Boston, Home of the Bean and the Cod…

(UPDATE: It is Sunday, the last day of the Boston Comic Con. I hadn’t meant to go dark the past few days, but I’ve hardly had a spare moment. In fact, I think the past month or so possibly has been the busiest of my life! That’s not a bad thing, and I’m not complaining, but I’m ready to slow down. As for BCC, I know you expected more in thee way of live coverage, but I will at least recap it for you in the coming days. I do want to say, I have met some wonderful fans from the Boston area, and I thank each of them for coming out. The Comic Con isn’t necessarily the easiest ground to navigate!)
Things are about to get a little crazy around here. Delta permitting, I will leave for Beantown tomorrow morning, where I will be on exhibit at Boston Comic Con Friday-Sunday. I know it costs to get in (I don’t get a cut of that; I’d let my readers in free if I could.), but I hope some of you in the Boston area will come by and see me at table D915. Autographs and handshakes will be free. I ship more books to Massachusetts than any other state, and I’m looking forward to meeting some of you. Also, I will be in Burlington, VT, two weekends later for the Vermont Comic Con. This is an experiment for me. I expect to be the old geezer in the corner fielding questions such as, “Is that strip still around?” It’s true, I’m in the corner, the southeast corner. I don’t know how much time I’ll have, but I definitely plan to send you updates here.

Today's "Arlo & Janis!"

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  1. First, if I’m not longwinded. Sitting in younger son’s AUD atop their new garage, w/ the AC on. Mpls. pred. to reached 89F today. Both w/b working today; may go out for supper tonight at The Bad Waitress. Only a year or two old, have heard good things. Have the second half of a smoked goldie, from Morey’s Fish House in Motley, to gnaw on for lunch.


  2. Prominent “news” articles on my AT&T/Yahoo home page this morning: “Leo’s Olympic Lookalike” and “Brazilian Super Models’ Favorite Rio Foods”. Thanks for the click-bait passed off as “news”, “Yahoo News”.

    Gotta find a way to get to my email without wading through crap. Think there’s a way to do that with Windows 10, when I have time to figure it out.

  3. Since I have only seen comic conventions third hand, unless you count those Startrekkers in Vegas that time, I cannot imagine what you will find. Knowing you it will be a good experience, reflected in your work with humor.

    My late husband was wont to complain about his bad booth location. The trade show chairman told him that he could be in the elevator, he had Jackie, people would find him. I assume you have no Jackie pushing them down the aisle your way?

    Good luck JJ. Have a good show and enjoy the experience.

  4. Bless you, Mark. Glad your guardian angel was on duty.

    My family has a number of aunts and uncles unrelated by blood, but tied by experience and time. Uncle Ferret (we go in for nicknames, too) put worms on my hooks, fell asleep with me in the backs of cars after family weddings, and cried with me when my Dad died young. Maybe Uncle Joe is one of these uncles.

  5. Yes, every family needs an Uncle Joe, or maybe an Aunt Jo too! Which now begs the question, do Arlo or Janis have siblings? I don’t recall them ever being mentioned. In fact, have their parents ever been mentioned? This family seems to operate in a relative vacuum (pun intended).

    D915 is my new favorite number. Will hopefully see JJ at Comic Con on Saturday. Delta better get its act together.

  6. Off the top of my head, both Arlo’s and Janis’s parents have appeared and been referenced in the cartoon. Janis has a sister (who at one point was going to leave her husband and move her kids and herself in with A&J, but didn’t). I seem to vaguely recall mention of a brother by Arlo, but perhaps that was actually by Jimmy.

  7. Y’all stay around and visit more often as we say in the south. You Yankees are interesting good people, I got a lot of my education from far, far from Louisiana. Never eradicated the accent nor gave me the proper speech but they tried.

    Wish I were in Boston about now.

  8. Best of luck with the flight. Becky returned from Seattle yesterday, every spare seat was filled with Delta rejects. She flies to Tampa today, likely the same story. Glad we have our London and DC tickets purchased in advance; United better not let us down.

  9. ‘Well, if “Old Geezers” = “Baby Boomers”, just think of the size of your potential audience.’

    IMO, no. Boomers are retiring or getting close, but middle 60s don’t rate as geezers anymore. With sanitation and better meds [in this and other nations, except for those who cannot afford them], 100+ is predicted for those of us in good health in the ‘Great Generation.’ Likely have to be 80+, now, to be a geezer.

    Dad was a geezer by the time he reached 70, maybe earlier, but he was born in ’78, and a Spanish-Amer. veteran [3rd Engineers, Corporal, Cuba, malaria], rickets as a child.

    We have it pretty good.


  10. I believe “geezer” has more to do with attitude that actual age.

    Ghost: I think you’re right about being able to set up your email on Windows 10 to go there directly. Meanwhile, I have as one of my favorites which lets me skip the other stuff on my way there. (Still get it most of the time when I exit my email but it’s easy to ignore.)

  11. Mark says to tell all you he has found where all the good looking nurses are who like tall men. They are in the cardiology unit. He said the one who prepped him yesterday was really cute.

    This is a good sign. I told him to make sure he knows how to follow up for dates after he recovers.

  12. I agree with Ruth Anne, geezer is more a state of being than of age. I can switch into geezer mode when it benefits me an advantageous outcome. 😉

    Delta airlines news. Main cause of the problem was a switching gear that failed to cut over during a power failure. This lead to backup generators not coming up online. News stories also say Delta was still using 90’a era computers which were slow to reboot after reconnected to power.

  13. Forgive me but I seldom feel old, much less geezerly. I agree, it is attitude, not age. I never wear “age appropriate” clothing, hair or makeup. Which means actually I don’t wear makeup or wear my “hair in a do” and younger people laugh with me, not at me.

    We age ourselves when we cannot change or learn something new daily. I enjoy this group, we often seem ageless, because most of us adopt that attitude.

    Laughter reverses the aging process, as does challenging thought.

  14. sand, I do the same thing, like when I’m in line and need help expediting something, but I call it “kindly-but-slightly-befuddled-grandpa” mode. Works like a charm with the right (young) demographic female. The older ones I just flirt with.

    I can’t define “geezer”, but I know one when I see one. 🙂

  15. Thanks, R.A.! That direct log-in screen for my account is (like Janis’s lederhosen) exactly what I’ve been needing. I have gmail and MS email accounts as well, but the AT&T one is my oldest and primary account, and I’ve always had to go through Yahoo to get to it.

  16. Janis in lederhosen? I don’t remember that at all – maybe geezerhood (geezerity?) is closer than heretofore suspected!

    BTW, if you meant “fishnet”, such doesn’t do a thing for me….

  17. “Geezerence” or “geezerance”? If we accept “geezer” as a kind of person, what is the correct noun for the quality that person possesses?
    “Geezertion” sounds even worse!

  18. Since Jimmy is going way Nawth there is bound to be language misunderstandings in communicating with the natives. I came across this in reading Lewis Grizzard last couple days. It is funny, Grizzard on Southern language.

    Listen to it. The one on mating call of the Georgia peach is hilarious. We need to laugh about now.

  19. Jackie! I said it was a “mode”. 🙂

    And yes, Jimmy, while in Boston remember it’s “I left my khakis in my car keys.” If you say it the other way around, the natives will think that’s wicked funny.

  20. Using that gray hair for sympathy? You can get a senior discount too.

    I love it when the clerks don’t offer me a senior discount where I shop because “you don’t look old enough.” You only have to be 55, not 65. I will happily show my license for an extra discount on clothes.

  21. Another image to add to my one of Janis wearing noothing but a pair of lederhosen…Jackie wearing nothing but a pair of waders. 😀

  22. That senior discount is a strange beast. Some places I have to ask for, others have it on record thanks to my keytag. 10 years before I reached senior status, I was doing work in a northern resort area just past Labor Day. Only ones hanging on were the locals, a few snow birds who hadn’t migrated, and I. Every place I eat during my stay automatically discounted me. My first experience of aging, me youth had flown.

  23. Used to drive my late husband livid. His hair turned beautiful silver early in life due to Mediterranean DNA. The waitresses in particular would offer him senior discount long before he earned one.

    He would usually refuse to accept and pay a higher price.
    As portions got larger and larger, he discovered senior portions were smaller and better if counting calories. He got more accepting of the hair.

  24. I never ask for an age discount, anywhere. Occasionally, a cashier will apply one to my purchase. Usually it’s a teenager who probably thinks the birthday that comes after 29 is 80.

  25. I often will ask for an age discount, especially at Arby’s and Big Boy where they offer one at 55. I think that I have shared this, but a cashier asked my Mom if she was 60 when she was 58 and she said “Of course”. Something that I loved about my Mom, she didn’t have a hang up about age, hair color or looks. If she could save some money she would.

    My youngest brother’s hair went white before he was 40. With his frequent marathons, the dark skin contrasted well with the hair. My hair is getting whiter each time I get a haircut and with my hour each day walking, it is a nice look.

  26. What about other forms of discounts, like loyalty or military service? Anyone have feelings, good or bad? Just curious.

    And no, I don’t usually remember a shop offers one either unless they remember to ask me.

  27. Lowes offers a 10% discount to military and military retirees every day. $100 off a major appliance is nice. So does Hooters, or so I’ve been told. Start rant: An irk is being asked my birthday when I buy booze. I’m a “kindly-but-slightly-befuddled-grandpa” of 72. I give them today’s date, 1995. The laugh gets better the older the clerk is. The youngest ones insist I must tell them the truth, “It’s the law” they say. I say “It’s not the law, it’s corporate’s stupid rule”. End of rant.

