Bosom Buddies

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I have never been comfortable talking about my work. There was a time I simply refused to do it. I felt as if it were my job to put the work out there, and it would have to speak for itself. Then, along came the internet and the Web and email and forums and blogs and Facebook and on and on. I found myself almost obligated to interact at least a little bit. And you know what? It didn’t hurt as much as I thought it would. I sometimes even enjoy bloviating about my comic strip, although I still believe, ultimately, it must speak for itself. I say all this, because Arlo and Janis have a new neighbor this week, Robin. Any new character in Arlo & Janis is big news, believe me. That is, I hope she’ll be a new character. One never really knows about these things, and I’m not yanking your chain when I tell you, not even I know for sure whether Robin has legs. I hope she does. I’m badly in need of new foils.

There were a lot of comments yesterday, when she first appeared, about her physical similarity to Janis. She was supposed to have silvery hair, as above, but my instructions to the colorist were lost. It probably was my fault. Silver hair would have gone a long way toward eliminating any confusion. Already, by her second appearance today, she is taking on a more distinctive and permanent look. Many cartoonists when pondering a new character will spend months filling sketch books with studies and prototypes before introducing a winner. Not me! You get to see it happen at Arlo & Janis!

154 responses to “Bosom Buddies”

  1. I saw the similarity as well, and thought that Janis was busy she was running into herself, which is what I used to tell people I was doing back in the days when I actually an actual job.

  2. “I’m badly in need of new foils.” Perhaps so, especially since Gene, ML and The Shrimp seem to be otherwise occupied. How many cartoons between the first of the year and Robin’s arrival on the scene would you think have utilized characters other than Arlo, Janis and Ludwig? Don’t bother to look; I did and it’s only two, the servers when they ate out. I can see how depending on just three characters (with one of them being mute) to carry the narrative of a daily series would be difficult.

  3. Nice sandcastler(tm)! My wife said “First Robin of spring” when she saw it. Nice work Jimmy, thanks for sharing your process. We can’t wait to see either!

  4. Thanks for your thoughts on this JJ. I was beginning to wonder if you were going to start a new story arc like so many others have done, and was waiting to see what was next. This looks and sounds like a lot of promise arc or not. Today’s strip set a lot of tone for personality in Robin.
    Villagers, the Hermanator has recovered real well from dental work, but now refuses crunchies and asks for canned food. I spoiled him big time today and warmed up his canned food today.

  5. No, Jackie, I’m not in NOLA today. In fact, I’ve never been to Marti Gras, possibly because I’m not carried away with places where the streets are filled with crazy drunks. Oh, wait. If that were true I’d have never been to the French Quarter at all, would I?

    And no, sand, I’m not getting my fortune told. I have all I can do dealing with the current day’s events, without worrying all that much about tomorrow’s. I have not, however, ruled out hedging my bets by getting a gris-gris the next time I’m down that way.

  6. My absolute favorite restaurant in New Orleans is on your side of Pontchartrain, however, Ghost.

    La Provence, in Lacombe but since I just looked at menu it is not like it was when I dined there for free! Still, great food and wines and I know John Besh is never there, but isn’t he the best looking chef around?

    I know, Italian beats Provence.

    Love, Jackie

  7. Having gotten my wisecrack out of the way, I note for the record that I read “Arlo & Janis” in a newspaper (have your grandparents explain what that is, kids!) as the Good Lord intended… thus the issue of hair color never arose.

    As for anyone in A&J taking on a “permanent look,” the Mona Lisa smiles at this notion, and Ludwig perks up his ears.

  8. The only one in the strip with a “permanent look” is Arlo himself. His clothes change, but nothing else. He’s tried different haircuts and gotten glasses, but he always returns to the classic look.

  9. I wonder if Robin has been added to the cast to provide another voice for JJ. Our favorite couple have been aging far slower than Jimmy and the rest of us; perhaps a “silver hair” can provide a means to address thoughts and issues facing we Baby Boomers.

  10. Now I am salivating, Sand. The oysters pernod or turtle soup or pork chops? Watch Ghost tell us we are going to gain weight reading it. My God but he looks awful! But then I guess I do too. Ditto, need that “free” expense account I guess? Funny, I never knew what anything cost back then.

  11. Well, I suppose Besh is better looking than Prudhomme but either way, it doesn’t seem to affect either one’s ability to cook. I had shrimp étouffée last time I was at K-Paul’s, and yes, my diet was placed on hiatus for just that one day.

