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Aside from my very presence here on a Sunday, I’m not going to harangue you about donations or comic cons or any of that folderol. I just want you to enjoy this Arlo & Janis strip from July, 2007.
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  1. Can’t believe I am the first one! AND on a Sunday. Probably several on the previous page, but have not checked it yet.

    Jimmy, you are probably going to be busy next week, and you are trying to head off the complaints. Good thinking!

  2. Sadly, from The Weather Channel: “The weather community is mourning the loss of Dave Schwartz, who spent more than 20 years as an on-air meteorologist for The Weather Channel. After battling cancer for 10 years, Schwartz, 63, passed away Saturday.”

    I’ve had several bones to pick with TWC in recent years, but none of them with Mr. Schwartz. He was a class act, all the way.

    2016 ain’t getting any better.

  3. I drink mine from cans, cold as I can get them. I had a very scientific explanation of the bottling process and loss of carbonation from glass to cans to plastic from one who knew, his family invented bottling soda. I assure you, the tastes change. And if you use ice, drink it fast.

    Having my breakfast Coke right now in my nightie. Woke up with my usual hairy bed partner, all ten pounds of him. He refused to wake up this morning. I missed church and I had promised my friends I would go, even set an alarm.

    Jerry, that was VERY funny! I have never woke up in a strange bed and wondered how I got there although after awhile the motel rooms all begin to look alike and sometimes you have to ask the front desk what your room number is to avoid it.

  4. Oh yes Mark, I love that one! Used it on Facebook for myself before. I recognize myself when I meet me.

    Since I missed church I need to decide what today will be. Don’t need that lovely conservative black and white outfit I put out for the Episcopalians. That purple one would work on some church days probably?

    High holy days?

  5. Jackie, missed church with a diet Coke hangover after barhopping? What’s Dickens excuse? I went to bed late with the intention of sleeping in, weekends being only time I can get away with that. At 630 this morning I was woken by the sound of a lawnmower coming through my open bedroom window. Neigbor’s lawn service was doing their yard at 630 on a Sunday morning. Jerk has absolutely no respect for others who might be sleeping. I know its hot and morning is best time, but why can’t he come during the week when people are up and out of bed?

  6. Jackie, if you have that much trouble remembering your room number, why not take a pic of it with your smart phone when you check in? Just be sure to delete it after you check out. I always preferred the glass bottled sodas to the cans or plastic. I pour canned ones over ice to avoid the metal taste you get drinking from the can. Lots of ice, too. Mom prefers the crushed ice from our fridge so she can eat it with a spoon, while I want cubes because they last longer.

  7. Mark, after awhile LA Quinta looks alike. I would lose phone too. Since I often am on first floor it gets to be problematical, 106 or 108?

    Got excited, they brought back Coke in glass bottles with a bottle cap! Bought myself a church key after I found out they were real bottle caps. They were delicious! And as fast as they appeared in convenience stores the diet ones disappeared.

    I am crushed by disappointment.

  8. But my depression was short lived, replaced by excitement! Kris Kristopherson is appearing in October at the legendary Cains. Ballroom in Tulsa. I hesitate to say Rodney Crowell is also. But at 78 Kris has recorded a new album. I like those who refuse surrender. My kind of man. Buying tickets, anyone want to come?

    Yes, Dave Swartz was my kind of man too. I regret his passing. They are left with no class at all.

  9. I never had any trouble recognizing the inside of my sleeper cab… but more than once I had to either peek out the window or look at my logbook to know where I was parked! It was hardest to remember when I was driving nights (to avoid city traffic or make an off-hours delivery) and waking up in the late afternoon.

  10. Change of subject, I am roasting six heads of garlic with olive oil to make a tomato tart for dinner. Basil, tomatoes, garlic and cheese, maybe bacon in a flaky pie crust

  11. Late to the party. I went to the nursing facility at 11:00 this morning to have lunch with my mom. Found her feeling poorly and then beginning to complaining of chest pain on the right side. I had her transported to the Med Center ER, where they X-rayed and diagnosed her with pleurisy. (I blame Debbe. ๐Ÿ˜€ ) They gave her something for pain, which I hope that will help her until it clears up, and sent her back to the nursing facility. The staff will watch her closely for a few days, and I’m going there early in the AM to meet with the attending physician when he makes rounds.