  28. Thanks, Ghost. I did not recall the lederhosen finale even when I checked your reference. Geezerity, I guess.

    I am always asked for my birthday when buying ethanolic consumables, and I often get the chance to tell the [young] clerk that I am older than their parents, and, probably, than their grandparents. My “roof” has almost fully reverted to its original platinum blond – a statement at which my MBH laughs in spite of its truth. Of course, someone’s “platinum blond” is possibly another’s “grey/gray”. My MBH did not know me when I was in single digits…we met at college when I was 17 plus a few months.

  29. Here’s a laugh, I am standing buying bunches of flowers at Walmart in my Capri tights, a sleeveless top and a flowing sheer caftan with sandals and a straw fedora, native looking beads and bangles. Thinking I am looking pretty cool in my tropical ensemble.

    Little boy goes by in cart, looks over and yells out, “look mama, she’s a witch!”

    Mama says to shush up. I just laughed. I must look weirder than I thought!

  30. Should have wiggled your nose at the kid, Samantha-style. He’d probably never seen the show in reruns, though.

    I was using a Kroger loyalty card for points toward a gasoline discount, until they took almost a year to remodel their store, during which it was almost unshoppable (new word?); the bottom dropped out of gasoline prices; and there is a nice market that is a forth the distance of the Kroger store from my house. I think there was some controversy about the Lowe’s discount over it applying only to active duty and retired military and not to veterans. (Could ahve been Home Depot.) The sporting goods store where I purchased my SIG Sauer firearm back in December had a sign at the register stating they gave a 10% discount to LE and military. I pulled out a copy of my DD214 and asked the cashier if that would apply to veterans. “Sure,” he said, saving me $60 just like that. Never hurts to ask.

    Discounts are of course a matter of company policy, and I can live without them. Ones for my military service are appreciated, though, especially when I remember the amount of my first month’s Air Force pay check. Or my last one, four years and four promotions later, for that matter.

  31. George, I think there is a sign at my market’s checkout register warning people to expect to be ID carded for tobacco purchases if they are under 40 years of age. Probably company policy, as the authorities in this area are known for running lots of sting operations on sellers of tobacco and alcohol.

  32. I thought I was being original. Had a minor dispute with the bank and told the cashier I’d been banking there since before her mother was born. She called me on it and turned out she was right. Her mother was two when I opened the account.

  33. “Facebook Will Force Advertising on Ad-Blocking Users. The social network will use technology to disguise ads on its desktop service from ad-blocking software.” – Wall Street Journal

    Yeah, boy, give me some of that! Where do I open my FB account?

  34. Praise all gods of all faiths, Walmart and my primary physician got all my medications filled. The sweet clerk looked at the total and said, “We’re you expecting it to be xxxx dollars?” I asked if there was a discount that had been applied? He said, “Yes. Do you really want them all?”

    He didn’t expect me to want them. Do not have a stroke and bypass surgery during open season for drug insurance. I will enroll on first day this year.

  35. It has been proven that Internet advertising does not sell product unless you are a consumer who orders online.

    Just read a long analysis of that last night in regard to the failure of newspapers from lost ad revenues. Study had proven that online ads didn’t have that effect, most people, including me, pay no attention to ads on page.

    They may annoy you but I doubt they sway you.

  36. When did you last read an outdoor advertising billboard? For me, the answer is “I honestly don’t remember.” The bright animated LED ones may cause me to glance at them with annoyance but not read them.

  37. “2017 Chevrolet Camaro ZL1: 650 HP, 0 to 60 in 3.5, Yours for $62,000”

    So much for GM standing for Government Motors…the US Department of Nannyism would never, ever allow them to build such a thing.

  38. It still makes me shudder to be in line at my pharmacy behind someone of non-retirement age and obviously without insurance coverage when they are told the single bottle of medication they are picking up is like $235.

  39. Here in Illinois one can bring in a certified copy of their DD214 to the DMV and get “veteran” added to their license. Used it many times at Lowes on big items.

  40. When I was between private insurance and social security I also paid all my own drug bills. It normally ran over $2-3 thousand a month. I would struggle to keep a supply, beg for samples. Around 6 drugs all ran over $250 a month.

    That’s when I threatened to knock a drug rep in head for his samples, thereby scaring a small male one into waiting for next elevator. Ironically some of those same drugs are now OTC.

    Right now it is insulin and strips eating me alive but my insulin is almost nil now.

  41. Jackie, before I went on Social Security there was a period of several years where even the copay from the VA would have been hard to meet for my many meds. If they hadn’t been waived due to low income, I doubt I’d still be here. Now, of course, they’re free because my disability rating is high enough that I get free care, free meds and travel reimbursement. If gas prices drop far enough, I’ll be turning a profit every time I visit one of my doctors.

    Your tax dollars at work.

  42. I never could get assistance despite the huge co-pays even with insurance. I tried. Felt like all our money was going on drugs, mine. That is why I am trying so hard to get healthier and off all I can. Doing leg lifts and swings listening to rock and roll to keep trying.

    Hit The Road Jack. Ray Charles.

  43. I was a geezer at 50.
    Now I am a curmudgeonly geezer

    TIP for Aug 8 looks more like a plumber’s friend than a horn.
    No wonder she did not want it in her face.

    Saw a sign “We don’t give senior discounts – you have had more time to accumulate wealth”
    Many years ago when MIL was first a senior, place offered senior discount of 10% –
    problem was you got 15% less product.

  44. Good morning Debbe. Mark was in good spirits today when I talked to him. His surgery is tomorrow afternoon and I will check on him with hospital and post here. His blockage is very severe so the surgery will give him more years of life. I know you will pray for him.

    Take care of yourself. You are deserving too. Love.

  45. Good morning Villagers….

    Jackie, be sure to tell Mark I’ll be thinking and praying for him. He’s a good man, and thoughtful of those around us here…always willing to help us out. And thank you for your kind thoughts my friend.

    Good morning Old Bear…yesterday the packer shut down for two hours, thereby accumulating a bounty of eggs that kept clogging the eggs trays in front creating blocks. When we finally got it running at 11ish we usually start at 8……someone had to be out in front constantly to keep the “eggs in a row”….when we left, the hen house temp was 89 degrees. We were drenched.

    Looking forward to the temps this weekend…..maybe 78 on Saturday….yeah.

    Still would like to know what Indy Mindy needed all those ones for 🙂

    happy hump day

  46. GR 😉 ooh wee, three fine ladies from Dylans’ 30th anniversary….you should look into it, great Dylan songs sung by different performers (personally, I think they do a better job 🙂 )

    Oh, I’ve always had a pair of something 🙂

  47. Good morning. The operation u s to start around 11 am. Should be done around 3pm or so. Thanks for the prayers. Even the surgeon rayed with me yesterday after he spoke to me about the operation. Will update on progress when able.

  48. Ghost I often look at billboard signs, especially when my normal route got detoured and I had to go down a surface street for 5 or 6 miles. Certainly did not affect my purchasing habits as I was in a part of town that did not meet the advertiser’s target audience. There is an annoying electronic sign as I head onto the freeway and they showed a huge picture of a particularly ugly Mayor of a city nearby. I know, I shouldn’t talk, but frankly the guy gives me the creeps.

    We do have a sign well north of the city that has been there for many years and I think that they used a GoFundme to start refurbishing it. It is the iconic painting of Jesus stating “Are you on the Right Road” We actually talk to the sign as we go up north to vacation.

  49. Our niece manages social media for Parker’s, a chain of convenience stores in the Savannah area. A couple of days ago she created this image (and I hope my link works). To say it has gone viral would be an understatement! Must admit, however, that I make this face when I do get sweet tea.

  50. I give up! Maybe she did something to prevent its being shared other than on FB – she’s clever that way. If anyone else wants to give it at try, the FB page is “Parker’s” and the image is an otter.

  51. I have seen that otter saying “when you think you got a chocolate chip and it turns out to be raisin cookie”

    Mark is in good spirits. Just got off phone. Y’all all pray for him please, this is major.

  52. Steve from RO, my SIL calls that sign “Freeway Jesus.”

    I’m late to the discussion of Arlo’s or Janis’ parents and sibs. I recall Jimmy’s parallels between the military service of his own Dad and Arlo’s Dad, and also how Ludwig got his name. I don’t have Ghost’s total recall, gosh darn it, so I can’t post links to those. 😉

  53. Yep, that’s the raisin cookie otter. Obviously we Southerners are more emotional about our sweet tea. I drink unsweetened with lots of lime or lemon. I tip well if you take care of my tea!

    Hate going up Nawth to be told it “isn’t the season”. How can there be a season for iced tea?

  54. Smigz:

    Yes we’ve called it Freeway Jesus too. Ironically there is another Freeway Jesus that is in Monroe Ohio, which was directly across from the plant that our company has and that I visited often. A few years ago lightning struck it and they put up a new statute. (Believe me, many people have commented on that!) Today I am in our company’s newer facility about 10 miles south of the famous statute.

  55. At my house when I am iced in, running out of limes is a crisis with roads closed. I only do fresh.

    During my British invasion period I tried to learn to drink hot. Can tolerate it but I want my cubes!

  56. Good morning, all. Best of luck, Mark. This one’s particularly for you, Ghost (providing I can do this right). For those not familiar with Tank McNamara, he’s a retired NFL player now doing TV commentary. Being a sports nut, I often find him VERY funny. The whole Rio story line has been good, if you want to scroll back several days from today’s. –Okay. I just spent 10 or 15 minutes trying to get this to work and it doesn’t. Here’s what I got when I told it to copy the link, but it’s not “live.” Smigz, obviously Mark, our usual go-to guy on link problems, is unavailable today, but I think you are also good at it. Welcome to The Village, and help!

