Bums on the Beach

And still at the beach! Obviously, these strips were drawn as Gene was about to leave the scene for college. That was nine years ago. Now, he has graduated, married and is struggling to establish himself and his young family. I’d say the strip is moving along in close to real time.
Not surprisingly, there are those among you who know much more about Kickstarter projects than I. I wish I could have sat down and talked to you beforehand! Pursuant to comments yesterday, I do want to say that I will be assisting a non-profit organization in the raising of funds. None of the money will darken my bank account. In fact, the last piece of the puzzle involves waiting for the non-profit’s new credit card to arrive. This being 2016, a Kickstarter account must be associated with a credit card, and this 169-year-old organization does not have one. It should arrive next week; as soon as it does, the project will go live.
I am using the extra time to tweak the rewards and the fun. Thanks for yesterday’s suggestions; I will consider them—except for the one about coming to your place to take you to dinner. No offense. Some of the rewards already in place won’t surprise you. Some of them might. I’m getting excited!

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  1. Good morning beach goers or wannabees. I offer luxury accommodations in Port Aransas, Texas at no cost in a beach cottage setting reminiscent of your Spring Break college days complete with girls, beach food and beer, all for the paltry donation of some blood, sweat and tears building a boat for a cancer fund raiser.

    How’s that for nonprofit? Jimmy come risk your fingers on saws, planes and sanders. We need to paint it too.

    August 21 to 31. Look on Facebook for Saturday Night Special sailboat posts.

    I would consider that, but that is when I’ll be in New England for the Boston Comic Con and the Vermont Comic Con. Frowny face! — JJ

  2. Seriously, we had a scare with Tippy last night when he tried to eat one of our pills that we didn’t know that we had dropped. You have to be very careful about that and also plants. He spent the night in the animal emergency clinic and I think that he will be ok. A minor thing compared to some of your problems I know, but he’s one of my family to me.

  3. Will it be safe to wear my A & J shirt when I’m there in October?

    This being a comic con, it would be better if you wore your Arlo costume! Or Janis, whatever. — JJ

  4. No, pets eating pills is very SERIOUS and scary. They are family and we love them. Glad he will be ok.

    And chemicals. I lost one to a bottle of household cleaner and I still mourn that one. Had same thing happen to another. Not swallowed but spilled onto their body and absorbed. We saved second cat.

  5. We almost lost Cilla when she was a kitty and she drank some cleaner that had leaked out of a plastic jug. You have to be aware of any change in their behavior or signs that they aren’t well.

  6. I would be happy to come down and cook you dinner. I have always wanted to see the amazing machine that peaks through our windows….Or did the NSA steal it?

    The reason I don’t want you to see “the amazing machine” is, you’d be disappointed. — JJ

  7. JJ, since I won’t be there until October I think that I will be too late for Comic Con. Your comment though reminds me of a famous Dear Abby letter regarding a neighbor in his Batman costume. Does anyone else remember the letter?

  8. JJ, please remember that not all Comic Cons are on the East Coast, they’re all across the country, even out here in California, just like your fans. Not all of us out here can afford to travel to Boston or New England for conventions, but would like a chance for a meet-and-greet.

    I really appreciate your enthusiasm, but cut me a little slack, please. These will only be the second and third comic conventions I’ve ever attended. “The Backwoods Comics Festival” in Louisville, Mississippi, will forever be the first. (Do all the comic cons have dirt floors?) — JJ

  9. emb, I love that song! And that whole show, although I have never taken part in a production. I bet you have — am I right? There is some music we can agree on, even though most of the music the Villagers like here on arloandjanis is unknown to me.

    Is there a Fiddler On The Roof movie? It’s so long ago that it came out that I don’t remember. I do own the original Broadway cast recording — vinyl LP of course.

  10. Good to know, here in fly-over country, that not all the Cons are on the East Coast or the Left Coast. And I do know where Louisville MS is, as well as the fact that its name is not pronounced the same as the one in Kentucky.

    My great-grandmamma told me there was a difference between a “dirt floor’ and a “clean dirt floor”.

  11. Bear (from “yesterday”): Coarsely chopped fresh squash and zucchini and finely chopped sweet onion, sautéed in EVOO, seasoned with salt, fresh ground black pepper, and dried thyme. The side dish of Kings (and Queens).

    At one base in the AF, I had a Pat O’Brien’s Hurricane glass (Jackie will know what that is) I would dump my spare change into all month, and then, on the night before payday, traditionally go out for a good meal at a nice place…which was uncrowded, quiet, and relaxing, because all the other GIs were broke.

