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Cartoonist’s Update: It’s out there! The truly curious among you won’t have a problem finding the information on Kickstarter—I hope. But for now, I’m kind of beat. I will be back here tomorrow with a discussion of rewards and the project and related stuff. It’s going to be fun! For now, I’m going to relax a minute.

OK! All right! I’m back. I was getting so flustered I promised myself I would not get back on here until that dang Kickstarter campaign was ready to launch. Well, almost true to my word, I am here to tell you that it will launch at noon CST today! As I write this, that is a little over two hours. I will come back here with a link, but where you really will want to go is the Kickstarter site, Search for “Arlo and Janis” or “parsonage.” But not until after noon! We now return you to your regularly scheduled programming.

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  1. Want to do the comic and the book but it’s not possible to select both. Can you create a combo of sorts?

    I’m new at this, too! I will check into it. Thanks for the input. — JJ

  2. Hey, Jimmy. I want the book and would happily support that level, but also treasure your original art. How about adding a reward that includes the book AND an original strip?

  3. minnesotadon: Use the link I posted above for a direct route. Once you get there you can check out the “About us” of the FAQs at the bottom of the page. Hope that helps!

  4. Great news! I’m now pondering the options. After Dark seems interesting, but it feels odd being rewarded with a somewhat naughty item for supporting such a noble effort.

    BTW, I loved the Arlo, Gene and Ludwig version of MST3K.

  5. It looks interesting, but I’m not completely sure because the video is in black on green — which is insufficient contrast. For example, I can see that word balloons are happening but cannot read them. Can this be corrected, or the information expressed in some other clearer way?

  6. Guys, so far as I know and understand abou Kicktarter is you can donate more than once and receive more than one prize reward. For example a $120 donation tonight for that one and a $65 one in two days for another.

  7. Sort of anticlimactic after Jimmy and the Parsonage but I bought my boat today. Left sellers house, went to end of street to a neighborhood pub for lunch. Before we ate two bites I got call the money was in his account, less than hour.

  8. Yes, Jimmy, the video was great. You know what that means, don’t you? We’ll be expecting more sometime. And my favorite was Arlo’s last comment, “We do empty your litter box daily”. Even better because I didn’t expect it.

  9. Since just typing a comment (made two errors in that last word) is a challenge for me, I’m going to do a Scarlett and worry about it tomorrow.

  10. Went there, selected the new book, did everything it said, clicked ‘pledge’, then nothing happened. Usually a site changes one way or another when you click the final button. So I don’t know if I’ve pledged or not. JJ, please check. Peace,

  11. Yes, I know that quote well Ghost but mine go to Farley Boat Works at my death so won’t be selling them. I may come down to Mississippi coast with her after I lose weight I gained on trip and learn to sail her. She has motor too.

  12. GM Debbe
    Signs are there for us – we just have to see.

    Zen Wisdom with a twist

    18.  There are two theories to arguing with women. Neither one works.

    One of my bestest friends was a plumber. And that is a view I never ever want to
    even think about.

  13. Thanks for the information about getting more than one reward. Already pledged for the book. Might make a couple more trips back to kickstarter.

  14. BTW. Kickstarter allows for projects to collect more money than the goal amount.
    Also JJ, other Kickstarters usually have “building” of items for the rewards. For example the $40 pledge for the book could have the digital download as well. Not saying the “Grab bag of original art” should include everything before it, but they could include the items that are easier to distribute like the “thank you card” and “digital download”. It is a nice perk to pledge for bigger ticket items. Think about the infomercials: “But wait! Along with the Original Artwork you get the “Thank you card” and “Digital Download” pledge levels!”

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