Bowl Games

I’m continuing our theme of The Secret Life of Janis with this old A&J from 2010.  When considering the marital-relations humor in Arlo & Janis, it’s natural to regard randy Arlo as the top banana in the comedy duo, but I think it is actually Janis. As often as not, I think Arlo is the straight man, and Janis delivers the punchline.

11 thoughts on “Bowl Games”

  1. Although, to be fair, I seem to recall a time Arlo lost their bet, and the “whatever” Janis wanted was for him to repaint a room in their house, or some such household chore.
    If I just imagined that, Jimmy is welcome to use it for next year’s Super Bowl bet cartoon. 🙂

  2. Gotta disagree, Jimmy.

    All real men know that, as husbands, they’re the joke.

    We can never measure up to the angels we married.

  3. Re 7-12-19 real-time cartoon: The modern-day version of “The whoopie light is lit”? Finding the lamp lit would be much more romantic, imo. And talk about your pleasant surprises…

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