  57. That head and shoulders painting is known by some of the less reverent as ‘The bearded lady.’ Doesn’t look like a prophet who would overturn moneychangers’ tables. Actually, we’ve no idea what he looked like, though we’ve all met his siblings.

    BUMC has a mural by artist and former BSC student Michael Dewitt; actually a group of several painted panels on the S. wall of the sanctuary completed several years ago. No people depicted in it, but you can tell which panel portrays the encounter at the well at midday in Samaria.

    By the way, what had she done in violation of the Law?


  58. By the way, my Houston acquaintance that originated Tank and friends in his daily column for Houston Chronicle passed away of cancer a couple of years ago. His partner Bill Hinds continues the strip. A very good strip, sometimes carried in sports sections.

  59. True that, Nancy! In fact, my “Percent Naked” calculator may not go high enough to categorize the average Brazilian string bikini. Or in some cases, monokini.

    Heard you had some rain in your area. Hope your backyard stayed relatively dry.

  60. Today’s Word of the Day was a new one for me.

    1. to make smart or spruce: She titivated her old dress with a new belt.

    Trying to imagine how one would titivate an old Brazilian string bikini.

  61. GR6: ‘Or in some cases, monokini.’ Used to not allow topless in Brazil. Has that changed?

    Trucker: Have we any idea what happened to the first five? Whom is the Decalogue addressed to? Men, who could own property. ‘Thou shalt not covet thy neighbor’s wife.’ A single or married man is earlier enjoined not to commit adultery, which is sleeping with a married woman, another man’s property. No law against a married man sleeping with a single woman, unless she’s a virgin, when he has to first get her father’s permission.

    Why is the woman at the well at noon, in the heat of the day? [Over 90F here in Mpls., miserable.] Women gather at the well in the cool of the morning to draw water, and probably to complain re the ‘woman at the well,’ who feels she is not welcome there.

    It is ok for her, presumably a widow [maybe also a divorcee: a husband could legally div. his wife w/o cause] to sleep w/ a man, single or married, except for those forbidden in Leviticus or wherever because of degree of relationship. [E.g., ‘marriage with deceased wife’s sister’ (G&S, ‘Iolanthe’, Act I)]. Jesus does not tell her to ‘go, and sin no more.’ That’s a different tale, or two.


  62. You know, c ex-p, I really like the more “hands on” approach to calculating bikini coverage that you suggested. May I count on you to cover my bail? For science?

  63. George – I manage a convenience store. I can tell you with 100% certainty the FDA and Excise folks WILL and DO send in people both above and below legal age to see what we do. My company has been in so much trouble lately, we can get in trouble for not asking for ID before walking away to grab product. Indiana requires us to card anyone who doesn’t look at least 27 (random age, I know). Alcohol is 40, I believe, but most establishments card no matter how old.

    Debbe – I needed ones because everyone was coming in with twenties for $1and $2 purchases. Puts a dent in the supply in a hurry.

    My great Monday has been followed by two of the most frustrating days I’ve had in a while.

  64. At my age I still get carded for alcohol. Don’t know about cigarettes since have not bought since 1965. In those days cigarette company furnished us all we wanted since we did their ads for college newspapers.

    My friends who work in convenience stores tell me the stores won’t pay the clerk’s fines for selling or get the out of jail. They may exaggerate.

  65. Well, I consider being carded for beer and wine at 72 a compliment but then I am a vain woman and smile easily.
    Since I give the alcohol away it’s not like there is any urgency involved.

  66. P.S. in Oklahoma there are young women who look older and far more bedraggled than I, what with drugs, drinking, alcohol, poor diet and physical abuse.

    I know that is hard to believe but I see them every day in convenience stores and guess what they buy? Not water and Diet Cokes like I.

  67. P.S. left the smoking off that list. Amazing how those vices, along with no exercise and a pack of children can age you.

    Hit my last nerve too. Haven’t heard on Mark. He was still in surgery since 11 a.m.

  68. Good news, Mark made it through surgery and is in cardiac ICU but unconscious. This was very major surgery.
    They ended up having to use veins? Arteries? From both his legs. I have no idea how many bypasses they ended up doing but the main aorta was 99% blocked with others less blocked.

    I got message from his brother who saw him tonight. I think I may lie to hospital so they will talk to me but I just can’t do that. Too many scruples. Also I suspect he ocked his ex wife so I might be suspect.

  69. George, if you think you’ve upset the ambiance around here, you haven’t been paying attention. 😀

    Stick around; we value all our Villagers.

  70. Thanks for the report, Jackie. Yes, serious business, indeed. The veins they graft to the coronary arteries to bypass the blockages are “stripped” from the legs. (Ironically, I’ve known some people who had more problems with leg pain than chest pain for sometime following the surgery.) Having to harvest veins from both legs may be an indication of the surgeon needing a lot of them, or perhaps just that they had problems locating suitable veins.

    Interesting factoid: Veins and arteries support blood flow in just one direction. So the orientation of the veins have to be reversed to be compatible with the arteries.

  71. Good luck at the Con, Jimmy. I hope you can update us from the floor, but if not, we will assume you have been swamped by a large turnout of New England A&J fans.

  72. They told Mark’s brother his legs would hurt more than chest when he got off pain meds and gained consciousness. I don’t think Mark would have been with us for long had he not gotten into VA when he did. He had same thoracic surgeon as his next door neighbor, also a veteran. I spoke to her and she said the surgeon never got upset unless it was very serious as Mark’s was.

    I was impressed that the surgeon prayed with Mark for help, an indication he has humility and concern for his patients. So many believe it is they who control life.

  73. By the way, Ghost, are you ever going to tell us what it is that you do in a hospital. Your knowledge never surprises me but it seems quite specific.

  74. Nah, I just read a lot.

    Apparently, it’s cold, windy and rainy where the Swiss and US woman’s beach volleyball teams are playing…they are all wearing entirely too much clothing. Well, it is winter where they’re playing, after all. Good game, though, tied 1-1, and they are trading points in the 3rd.

  75. So that’s why they were so covered! I wondered. BTW, the US won in 3 sets.

    Hands-on, GR? I figured more of an optical scanner device.

  76. Ghost: ‘It is winter where they’re playing.’ Olympics? Rio is only degrees S. of the equator. No winter. Or maybe this beach volleyball is somewhere else.

    Tunner boomies in Mpls., local flash flood watch.


  77. Optical scanning device? Where’s the fun in that? 🙂

    Not winter weather, but officially winter falls June-September in Brazil. Granted, it wouldn’t likely be too cool in, say, Panama in February, but it would still be officially winter there.

  78. How about if you removed said bikini you could measure and compute square inches but then you have issue, is bikini wearer 5 feet tall or 6 foot tall and how many cubic inches are involved.


    On a different note, we missed the International Day of the Cat. At my house we have Okie Cat Day 365 days of the year. Baby Tom is in house to go get things removed and Hoochie Mama is going to get her ears cleaned out, having caught mites from Kitty Tom who has apparently died of his ear infections. He never let us catch him, wild and free but loved Hoochie Mama beyond belief.

    For some reason we have had a steady supply of black and white Tom’s and ginger orange cats, despite me making payments on my vets truck steadily.

  79. George it is bureaucracy – then no one claimed THAT was anything but Stupid.
    A Ghost said All view are welcome – if you really tilt the wagon you will be ignored.

    Still Angels bowling – the lanes are east of me. Close to emb.

    Have been buying at the same package store for 25 years so don’t get carded.

  80. Yes, Jackie, both bikini and wearer would have to be measured, carefully and probably multiple times, before accurate calculations could be made. 😉

    I meant to mention the other day that it was International Cat Day, and also point out that if cats were in charge, they wouldn’t likely have an International Human Day.

  81. Good morning Villagers….

    Jackie, that is good news about Mark. Thanks for keeping us posted. And yes, I’ve known patients where the doctor will pray with their patients before surgery….oh, the power of prayers.

    Remember when you could tell someone to “oh, go fly a kite” 🙂

    George, have no idea what you posted, but The Villagers are like ducks when it comes to water…keep coming back.

    I’m finally going to ask for prayers for my sister, Brenda. She has had two surgeries to seal off the spinal fluid that is leaking into her cranium. The fluid leaks out of her ears and her nose. Her last surgery was a couple of weeks ago, and still some fluid leaks out her nose and ears……Amen

    …prayers and lost of love to all

  82. George…ok, saw your post…and yes I get carded still…at convenience store and the liqueur store…and I’m soon to be 63….humor the I say. Do you know you even have to show an ID to even buy a lighter?????

  83. Nancy Kirk, thank you for the welcome! And thanks to Jackie for keeping us updated on Mark; continuing prayers for him and adding Debbe’s sister.

    George, I agree with Ghost and Debbe: stay in the Village!

    TruckerRon, I’ve flown a kite in a stiff breeze, but…WOW!

  84. My comment just vanished in a mass attack of a black aND white kitty who is chewing my ear, neck, pitty pawing my chest and liking my mouth while trying to get under my shoulder. I think I am changing his name from Tom to
    Ghost in honor of my favorite flying porcine aviator.

    He’s moved onto the shoulders. Never had a kitten like this one.

    He is enroute to vet as soon as I get some clothes on. Neutering or at least shots.

  85. My comment was to hang in with us. We are a varied and diverse bunch. I doubt we even come in pairs and no script writer could imagine us.

    Noah would have had fits and the earth would be missing a few oddities perhaps.

    This kitten is on my back, should this make less sense than usual. Hard to imagine!

  86. No, not even certain I had dinner. It was long day!

    Not even tuna fish sandwich.

