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Today’s classic A&J is brought to you in black and white and in between. Looks pretty cool, doesn’t it? All right, bear with me, please. I know you’re fed up with it by now. I’m not even going to post a link, because the video has become ubiquitous. However, I did want to say something about the “cat saves little boy from dog attack” incident. I just want to say, this was not overly dramatized or made to be something more than it was. If you saw images of the lad’s stitched up bites, you know the attack was in earnest. Living in a part of the country where dog attacks, even fatal dog attacks, are not exactly rare, I can say the boy was in mortal danger. His mother arrived not long after the cat; it is possible she could have saved her son’s life, but the cat did get there firstest with the mostest, and by fending off the dog there is no doubt he saved the boy from further serious injury. Way to go, cat!

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  1. I’m not convinced. Two different cameras? Just happened to be filming at the right time? No visible wounds on the boy’s leg when he gets up, plus he runs away with no limp and without crying? The picture of the wounds doesn’t show the person’s face – could they be on someone else from a different incident? I’m not doubting the video and the cat coming to the ‘defense’ of the boy, but I’m not sure that was an actual attack.

  2. I can totally believe the cat did this. As an aside, I’ve been reading the Joe Gray series by Shirley Rousseau Murphy. Anyone else who has read them think this cat is like Dulcie?

  3. In a place where security cams are felt necessary it would not be unusual for 2 to be present catching things from a different view point. Never sell a cat short on the amount of mean it can muster when necessary. There is also a video out there where a cat runs off a black bear. Not going to try and link it, every time I try a link I go into moderation.

  4. Good morning, Villagers. I was actually attacked by a dog when out running, but my own dog sent it running. Neesh was much bigger than that dog and all she did was bump it with her chest. Silly dog.

  5. @Ursen:
    Exactly, that’s what struck me, two separate security cams, the videos were blended to gave a dramatic view. I believe the attack and rescue to be real and spontaneous.

    Darn it, you took the words right out of my mouth. Just before I clicked to get to Comments, I was planning to say that.

    That dog should be put down. I have not heard anything on that. At first I read it was a stray dog, so the attack make some sense, he was hungry. Then later I read it was the neighbour’s dog.

  6. Ellen, you made me do some research. My stepdaughter’s cat is named Dulcie, and AFAIK, she* hasn’t read the Joe Grey books.
    *Neither the stepdaughter nor the cat.

  7. Boise Ed, You should read at least one. I would suggest reading them in order. Not to everyone’s taste I’m sure. But I am enjoying reading them. My brother told me about the series, I had never heard of these books before that. If you have ever had a cat adopt you, I think you will identify with some things in the books.

  8. I found the story of the cat/dog/boy to be completely believable as a similar thing happened when I was an early teen. The cat was mine, the boy was my younger brother and the dog was unknown. Not as dramatic as in the video, my brother only had superficial bite marks which barely scratched the skin through his jeans, but the dog suffered serious wounds to his ears, face, and eyes. Naranjo Gato Grande did get extra treats that night, I am sure, and my mom quit complaining about me having an indoor/outdoor cat (“Cats belong in the barn, not in the house”).

  9. There were 3 video cams. A local news station put out a full video of all three (45 minutes). It shows the mother chasing the dog back to the neighbors and then going to get the kid. It shows the neighbors coming out and calling 911. It also shows the emergency services getting there.

    We’ll see if this puts me into moderation:

    Awesome cat.

  10. Ellen –
    I have been looking for something new and light to read. Since I have been adapted by a cat, a ginger tabby, and my local library has at least some of this series I think I’ll give them a try.

    @ TonyS – For a moment there I thought you were talking to yourself.

  11. Regarding the boy’s reaction: Many years ago a friend was riding a bicycle through a rough neighborhood. He noticed his left pants leg was “sticking” to his leg and no longer flapping in the breeze. He eventually stopped at a light and looked down to see an arrow lodged in his calf. Being the unflappable soul that he is, he rode his bike to the nearest ER and then home after they fixed him up.

  12. Ellen: Yes, I’ll try to find Cat on the Edge. I am reminded of the Chet and Bernie mysteries by Spencer Quinn, starting with Dog On It.

  13. Oops — to continue the thought, not everyone notices painful injuries when they first happen. It’s the body’s way to keep us functioning so we can survive an attack and not just fold up and die on the spot.