    Strange that Italian food was mentioned, as I’ve been on marinara sauce kick lately. (Homemade, of course.) In fact, last evening’s meal was one cup of vermicelli with one-half cup sauce and one ounce grated Parmesan (chicken parm without the chicken or provolone) with a green salad on the side. Very satisfying and well within the parameters of my meals plan. That even allowed for 5 ounces of red wine. (But no, not the nice Chianti Dr. Lecter’s likes with liver and fava beans.)

  12. My first thought was she’s a “little grabby” like Chubby Hugs in Get Fuzzy. I’ve met women like that sometimes and, well, sometimes it’s OK.

  13. Yep, like I said, one young lady once weighed in at a meeting wearing only a shower curtain.

    I do weigh in every time wearing the same clothing combination…short sleeve shirt, regular slacks, and street shoes. Necessary “hardware” rides in my close-at-hand ultrabook messenger bag, or in my jacket pockets, until after I leave the meeting.

    Dunno, Jerry; might be a conversation starter. 🙂

  14. I’ve been waiting to see if anyone would comment on the “headline” Jimmy hung on today’s blog entry. My only comment will be that as soon as I saw today’s (2-17-15) cartoon late last night, that was my first thought. And I wasn’t thinking of the old Tom Hanks/Peter Scolari TV series.

  15. By wearing the same clothing items (not the exact same clothes) to WW each time, I know that what I’m wearing at the time weighs 4.7 pounds, and therefore can calculate what my “real” weight is.

    I was brushing up on CAP regulations in connection with re-upping with them. There are weight and grooming standards that have to be met to wear the USAF-style uniform. The weigh-in is to be done without shoes, plus they allow you 3 pounds for your clothing. The max allowable weight of my height is 240, so no problem there. But the grooming standard allows only a mustache, so my new semi-beard would have to go. Of course, there is the option to wear the Class B CAP “corporate uniform”. I’ve worn the real deal already, so wearing blues wouldn’t that big a deal for me. And the corporate uniform looks pretty neat. (There’s also a short-sleeve version not requiring a tie.)

  16. Ghost, found this: the gun is from—– SACO Sino American Cooperative Organization, aka U.S. Naval Group, China Intelligence and Guerilla Warfare 1943-1946

    Found a copy of an “official” letter from the organization to my step-dad that apparently came in after his death? Regarding a plaque being placed on war memorial in Washington, DC and it was sent to all members of group.

    Also a hand written account from step-dad which seems to pretty much authenticate provenance of the gun.

    Love, Jackie

  17. Ghost, I checked out that photo link and it is an outdated picture. That uniform has not been authorized for at least 5 years. The Corporate uniform consists of a white aviator shirt, ( I know is there any other color?)gray slacks and gray epaulets. I usually wear a blue golf shirt with gray slacks when I do my weekly gig at wing headquarters. Hope you take the plunge and I cross paths with you during one of the national conventions.

  18. sand, you fit in with most of my friends. Lots of beards, long hair, tee shirts and f’ off’s among small boat sailors. Houston Yacht Club we are not!

  19. Chris, I thought the male aviator shirt uniform was what was pictured. My eyes must have malf’d. In my defense, it wasn’t a great photo. The illustrations in M39-1 I pulled up on-line are very good but will not allow the URL to be copied and pasted. Yeah, I’d get a Class A USAF-style for a NatCon and shave the semi-beard. In fact, I went to one of those on the Left Coast when I was in CAP previously.

    I was actually a founding member of the local squadron some years ago and was squadron commander for a while, which will undoubtedly come as a surprise to the current CO (we’ve not met yet) when I tell him. Perhaps they will let me in as a “legacy” member if nothing else. 🙂

    And what do you do at the NJ Wing HQ?

  20. Jackie, why did you inject insulin into your finger? Aren’t you supposed to use them only for blood sugar readings?

    Sandcastler, I don’t know why Windows takes so long to boot. I do know, however, that the last time I rebooted it took 43.530 seconds to get to the login prompt. (I know that there used to be ways to keep things from loading at boot if you don’t really need them, but I’m not familiar with anything more recent than XP, and I’ve forgotten almost all of the details years ago.)