    That cat had never been inside a house, much less in a canopy bed with fluffy comforters. He was a little natural.

    He is at vets registered as Ghost.

  87. Just heard from Mark’s brother. He is awake and had breakfast. Quadruple bypass and will move out of ICU if he can start walking on those sore legs. I imagine we will hear from him when he gets to a private room.

    I am suspecting I may have to go get the rest of his mother’s cats and convert them to Okie. Only two stayed with me after I neutered and vaccinated the lot. I tried, like Merle said, “Mama tried.”

  88. I have a nice relationship with my pharmacists. One is from Ethiopia and I believe that other one is from Albania. Both mispronounce my last name, even though it is pretty common. But I don’t mind, because they not only dispense drugs, but also dispense good advice and are genuinely interested in me and we consider ourselves friends.

    Of course to get your prescription, you have to give them your birth date. Not the year. Because my birth date is close to Christmas both say “Deecember 22nd? and I just nod.

    In regards to getting carded, I understand the corporate pressure to have a size fits all policy, but I always crack a joke and produce my ID. It is certainly not that clerk’s fault and I just as soon fight the battles that are worth winning.

    Now the new chip technology has gotten me into trouble on occasion as I like to sign for the purchase rather than putting my passcode in. There is a couple of local Walmart and Walgreen’s stores that I will not shop at not because their card reader was difficult but the attitude of the cashier was not very good. Now before inserting the card, I try to ask politely how their machine works (most are different) so I can get through the line quickly.

  89. Mark, I am just reminded of a friend who had bypass surgery many years ago whose wife told me quite a short time afterward, “this is the first time I can even remember that he was able to bicycle up that hill without his lips turning blue.” YAY for medicine!

  90. “Greenland sharks live to be ridiculously old — and may not have sex until they’re 150” – WaPo

    Don’t know about you, but I wouldn’t want that to be my spirit animal.

  91. Hey, I just gave you a spirit animal, Lil Ghost. He came through surgery just fine and is still asleep at vets.

    So is Hoochie Mama who had her ears cleaned out under anesthesia. She is no longer having kitties but that was this spring.

  92. “Police say a freight train car that derailed in northern Iowa rolled into and damaged a trackside tavern called DeRailed.” – ABC News

    Imagine the 911 call.

  93. Grandmother here has been out shopping back to school sales for my grandson who must wear very conservative uniform. This would be normal except we are all small people and he is a whopping size 3T, somewhat like a Munchkin. So Oxford button downso, Polo shirts, chinos, khaki slacks, cardigan or pullover sweaters, in those tiny sizes.

    Grandmother approves. They do allow knee length shorts of same colors. Pants must be navy, khaki, black. I suppose white would be allowed but who sends prekindrrgarten boys to school in white slacks?

    No tee shirts, no Hoodies, no printing on shirts, all solid colors, collars and belts required, socks required. Nice, neat, clean.

  94. GM Debbe

    Zen Wisdom with a twist:

    3.    It’s always darkest before dawn. So if you’re going to steal your neighbor’s newspaper, that’s the time to do it.

  95. Good morning Villagers…

    Thank you all for keeping my sister in your prayers. She is really struggling with this, and had to delay going back to work at the school. She is the “Marianne the Librarian” of grades 1 through 8, She was the one who was reading the book “Dick and Jane” to the lower grade level and the boys were all snickering. She finally got so frustrated and told them “that is his name” and slammed the book shut. 🙂 She’s my favorite, and I know you’re not supposed to favor one over the other.

    She’s raised good children (one son and three girls), one is a Rose Hulman grad in engineering, the other is a PA at St Vincent’s hospital in Indy, the other is a school teacher, and the ‘baby’ is an orthopedic assistant at a high school in Davenport.

    Nancy, that’s a cute story. Gotta tell you a secret, I love your last name. How many times are you called Mrs. Captain Kirk????

    Went to $ General and spent $247 on cleaning supplies for both hen houses. I do this once a month…love to spend the Boss’ money 🙂

    Going to rain and temps are going to drop…..yeah!!!!!

    Old Bear, I’m going to use that “big bang” the next time I’m asked how old I am…too funny

    gotta go….

    Happy payday

    MARK….prayers still with you and I’m so glad to hear you are doing well.

  96. Hi Debbe. No. Not yet. I go to Shands in Gainesville next Tuesday. At the end of the week I will go from there to the Atlantic coast to look at the car and hopefully pay the man for it. It will then be picked up for shipping to me. Hopefully I will have it here by next weekend or the following Monday.

  97. I’m here….enjoying all the stories and jokes. Pain’s been bad and no art created- which is a bummer. But there’s always tomorrow. O wait, that’s today now. 🙂 Think of all of you often.

  98. I know I don’t say much, but, I am usually here daily. Will be AWOL for a few days due to cruising the Caribbean with wife and friends,and, no computer! “See” all of you in a few days.

    Blessings for all who are in need. God bless us every one. God bless America.

  99. Glad to hear from you all missing orphans. I will check Miss Charlotte’s family if need be. Haven’t heard from Mark since yesterday but they may be dragging him up and down the halls in one of those flapping nightie.

    Since Mark is so extremely tall they may have to tie two together and wrap a sheet around the bottom.

  100. Just called Mark and no answer. I didn’t work for the gummint without learning how to get around rules. I called his ICU ward, gave them his cat’s name and told them I was his girlfriend. It worked.

    Mark is ok, they were removing the drains out of his legs and it hurt so much he had asked for pain meds. He hasn’t begun walking yet. I should have distracted him by telling him Dickens and I were cuddled in the bed still.

    Have to go pick up Lil Ghost and Hoochie Mama from vet.

  101. Thanks for the Mark-Gram, Jackie. Unfortunately, I appear to have been right about the leg pain.

    When you speak to him, tell him I said “congratulations and welcome to the club” on having his own millionaire widow lady “girlfriend”. 🙂

  102. Actually I am Mark’s friend, not his girl friend, Ghost. I am a friend who happens to be female. When he was in surgery the personal friend didn’t work even with the cats name.

    I realized in today’s world girlfriend would work, friend wouldn’t.

    Nope, still available.

  103. Both of us. I am encouraging Mark to get names and numbers for followup on all female hospital personnel who comment on liking really tall men.

  104. Going after Ghost. The vet is another good friend, also married faithfully. I have always sworn off married men my entire life. Unfortunately I was in love with one for fifty years.

    Only other love in all these years turned out to not be as single as I believed. So, I am as they said in Oh Brother, Where Art Thousand, only interested in “bonofide” single men.

    Boy, talking about being carded! Show me those legal documents!

  105. Just heard from Miss Charlotte. She says she is doing well, still in nice air conditioning with caring rehab workers, walking a little each day and doing better.

    Think I will stop in and drop off some neglected orchids with Llee tomorrow. Check on her. Tare her some vegs from garden.

    You don’t want to be my friend unless you want someone that doesn’t care about you.

  106. He is an absolutely adorable little rascal. The only cat I have ever taken to vet and been complimented on regarding how cute, lovable and affectionate he is. He’s on table by my arm grooming himself. He is fearless, four white paws and white whiskers. White bibb, chin and solid black tail, intense black body. He has an obsession with female chests.

    Dickens is defending his Alpha dog status standing on my knee.

    By the way Ghost, when you were in Air Force did you fly the Tom cats? I used to bowl in the 1980s in a Tomcat tee shirt for my bowling league. Yes, I actually bowled or tried. I was dreadful.

  107. Just found a free treat for birders, the Merlin Bird ID app. It’s put out by Cornell University. My wife doesn’t care for mobile devices other than her flip phone (“phones are for talking!”), but she likes this one… providing I “drive” it.

  108. Still not coming in to Earth astronaut.

    Got all excited, had a big envelope that said “Do Not Bend”
    “Fulfillment Rewards”. Naturally it was rolled up and bent in my mailbox.

    I thought Jimmy had sent me my Kickstarter goodies or at least something! Turned out to be a tree survey and I can claim a free seedling if I complete it.

  109. Not working for me either. However, I think we got the same survey; no room in the yard for another tree, although that might not stop Bob from planting one.

  110. Lost Ghost. Found him asleep in my bed on pillows. He is now attached to my side after trying to chew off my earrings.

    Dickens claimed the pillow. Ghost went for toes and has moved back to neck and shoulder. Dickens cannot stand the little up start and can’t decide where to plop. Kitten moves faster.

  111. Sandcastler, one link took me to a photo bucket-ish site. “no albums”. BUT I could see it. 🙂 The beatniks version of A&J (a tshirt?) is very cool, Jimmy.
    Jackie, you are welcome any time, no presents required.
    Good news about Charlotte. Glad to hear Debbe and Ghost laughing. Jerry, be safe in G-ville, want to hear more about the convertible 🙂

  112. Comcast tech said I needed a new router. Old one was allowing downloads at only 0.7 Mbps!
    Direct connection to my modem by cable gave close to 30Mbps. Ergo, laid some shekels on the local electronics emporium & retrieved a new router.

    I connected it – rather a triumph for this electronic-impaired person – but could not configure it. Seemed like a “catch 22”: I needed a router to get online, but I needed to get online so I could configure the router.

    Tech returned and did the job. New router, for him, tested at 20-30Mbps download. For me, later, only about 5.8 Mbps! Why so low for a NEW router? Later testings got some readings around 20-25 Mbps, plenty fast enough for me. Uploads are still slowish, but that doesn’t bother me.

    How did tech work this out? There is a button on the router which can get online for setting up. It is a button I had earlier been told – for the old router – NOT to touch. Too bad the new instructions didn’t specify which of the 3 or 4 buttons to push to aid the configuration process.