  12. Trucker: Thank you. BSU graduated a baritone 2-3 yr. ago, sang ‘If I were . . .’ [note the proper use of the subjunctive case there] at a recital several yr. ago, now sings with ‘Cantus’, a professional all-male chorus in the Twin Cities. Name skips my mind, but could probably find him by searching their site [there it is: Matt Goinz].

    Charlotte: ‘I love that song! And that whole show, although I have never taken part in a production. I bet you have — am I right?’ No, I have the voice [bass/baritone, I think], but musically untrained, cannot read music, and don’t memorize lines well. Elaine was the actor [very good] and dancer [pretty good], and achieved her greatest goal as Eulalie Makecknie Shinn in Bemidji Community Theatre’s ‘The Music Man.’ Can I post a posthumous acceptance speech here? I’ll try.


  13. It always was optional for me. Or minimal. I was won’t to rip my clothes off with little provocation. Now my late husband was another ball of sealing wax or inhibitions. He slept in to the wrist and ankle pajamas.

    Remember how Hefner lived in those pajamas and robes and slippers while lolling around the manse?

  14. Many of you might be saying to yourselves. “Really, Evan, a sweatshirt?” Actually, this is the most appropriate thing I could wear this evening. First, some remarks. You have in front of you some of Elaine’s accomplishments, and have seen and heard some aspects of her life. I won’t add to that. I must say, however, concerning nurses, that Elaine was not unique. There are more Elaines out there than there are “Nurse Ratcheds”.
    I have many friends who are not persons of faith, but whose salvation I don’t worry about on that account. One of them emailed me: “I’m delighted to hear about Elaine’s recognition. The only sad thing, of course, is that she won’t be able to accept it in person and hear the nice things people will say about her.”
    That first regret is testable: Elaine is not here in person. The second regret is not. Elaine may well be here, literally, in spirit. Elaine and I, though somewhat unorthodox, were both persons of faith; I still am, and she may be also. Let me quote our favorite passage from the Letter of James, “But some will say, You have faith and I have works. Show me your faith without works, and I, by my works, will show you my faith.”
    You’ve heard that Elaine was an A student. She was brilliant, and wrote some of the best answers to essay questions that her profs had ever seen. A faculty wife once said to her, at a Kaffeeklatsche, that she knew all Elaine had to do to get an A in one of Evan’s courses. Mistake!
    “I got an A from your husband, too.”
    You now know a bit about Elaine’s service to various communities. That leaves nothing for me, except to describe our wonderful marriage. That would take hours, and some of it is none of your business. Let me sum it up by quoting myself. On August 25th, I attended a mostly family gathering at Diamond Point celebrating the marriage of Gary Dunbar to Leigh Shindelar, whom Elaine and I have known since she was five. Standing in a circle, we each said a word about the match. I said, “May your marriage last a lifetime, and may it be as rewarding as ours was.” Leigh knew I could wish them nothing better.
    About the sweatshirt. It celebrates a Bemidji Community Theatre production of “The Music Man”. I don’t know when Elaine first saw “The Music Man”, but I was not with her. Whatever, her longtime ambition became to play the role of the mayor’s wife in that show.
    In late winter 1995, at announcements time at church, I got up and had Elaine get up. Then I said to the congregation, “Let me introduce Eulalie Mackecknie Shinn”, and urged people to attend the show. Therefore, I am grateful to accept this award on behalf of Elaine Hazard, a.k.a. Eulalie Mackecknie Shinn.
    Thank you.

  15. Elaine was the first recipient of a new annual alumni award for community service. Guess who had hounded the Alumni Office/Foundation to establish such an award? [Hint: a generous donor, who with his late wife, had established three scholarships [two in our name and one / a deceased (38 yr. old, misdiagnosed cancer) alumna, JHS science teacher, my former lab asst.] Peace

  16. Forgot to say my late husband thought nudity was for a purpose. Who do we know like that? He put on pajamas to read a book while I lay around optionally unclothed. I consider that rather puritanical in truth.

  17. Jackie, outside of marriage and time spent in Navy accommodations of various kinds, I have always been in a mixed household. For that reason and at those times, I have slept in something so I could get up and go to the bathroom without offending anyone. Outside of the one house we lived in while this one was being built, I never lucked out with a private bath in my own room.

