Bowling for Dollars

The situation is a little improved since this old A&J from 2013, but not much. Expect a renewed and righteous howl for a genuine playoff for major-college football, because results this season have been particularly muddy. I won’t go into it all here, because those of you who care know, and those of you won’t don’t care, well… you don’t care! However, I will acknowledge my alma mater Auburn University did more than any one team to muddy those waters. You’re welcome.

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18 responses to “Bowling for Dollars”

  1. I enjoy the bowl games between teams from the major conferences. They usually have similar records and often the games are competitive. I’ve given up trying to figure out a playoff. In the end I really don’t care. And I am sick of alabama and saban.

  2. actually a comment on yesterday’s (jan1, 2018) strip – when you do a gag like that, do you supply instructors to inkers to color the small cartoon Arlo posts on the fridge the same background as the larger strip, or do you color it and hope papers don’t make any change?

  3. Not being curt or rude, just not coherent.

    As we had expected my chemo was postponed for another week and I was sent to get stronger.

    Made it to motel room and bed before collapse.

    Infinity cartoon is one of Jimmy’s most amazing, all of it, including color.

  4. Word of the day, week, year so far for many of us:
    “GLUGGAVEÐUR (gloo-ga-meth-oor) is an Icelandic word literally translating as window weather. It conveys the idea of a weather that is nice to look at, but not nice to be in – a weather best experienced from the comfort of your own home, safely behind a window.”
    as posted on FB by author Sharyn McCrumb

  5. Ah yes – here in upstate NY I can understand weather nice to look at – but not necessarily nice to be in … think wind chill at -19 – but glorious sunshine! – and a roaring blizzard just north of us up on the Tug Hill Plateau where they are measuring snowfall in feet- not inches (or centimeters if you will)

  6. Yes, think of it as a toga. A button-up toga. That covers the arms. And the shoulders. And the upper back. And reveals no cleavage.

    Arlo doesn’t seem to be buying that any more than I would.

  7. Growing old

    I didn’t make it to the gym today. That makes five years in a row.

    I decided to stop calling the bathroom the “John” and renamed it the “Jim”. I feel so much better saying I went to the Jim this morning.

  8. Personally, the game should be banned for the number of young people permanently injured in high school. It serves no useful purpose. We can not call ourselves civilized as long as we allow football and even worse boxing to exist.

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