Blanket indictment

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Let’s face it: a lot of Sunday comic strips are just stretched out versions of the smaller daily strip, with color. I know mine often are. The Sunday strip is supposed to be the cartoonist’s weekly masterpiece, given the increased space and the addition of color and—presumably—the luxury of time to work. However, I’ve always found writing for the Sunday space more difficult. It’s the difference between writing for a sit-com and writing stand-up comedy. They’re two related but different animals, and I happen to favor the latter animal. However, I sometimes produce a Sunday strip that is what a Sunday strip should be. This Sunday Arlo & Janis from 2005 is an example.

Tradition holds that the Sunday strip will involve a primarily visual gag. Ideally, it will be a more complex visual gag that takes more time to develop than the three or four panels permit in the daily strips. Also by tradition, a Sunday strip should be even more family-friendly and squeaky clean than usual. This A&J fits all that nicely. Tradition doesn’t say it has to be hilarious.