    Air crew uniforms remind me that I was at a convention, Gallifrey One, over the weekend at the LAX Marriott. Every day there were air crew checking in and heading up to their rooms and I complimented them on their realistic hall costumes. There were several Daleks roaming the convention area at different times, including one that had been converted to a baby carriage. There was also a rather interesting confrontations when two incarnations of K-9 came face to face, but it was resolved peacefully.

  21. I got up, went to work, and it all went to hell then…auger out…in two separate places, same auger though…fortunately, school is out and Dakota came in. We have what we call the ‘dead truck …an old GMC that hauls the dead and has no heat. So Ian and Dakota had to go pick up 400 feet of new auger to put in…and it got done. Dakota and Ian put cardboard on the front of the radiator…to help, alas, not much help/

    I hate eggs…forecast for tonight…a possible more three inches is on the way….arrrgghhhhh.

    Enjoy your eggs.

    “Now I lay me down to sleep…….

  22. Humm. Orlando in late August.

    Debbe 😉 I do believe we’ve come up with a new phrase…when things go really, really bad, the result is that you “get augered”.

  23. Debbe, when you put the lines “Now I lay me down to sleep” it reminded me of a Civil War soldier’s lines about Sherman’s campaign in Georgia. At one point they had unusually heavy rainfaill that lasted a long time. And of course they did not have tents so the common soldiers were sleeping on the muddy ground.

    Now for the poem: “Now I lay me down to sleep, in mud that’s many inches deep. If in the morning I don’t awake, hunt me up with an oyster rake”.

    I know exactly how he felt. Some of my Boy Scout trips were like that!

  24. Thanks, Jackie, for that lead to a fascinating footnote to American operations in WWII. Although I’m certainly no military scholar, I am fairly well-read on the subject. But I do not recall seeing even a mention of SACO. Considering their mission and what happened in China after the war, I supposed that’s not too surprising.

  25. From yesterday

    Jerry said on 17 Feb 2015 at 1:27 am #
    Nobody is what they think they are. Some of us know it, some of us suspect it, and some of us are happy.-me

    Jerry – I was going to say that – We are a happy bunch here

    Jackie I got Beanie Babies – Do I have Beanie Babies

    Jerry – Hear it is going to be almost freezing down your way.
    Wind Chill advisory here, tonight & tomorrow minus 35 expected –
    emb even more.

  26. Jackie,

    The Pacific War Museum is located in Fredericksburg, Texas. There is also a smaller exhibit where they hold occasional reenactments, this location also houses a fully restored PT Boat. Fredericksburg was the home town of Chester Nimitz, Fleet Admiral; a small museum of his memorabilia is just down the street.

    Between Austin and Fredericksburg lies Stonewell, home of LBJ. Small museum and boyhood home. LBJ ranch and family cemetery are located off of Hiway going to Fredericksburg.

    You might enjoy the side trip while visiting daughter. The Texas Quilt Museum is in La Grange, about an hours drive from Katy. Makes a great day trip. Do lunch at Bistro 108.

  27. While on war museums. New Orleans has two located in the warehouse district. World War II. Started by Stephen Ambrose. Major contributors include: Tom Hanks and Stephen Speilberg. The other, Louisiana Confederate Museum. Both are gems. Located on the same street is Ogden Museum of Southern Art, worthy of the admission price.

    Up north in Monroe is a museum dedicated to Claire Chennault. It is at the edge of the Monroe airport. Very nice collection. Nell Colloway, a granddaughter and great lady is the museum director.

  28. Amazingly, Sand, I have actually been to those things, including the Nimitz museum. Yes, my step-dad’s name is on the list and his date of death. The rank given for him is interesting, as I had seen a war time photo of him prior to this and he looks like he is in a Naval officer’s uniform but apparently not? In one of the written memoirs of this, he mentions meeting with Nimitz and other officers in person prior to going over as part of the group. Supposedly they were all volunteers and relinquished any rank or position, I guess they were not supposed to actually still be in military? His account involves going to China from Honolulu but via going to the east across continents, across Africa and finally to China. I found all this among papers after my mother died and I may well find more? They were in cooperation with British secret service as well, so this is all pre-CIA I am certain.

    Love, Jackie

  29. Yeah, Jackie, one of the articles mentioned that the OSS (considered the predecessor to the CIA) was involved in the SACO operation. (Hopefully they didn’t have any “Bills” with them.)

    Was he a Navy Chief Petty Officer? Their uniforms look somewhat like those of commissioned officers.