  113. CeP, thinking he was wearing a Comic Con vendor wrist band. Same kind the all inclusive clubs tag you with to keep freeloaders out.

    Glad to hear people can see the photos. These are some of the ones he has posted on Twitter. Usually I share photos via Pinterest, but that works best if I email a link.

  114. Now Jimmy has about 2% as many photos on-line as the notoriously private J.D. Salinger. (I did the math.) Of course, Jimmy is still alive, so he’s got that going for him.

  115. Dickens the Adventure Dog is wearing himself to a nub running defense against the Ghost kitten. My very senior black and white kitler cat Skipper is hissing too. He and Dickens have lived together in peace for over six years.

    This is a fearless terror.

  116. Ghost, you never answered if you flew the Tomcats?

    Chinese laundry is back operating today and I just put clean sheets, comforters, etc. For benefit of the critters and me, purples and yellows. Working on uncluttering house a tad. May take more than a tad.

  117. Jerry, I just saw funniest quote, “Why is it the trip that took you three hours to pack for takes three months to unpack? ”

    I am unpacking my suitcase from that long trip to Canada as we speak. Don’t even remember the clothes.

    You are going to have Christmas every day.

  118. I have two large warehouses. One holds just boats.

    Second one holds all the clutter and stuff we have removed from house and various places. Cooler weather we begin unpacking the clutter and I donate or hold garage sale. I hate garage sales. So we will donate to God’s Helping Hands no doubt.

    I usually offer to employees and they haul it to the donation center. These are the ladies who had deer jump through window of shop and destroyed. They prayed to God for help and I showed up with a half dozen truckloads. They told me this after I showed up several times with truck full for about fourth time.

    I am waiting for cooler weather and their next need of a miracle

  119. Jackie, F-14 Tomcat = US Navy fighter.

    I can’t say much about unpacking. Remember, I’m the one that just unpacked all the “new” 10-year-old t-shirts.

  120. GM Debbe

    “Take the risk of thinking for yourself.
    Much more happiness, truth, beauty, and wisdom will come to you that way.”
    Christopher Hitchens

  121. Well, please forgive my ignorance of fighter planes Ghost. You can tell my experience consisted of wearing the tee shirt.

    Dickens is defending his territory. Lil Ghost was cuddled against my hip and Dickens came over top doing his best imitation of a cat eating grizzly. Dickens is now on that hip and he NEVER sleeps there.

    Are any of the Village in the rain deluge area? Weather news about Louisiana and Mississippi was devastating and it is supposed to move this way.

  122. Good morning Villagers….

    Llee, thank you. I try to make my slumps short lived….just been really worried about my sister. But it is in His hands and prayers help. Pray your pain is short lived too.

    We’re supposed to get rain the next three days with cooler temps too….yeah

    Sandcastler…love that quote, and I believe in pixie dust too 🙂

    Old Bear, sometimes I get in trouble when I do think for myself…especially when I’m right all the time 🙂

    domaucan….happy trails….

    I like the idea of GR having a spirit animal….clever Jackie. And just how are your chickens doing?

    Still sending prayers to Mark. Jackie, who is taking care of his Mother?

    Happy Caturday

  123. Debbe, Marks mom is home alone with a neighbor checking on her and a visiting nurse. His mom is a heavy smoker, one right behind the other and his brother cannot deal with it so he won’t take her to his house. I told Mark, who does not smoke, that the second hand smoke will hurt his own recovery. You can tell I am not sympathetic to smokers.

  124. I love the Highwaymen. I had never heard that song. but I can see that I have another cd to order. Stupid car makers are not putting cd players in cars now. Well I will have one installed when I get to that point or I’ll not buy another new car. Debbe, my wife would not listen to anything slightly country, but now she listens to Gorge Jones and others. By the way, you should watch the video of his funeral. I know that sounds strange, but true. Also, BTW, I’m not complaining that I have too much stuff. I know where there is a house that finally got totally repaired from Hurricane Ivan only to be heavily damaged by a tornado this year. I know how lucky I am.

  125. Rain trying to wash most of S.E.LA away. Sure hope we don’t have too much trouble getting to NOLA tomorrow. “See” everyone in a week +.

    Blessings for all who are in need. God bless us every one. God bless America.

  126. How is southern Missitely.ssippi faring with rain? News said I55 was shut down completely.

    That dang Lil Ghost kept me awake all night loving on me. I didn’t mind him cuddling, it was the biting ears and neck and pawing. I have scratches.

  127. Spirit animal? Possibly, but I don’t bite…very hard. Have been scratched, though. 😉

    Most of the heavy rain that last weekend was being predicted to come onshore from Pensacola to Tampa instead seemed to actually arrive from Mobile to the LA-TX state line. Just what NOLA and southern LA needed, lots of rain. My BIL was headed to Deepest South LA on Wednesday to take care of some business, so I need to check and see if he made it back OK.

  128. From Old NFO at Nobody Asked Me, something that Old Bear will probably enjoy…

    The Human Body

    It takes your food seven seconds to get from your mouth to your stomach.
    One human hair can support 3kg (6.6 lb).
    The average man’s penis is three times the length of his thumb.
    Human thighbones are stronger than concrete.
    A woman’s heart beats faster than a man’s.
    There are about one trillion bacteria on each of your feet.
    Women blink twice as often as men.
    The average person’s skin weighs twice as much as the brain.
    Your body uses 300 muscles to balance itself when you are standing still.
    If saliva cannot dissolve something, you cannot taste it.
    Women reading this will be finished now.
    Men are still busy checking their thumbs.

  129. Still laughing. Chinese laundry is open again. Had insulin and a 100 calorie whole grain English muffin with sugar free apricot jam from orchard in Michigan. Next course is a multi grain oatmeal cup. The virtuous can fit in their stretch pants.

    Ghost nibbles but at 2 a.m. someone trying to eat the shiny things in your ears is disconcerting. He made a vertical leap from floor to my chest with me standing up and grabbed hold. That’s how I got one scratch. Did same thing on left thigh.

    Dickens is trying to sit in my lap and is claiming same territory. He has been the spoiled darling around here and is suffering jealous pains. He is draped on right thigh with his head on chest which is funny since I am eating breakfast.

  130. Debbe and all, re Captain Kirk, I don’t know if I have told all y’all this, but my husband “Jim” is in fact James. He’s James P, though, rather than James T. He tells people when they ask that James T is his great grandson. The best story, though, is that when Jim was teaching college math, he had a girl take calculus from him who did not need it for her major just so she could take a class from Captain Kirk!!

  131. Nancy, that is funny.

    Ghost, I meant to ask, on that math calculation regarding thumbs, at what stage they are measuring?

    It reminds me of when I went to chocolate factory to place orders for my XXXX rated chocolates for my candy shop. I walked in to production section on my tour and there were hundreds and hundreds of erect penis sitting on table, dark chocolate, light milk chocolate and flesh colored. Rather disconcerting in truth.

    Trying to be cool, all I could think of was how they unmolded all those large suckers.. So I said, “How do you get them looking so real?” They replied it was the chocolate covered coconut they applied.

    Enroute back to Houston, all I thought of was “Don’t crash this plane Southwest aND me with $2000 worth of chocolate penis in my luggage.”

  132. Just looked at Jimmy on Twitter. First of all, he is young looking. Second of all, he looks tall. Third, I like the new black Arlo and Janis tee shirts we don’t know about.

    And most important, I love that life sized foam board cutout of the Bop til You Drop of Arlo and Janis dancing.

  133. Heard briefly from Mark who feels not so good today. They have him up and walking. He has a leak of some sort in lung and they put in drain.

    Y’all just keep on praying. Mark was very sick when all this was found and had been for a long time. He is too nice a person to lose. Pray away.

    I think this is not a major setback and will heal.

  134. I am hoping he is reading some of these posts sand. He has his phone with him but turned off. Not turned off for me, he texted me but he may have someone he doesn’t want to talk to.

    He sounded so much better yesterday, his voice was clear and stronger than it was right before surgery. He did not realize how ill he was. Sometimes when things have been that way for a long time, we accept it as normal because it has become so.

  135. Fearless Olympic Prediction: You won’t see any competitors sporting big round bruises on their bodies at the 2020 games.

    Of course, I thought that about the kinesiotape many of them were wearing in 2012, and a few of them still are this year. If I’m wrong, feel free to point that out to me four years from now.

  136. Just watched Michael Phelps take the podium, receive an Olympic gold medal, and listen to our National Anthem for the TWENTY-THIRD time. Amazing.

  137. Well, since cupping and leeches were used together in past it seemed they were breaking with traditional healing practices.

    Why am I only one who doesn’t care if Michael Phelps wins more gold medals? Although he does have extraordinarily long limbs, including his fingers, as announcers have pointed out in commentary I have heard in past years. I imagine his thumbs are quite long.

  138. His erect thumb or his resting thumb?

    Some of the women track contestants are wearing two-piece track suits that would give the women beach volleyball players a run for the money. (No pun intended) I guess they can’t take a chance on an extra couple of ounces of material slowing them down.

  139. Dickens and I are shutting down kitchen and closing the Chinese laundry, heading for bed. He’s already asleep on kitchen table.

    Tonight was officially my 50th wedding anniversary and the days leading up have been hard ones. I loved one man, physically beautiful to the end. Even the nurse caring for him the day I took him off life support commented on it. Terminally ill and he looked like a movie star in a bad sad movie, not really dying.

    I held those long elegant hands as long as I could when they took the restraints off at the end. I have small hands, his were twice the size of mine, dwarfed mine. And yes, he had equally long thumbs.

