Bogey at Six O’Clock!

That’s how radar was invented, you know! It’s been an eventful week, starting with the book close-out and then the hurricane. In case you wondered, I sat just outside the northern edge of Michael’s “cone of probability.” I watched from my front porch Wednesday night as a steady rain was whipped by near tropical storm-force winds. We didn’t lose power or experience anything worse than a messy yard the next day. We are beginning to learn that many inland towns in northern Florida and southwest Georgia experienced much wind-related damage, not unlike tornado destruction, but we haven’t heard much about that yet.

Today's "Arlo & Janis!"

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  1. Jimmy, the “Redneck Riviera” is one of my favorite areas, when I do a road trip to the south east. Mexico Beach is usually one of my favorite stops between Biloxi and Clearwater Beach. I loved the fact that it was still old Florida, no McDonald’s or high-rises. Praying for the people in the area, and it’s hard to look at the devastation. I know they will recover, the only problem is I’m sure McDonald’s and high-rises will be in their future. I’m heartbroken.

  2. Nothing really to add, except give what you can for Florida storm relief.

    But watch out for scammers, of which there will undoubtedly be some. “There should be a special place…”

  3. The first 36 years of my life have been erased. They no longer exist, My grandparents home in Callaway, the house that I lived in for the first 20 years of my life, two houses that I owned, the schools that I went to, the movie downtown where I first saw “Gone with the Wind”(didn’t intend for that to be a joke), the place where I got married, the marina where my father’s shop used to be ( it had already been torn down), the stores downtown where I loved to look at the Christmas displays with my mother. There was a jet airplane on a stand downtown. I doubt if it’s still there and I understand that a lot of Tyndal AFB has been destroyed. Most people don’t know that there was also a navy base there west of town. Whenever TWC shows a street or business location I have no idea where they are. All of the above is disregarding Chipley, Marianna, Port St Joe, Wewa (had some good times there), Appalachicola (no more oysters for awhile). The cemetery where I will be buried is across the street from where all of those trains are lying on their side. Forgive my wandering, but it is unreal to see the shreds of my life, never to be seen by anyone again, to be showing non-stop on tv.

  4. Jerry, sorry for the very real loss. So much loss for so many. I can only hope and pray that the loss of life isnt revealed to be much worse than already known. The physical, economic, social, and psychological damages already seem to be extreme. 🙁

  5. Ghost
    Why is it that for many people it is “How can I help”
    and others it is “whats in it for me” and ” you did not give ME enough”

    Prayers for those suffering

  6. Ghost: Expect there w/b an UMCORE appeal at church.

    OB: The answer, I’m afraid, is that Elohim’s universe is largely Darwinian: cheating is often a route to evolutionary prosperity. That’s how, for example, web-weaving spiders and cowbirds make a living and reproduce. But at least one species [the one that discovered Darwinian evolution] is capable of rising above that, and even, sometimes, of making the ethical route adaptive. It needs to do so, now, on a world-wide basis. Will refrain from suggesting any theological or political implications. See my late post a few editions ago.


  7. Ghost: Not only should there be a special place for parasitical humans, in my theology there is such a place. What makes it especially just is that they’ll be with others just like themselves. Forever.

  8. I wish that I could tell the folks in PC that tonight will be the best night for sky watching that they’ve ever had. I found that out the night after Ivan passed over us. There is zero light pollution so the sky is absolutely black and tonight there is just a small sliver of moon so they will see meteors and stars that they’ve never seen before. A little light in a dark situation.

  9. Jerry

    Not that many years ago working the fields at night I was treated to a fantastic
    light and star show. Now the big city lights are moving closer so there is always
    light on the horizon. Our local municipality has 3X as many street lights as needed,
    now 2 gas stations with bright lights all night, and once the we were a mile from town,
    now it is a Chain (66ft) away, with house lights and street lights. While it takes a
    horrendous event, for those that are aware, the heavens tell us how small we are.