  30. Yep. Yep. Yep. To all questions. I am thinking about who the heck might want some of this? I have an entire house still to empty and there are no descendants except me. I had intended my biological dad’s military effects would go to the museum there in Texas for his Army Air Force unit and when 9/11 happened they seemed to have ended that particular museum? The people in Monroe actually asked for it but it just didn’t seem right location since there was no connection to Chennault at all for the “Ace in the Hole” Texas Air National Guard.

    I suspect many of us have tiny pieces of a much bigger footnote to history. Sand, I suspect too that you are a museum and history buff? You too, Ghost.

    Love, Jackie

  31. While the thread on Martine and Bill was running on 9CL I actually thought of my own father who was most definitely flying a “spy” plane, the group was called the Snoopers, with a giant mosquito as the emblem and part of the old Texas Air National Guard squadron. And this, my step dad who had been part of this espionage group in China, I did know about, so there can be grains of truth all over the place. But I did get tired of Martine and Bill who are a draggy pair and not very fascinating as spies!

    Read these links tonight from you guys and you will note that there is another reference to those murderous mosquitoes and giant ones as big as airplanes in the stories. Are mosquitoes all over the world? I suppose so, Africa and Asia both seem to be besotted with them.

  32. Jackie
    Back 20 years my cousin in Northern Sweden did not have screens on the windows-
    I was shocked. They did not seem to be bothered by (have) mosquitoes or “no see’ums”.

  33. You know, that is true, Old Bear, in Holland too because when I was in school over there for floral classes there were no screens. More than 20 years ago! I being from Texas thought that was unique but then being from Texas a lot of Holland was unique! Of course the fact that Europe was having the worst blizzard since the Dark Ages made it even more so.

    There were deep snow drifts everywhere but nothing seemed to stop the Dutch, buses ran, taxis ran, planes landed. White out conditions everywhere. And no window screens, we opened windows and you could just stick your hand out into snow!

  34. Who’s got big skeeters and lots of them is the interior of Alaska. It’s told that at a WWII Lend-Lease ferry base up there, one night a de Havilland Mosquito night fighter landed and the Transit Alert crew pumped 200 gallons of avgas into it before they realized it really was a mosquito.

  35. Have heard that about Alaska but not the tall tale, just the mosquitoes. Around the Great Lakes there were unbearable (pun) mosquitoes too, I actually bought one of those mosquito hats with a net that comes down around your face to shoulders. Wonder where that thing is? Had not thought of it in last couple years but they sold them because you could not get out on trails in woods for the buggers, thousands of them swarming around your face.

  36. Good morning Villagers…..

    Mark, cute video…also it’s nice that your ex shares the exploits of your pets with you. Is Vickie the name of the dog?

    Good one GR 😉 “get augered” is right, I’ll be using that instead of the other expletive 🙂

    Wind chills today and tonight could get down to 34 below……mother nature is not being very kind to all of us. Forecast….minus 11 tonight…..

    Miss Charlotte…you still with us?

    Thank you Llee… be safe too.

    AND WHERE is Indy Mindy?????

    And to top it all off….I think I have a muffler problem…..Ian just though he had to do donuts in the parking lot at work the day before…..but, it’s an ’02 Izuzu Rodeo Sport, so it’s about time. She’s been a great vehicle and not much work has had to be done one her. Just the regular maintenance. She’s my first 4 wheel drive, and she has come in handy.

    Stay warm and safe ya’ll

    Hope we hear from David soon.

  37. Debbe, that little paw print made me laugh out loud – thanks! I can also vouch for huge mosquitoes and pesky no-see’ums in Alaska, my husband’s home state. Many years ago we traveled down the Alcan and stopped for the night at a KOA just inside Washington state. All was well until the attack of the mosquitoes. We were awakened and found the whole side of our pickup truck literally black with mosquitoes. I don’t know why they were so attracted to that particular place, but we immediately packed up and left!

  38. Debbe, yes, Vickie is her (the dog’s) name. She really gets a kick out of chasing tennis balls. We found that throwing gadget at a pet store. It’s great for lobbing the balls without wearing out your arm.

  39. Sideburns, everyone needs a K-9 and an R2D2. I have both on my desk (along with Tom Baker, “my” Doctor, in full regalia).

    Debbe, that auger is cursed in more ways than one.

    Jimmy, if Robin stays, she can always have a discussion with Janis about letting her hair go to it’s natural silver, then act upon it.