    For me, the proper ratio of ice cubes to soft drink is 0:1. I drink them, ice cold, directly from (in order of preference) the glass bottle, the can, or the plastic bottle. (The ice cold part is especially important since I drink only Coke Zero now, and being very cold makes it taste better.) And if the carbonated beverage is part of a cocktail, I much prefer crushed ice. As you can tell, I have little use for ice cubes, and I would in fact rather pass entirely than drink a room-temp soda poured over a glass of ice cubes, which practice I consider a waste of the ice and the soda, not to mention an abomination before God and Man.

    Anyone remember “New Coke”? The only thing I can figure is that it was Coca Cola’s ill-fated attempt to make a Coke taste like a Pepsi (!). I believe it was Dave Barry who claimed to have discovered the recipe for New Coke, which was to place hundreds of thousands of gallons of Old Coke in giant vats, dump in dozens of 55-gallon drums of sugar, and then let it sit in the open for several days until it was thoroughly flat before bottling. I wouldn’t argue that with him.

  12. Anybody remember Pepsi Clear? Which tasted to me like a 7UP. I’ve read they plan to bring it back, but thank heaven no one wants to bring back New Coke. I guess even nostalgia has its limits.

  13. “That awful power, the public opinion of a nation, is created in America by a horde of ignorant self-complacent simpletonso who failed at ditching and shoemaking and fetched up in journalism on their way to the poor house.”

    Mark Twain “License of the Press”.

  14. Ghost I am so sorry for what your mom is going through and for what you are too. She has a wonderful loving son in you. Both of you are blessed to have each other. I am struggling for what to say and that is surely rare. I know I will never know the love from my children you have shown your mother and while I did my best with my mom to make her last years enjoyable I did not face the constant health crisis you are.

    So maybe I do think you are a special ghostly being but it is nice with all the bad things we hear about daily to know at least a few good ones exist.

  15. Thank you, Jackie. I am humbled.

    Yes, Mark, the Crown Vic is all that and more. There’s a reason why those are the only cars I’ve owned for almost two decades.

  16. As us car salesmen used to say when asked the difference between a Gran Marquis and a Lincoln Town car, “Twenty thousand dollars and some sheet metal.”

  17. Think nicely of my Tuesday morning, if you would. My VA doctor is sending me for a cardiac stress test because the EKG they took on my first visit showed the possibility I had a heart attack at some earlier time of my life. It is scheduled for 730 am Tuesday morning and I can have no caffeine for 24 hours before. Good thing I have breakfast at 630 so at I will get that tomorrow morning. But no Coke Zero or iced tea with lunch or dinner. As Charlie Brown used to say, “Auggghhh!”

    Good night all.

  18. “…the possibility I had a heart attack at some earlier time of my life.” Good luck, Mark. That’s the kind of surprise finding we can all do without.

    Due to a strong family history of cardiac problems*, I have seen a cardiologist annually for several years. I told him when I first began going to him my goal was to be his least interesting patient, ever. So far, that has been the case.

    *A major reason why I’ve spent all those boring hours** on a treadmill at my gym.

    ** Well, boring when there is no eye candy present. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  19. Mark you know I am wishing you well. Do not let them push you into another heart attack. I hate cardiac stress tests, especially those nuclear ones. I think they’d have told you if it were one?

    You can do it, you are getting control of your health again and this is just part of doing that.

  20. Good morning Villagers….

    GR, now come on, I’m not that contagious…or am I ๐Ÿ™‚ Praying your Mom starts feeling better….Amen

    Steve, don’t remember where I picked up knowing that rolling up your clothes helps prevents wrinkles….I so anal about my laundry that I actually hang all my T-shirts.

    Mark, yes I will say a prayer for you tomorrow….had to do one of those stress tests only once, and I thought they were going to give me a heart attack.

    A crises at my hen house…the steel rod conveyor has started rusting again and is making marks on the egg shells….and I sure don’t want The Corp coming out again…they actually made us stop packing one day and sand down the conveyor. So, come this morning, Ian and I will wipe it down (98 percent humidity here), put a fan under it, and then hopefully start bringing in the eggs. Then, after production, start sanding it down….going to be a long, hard day. Skittles better be there this afternoon, because the two of us (especially me) can’t do this alone.