  10. Tonight was the first good viewing night in my valley in about 2 months, what with the fires and storms. We found a decent spot about a mile from our home for viewing the closer objects with both my 15×70 binoculars and my 4″ refractor.

    The crescent Moon was a delight to see: it didn’t quite require me to use my filter to keep from overpowering my eyes. It’s good to see the various craters and ridges casting shadows that aren’t visible when the moon is full. I think it was Mare Crisium that bisected the Moon tonight.

    Jupiter and its Galilean moons were stunning as always, with the two outer moons (Ganymede and Callisto) initially appearing as one before the sky darkened enough to resolve them. As we started packing up I took one last look at Jupiter through the binoculars and was finally able to see two of the moons through them.

    Mars is too bright and small to see well through my current gear, but Saturn was brilliant with its rings facing us–enough so that we could see them even with the binoculars.

    In another month we’ll start seeing some of our favorite things again during the early evening. Of course I’ll be needing my long underwear and some thicker socks! But Orion and the Pleiades are worth it!

  11. Hello, all you Villagers, both long-time regulars, a few Newbies, and some welcome-back folks like Jerry (SO sorry about what you are having to tell us about, though, Jerry.) We were in Texas visiting my brother and SIL for a week, plus I have been truly buried under work for the three volunteer organizations I’m officer for. I know I missed some posts completely, but I just wanted to say Hi and I’m back at least for a while.

  12. I’m looking forward to finding and seeing those. Thanks for mentioning them! The Beehive eluded me last spring with too many cloudy nights. As for the “wall” I don’t know if my little scope could handle that task. Whenever we have a lunar party I’ll be sure to ask those with larger scopes to show it to me.

  13. This is the only part of Florida I still like that has been destroyed. I swore I wouldn’t go a step closer to Tampa the last time I drove it.

    My Florida friends are like Jerry reporting destruction. I have good friends in Wewa and it sounds awful, no way in or out. My Florida boating friends report the State Park as destroyed and turned into island.

    So sorry Jerry.

  14. Today’s strip actually bothers me a bit. I totally get the humor. Alumni do bet with their hearts. And I guess some families have divided allegiances. But my wife liked mich. but coverted when she married a Purdue Boilermaker when Drew Brees led us to the Rose Bowl she gave up her Christmas money so That our son and I could drive out to California. I didn’t want to do it but she told me that she got more just watching me full fill a dream

    On Monday night I has to work late, so I asked her to DVR the Saints game.( I still love Drew). When I got home I noticed that their were 2 recordings as she wanted to make sure that it was recorded. The first one I clicked was in Spanish!

    If I posted that story earlier this week, then I apologize.

  15. In the ’50s, a fellow U. Mich. grad student, Russ Mumford, was from Purdue, and eventually went back there for his Ph.D. Very focused ornithologist & mammalogist, really knew his birds. Co-author of The Mammals of Indiana. Think I’ve written here [or maybe in The Bemidji Pioneer] about our joint discovery of one of America’s cutest owls, a Saw-Whet Owl, in the E.S. George Reserve’s “Big Swamp.”

    Does your wife’s conversion make her an “apostate”? I am one, from an older tradition to a sect that, unwillingly, split off from Anglicanism. Said sect was very methodical in their devotional practices, so Anglicans labeled them “Methodists.” Elaine was a lifelong Methodist, more devout than her folks, but we ended up w/ quite similar takes on things theological. She’s probably proofreading this. Best stop. Peace,

  16. Jerry: Last I heard, Debbe was living with/taking care of her dad and was without means of online connection. Haven’t heard from Trapper Jean in a long time. Mindy from Indy has a new job and a new love keeping her busy and out of touch with us. If I got any of that wrong, I hope someone will correct it.

  17. Last I heard Debbe was taking care of her Dad with no internet as RA said.
    She was by herself (Ian left) and under that weather herself. I learned this via Snail Mail
    a while back.