  18. GR6 your recipe is now on my to do list.

    Mike was just being health and safety conscious – no air wafting on bare skin
    to create chills- dust falling out of the air (No mater how clean your house there is dust)
    Germs breathed out from flying insects. No? Well it could be a theory? Nah!

  19. Had a little excitement yesterday
    Truck caught fire where they are building road for new development.
    1/4 mile across field – tire blew and rattled windows in the house.

  20. It is mighty nice to cuddle up in bed, both with lovely bare skin, even if you don’t have anything else in mind. I feel sorry for anyone who doesn’t care for it. Keep a robe near the bedside in case of trips to bathroom, or crying children.

  21. Dear emb, you and Elaine were a shining example of a fine couple, and all around good people. Your acceptance speech was wonderful.

    How nice that the singer you wrote of is a member of Cantus. I hear them now and then on the FM radio and also on Internet radio. They are great performers, with a pleasing repertoire.

  22. Jackie: “He put on pajamas to read a book while I lay around optionally unclothed.” Early in our marriage my shy young bride exited the bathroom unclothed while I lay on the bed in my PJs totally engrossed in a book. It was only when I heard her crying that I realized my great error and did what I could to soothe her feelings.

    I have no idea what the book was, but I’ll never forget how ashamed I was to have ignored her at a moment when she had struck up her courage to do something bold and loving.

  23. I finally made it back to P&PHS for a long-overdue haircut this afternoon. (She was looking particularly P&P today, showing off her summer tan in a sleeveless, low-cut black mini dress, for those of you who are interested…as well as for those you who are not.) My hair was longer than she had ever seen it, but she managed to make me look like me again…although I think those were sheep shears she started out working on it with.

    I paid P&PHS in one dollar bills* and told her I hoped that didn’t make her feel like a pole dancer. She laughed and said, “Well, at least you didn’t try to stuff them into the waistband of my panties.”

    She went on to say that she gets so many ones in payment that her bank probably thinks she’s a stripper**. I started to say, “If you ever get tired of the hair business, that could definitely be a fallback.”

    *I’ve had my mom at the hospital several times lately, and I learned back in my flying days to carry ones and small change anytime your next meal may have to come from a vending machine. Back in the day, there were many small airports where you could starve to death with a pocket full of twenty dollar bills.

    **If I ever have time, and someone reminds me, perhaps I’ll tell The Ghostly Tale of what happened to a friend the time she went to Amateur Night at a strip, ah, gentleman’s club.

  24. Good night all. It has been a long day and tomorrow will be longer. I have to go to Ford dealer, back to bank and on to AT&T again. By 11 when I usually get up. In afternoon I need an international health certificate for Dickens and find a boat slip for return.

    And they are delivering six more yards of crushed rock and I accepted invitation to garden club with wine and cheese at 7. Wonder where my wine stash is? Dig out cheese and a tray for crackers and cheeses.

    What happened to spur of the moment decisions and just doing stuff? I try.

    I sleep with a very hirsute male. I have learned to appreciate hairy beasts. Bare skin and all.

  25. Jackie: Believe you meant to write, “I was wont to rip my clothes off.” “Hal” put an apostrophe in, won’t. Who is this “Hal.” Nobody, except me, messes with what I write. Not quite true; once in a while this site corrects my spelling, but rarely, and it’s usually right. It also redlines when I fail to space btw. words. Peace,

  26. Ghost you are a good man and a good son. Your mother is blessed to have you. Take care of yourself. Even loving care givers burn out. And as hard as this is to think of, your life goes on and must.

    You are too good a friend to lose. Stay strong but love yourself as well.

  27. Debbe? EMB, as usual, your comments are thoughtful, well spoken and interesting. I’m sure that I’m not the only one in the Village who wishes that they had a friend like you, but then, I hope that we do. Warning, I woke up with a headache and decided to use the time to use Car Fax. Waste of time! They will try to obligate you for monthly payments without telling you and I suggest that you do not give them your credit card number. Peas.

  28. I used to go to a Family Doctor who was also an allergist. He told me years ago that I had perpetual sinus infection and that for the most part, I did not get colds, but it was just my allergies acting up. Well I’m not sure what I am fighting, but the end result is the same. Stuffy nose, eyes watering, scratchy throat and not a lot of energy. No fever, but I did have a slight headache. Keeping hydrated and if I really feel miserable, I’ll go home…except I plan to take next week off to get a new furnace installed and we have not been running the air. So I might feel better at work!