    Funny the memories Ghost’s joke brought back.

  140. Good morning Villagers….

    So, when a man says he’s all thumbs….what image do you get? 🙂

    Jerry, I was Sherry in my other life. 🙂 Get the CD, it’s a good one.

    Nancy, so you’re married to a man named James Kirk….that’s cool. And I know you have probably heard it all. Liked your story about the coed.

    Hello Miss Charlotte, pray you’re home soon.

    GR. Old Bear will definitely like your little ditty….I loved the last line.

    So tomorrow is the seventh day, I hope JJ returns soon and we’re not locked out and are orphaned.

    Jackie, tell Mark hello for me, and still sending prayers his way. He strikes me as a man of perseverance and he will come through this….besides, I miss his links to music.

    Tried to take the day off, but can’t get anyone to replace me…everyone is doing something. Working at the other hen house which is in worse shape than mine. With this rain, I hope the ceiling doesn’t come crashing down…got one bad section right over some cages. The Boss was going to work on the roof this summer…too hot I guess and not enough labor.

    Still working on that stinking rod conveyor. Some has been painted, the other part I still use a steel wool pad and lightly rub it then wipe it off with Scott paper towels.

    Hope all those in the south are surviving this deluge of rain.


  141. My comment wouldn’t post. Oh well. Mark we’re thinking about you buddy. Debbe, my grass (no relation to the song) is about a foot high because we get a downpour every day and it stays too mushy to cut. Is that kid playing Willie’s guitar?

  142. Dickenson has been doing CPR for hours trying to keep me awake and breathing. Now that I am, he has gone back to sleep under my shoulder. Wonder if I can do the same?

    Good morning all. Skipper is out in breezeway yowling to either go into kitchen or out to yard if he can decide. He prefers the house.

    Somehow I am not anxious to open the laundry or kitchen this morning.

  143. Watching Desi Linden take the lead at the Women’s marathon. I have been friends with her coaches Keith and Kevin Hanson for the last 20 years. It’s a very long course but it’s nice to see her in the lead at least at some point of the race

  144. Morning Village 🙂

    Awoke to a list of National Weather Service Alerts: Flash Flood Warning, Flood Warning, and my new favorite, Hydrologic Warning. Seems a section of horse trail has tumbled into a creek tripping the Hydrologic Warning. The cheery note out of all of this, Houston is getting heat relief and needed rain while in Louisiana rainfall is slacking off a smidgen.

    Have a blessed Sunday.

  145. “Sometimes when things have been that way for a long time, we accept it as normal because it has become so.” So true, Jackie. I think it’s an adaptive measure allowing us to function in changing conditions. But it’s so wonderful that those negative changes sometimes can be reversed. Hang in there, Mark. That goes for all Villagers facing challenges. You’re in our thoughts and prayers.

    Nancy, the story about your husband’s name is terrific! I have to share it with someone I know who looks like Scotty…he may want to borrow James P. Kirk’s response.

  146. Jimmy, we look forward to your stories when you get back here. It’s great you’re getting a chance to interact with your readers face-to-face. We’re not jealous of them…not much…

  147. I want to know how tall Jimmy is. He looks tall and young in photos. And not much like Arlo.

    Just got off phone with Mark who woke me up which was fine. He is doing better today and sounds great. They nicked a lung in surgery so they put in a drain and they are watching it because it is losing air, like a slow leak in a tire.

    He will be going into a rehab facility after discharge to continue his recovery but will stay in hospital until lung is resolved

    He said his aide is tall good looking blonde. I said get name and phone number for recovery period. He is particularly noticing all the good looking nurses which is good sign.

  148. My wife says the best looking female nurses came during the first 2 days after my SCA that I don’t remember. Once my brain was fully functioning they went to the B team. 🙁 She says the better looking men showed up then.

  149. If I call 911 can I get a young pretty nurse sent to my son in Orlando? I know that men’s clocks tick slower, but he’s 27, muscular, good looking, does martial arts and gymnastics, speaks 3 languages plus American sign language, plays piano and has been all over the world. He also has a great job with Disney. Other than that he’s ok I guess.

  150. Only one in tight costume. What was she? Maybe Jimmy does look like Arlo with brown hair? I read a quote that said Reta is spitting image of Janis and Arlo was self portrait.

    But you know how Internet is. You can read anything.

    Have last load in washer and everything folded but sheets. Started cleaning and rearranging clutter, got flowers cut and arranged. Moving back to uncluttering the kitchen. Can’t believe I was once such a happy housewife one upon a time in a land far away.

    Seems like a fairytale. Or someone else.

  151. Just went and looked at the photos from JJ’s current venue. Saw the sign saying that one who bought a $25. item could get a second item free…and there was Janis. So, were I to fork out $25 for, say, a book, I could get Janis as a bonus??

    Nah. At best, just a drawing of Janis…but that sign can be misconstrued.

    eMb, I do not understand you today @8:32 and don’t see the point of the LONG 8:47 post, either. Feel free to elucidate if you wish.

  152. Hello, all. Im hanging in there. Surgeon talked to me briefly. Wants me to go to rehab to strengthen as no one to help me at home. Sou.ds good to me, probably have consult tomorrow and know more later. Thank you Debbe for your comments and the cat humor.

  153. I certainly hope they keep Mark in hospital for a while. One does NOT want to have a pneumothorax. Note to Debbe 😉 Your 10-dollar word for the day, hon. Or was it 5-dollar word? Well, anyway, inflation is good with lungs, bad with money.

    Good sign Mark is noticing the scenery of the female persuasion. And they say general vascular circulation improves following coronary bypass surgery. 😉

    Off to check the Comic Con pix.

  154. About to comment that Jimmy appears to have a longer shaped face and perhaps a larger nose and the bangs over his forehead that might have stuck out some. So perhaps the commentator who said the characters began as exaggeration of Jimmy and Rhetta may have been right?

    Lil Ghost did not like his antibiotic and eye drops this morning one bit. I got them all over myself via spit them out.

  155. Mark, I hope they will keep you as long as possible. You’ve no one to take care of you and going into that smoke filled house will be bad for both your heart and lungs.

    I sincerely doubt anyone in Village smokes but if you do, think what your second hand smoke does. Mark’s mom is a chain smoker every minute she is awake. Mark has never smoked but he reaps the damage as much as she does.

    Sermon of the day. If you smoke, quit for yourself and those around you. Pox be upon you.

  156. Speaking of small hands and thumbs, my RA has gotten bad in my hands or possibly carpal tunnel. I have seen orthopedics, rheumatologist and primary. I go in about a week for nerve conduction studies.

    Relative to Glocks, I cannot pull open my little Gluck so we put a clip in and I was told to keep my finger off trigger until I needed to fire and hold steady for close range and chest before I pulled since I only have six shots. I may be a widow but no Black Widow.

  157. Here’s a question for our college profs. Do flues in house have more than one variety? House filled with flies while we had doors open working on new patio off kitchen and laundry. It turned out beautifully, by the way. Ready for plants, bird feeders and hanging baskets and furniture to go in. This is my skinny sunbathing patio with enclosed high fence although the privacy shutters aren’t up in laundry yet.

    Busy killing flies before washing windows, I noticed there seem to be different sizes and shapes. I thought house flies were all same?

  158. Jackie, I think HAL hit you again. You didn’t really mean to ask about a ‘Flue’ did you? As in fireplace/chimney? 🙂

    Mark! good news, keep doing well.

    Everyone in the bad weather- you are in our thoughts. Be safe as you can.

    I was able to start a new picture. Glory/ glorioso lilies. A few other ideas got written down (helpful if I can find the note later) Good to be working again, even if only a little while. Every bit helps.

    Trapper Jean, you ok up on the mountain, or has rain washed you downhill?

    Hugs, Debbe- and everyone else! 🙂

  159. Jackie, let me add a word of advice about carrying your GLOCK 42, in case Glenn has not already done so. It is not wise to carry it or any other striker fired pistol in your pocket or purse, or in any other circumstance that might allow some object to protrude into the trigger guard and press against the trigger. There are pocket holsters and special purses that guard against that happening, but perhaps the simplest solution is one of these.

    Dustin does my custom holster work for me, and he will do you a good job for a fair price. You can even get them in the color(s) of you choice.

  160. Jackie: There are more kinds of flies than you can shake a stick at. The Peterson series Field Guide to [American] Insects takes you down to family only, not to genus or species. If you can tell the biting flies [deer-, horse-, and black flies] from non-biting [house- and carrion flies], that’s all you generally need.

    c x-p. ‘Saariaho now lives with her husband and children in Paris. She has said that though she loves Helsinki, she’s more comfortable in a city where she is not a celebrity. “I’m too well recognized in Finland,” says Saariaho. “When I say this to colleagues in America, they think it’s fantastic that there is a country where contemporary music composers can be esteemed public personalities.” ‘ My post suggests that they might have unstated climatic reasons for preferring Paris, which is only as far N. as Vancouver, BC.

    New Yorker post: Though a deprived American monoglot who finds learning foreign languages difficult, spoken/written languages fascinate me, and signing all the more so.
    Signing may have been hominids’ first language [our proto-hominid ancestors had the hands for it before the current human vocal apparatus was as refined as it’s been for the last few hundred millennia], and sign languages develop anywhere deaf people are common enough to develop one. [E.g., Hawai’i, Nantucket.] They are not word for word or grammar for grammar related to the spoken languages around them, and have different nuances and maybe obscenities than the rest of us do. So I thought the article might be of interest to this diverse group.

  161. Actually I did read article from New Yorker, as much for relationship differences based on language. Not that I intend to enter into another relationship with someone from a foreign country. And actually I did think we spoke same language. Not necessarily true.