    Jerry, I love your determination….it is greatly admired. Pray I can keep mine.

    …have a blessed day everyone

  21. Why, yes, Debbe, you are contagious…fun! ๐Ÿ™‚ Be careful in the heat and humidity, hon. And thanks for the tune…and babes. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    On the way to check on Mom now.

  22. Thank, Jean dear. She is still not feeling well this morning and is off her feed. I talked to the attending about adjusting her meds. We shall see how it goes.

  23. Ghost I lost my mom tragically 32 years ago today (she was only 61 and the driver of the other vehicle never was charged). I posted on Facebook my remembrance of her and a lot of folks expressed their shock, sympathy and wondered how I ever got over it. In truth, we all have our crosses to bear and go thru our own trials. I am not sure how I could take care of a parent like some of my friends do.

    My prayers are with you and your Mom. You have been a good son and you have cherished her thru thick and thin (I;’m sure she has too) Hang in there and just keep showing her how much you love her. That is about all that we can do.

  24. Thanks, Steve. I know I have been blessed to have her all these years, and what I do for her now is from love and, as best I can, to show my gratitude for that blessing.

  25. Debbe ๐Ÿ˜‰ The reason I said “thanks for the babes” was because I thought it was going to be the version with the videos of a bunch of Jersey Girls in their summer clothes. To me, “summer clothes” means bikinis and sundresses. Lately though, around here, the prevalence of sundresses seems to be waning and that of bikinis waxing.

  26. Mark luck to you on stress test. It is when they can’t tell for sure is when it gets you going. For eight years the VA doctors have been arguing have I had one or not? Several stress tests, 2 echo cardiograms, and they still argue about it. I just entered the MOVE diet and life style change program and try to be good, and hope the other shoe doesn’t drop.

  27. Dickens the Adventure Dog is fascinated by the chickens out on breezeway in the dog carrier. He thinks they are feathered cats perhaps? I let them out and he sniffed their tails and tried to play. He goes out and lays by their cage to keep them company.

    We are setting up a big pen that can move around. Right now under a shady oak inside garden walls.

  28. Eye candy at the gym? Sometimes, mostly employees, more rarely clients [e.g., h.s. or college athletes]. I’ve not lost my interest, but the need has decreased. Mostly I like to meet nice people, and often do.

    I may take after Dad. [I know I do.] Walking in NYC in my teens: ‘Son, did you see the legs on that girl?’ Never messed around, but had a good eye. Died at 80, in ’58, on my first duty day at BSC.


  29. Only eye candy at my gym consists of beef cake or perhaps jerky, young buff guys who may be police officers since city, state and federal and military all get discounts there. Have only seen one female there that would meet that description and believe me, I know. I am totally hetro ofcourse, just a veteran like Ghost at rating.

    Know your competition? I have met some nice people however.

  30. Jackie, eye candy is a term covering a wide range. Since beauty, as they say, is in the eye of the beholder. And looks aren’t everything either although they are what gets the first glance. I don’t know whether the guys would like being called beef jerky, since that refers to something dry and stringy!

  31. I still look fit, but it’s only an illusion. I’m not sure if I could run across the street. Speaking of that, it’s raining so hard that I can barely see across the street.

  32. Jerk chicken perhaps?

    Old and stringy might be some of the REALLY old seniors who come, they encourage old folks like me to join.

    I didn’t recognize my own arm yesterday. Where did that skin come from? It doesn’t belong to me?

  33. We must be having more fun than I. I’ve done nothing but open thousands of tiny seed packets and empty them into plastic seed saver containers for days. Then on Tuesday and Wednesday my new helper and I will fling them with abandon around dirt out in yard or with dirt into the yard.

    Perhaps they may germinate as little else has lived anyone has planted. Nothing blooms is not tossed into a little dirt.

  34. I hate Hal changing what I type, especially grammar. He is seldom correct.

    Frankly I probably speak rather archaic English from those he deals with daily.

  35. Chickens REALLY do go to sleep at dark don’t they? The ones out in dog carrier on breezeway chirped and made noise all day long but it got dark and they are quiet and huddled up.

    Going to bed with the chickens but I have to put clean sheets on bed. We are going to use the big dog carriers with straw inside for temporary bed for the hens. Out in garden inside a buffed up dog yard to keep out cats, hawks and other things that eat chickens.