    Jackie, Great Lakes mosquitoes and black flies are why there is DEET.

    Keep warm, everyone. Those of us who are freezing today will be cursing mosquitoes and muggy days in four and a half months.

  40. I have been either sending Jimmy emails or on this blog for well over 10 years.(maybe 15) I discovered A&J in the early 1990’s and often had to stop and think about the gag or even look a word or two up in the dictionary. I like to read books, articles and comic strips that make me think.

    Jimmy is right, that at first he often would not respond much about the meaning of the strip and depended upon the reader to come up with it In some ways, it reminded me of parables, which give the reader/listener an active role in understanding the meaning, which helps them “learn” the meaning better.

    And sometimes it is about a cat being a cat or Arlo and Janis being “off the wall” The gag is so obvious, we feel like he is looking in our windows… I LOVE it!

  41. Old Bear: “Hear it is going to be almost freezing down your way. Wind Chill advisory here, tonight & tomorrow minus 35 expected. emb even more.”

    Right: expected high today -2F, low tonight -24. Wind chills worse. May warm up next several days, but no thaws in sight. We may have seen more thaws in Jan. than we will in Feb. Weather happens. Mosquitoes in summer. Peace, emb

  42. Robin still has brown hair on Yahoo comics page, about same color as Janis. So, either colorists did a whole lot of them at once or they missed the memo.

    Strangest thing- dogs had been howling like mad at about daylight, which woke me up. Went back to bed and fell asleep (about an hour ago) Woke up again to the sound of a man’s voice which sounded like someone leaving a message on an answering machine (don’t have one anymore) Got up to see if it was a message on computer ? Cell phone ? Television ? A weather alert ? Someone at door ? Nada.

    Really peculiar. My ghost has never had a voice that I know of. Sound seemed to originate in office here. Dogs were neither barking nor howling at all.

    Good morning all. This may have me up with little sleep!

  43. Drive past the museum all the time when I am home, Sand, so that is strange I did not think of them? I knew they had asked about the Ace in the Hole stuff I had but it just didn’t seem a fit to me there. A Louisiana acquaintance/friend had told them about it I think.

    Whoa, I just woke up and know why it probably didn’t occur to me at all because last time I was trying to figure out what to do with stuff my mother was still alive. Actually it would be a good fit no doubt and I have to go there soon, like in next week or so.

    Yes, the Flying Tigers are even mentioned in his “memoir” I think as who flew them in and out of China and mom talked about how they burned their “base” they were operating out of just as plane took off lifting them out of a remote “airstrip” which I took to be a dirt road?

  44. Drive past the museum all the time when I am home, Sand, so that is strange I did not think of them? I knew they had asked about the Ace in the Hole stuff I had but it just didn’t seem a fit to me there. A Louisiana acquaintance/friend had told them about it I think.

    Whoa, I just woke up and know why it probably didn’t occur to me at all because last time I was trying to figure out what to do with stuff my mother was still alive. Actually it would be a good fit no doubt and I have to go there soon, like in next week or so.

    Yes, the Flying Tigers are even mentioned in his “memoir” I think as who flew them in and out of China and mom talked about how they burned their “base” they were operating out of just as plane took off lifting them out of a remote “airstrip” which I took to be a dirt road?

  45. your ghost is messing with you everywhere! the worst thing I have happen is walking around an empty house asking myself Did I turn that light on?

  46. There is some mysterious device in living room which I have not bothered to try to find that keeps doing all of the above. Since stuff in living room were husband’s entertainment, I haven’t tried.

  47. Still here. Slowly battling all of the germs, viruses, and general yuck going around. Funny how life works. My pregnant assistant called off Monday, very sick, and on her way to the hospital. The baby is okay, but mom is not so much. She has pneumonia, and they are keeping her until she has the baby. Monday was *supposed* to be my day off, and I was thinking I wasn’t getting on this week. However, twist of events got me today off – which is awesome, because I feel like crap today. Which in turn allowed me to dig through my digital archives, for my cousins, for photos of my aunt’s sister-in-law, who died of a massive heart attack in her home last night.

    Concerning 9CL, when does Juliette do when she finds out the story-teller is also the killer?

  48. One way to get back at the colorist: have Robin leave a beauty salon. Janice remarks, “Your hair used to be brown.” And Robin replies, “Oh, the colorists never get it right.”

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