Brawn Over Brains

Congratulations to the Boston Red Sox and to all my friends in New England! After having gone a gazillion years without a World Series championship, having a lot of fun along the way with that “Curse of the Bambino” stuff, the BoSox have won four since 2004. By the way, it has been a hundred years this year since the above-mentioned drought began. Before 2004, Boston last won the World Series in 1918. OK, I rounded it up to a gazillion. And your Pats eked out a win on Monday Night Football last night. And they almost scored the first one-point safety in NFL history. No, I didn’t know there was such a thing, either.

Today's "Arlo & Janis!"

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  1. Kiss what!?

    Yes, congratulations to all the BoSox fans out there…although how much fans have to do with any professional team winning a championship might be the subject of legitimate debate. 🙂

    I formally watched at least a few MLB regular season games each year, usually the Braves, and then followed the playoffs and championship games, usually rooting for the NL teams. I haven’t been able to do that for a few years (life and all), but perhaps next year.

  2. Yeah, that is where they started the whole painted face thing. But they’ve been hanging out in Atlanta for a few years now. The Brooklyn Trolley Dodgers left for Los Angeles, too.

  3. Thanks Jimmy for mentioning the 1 point safety. The other obscure rule is that a punt returner can call for a fair catch and the team can choose to kick a field goal from that spot with the opposing team 10 yards away. The only time that it happens is at the end of a half or if its late in the season and the coach is bored. I saw one by Mac Percival of the Bears on TV in 1968 that won the game. The big advantage besides the other team being 10 yards away is taht the kicker gets a running start like on a kickoff.

  4. Re: the comic -if Janis’s Dad is like MY relatives, if you weren’t carrying “a lazy man’s load” then they would remind you that you should carry more than just one or two :”Use your head to save your heels.”

  5. Yep, the Braves went from Boston to Atlanta…by way of Milwaukee. Actually, I was a Braves fan when they were a “Yankee team”. Warren Spahn and Lew Burdette were my two favorite players.

  6. Impalas would also have to have cloven hooves, emb, in order to be kosher. And, of course, they’d have to be properly slaughtered and butchered as well.

    BTW, we’re going to be having a white Halloween here in Trinidad.

  7. Speaking of scary, I’ve reached the age at which one of my greatest fears is that I’ll one day be tooling down the highway; see a Silver Alert on an electronic sign board; and realize that it includes my vehicle description and tag number.

  8. Ghost,

    Here in Florida the Silver Alerts invariably state that the missing person is in a Toyota Camry and more often than not a silver one. We locals refer to them as “Camry Alerts”.

  9. The rain made for a very poor turnout for Beggars’ Night, although my wife thought it was about the usual. Could be. Still, the number of children is way down from fifteen to twenty years ago.

    Is that the way it is in most places now?

  10. Rick I think you are right.
    2(?) reasons:
    Many communities have Fall Festival at the Community Center to keep kids off the street.
    And “Who wants to go to all that effort for Just candy?” If it is not on the computer – “MEH”.

    Then again the media is playing up the Pagan side – which we knew about before it was
    enfolded into the church.

  11. Trick or treaters have always been unpredictable in our neighborhood, crowd-size wise,
    but this year was … odd. Several families with a bunch of little kids showed up early, 6:00 – 6:30. A couple more came in the next 20 minutes or so and a little Harry Potter appeared about 7:45. And that was it! Saw a few older kids on the other side of the street but they didn’t even look our way. Gave up and turned off the lights about 8:15.

  12. Tulsa had steady rain starting in the early afternoon and the temperatures were in the middle 50’s. Nobody in this apartment complex came to my door and I haven’t heard any out walking around.

  13. Here in our little town of 3000 the areas are outside in remote sparsely populated areas around lake with few permanent residents. So a few years ago they began sponsoring safe trick or treating on our downtown Main Street.

    Merchants dress in costume and give out candy or small toys or treats. It was two hours long, followed by residential trick or treats for two hours.

    Ghost and I drove into town and the sight was amazing, hundreds of small children and hundreds of parents in costume walking a six or seven block area, about 3/4 of a mile. It brought tears to my eyes, it brought our tiny town to life, like a scene from a family Disney movie.

    There was face painting and the kids could meet cops, firemen, they had trucks and cop cars, the officers gave out candy pops I think. All the shops and businesses decorated.

    It was best event we have ever had. I wish I could have taken part but Ghost and I supplied a couple bushels of treats and creepy critters. Because the Halloween date fell on a Wednesday when churches had services our town and others held their parties on another date.

  14. There are several Trinidads in the US, emb, but I’d figured that I’d mentioned it recently enough that regulars here would remember. Trick or Treat here is mostly on Main Street in the mid-afternoon with merchants giving out the candy.

    Leo got outside in the strange white stuff this afternoon, but was happy to be picked up and brought in after only about ten minutes, curiosity satisfied.

    BTW, if you ever see an anime that has to do with a holiday, it’s going to be either Halloween or Christmas simply because those are the only two that people almost everywhere understand even if they don’t celebrate them. I suppose they could also use Valentine’s Day, but they don’t.

  15. We had clouds of kids – so many that we ran out of a few hundred pieces of candy long before the official finishing time.
    This is not a ritual of which I approve, but I go along. What I don’t appreciate is the obvious fact that car- and SUV-loads of them are being driven here from parts unknown. Were it just for local kids, that’d be much more palatable.

  16. Perhaps you are in area like my daughters in Illinois, a historic town full of houses that look like haunted mansions but surrounded by huge farms spaced far apart. These kids have no where to trick or treat so who can blame them if they come to town?

    I have been there several times for Halloween, her house on Maine is a turn of century mansion as are most on street. If I were kid that’s where I’d want to go. Obviously many are kids from less afluent parts of town. But they were sweet and polite little kids.

    It’s a holiday celebration like Easter and Christmas that had changed from its origins as a religious holiday to a secular event. I remember All Saints as a religious holiday in South Louisiana and New Orleans, South America and Mexico, south Texas.

  17. c x-p: Amen. Historically, it’s extortion. “What’ll it be, Pops, the candy or your front window?” is [close to] the quote by Paul Stooky [sp?]on the PPM record.

    Kenya? It’s raining. Peace,

  18. Actually, I got the best of both worlds, and held my tongue appropriately. Scrumptious chili supper at friends’ home, while friends tended to the t-o-trs. Four were BSU frosh girl biology majors [1 local, from their neighborhood], so they got to meet an old prof who retired before they were born. Good fun.


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