    The only thing that bothers me is that I plan to sing on Sunday at church and with it being Independence Day Weekend, we will be singing a few patriotic songs. Hopefully this will be done or manageable by then.

  29. An hour or so ago, this site:

    http://expl ore.org/live-cams/player/african-animal-lookout-camera

    [remember to close expl ore up before clicking] homed in on several giraffes browsing on open acacia [I think] forest. Right now il pleut. 2-3 days ago, it was raining so hard one could hardly see the landscape.


  30. emb, I’ve always liked Eulalie, and I’m sorry not to have seen your lovely wife in that role. She must have been grand!

    Jerry, I hope Tippy is well and recovered. Our fur babies, as a friend refers to them, are members of the family, and we care for them as such.

  31. Ah. So it’s the undersides of her upper arms Janis was checking for sagging and jiggle. My first thought was, well, something else.

  32. Real time strip. Recently shopping super sale upscale. Woman by me searching. I pull out top and say here, this would be beautiful.

    Horror! Sleeveless! Nothing without sleeves, her arms juggled!

    I own that top in more than one color and love it. My arms jiggle. So what? Gravity gets us all in the end. Mine probably jiggle less than hers and I am older. It is all relative and meaningless.

    Jimmy hit it here.

  33. And as Arlo says, don’t hold your arms like that. Unless you are an Old West gunfighter, it’s not a natural position to carry your arms in anyway. It’s done only to justify some women’s fears of that arm jiggle Jackie speaks of. Get over it, please, ladies.

  34. JJ, get some Arlo & Janis ribbons made and give them out to the people who come up to your table. Having the longest string of ribbons hanging from your convention badge gives you bragging rights and there are people who will come over, ask questions and maybe get interested in the strip just because they wanted another ribbon. (Naturally, you have to start a fresh string at each con; only wannabes wear ribbons from other cons.) I know one lady who’s made a cloak out of one convention’s ribbons, and is saving up ribbons from various cons to make a skirt, because there’s just not enough ribbons at any one of them.

    In case you’re wondering, most of the ribbons are handed out by the members, often for trade. I have three that I give out. One reads BOFH (Look it up if you’re curious.) and only goes to a select few. One reads TURNIP, and is given out during blood drives to those of us who can’t donate for medical reasons and the last one, The Ribbon of Rassilon, is for trade.

  35. Jackie, times must be tough in Tulsa. Monday, according to The Tulsa World, a man was arrested for hocking a Glock handgun and a Remington shotgun at a local pawn shop. The weapons weren’t stolen (exactly), but the man was a Tulsa police officer and the pistol and shotgun were his department-issued service weapons. I suspect he’s got a lot of ‘splaining to do.

  36. Ref today’s “arm jiggle” cartoon:

    The patient says, “Doctor, it hurts when I do this.”

    “Then don’t do that!”

    I miss Henny Youngman.

  37. In anticipation of soon-to-skyrocket fuel prices, I stopped for fuel on the way home. Had a rare salt craving, and bought a $1.49 bag of sour cream and cheddar ruffles. Munched my way through about half and had my fill. Being lazy, I left the open bag on the small bookshelf that doubles as a side table next to the couch.

    While I showered, a certain four-pawed menace *cough*Blacklight*cough* also decided some chips would be a perfect snack. If she actually filched a chip, I will never know. What I DO know is she managed a direct hit with my leftover chips into my open purse on the floor.

    In other news, the new car is a dream, and work is aggravating. Oh, wait, NEW news? Hmm, not so much. Doing a split double/double tomorrow, (first, thirds-into-first), so off to bed. Did I mention the city fireworks go off four blocks from my house? And the main concert stage for the summer concert series is right next to that? I love my job…

  38. Ate watermelon for snack and going to bed. Not smart.

    Really tired but Canada and boat is happening. Glad I am taking my friend on trip she deserves for bad breakup, plus happened while she was helping me do good building boats for cancer fundraiser.

    Still wish I were going with a male, I mean some of these places are cool and romantic or at least climatically cool and sort of glam. At least interesting.

  39. If everything goes as planned I should have the convertible in about 10 days. Looking forward to it. Oh, and Tippy is fine. They had to shave his front legs to put in IV, but he doesn’t care.

  40. Jerry when I had Dickenson at vet there was huge poster of poisonous stuff for cats on one side, dogs on other highest to lowest source of poisoning. Had things even I had not known.