  18. About what ya’ll said about Debbe. Things were not going well for her or her family, sadly. Ghost and I have not heard from her in awhile. She was quite ill.

  19. I’m sorry to hear that. I will say this and then drop the subject for now. My hometown looks like Hiroshima after the bomb. Things that we take for granted no longer exists, you have no bathroom or toilet paper and no one will bring in portables because they can’t get in, no mail delivery and your mailbox blew away anyway, no high school football because you don’t know where the players are and you have no place to play so the season is over, will there even be any school again this year, all computer records are lost because the computers blew away, where you used to work is now a concrete slab and no one knows where your boss is so you don’t know if you will ever get another paycheck from your old job. My financial advisor (what they used to call a stock broker) had an office four blocks from the bay and his headquarters hasn’t heard from him. I’ve heard that he was in his office until at least noon Tuesday. The mall is across the street from where those trains were on their side on Hwy 231 or it used to be. Their main tenants were Sears and Penneys so I doubt that the mall will reopen. When the storm was coming north straight towards us I took the furniture off the front porch. If it had not turned I would not have a front porch most likely. My feeling at the moment is if there is a chance that we may get any category of storm in the future we will evacuate. I used to have a couple of “grab and go” boxes prepared but I don’t even know for sure where they are right now. That will change. Yesterday I dropped something on the trunk of my convertible and put some scratches on it. Ordinarily that would have brought out several loud comments. This time I thought “Well, I should have been more careful” and “that can be easily fixed”. This type of thing can change your ideas about what is important. I’ve left politics out of this but I will end with this-climate change deniers beware. Otherwise, now is a good time to buy some beach property in Mexico Beach.

  20. Jerry you are right. I agree. It is all relative.

    I wish I had good news for you about Debbe. Ghost says we will try to reach her if she is still there. She had no cell phone or computer. I tried to explain about disposable phones and cheap tablets and free wifi she could use.

  21. I have a hat like that (funny what living in Oklahoma a year or so will do to one), but i don’t put it on to go to the door to see what the stagecoach has left.

  22. Apropos of nothing, our son just installed a DoD disc on our old computer to write over everything on it, thus making it safer to dispose of commercially. From what he said, this seems a very good method, but what do I know? [About computers, not much at all.]

    When that gets done in another 5+ hours, we have to figure out how to do the previous laptop, too – since its power cord seems to have sublimed.

    Anyone else have any experience with DoD write over discs?

  23. Esteemed colleague: Bet your use of “sublimed” puzzled some Villagers. When chemists say a substance is subliming, they mean it is going directly from a solid to gaseous state without first passing through a liquid phase. It happens to lots of substances, albeit often slowly. It happens to water over shorter periods; e.g., to snow and ice when temps are not far below 0 C. It is most easily seen when “dry ice” [solid CO2] vaporizes.

    Defining “solid” and “liquid” become difficult when dealing with various complex stuff, especially organic compounds. Many of you also know, of course, that glass is a liquid. The centuries old panes of Medieval windows are now thicker at the bottom.

    There’s lots more to it, but this “skin-out” zoologist is close to over his head now.


  24. Trucker: Article sounds reasonable to me, but I’m no authority. Hope it’s accurate.

    Ghost: Right on. Elaine once had a Sears[?] “dormitory shirt”, which I said I liked because it unbuttoned in the front. She didn’t seem to mind. It also was just long enough that it had no accompanying panties.

    To the inevitable, “Is that all you men think about?”: No! We also think about food. It’s lutefisk season but retired pastor son, who w/ his wife has moved back to Bemidji, is so allergic to fish that he has trouble in a space laden w/ l’fisk vapor. And lots of folks, even some Lutherans, cannot abide the stuff. Yesterday, Solway LC, some 10+ mo. W., had a meatball dinner, no fish, free will offering. Lovely. And now it’s time for my 2nd cup of tea and the last piece of other daughter-in-law’s pound cake, left over from Labor Day family reunion. It refrigerates well.