    But, I digress. I thought the same thing, I doubt many classical musicians in America would even be recognized. Perhaps Andre Botecelli. That doesn’t look right? I understood both points.

    Thanks Ghost. I will order one. Glen set up gun so I could use, despite my fingers not working right now. I can use but painful. You intrigue me you know. I once had highest security clearance because of what I did and had to know, so you sound worse than the ones who still kept it all secret, I mean trusting no one. There is almost always a good reason for that of course.

    He told me to keep fingers off trigger because I didn’t want to accidently shoot. My plan is to tell them to stop and if they don’t wait for close range. Security at both ends of house would be nice.

  162. Going to bed really early tired from cleaning but I plan to reread Catcher in the Rye which I have not read in low these many years. It influenced me at a young age, as did Salinger scant writings. I wonder now, was he really that good?

  163. I read the article, with interest and for a long time. I then scrolled down and found that there was much, much more of it. At that point I lost interest in whether or not it is possible to learn to speak French. Obviously it is easy. A very small French child can do it so I could too, if I wanted to, couldn’t I? Wee!

  164. Jackie, your finger is ALWAYS off the trigger until you are ready to fire. But don’t wait too long.

    (I was going to link to a Youtube video showing a demo of the principle, but apparently WordPress is set up to be PC and not show an “evil death machine” being used to potentially save someone life. Google Tueller Drill if you are interested.)

  165. I took a class in Chalk painting this week and I, as usual, have big plans. We’ll see. I also took my old car that I’ve had since ’93 (it’s a ’72) out for a drive today after putting in a new fuel filter and, instead of selling it I may keep it and buy the convertible too. My wife thinks I’ve gone crazy. I can’t say that I blame her. If I do that the newest car that we own would be banished to the driveway (not the Caddy). I may have to promise to spend more time working in the yard, but then that would interfere with my plans for chalk painting. Does anyone know what that is? Clue-it has nothing to do with chalk.

  166. In fairness, I have to relate the time some years ago when a co-worker/ridin’ buddy and I took off on our Gold Wings on a Friday afternoon for a high-speed run to Big City for a weekend business meeting. After the meeting had ended with a luncheon Sunday noon, we decided to take a more leisurely and scenic route to explore some of the back-roads so beloved by Jackie.

    After awhile, we began to pass very large, very old houses sitting very close to the highway with lots of people, often as many as two or three dozen, standing out front looking at us ride by. Many of those people seemed to have more than a normal family resemblance, if you catch my drift. A few of them had expressions I can only describe as “purple rage” on their faces.

    About the time I began having visions of a large group of them bull-rushing us on the highway, and of our bikes being stashed in sheds out back of a house, and our bodies being weighted down in a crick or a bayou, I keyed up my helmet mic and twanged out the first few chords of “Dueling Banjos”. “Yeah,” Ridin’ Buddy came back on the radio, “just what I was thinking.” We rolled on a good bit more power and made ourselves scarce, forthwith.

  167. Blame Hal. I am reading along apace. It is an easy read. I seem to recall I like Raise High the Roof Beam Carpenter.

    This was first published in 1941 so book is 75 years old.

    Ghost, why can you no longer ride? I see lots of older riders, in fact that’s almost all you see.

  168. Yeah, the big touring machines are so expensive now only old rich guys can afford them. Sold my last one several years ago when I realized I didn’t have time to ride it enough to justify the upkeep. Had one totaled out by being hit by a car (while I was riding it) but still had two more after that one. Were I going to buy an expensive toy now, it would probably be something a bit safer, like an ultralight aircraft.

  169. Jerry – No idea. I know of using chalk in art, painting with chalkboard paint (so you can use chalk on it), and hair “chalk” – which is wax, as I know first-hand; I just had a traumatic experience using said product of lies on my hair yesterday. It got ugly. Anyway, none of those scenarios strike me as especially French, so enlight me. 🙂

    Jackie – Catcher in the Rye has the distinction of being the only book I have ever flatly refused to finish. Wretched is about as kind a word as I am willing to use to describe it. I am genuinely curious as to its appeal to you and others though. I guess I understand, academically, why the story was considered so radical at publication; however, I still do not understand how anyone could stomach Holden’s bellyaching.

  170. Good morning Villagers…

    ….and a special good day to you, Mark. Glad to see your post………Amen

    Jerry, don’t know if that’s a kid playing Willie’s guitar, but if his hair gets much longer, he’ll be sitting on it.

    Llee, thanks for the hug, and I’m glad to read that you’re feeling a little better. Take baby steps to recovery……and that goes for you too, Mark.

    TR….I’ll call Mother Nature later and see what I can do about sending you some rain 🙂

    Jackie, we have what we call horse flies here….and they are big and they bite! One time as I was driving down the driveway several of them were following me down to the gravel road….told Ian, wonder what would happen if I slammed on my brakes…would they all crash into my back window?

    gotta go…..

    ya’ll have a blessed Monday

  171. That reminds me of when my basset hound had a wonderful Christmas Eve with our Christmas cake. More on chalk paint later. The orange kitty looks like baby Elvis.

  172. Debbe your question is the very reason I am rereading Catcher. Why has it been a classic all these years?

    Another sensational book of my youth was Tobacco Road, Lolita, quite a few like Catch 22 and others that broke new ground. I am thinking about rereading them to look at them with older eyes and ask?

    It is too early for Dickens and I. He isn’t up and Skipper is using his butt for a pillow. Poor little Ghost got put out. And Dickens ate his antibiotics so I must go to vets this morning.

  173. I think much of the fascination with Catcher in the Rye is that it’s told from the perspective of an unbalanced person… which raises some questions regarding the mental/emotional state of both the author and the protagonist he created. Was it in any way autobiographical? Was Salinger using people and events in his life as his source material? How accurately did he portray the thoughts and feelings of someone similarly afflicted?

    It’s worth reading once if you care about such questions, much like One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest was for me when I took my first psychology classes.

  174. Llee and Mark, yay!!!!!

    On re-reading books decades later: the book is the same but you are different, so your experience will be different. Hence, you can’t read the same book twice.

  175. I think timing – age and/or life experience – has a lot to do with how you react to books and Catcher in the Rye is for me a prime example. Bob read it as a teenager and loved it; I read it in my 20s (after a few years of working with teenage boys) and was not impressed.

    This also reminds me of comments made by a friend about To Kill a Mockingbird. She enjoyed it when she read it as a teenager; looking back she recognized that she was then identifying with the children. She reread it when her boys read it in school and, as Smigz said, it was like a new book since she identified more with the parent.

  176. Then there’s Thornton Wilder’s The Bridge of San Luis Rey. I read it as a junior in high school and liked it, even though I wasn’t quite sure I understood it. When I read it again a few years ago, I still liked it plus I understood my teenage reactions. I was also a little amazed – first, that my English teacher had chosen to assign it and, second, that the author of Our Town also wrote a work of “magical realism” in the 1920s that is comparable to some contemporary Latin American writers.

    That reading assignment was part of a larger project that we worked on while our regular teacher was out for several weeks due to some sort of surgery. We had four novels to read and a packet of study questions to go with them. The novels were Moby Dick, The Scarlet Letter, Red Badge of Courage, and the Wilder book. For many of my classmates this was their introduction to Cliffs notes 🙂

  177. By the time that I was 10 I was a compulsive reader. I read every word of every page of the World Book Encyclopedia and every book in the house, which included The Count of Monte Christo which I only remember that I enjoyed it and a book named The House of Seven Gables which I remember reading twice because I particularly liked it. I’ll have to read them again although I have more books now than I’ll ever read.

  178. Never read “The Scarlet Letter”, but have Elaine to thank for telling me the plot, ages ago. Came in handy when a rant Letter to the Editor appeared in The Bemidji Pioneer in the ’70s or ’80s about how atheistic evolutionary biologists [like me, a UMC tither?] were teaching our children to give up morals and “breed like mink.”* Wrote a restrained, item by item rebuttal, which ended with, “Hester Prynne was not seduced by a scientist.” This was before computers, so likely do not have the letter on file.

    *I may be conflating two rants here. That phrase may have been in one against birth control. Mink, by the way, breed via rape; the larger male grabs the female by the nose and forcibly mates. So do sea otters, and maybe other mustelids. Most scientists I know don’t condone rape. Some even oppose pre-marital sex.


  179. Ruth Anne, the phenomenon that you relate about reading a book at different stages of your life is similar to what I find in reading the Bible. I find it to be “Living” because stories in it have different meanings at different times in our lives. The Prodigal Son is a prime example. I was often the jealous son, but as I age, I become more like the forgiving father.

  180. This is an interesting discussion Villagers. I do realize I am reading a different book. I read it originally around age 11 or 12 probably because I had already read it when I went to boarding school in Pennsylvania at age 13. I had a rather Caulfield experience myself for about 5 days in New York City that year.

    Because I loved the New Yorker magazine I read all his works there and then bought the books. So about 1965 was when he quit writing.

    Yes, he admits the book is autobiographical and based on his boarding schools he went to, things he did.

  181. Steve:

    Right, although we may have different takes on “inspiration”, historical accuracy, etc.

    As an example, my insight [see posts above] into the tale of the Samarian woman at the well was pretty much like that of Mary Travers in “Jesus met the woman at the well” until I reread it after reading what a faculty member at a Lutheran seminary had to say about it.

    Don’t know if the event really happened, or is reported accurately, but that is not its point. The tale is about “living water.”


  182. Ooops, that was Mindy, not Debbe, who said Holden Caulfield was whiny all the time. He was. When my friends and I all went to boarding schools it was common for students to claim it was their school he went to.