  41. Jackie, for some reason when I read the last post, a Bloom County strip flashed into my mind. You recall the one where Binkley and Opus are riding in the cab of the semi with Binkley’s dad? Opus and Binkley are running through names for the adventure on the road. Dad looks at the two of them and says “Two dips and a dad.”

  42. Re today’s strip, Elvis completely agrees. He took one step through the door, heard one bang and went right back in. Still lurking I see, JJ.

  43. Good morning Villagers…

    …and a GM back at you Old Bear

    I am still in shock, yesterday evening we learned of the death of Jason, my husband’s nephew. He died on his 39th birthday. Jason is one of the NIL’s who has stayed with us off and on for the past couple of years. He’s the one who owned the Danger Ranger, pulled out the dent in my Izuzu. Jason swerved to avoid hitting a car that came around a corner only to have his car go off the road and roll three times, throwing him out of the car and rolling on him. He died of severe head trauma.

    Life seems so unfair at times.

  44. Saw the funniest Facebook post. If a woman is upset with you take her in your arms and hold and hug her. If she growls step back ten feet and throw chocolate.

  45. Debbe I am so sorry. Your life seems over loaded with sorrow, drama, tragedy and family problems. Wish it were easier for you, you are a hard working and loving person.

  46. Chugging along to Ottawa, Canada on July 4. Our little town has exploded with tourists and it is only on weekends and holidays I remember I live in an Oklahoma tourist attraction. Rest of time it is cute old town where I know almost everyone and they know me.

  47. Jackie, don’t worry if they won’t let you over the border on the way back. I have a huge driveway and I can feed power out to the boat. 🙂

  48. Dear Debbe, I am so sorry about your nephew in law Jason. Only 39 years old! An awful waste of a young life. Darned car wrecks, such tragedies.

  49. Debbe, I’m very sorry to hear about your loss. Life is fragile and so easily lost, often by mere chance. Many times I have avoided death by a couple of seconds or just by luck. Tippy, and you all know what he means to me, would be dead if we had been out of town the day he ate a pill or I had not spotted half of a tiny white pill on the floor of their room. Not to compare with your nephew, but you know what I mean. I plan to try and do much better about living each day like it could be my last.

  50. Jerry just read about deep brain stimulation with Parkinson disease in news a couple of intestinal ago. Is this what your doctor’s are doing? I hope it works.

    Glad Tippy is OK. My fur ball is fiercely chasing the people outside the truck. He is inside.

  51. Minutes was supposed to be what I said. I have been running like crazy for days. Impulsive people pay for it in trying to pull it off.

    Neighbor down street showed up with tiny black and white kitten rescued in last storm here. Land lord evicted kitty who is in kitchen with Dickens. Too small to spay yet but it needs shots. I have an orange cat down cuddled on my foot. Naming orange cats is hopeless, there are usually a half dozen identical ones here for last 20 years.

  52. Debbe

    We are sorry for your loss.
    Our prayer are with you and his family.

    As the positive thing in his life touched you –
    Let the touch others through you.

    Big Hugs

  53. Good morning Villagers…..

    I thank all of your for your kind words and sympathy. Steve…you do have a God given talent, what a powerful song, and Jason did believe that Jesus was his Lord and Savior.

    Went to see Dad on Wednesday. Sad. They took his driver’s license away, and he has no idea what they did with his car. Saw the modular house he backed in to…and yes, the corner brick foundation is damaged. Dad’s quote…..”you live and then you die.” Will be checking in on him today.

    Yes, Jackie, it does appear that way….

    Oh, I ran for my life the other day….I was putting a hen back in her cage when I noticed the auger in the third feeding trough was hesitating….and going backwards. I immediately started running the rest of the roughly400 feet to the front deck. Then I saw it, it spiraled up and out like a snake….thought to myself, do I chance it and run past it or double back and run another 600 feet to turn off the feeder….I chanced it and ran past that ‘snake’, and made it to the packing room and the toggle switch…..breathlessly turning it off and pointing to the teenager and the hen house. Boy, am I out of shape when it comes to running.

    Today is going to be better….it’s Caturday!!!!!

    love to one and all…..Debbe

  54. Single surviving youngster ‘branched’ [moved back and forth btw. nest and limbs] a few days ago, and has been beating its wings lots lately. Now it’s not in sight, though it may come back. At this stage, young are adult size, but will not get white heads until year 4 [or maybe 3].

    http://expl ore.org/live-cams/player/decorah-eagles-north-nest

    Remember to close expl ore before clicking. Peace,

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