Bogey Man

Bogey Man

May 6, 2002

What did we do before Doppler radar? How did we ever know when it was raining? Having said that, many of us are expecting another round of storms today, and I’m sure at some point our eyes will be stuck to red and orange and purple squiggles on a map while a television meteorologist divines for us “rotation” and “supercells” and, worst of all, “debris balls.” It has replaced weekend sports broadcasts in many parts of the country. It seems as if it’s always a weekend, lately.

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  1. Maybe because at one time my dad was a farmer, I always had a great interest in weather. I studied it and was interested but really didn’t see myself becoming a meteorologist. However I have a pretty good understanding and love looking at radar.

    That said I’m about as good at guessing at the weather as those were paid to do it. I am the Ted Williams the weather forecasting me I’m at about 400.

    However the biggest advice I can give is that don’t look too far in advance in the forecast as weather changes….like the wind. (Irony intended)

    • Some days even the 24 hour one can change quickly. A couple of times we have had a stationary front get “stuck” and go around in circles, causing huge amounts of rain or snow. I barely made it home in August 2014 when we had a huge rain due to the Railroad viaducts in Royal Oak were flooded and I had to drive downtown to cross the tracks that were on the surface streets.

  2. Conversation with my wife while driving, as a few rain drops start to fall.
    Wife whipped out her smartphone. “It’s not supposed to rain today”
    Me: “looks like it is”
    Her: “It’s not *supposed to*” glares at phone
    Me: “I think my windshield is smarter than your phone on this one, Sweetheart”

      • I agree with Cozmik Cowboy, and would add this is a two “Like” Sunday. Just had a big thunder boomer pass through, like #1. The daily funny made me smile at recalling squirrels, a raccoon, and a stray outdoor cat who has found openings, like #2.

        Stay safe!

  3. Today’s Sun. comic reminds me / my line re Elaine’s & my inexperience before our wedding night: “You could hear the mice laughing in the walls.” Peace,

      • I never did OTR, so, along with the date, I always knew the day – and wrote my DL & TSA no-threat* numbers, from memory, too. There is a case to be made for by-rote learning (the case against being lack of long-term retention; now that I’m retired, I don’t know any of those things………….)

        *Needed because I spent some time hauling freight into & out of O’Hare.

    • Alas, you have to subscribe to read it; it looked interesting in the 1.43 seconds I had before that popped up.

      In my youth, I dated a keyboard player who, among other things, was assistant organist at the local Presbyterian church. There was this one time we went in the pipe room while the organist was practicing and……..but, I digress; she once told me that pipe organ was much harder to play than piano, harpsichord or the electronic organ she used in rock bands, because you can’t listen to what you’re playing. Seems the physics of moving the air through the pipes creates a bit of lag between key down & sound out, so you have to ignore the sound and play entirely by what’s on the staff. Sounds to me like pipe organists are a special breed, akin to pedal steel guitarists.

  4. Ghost, I thought that I invented kielbasa and cabbage in a crock pot in 1979. Or maybe that was Nurse Rachet. I don’t remember. My wife says that I predict the weather better than the tv guys. My secret is go out and look up at the sky. I’ve been in their weather studio. It’s actually tiny. Like mission control in Huston. It’s only a fraction of the size that it looks on tv.

  5. I had an interesting weekend. A friend that I used to run with turned 50 this week (that seems impossible, he is forever 30 in my head) and ran 50 miles to raise $10,000 for the Food Bank in Spring Harbor MI. He had seen my posts on Facebook to complete a “virtual” marathon and it helped prod him to do it.

    Well my marathon was 3 weeks ago and I have been walking regularly and have done 8 miles each weekend. I feel great so I figured that I would try to do 12-14 miles on Saturday, stopping when my body started to slow down. There is another park nearby that has a porta-john so I was able to dial it in. I blew past 12, then 14 miles. 16 miles was my fastest mile. There is an old saying that the first half of the marathon is 20 miles and the last half is 6.2. Sure enough as I completed 20, my legs started to slow and I just walked another half mile to my car.

    My friend is a lawyer in a small town and has raised money before. I am thinking of holding my own fundraiser as there are so many in need in the Detroit area, but I am not exactly sure how to go about it. I have put out a few feelers to my church and several media folks to see if they can give me a legitimate organization that people would be able to trust to give money to and maybe do something over Mother’s Day weekend.

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