And away we go…

I know this looks peculiar, but at least we can communicate. After 24 hours of backing up (in every sense of the word), we’re back online. Now the heavy lifting begins. At least you can use the link below to go to the current strips, as usual. I cannot stress enough that nothing you see here is as it will be, so please reserve your judgement until the true redesign is well underway. However, I would welcome your suggestions for the future, either via Facebook or comments here. (Just click on the “Replies” link below.)

Today's "Arlo & Janis!"

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  1. Based on my wife’s experience when changing her website. Merry Christmas, Happy New Year and Happy Valentine’s Day.

    For those of us that have been here before you rolled out this site, you have been discussing making a change for a long time. But that’s OK, we love the fact that we can interact with you. Some of us interact-up more than others!

  2. Sideburns, your reference to November 5th had me thinking. I googled and found Guy Fawkes, but frankly that was a bit before my time.

    It was my 35 year old son who provided me with a clue about it’s significance. I actually had to slap my head when I realized it! Wondered why Jerry Lewis never was named Secretary of State.:-)

  3. In my business career, the words “change” and “improvements”, when applied to computery stuff, always made me want to head for a cyber storm shelter.

  4. Jack in Dallas, like the professions who were to upgrade our software at my employer. Started at 6pm and supposed to be done by 7am the next morning. Final all clear sent at nearly 4pm. Had to work on Saturday to make up the time I couldn’t work on Friday.

  5. The testing center I run has struggled to keep all the computers up and running ever since we “upgraded” to Windows 10. The techs have repeatedly frozen them all to a common, reliable state, but somehow Microsoft remotely changes the settings to allow their little updates to install in the background, slowing things down, right when we need all the computers running full tilt.

    When disaster strikes, we have to restart the computers to get them back to that starting state, which means the students have to wait for them to recycle.

    • I’ve never understood why Microsoft thinks it has the right to change your settings like that with no warning. I don’t want get into a flame war or anything, because it’s none of my business to tell you (or the company you work for) what OS you should or shouldn’t use. Just wanted to make a comment about their policies.

  6. Looks interesting! I look forward to more lurking. In the meantime, a comment on today’s (Wed) A&J

    The end of year is growing near
    The air is crisp, the grass is sere
    Let’s sing a song
    As the night grows long
    And make a toast to friendships dear

    May the friends we find in The Village live long and prosper!

  7. Not fond of the nesting of comments. It seems to me that such means I’ll need to start from the top every single time I check in so as to ensure I don’t miss a new comment nested amongst the older ones. Inconvenient, especially when a new page starts only on Tuesdays, and there may be 100 or 200 comments on a working page.

  8. I was a little rattled that I could not get my Village fix.
    Are we going to get Pictures?

    As I have said many times that the computer programs have changed:
    “All progress is change – but not all change is progress.”

  9. OMG, I clicked on PREVIOUS and it went to an earlier posting then I pressed NEXT and it went a later posting.

    Stop right there. Don’t touch a thing. This is a miracle!

  10. Jimmy, have Arlo contact Jill Kaplan over at the Pajama Diaries for help with web design. Suggest Comic Sans as the principle font. Jill loves it.

  11. And we get a different picture at the top every time we come by. How cool is that? Now if you could set that random picture to be random older strips, you’d really have something.

  12. Dan Saunders is an Australian man who managed to spend more than US$1.1 million in just over four months after he found he could withdraw money from his bank account without the transactions being registered by the ATM. He went to jail for 12 months but is out now. “It’s a pretty addictive thing to make money appear from nowhere and be able to spend it,” he said.

    In other news, Saunders is soon expected to move to the US and announce his candidacy for Congress.

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