  25. emb
    Oh the humanity – no Lutefisk at a Lutefisk Supper.
    Have traveled over hr to go to Lutefisk Supper.

    glass from end of 1800 ‘s and early 1900 ‘s is measurably thicker at bottom
    and if glass was made that way it would be random in its placement.
    (some top some sides in window )

  26. Glass: y’all need remember that glass is not a single chemical entity; it is never pure because it is a mixture. As with all mixtures, the composition is variable. With variance not only in identity of components but also amounts thereof, different samples are bound to show different properties including differences in gravitationally-induced flowage.


  27. See

    Glass flow is slower than the urban legend would have you think. From that article–

    [1] Edgar Dutra Zanotto is a Brazilian materials engineer from the Universidade Federal de São Carlos (Federal University of Sao Carlos) (UFSCar) in Brazil. He currently teaches glass related subjects in that University for both graduation and post-graduation as he is the head of LaMaV, the Vitreous Materials Laboratory. In May 1998, Zanotto wrote an article in the American Journal of Physics relating to the false notion that observations of thick glass in old windows translated to the fact that glass is a liquid. Zanotto sought to calculate the flow of glass and found that at 414 Celsius (777 °F) the glass would move a visible amount in 800 years, yet at room temperature he found that it would take glass 10,000 trillion times the age of the earth.

  28. The most likely reason that old windows are thicker at the bottom than at the top is that the glaziers installed them that way because the thick end is stronger than the thin one and less likely to break.

  29. But old timey glaziers are uneducated, lower class workers. They cannot possibly understand through trial and error, and a reluctance to do work a second time, such complex subjects that elude the thoughts of their betters. They must wait for more knowledgeable robe wearers to tell them why the world works exactly the way they already observe. end sarcasm

    Vapor is liquid droplets in suspension within the gas called air, making it visible. Steam is the gaseous state of water and is dangerously invisible until condensed into droplets. But these are synonymous in every day use and should only be corrected when the writer is trying to correct others.

  30. Not only does “glass” include a wide variety of chemical recipes, its use in s-g windows varies. Seldom does a window contain only patterns where it would not matter how the thinking or unthinking workman could place a piece in any of two or more orientations: e.g., a checkerboard or a pattern of equilateral triangles or hexagons. Often at least part of a s-g window includes some irregular pieces that help to make a better picture of an event or supposed event, maybe even one that has become required dogma / an ex-cathedra papal proclamation. For comments on such, consult W.S. Gilbert’s songs and statements of Don Alhambra del Bolero, the Grand Inquisitor, in G&S’s “The Gondoliers.”

    Perhaps the jury on glass’s liquidity is still out.

    Pax vobiscum.

  31. At any given time at least 2 someones can be found to voice contrary views on anything.
    In the age of the computer and social media even more so.

  32. I’ve seen the thick bottom of a glazier as it begins to melt and breaks off but you can’t get too close or the wave will get you. That’s part of the climate change I mentioned but then you knew that.

  33. My! URL is longer than I expected. Anyway, A.W.A.D. is “bayou”, which jogged a mid-century memory. So I searched “big fun bayou youtube”. Most of the men in my USAF postal flight at RAF Sculthorpe [’52-’53] were from JJ’s vicinity, and this was a big hit on the radio [perhaps not BBC] then. For the uninitiated, back then songs had intelligible words and lots of verses. If the URL won’t work, search “big fun bayou youtube”. Peace,

  34. I do recall that ditty being played on the radio, maybe even early television, when I was young. I am not convinced, however, that the version noted above consists of intelligible words! Maybe it’s just my encroaching deafness coming to the fore.

  35. c x-p and others. Click the R arrows at the mid-R side for several other versions. The above URL is just the first I encountered. Was unsuccessful at getting a video of “Oh, that’ll be joyful when his peanuts are gone”, though I found printed lyrics plus several pious items about how joyful it will all be.


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