    We are going to train chickens to let us pet them. Dickenson has gone to bed too, he stayed awake all day watching chickens faithfully.

  36. Jackie
    Wait till you hear them snore (genteelie)

    Not caught up –

    Found out my best man Ron has pancreatic Cancer – they May have caught it
    early enough.

    Right now need prayers.

  37. If it has not spread beyond the pancreas, the pancreas can removed I understand. It is also my understanding that this does not happen often. Let’s hope that your friend is one of the lucky ones. Has he received a second opinion?

  38. By sad coincidence, a friend from HS – a brilliant retired nurse and intense church worker – just underwent a brain biopsy today (8/1) as she was told she had a brain cancer last week. I had never heard of brain biopsies, but certainly pray that the result is as good as can be. Waiting can be very hard for all concerned, as several Villagers know.

    More lightly, some Villagers were mentioning “degrees of separation” recently. How close need 2 people be to be considered a link in such a chain? In my own case, do I know my ex-students well enough? (Some have been in contact for more than 40 years; I do think I know them sufficiently, but probably not many more.)

    How about the clerks in our grocery store? We’ve seen some of them for a decade or more but know, at best, only first names.

    Back about 45-50 years ago, I was privileged to meet and chat with [one:one; no one else standing by] the late, great, operatic tenor, Jan Peerce. We spoke for less than 5 minutes, I’d guess. Was that a countable connection? If so, then I’m only 2 degrees from, say, the equally operatic Robert Merrill, who was a buddy of Peerce. Ditto, 2 degrees from the famed conductor Arturo Toscanini, who conducted some operas featuring Peerce. [The famed 50th anniversary performance of “La Boheme” from February 1946 comes to mind.]

  39. Good morning Villagers….

    Old Bear, you got them coming your way……..Amen. Keep us posted.

    Mark, will be sending positive ‘waves your way this morning….Amen

    GR, I’m also sending prayers your way for you and your Mother……Amen

    As I’ve said before, my job is not rocket science, my mind just wonders and I think of the people in the Village. I care how one and each are doing….like Miss Charlotte, who we haven’t heard from in awhile…..

    Jackie, love the idea of making petting pets of the chickens. Ian has the rooster, Golden Boy, trained and loves to bring him into the packing room. He really shouldn’t do that because of the bio security protocols….but it is fun to see him walk and cluck. He is one big rooster that takes up the entire cage. Had a hen in there with him, but she died….so I just left him in there alone. Didn’t want to take a chance and have him trample another Miss Prissy, besides there are Miss Prissies all around him. When he crows, all the hens cue….I call him my ‘stimulator’ ๐Ÿ™‚

    Going in early again today….called the Boss yesterday and asked if he was made aware of or was aware of the rod conveyor rusting…again. And he did not….so, ‘Skittles’ was to go in and pressure wash the conveyor and we’re to wipe it down again this morning….hopefully this time when we get it clean, he will have it painted with some rustoleum paint. Then he asked if I had other issues…I opened up the door to some issues I have….he is coming by this morning….I believe in protocol, and I like the Farm Manager, but what we have here is a lack of communication.

    ya’ll have a blessed day

    Jean…BCN has gone daily…check it out

  40. We rise to more thunderstorms this morning. We just had the driveway cleaned last week and clay is washing across it. I can’t do anything about it until it stops raining.

  41. Good morning all, got a call from nice guy in New York about my boat trailer, sound asleep and slid off bed on slick new sheets I had put on bed last night. Bet they don’t have any TV commercials of old ladies in racer back short gowns on floor. “Help, I’ve fallen and I can’t get up.”

    Fought valiantly for my footing and managed to push body backwards onto bed.

    Many of the worst accidents happen in bed. You see the results all around us daily.

  42. GM Debbe

    Thanks for Prayers
    Ron has several people practicing on him. It may be early enough
    that chemo will suffice – leave that to the “Experts”.

    MBH and his BH are meeting tonight at casino. So more news to follow.

    May the Force of all the pray in His name (no mater what name) be with us.

  43. Debbe, looks like two cats my ex has now. One I took in as a very small kitten, wandering alone in our apartment parking lot. Other she took in as grown cat hanging around her house. Both look much like the one in that picture.

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