  14. We had a barn cat who had kittens and I witnessed her chasing a large raccoon into a tree. Not content with that, she practically flew from branch to branch screaming bloody murder until the raccoon finally fell off a tiny limb and streaked into the darkness. She would have been a match for any dog out there. You can’t fight an enraged mother cat!

  15. I had Symply read that the dog a Chow mix (for those who hate breds) did not like/tolerate either bicycles nor children(in which case I might have the area covered in video). It in one account stated the child was autistic. In the scene I viewed the dog investigates and goes looking for the child, seemed premeditated to me. I also read the dog was put down. I always look at the owners when a dog misbehaves..just my Fargone tendency. I did not do any sort of veracity check on any of the “paraphrased” claims above, they may be “things you see on the internet” or they may be real. Swallow carefully cum granis salis.

  16. I hate to see a dog put down, but the fact this one left his own “territory” to attack the child shows me he clearly violated the human-canine social contract and deserves to be, if he hasn’t been already.

  17. Yeah, think about the little dog–when the rabies quarantine runs out he will be killed. And the major reason he will be killed is that his humans did not care enough to train him properly and to supervise him.

    The clip does not provide any history to speculate on provocation but it is possible that the kid could have provoked the attack by past unsupervised behavior as well–we do not know. That would amount to contributory negligence that would make the story even sadder.

    There is one thing about the clip that intrigues me–the cat attacks and sends the dog packing. The cat stops about halfway down the driveway an looks back at the kid, as if to say “What is my priority here. Oh, OK, the kids mom is on the case, she will take care of him.” and renews the chase of the dog behind the car.

    I sometimes don’t get back to these comments, if somebody want to be sure I see something, I get mail at my name, less spaces on Cox’s network.

  18. Ellen – LOVE the Joe Gray series.

    What surprised me was that the cat chased the dog behind the (parked) car, then seems to realize she needs to stay out of the street and doubles back.

  19. I have no trouble at all believing that this is real and unstaged.
    When my daughter was a toddler she had a cat that would come to her any time she was upset. I’ve no doubt that it would have attacked an animal that threatened her.

    She was perhaps over-vigilant: if the blanket covering the sleeping child moved, it was liable to to be pounced upon, just in case.

  20. Debbe, please don’t let the guys burn the Hammond organ! They can advertise it on Craigslist and make a little money; or failing that could even give it away. (Free to a good home … references required.)

    Fingers crossed that you will continue to see Brooklynne Rose. (Thank you for your explanation of how she got her lovely name.)

  21. Actually Lilly, based on the picture you posted, you would be 53% naked in your swimsuit…and perhaps a bit more so, depending on how much back coverage the suit has. (Or doesn’t have.) I did the math. 😉

    Some interesting facts about women’s swimwear (as found on the InterWebNet, so they must be true):

    1. When the first bikini was introduced in 1946, it was marketed as a two-piece swimming suit that revealed “everything about a girl except her mother’s maiden name.”

    2. In the 1950s, swimsuits with pointed breasts, known jokingly as “high beams,” were popular. Some suits even offered inflatable bras that could be blown up to the wearer’s desired size.

    3. Surviving Minoan paintings from 1600 B.C. show women wearing two-piece suits similar to the 1960 bikini.”

    So the term “high beams”, to describe a feature of the female breast, has obliviously been around for a while.

  22. And, just to throw in another fictional reference, I’m sure that the cat Bastet would have done the same for Ramses, although I’m sure that he’d have known how to defend himself even at a tender age.

  23. Good morning Villagers….

    Ahhh, Indy Mindy….now there’s a kitty that’ll melt ye heart…cute, when I don’t work on Caterdays, there’s a show on Animal Planet called Too Cute, and shows kitties and puppies from birth to going to their “foreber” home 😉

    Miss Charlotte, as I type, Andrew is back…on the couch in our other ‘living room’…and my other newphew-in-law has listed on Craigs I believe. He has started his own ‘restoration and roofing business, and is doing rather well. The church they worked on just gave them the piano and organ.

    GR 😉 never heard of that group or song…sorry, but that was 1985 and I was WOT then 🙂

    Mark….Orsen Wells…..honestly, I had to Wiki it…knew the voice but could not put a name to it…and yes, Keith Emerson can play one mean keyboard…thanks.

    ya’ll have a blessed Tuesday….

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