold!

    I’ll go quietly. emb

  19. And to think my nap for feeling flu-ish was so short and I came back to such erudition!

    Love all the diversion and I did know about the Tapestry, EMB.

    Sitting here eating freeze dried sugar snaps and freeze dried veggie chips. Introduced my dog sitter and my Jackie “sitter” to this today. I am going to lead them down the road to perdition with all this natural foods decadence.

    No Milk Duds for me, but I used to really love those Slo Poke suckers and have not thought of those in half a century. Did anyone mention Laffy Taffy? Sugar Babies? Give me a few minutes and those old country store candy counters will come up in the sea of memories floating in my brain!

    Love, Jackie

  20. emb: “Evan: ‘Vive la difference.’ [One diff. = one-track minds are more common among men.]”

    Mais bien sûr, c’est partie de la difference! Pour les hommes, on doit toujours chercher la femme!

    (Those last 3 words were the basis of the turtle’s name in Pogo, by the way…)

  21. Oui, oui, I well remember Churchy LaFemme in Pogo (sigh).
    @Sandcastler, and Denise in Michigan — Thank you for setting me straight — I was mistaken about the Milk Duds [funny name, now I think about it.]
    Denise, I’m glad to see you writing in often. I really missed you when you were absent.

  22. When we moved into the big old house that I’m still in now, I was only 24 years old, and fairly slender. Raking the neglected yard I was noticed by people driving by, and a forty-ish woman told me later at a club meeting, that it was nice to see that the old Cochran house had new owners, “and I saw your teen-age daughter raking leaves” a blink or two, and she laughed, “Oh, I see you ARE the teen-age daughter!”

  23. When my daughter and SIL bought their big old house on Maine Street (yes, that is correct spelling) they are on main drag of historic district. She was very pregnant and when she had baby I went out to begin cleaning her yard and cutting back overgrown bushes, ground covers.
    No one mistook me for a skinny teenager as I was sitting on my butt or a short stool as I worked.

    They did however ask if I did yards! Funny question for a 70 year old but they all swore I did not look a day over 50 and thought I was younger than they. Historic districts often do not get young people living there.

    I am glad to see and hear all the new/returned Villagers too.

    Love, Jackie

  24. One of Chris’s favorite jokes told of the husband in his old clothes pruning bushes in front of a big expensive house. Two women stop and inquire his prices for the gardening. He replies that he doesn’t charge much, but the owner lets him sleep with her.

  25. side: Thank you.

    Evan: I was a terrible French student, but I recognized it as soon as Walt used it.

    Wm. Hamilton, noted mid ’50s mammalogy [Speelczech doesn’t recognize my specialty] prof. at Cornell, liked to garden, crossbred lilies and such. Salesman took him for the gardener and asked if the lady of the house was in. Conversation ended with that same line. Hamilton was a hoot.

    Still haven’t found out if W.S. Gilbert was Whig or Tory.

  26. Many years back local Deacons came to my brothers house.
    Asked if his father was home. My brothers reply was “I don’t know – he lives in NJ”

    “May your pleasures be many, and your troubles be few”

  27. Good morning Villagers….

    I haven’t had Milk Duds in years….and I would be very afraid to chew them now with the crowns that I have….every time I had to have a new crown, I jokingly said to the dentist, so where’s this visit taking you on your vacation?

    Hampton didn’t make it to the vet yesterday, the vet closes at noon on Wednesdays, and it was so cold out and no sunshine. Plus there was the “Little Red Chief” (BIL has nicknamed the two year old Kyler, based on a book by that title…must research.

    So to the Vet we go after I get home.

    GR 😉 thanks for the tune…..and it is cold, but it is even colder where Indy Mindy lives. I cannot believe it is going to be 50 degrees on Saturday….going to aiir out the hen houses and do some serious blowing…..the blower that is 🙂

    Old Bear…did take a couple of measurements…..the bottom cage floor extends 18 inches and the height of the cage is 14 inches….forgot the width. But the cage backs are slanted at maybe a 45 degree angle with plastic on them….for hen “droppings” And what is the name of that company you keep mention? I keep telling myself to look them up.

    Read all the comments on yesterday’s real time strip….getting rid of stuff. Took me back to when we cleaned out Mom and Stepdad’s house…..and it still stands empty. My sister’s husband is executor/caretaker for the estate, and as long as we have a for sale sign on it, the state can’t touch it. (Mom is in nursing home.) And it does have one of those tiny for sales sings in the window. About ten years ago they built three turkey houses across from the house…there went the neighborhood and value of house.

    Indy Mindy….when I am on the phone sometimes I called ‘sir’ or Mr. Last Name….I have a deep voice….oh, the apologies I get when I correct them….’sir,?’ honey, I got your ‘sir’ right here 🙂

    And it’s another day dawning…..ya’ll have a blessed day.


  28. Jimmy, two very good teams played in the Championship game. In the old days when it was the PAC12 against the Big 10 they would have played in the Rose Bowl. OSU’s win was impressive. A third string QB wins his first 3 starts and a National Championship. Gotta be a movie in that!

    I watched the Ducks beat some very good teams this season. The sure rolled over Florida State. In a way it is a pity that we can’t just congratulate the winner without having to dissect the loser. Go Bucks!

  29. Trucker, c x-p: What 13 Jan. Foxtrot strip? Cannot find it? 13 Jan. newspaper strip = 2 people, mugs, chairs, table. Mobile?

    Peace, emb

  30. Dave, Thanks. Didn’t realize they were viewing a different comic. I presume the drawing was a deliberate gotcha.

    Peace, emb

    PS. Will there be any living readers who remember WWII when the current episode of 9CL is done? Do any dailies still carry the strip?

  31. Good morning and goodbye until later. Overslept and have to be in Tulsa for doctor’s appointment. Tried to load some clothes into washer now that ice has melted out of drain pipes, elderly dog couldn’t hold it any longer and peed on my foot and pj leg and I have to take another bath!

    Never say that life with me is not interesting!

    Love, Jackie

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