    Heard from Mark earlier this morning. His lung has healed and they took out drain. He was waiting to talk to rehab to see if he qualified for being placed in rehab so he would have care while recovering.. He sounded so much better.

  183. Our library. to which I could walk if I had to, has a basket at the front door into which you can throw magazines that you no longer want. I have thrown car magazines in, gone into the library for 5 minutes and emerged to find them gone. Usually it’s home and garden, sports and guns with a smattering of travel thrown in. I found a stack of the New Yorker there a couple of days ago and picked up three copies. I have browsed through it before, an exercise which is like eating pretzels. They’re not that great, but maybe the next one will be better.

  184. The old New Yorker, like Playboy and many other things. Was better. Or at least we thought so.

    The pretzels was funny, Jerry. I don’t much like them either and wouldn’t go out of my way to eat one.

  185. I have been told by health professionals that artificial sweeteners can raise your glucose levels, something that they swore was true but couldn’t explain how it could happen; most just hypothesized that experiencing the sweet taste had a negative effect on your food choices. Today I found a possible explanation:

    I am hereby kicking the artificial sweetener habit for at least a month to see what happens. If my glucose levels drop, I’ll report it here.

  186. Over the years I have re read many of my favorite books and writers. Your discussion has been fascinating! But I lack the insight that you guys have, in spite of concentrating on English and American literature in college. You can analyse so well! Reading for entertainment has been my goal. The House of Seven Gables is awfully entertaining. So is Ivanhoe. And on and on.

  187. emb:

    I am good friends with Michael Card, who has sold 4 million Christian records, but is also a scholar. He was discussing the woman who was about to be stoned and Jusesu said “He who is without sin, shall cast the first stone”.

    When I looked it up in the Bible, the one that I was looking at had a footnote that stated that the story was not in all Bibles. I mentioned it to Mike and he smiled. He said when they were putting the Bible together, there were some groups who did not want to include the story because it would have possibly made Jesus to “appear to be soft on adultery”.

    For me, this is one of the most important stories in the New Testament. The other point is that the stories were told as parables. Scientists have proven that the best method to learn something is to have to think about the answer. If someone just gives you the answer, you are more likely to forget it. Between the various translations, a simple answer might have gotten lost, but with the parables, they live on.

    Jimmy’s strips make me think too. I like him a lot, but he is not the anointed one! lol

  188. One of the books I read early on was Grapes of Wrath and also Cannery Row. Lots of that period. In fourth and fifth grades, found boxes and boxes of books left at my grandparents by uncle by marriage. No one paid any attention to what I read, since my grand.other read only the bible and my grandfather could barely read.

    One aunt became a librarian so I assume she did read but remainder of my aunts and uncles, cousins did not. I devoured books, anything by anyone. I remember loving Moby Dick, the Deers layer, Scarlet Letter, House of z green Gables. Now I hardly read, if you don’t use it, you lose it applies to many things.

  189. Ruth Anne is in Florida. It’s OK in Oklahoma. I took a nap then went back to kitchen cleaning. I am down to stove top and reloading dishwasher and floors.

    That sounds discouraging put like that!

  190. Ruth Anne, my bad. We skied Winter Park on weekends when Loon was at UC Denver. Great train ride into the Rockies from Denver to Winter Park; either watch the scenery or enjoy the bar car.

  191. Just watched some news on Louisiana which keeps getting worse and worse. They keep mentioning southern Mississippi. Ghost, are you all flooded?

    Houston is making flood news too but the governor of Louisiana had to evacuate when the mansion flooded. I thought that thing sat up on a man made hillast?

    Sand, how is Houston?

  192. We got only bands of heavy showers and minor creek rises in this area; no damage of which I’ve heard.

    The video of the men in Louisiana rescuing the drowning woman and her dog from her submerged convertible is fairly amazing. Perhaps not amazing enough to be shown 4000 times (and that’s just on The Weather Channel) but fairly amazing. 🙂 Seriously, David Phung, the guy who went into the water deserves serious kudos.

    I’ll bet, though, in retrospect he and the other men wish they’d had a better knife near to hand, say a folding knife with a very sharp blade at least three-and-a-half inches long and a paracord lanyard to slip around his wrist. That would have made short work of getting through and peeling back the convertible top. But who would carry such a thing that slips easily into a rear pants pocket; can be easily opened and closed with one hand; weighs only 5.5 ounces; and can also slice through seat belts with jammed buckles? Hmm, I wonder.

  193. You do and it is a Spydeco brand. Go with me to the boat show and we’ll go through Golden. I get major discount on knives and the $10 tour.

  194. I feel sure someone will, if they haven’t already, recommend Mr. Phung for this.

    Many years ago, I met and socialized with for a few days with an investigator from the Carnegie Hero Fund Commission who was investigating a local case. I decided he had one of the coolest jobs in the world, travelling the country and meeting and interviewing people who performed heroic acts (the survivors, at least, as not all of the heroes lived to tell their own stories) and witnesses.

    And who do you think would be chosen to do that job? A police detective? An insurance investigator? A former CSI? No, an English major. The reason being that he had to paint a brief but very accurate word picture of events that would allow the members of the Commission to make an informed decision about the merits of each case. (He told me about one time he got gigged by his boss for using the word “car” when he should have used “automobile”.)

    The individual involved in the case being investigated did receive a medal (I was there when the event occurred, and believe me, he deserved a medal for his actions, which risked his life and undoubtedly saved several others), and I was able to find and read the write up on the Carnegie site.

  195. He is still alive and singing? What were they doing eating at Dennys? That was amazing.

    I loved his brother Jerry who used to play frequently at a club in my hometown when I was in college. Great banjo player. But Jerry did pass away.

    Jerry and the basset hound were one of main reasons I watched that sitcom for years.

  196. I might as well add my tidbit to the Village’s drive towards 400 entries before this closes tomorrow.

    About 3 days ago, I was idly recalling some former students and plugged in one name to some sites. The results showed – most provably from 2 publications of the college at which I taught her, but also from more neutral places – that this young lady became a physician and is still practicing. Whenever I find out about successful former students, I get quite a little thrill. She was a good student and asked me for a letter of recommendation several years after we last saw each other, but I am sure that letter was not to a medical school! Thus, my surprise.

    As my students were mostly in their 1st or 2nd collegiate year, there were only a few who kept me informed beyond college careers. Cannot think of any other MDs, though there were a number of past students who were capable of such, IMO. I can think of several dentists and a lot of nurses, and even some chiropractors emanating from my courses – as well as at least one Ph.D. Too bad one cannot go back and see who became what; it’d be fascinating.

  197. I suppose that depends on whether it is the date of JJ’s contributions or of the Villagers’ contributions which controls. Come 9:30 a.m., we can find out.

  198. In the late 1950s, Carl Reiner made a pilot for a show called Head Of The Family, about the head writer on a sketch-comedy show, at work and his more or less normal life at home. But the pilot didn’t draw any interest, and the project looked dead, until The Danny Thomas Show producer Sheldon Leonard suggested Reiner try again with a different cast…and a different lead.

    For the new female lead, he had decided on young actress Mary Tyler Moore, who was best-known at that point for playing Richard Diamond’s secretary on the detective series of the same name—a part that required only her voice and her shapely legs, not her face. But he was stuck for the male lead, a fact he discussed with MTM.

    “Oh, I know just the man,” she told Carl. “He’s in the cast of Bye Bye Birdie on Broadway; he sings, he dances, he’s a great actor, and he’s very funny. He’d be perfect for the part. Except for one thing…his name.”

    “That’s no problem,” Reiner said, “we can always change his name for the show. What is it, anyway?”

    “Penis Van Lesbian.”

  199. Mary Tyler Moore did not say that! But it is funny anyway.
    I almost choked on my gluten free granola crunch and zero calorie lemonade Ice carbonated beverage.

    Would that I looked like MTM did back then. What does she look like now?

  200. Actually, I once heard MTM herself tell a shorter version of that joke to Leno on The Tonight Show. I just embellished it a bit.

    I believe I mentioned the time I got on an elevator in a Memphis hotel to find Jerry Van Dyke entertaining six or eight riders. Apparently the guy was always “on”.

  201. Me and my basset hound. I hope that you enjoyed our movies. Seriously, and I do mean seriously, there are very big, new developments in the race for POTUS. One of the candidates appears to be running backwards. Donations from the Ukraine, extreme wetting, uh, vetting, Guliani forgot who was president in 2001, and the biggest news, wait for it, going into Iraq after 9/11 was a great big mistake. I’m thinking that one of the candidate’s names will not be on the ballot in November. BTW, I agree that Bush/Chenny should be on the other side when we build that wall, but I never expected to hear their own party to admit it.

  202. Good morning Villagers….

    Today, I am 63 and the dang gubment won’t let me draw my full SS until I’m 66…then I’ll make them pay 🙂

    Still more rain coming. Prayers to those in Louisiana…just read some headlines on and it doesn’t sound good.

    Books, when I subscribed to Nat Geo, I use to read them cover to cover. Continued getting them but stopped reading but looked through at the pics. Last two novels I’ve read was “The Shining” and “The Tell” by Michner….good reading on the last. So when I do retire, I’ve got some Nat Geo’s to catch up on.

    So good to hear that Mark’s lung has healed…..and on the road to a full recovery.

    Llee, how are you doing?

    Old Bear…..I may try that balanced diet tonight….after work, but not too much, wine hangovers are horrible.

    Jackie, another great banjo player is Steve Martin….

    gotta go, have work scrubs in dryer that I need to fold.

    Ya’ll have a blessed day!! Amen

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