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Well, maybe not a new family, exactly. This old classic is from the spring of 1997, not long before Arlo had his hair cut. Obviously, this site has been limping along, lately. I’ve been very busy with other things, but I haven’t forgotten about you, appearances to the contrary. Actually, I am traveling this week. I am in Memphis, and I have a good excuse! Yesterday, I was privileged to be among several cartoonists assembled at St. Jude’s Research Hospital to draw for some of the young patients there. It was a great day, but I’m looking forward to getting back to work.

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  1. Have fun Jerry! We will miss you.

    But then, I missed everyone yesterday. Some of us who are “fans” on Facebook were able to connect… but glad we can again make comments here.

  2. Debbe
    @4/28 4:37am

    Sometimes it is just to let you know I am here without commenting.
    Though I try to be relevant without hurting.

    Wait till I get to Ben Franklin.

  3. I love St. Jude’s. I may have mentioned that for many years my sister crocheted child-sized “chemo caps” throughout the year and sent (anonymously) a huge box of them to St. Jude’s at the holiday season. I’m very happy to learn that you support that fine facility, also.

    I hope you had some Memphis BBQ and thought of us, Jimmy. I also hope that if I’m ever in the hospital, you will come and draw me a picture of Janis in the bathtub…without the “special opaque water” in it.

  4. Thanks so much for coming along to cheer the kids at St. Jude’s! Also sorry I didn’t manage to meet you or get you better publicity about it. Hope you’ve had a good time.

  5. Isn’t it interesting how much we have come to count on this meeting place and how much we miss it if it is not here! I am one of those with Galligo who did say Howdy in FB, but this is the real thing.

  6. I’m glad Janis outgrew her jealous, insecure phase. Never been a problem betwixt my wife and myself. We’ll each point out eye candy to the other and we both enjoy a good flirt.

  7. Jimmy’s too humble to admit that not only did he come to Memphis to draw for the kids, but had to put up with lots of weird people to draw alongside, and driving here and back in the first place and the last place. Jimmy, it was a pleasure to have you here. And my offer still stands- if you want to start doing the conventions thing selling books, I’ll coordinate with you, and we can set up near one another. It can be fun when you run with a group… specially if the group has a guy like Guy in it- he’s a personality,isn’t he?

  8. Bryan,

    “We’ll each point out eye candy to the other and we both enjoy a good flirt.” Amen. That’s the way we were and it was a blessing.

    Aliases: Unless you are trolls, and maybe not even then, I’m not particularly interested in who you are, and have not tried to find out. I respect everyone’s choice to remain incognito if they like [too awkward to manage # agreement in that sentence].

    Peace, emb

  9. RE aliases: It is just that we have our real names on Facebook and when we make comments on the Arlo & Janis page, we like to be able to recognize each other.

  10. Some of us are pretty easy to match with our FB names.

    As for the “breakage” here, I am fairly sure this is something with the software that runs the site. It appears to close a page for comments after 7 days time. The previous page started in the morning of the 21st and stopped allowing comments in the morning of the 28th.

  11. Re Green Onions
    Boy does that bring back memories
    It’s been HOW long?

    Denise there is something green in Mich. already?

    The Lilacs are budding time to get the Crabgrass Preventer down around here.

  12. Good morning Villagers….

    In answer to your questions GR 😉 , no. Still does not want to go to doctor. The pain is subsiding, but the other eye blackened also. He looks like a racoon 🙂 And thank you for asking, so kind of you…love Evan’s “Foghorn” quote on you. It was Foghorn who said that, wasn’t it?

    Ian worked his butt off these past two days…they pumped the pit and yes he did have to go down in it to cut up an auger that fell in it months ago…..uugghhhh. He came to the back door just covered in it. Had hip waders on, and an oversize rain coat with hood. He had cut his thumb on the auger, we quickly disinfected it and made it bleed more. The Boss was down in the pit, on a tractor stirring it, have I mentioned it looks like chocolate pudding when he finishes it? He actually told Ian the pit manure looked beautiful! I have no idea how many manure truck trips were made, but the country side was very aromatic with the smell of chicken poop. Now for the other hen house. Oh, and only in the country can you strip down to your undies on the front porch and come in with ‘poopy’ clothes in hand.

    Denise…congrats on your first sign of a producing garden. I love green onions. I even love the smell of wild green onions when the grass is cut. What else have you planted?

    Indy Mindy…in the words of the Cowardly Lion….”C..C…Courage!”

    Old Bear…my two lilac bushes are blooming….but I lost my 15 year old rose bush to this winter. Think I’ll plant a lilac bush in its place. Can never have enough lilac bushes or dogwood trees.

    gotta go…..

    ya’ll have a blessed day

  13. Gal….what’s the matter…..does insomnia come to you every night? Try and get a little ‘cat nap’ in…..when’s the last time you had a good night’s sleep?

  14. I do have trouble sleeping, but usually conk out around 1 AM. But… once in a while, it is around 5. This is the first time (that I can remember off hand) I had no sleep at all!

  15. Mark in TTown, thank you for that music! I’ll hear it in my mind each time I harvest them. That is the perfect soundtrack for it, because that’s just how I felt while doing it: smug, smart, and sexy!

    Bad Ghost, bad Ghost! 😉 I do hope all is well with her. Almost everyone needs a fantasy life; some people just share it to the discomfort of others. And she did give us a lot to think about!

    I have noticed, Mindy, that bosses sigh a lot.

    I’ve had some fresh thyme, oregano, chives, tarragon, and last year’s parsley (before it bolts) for awhile, Old Bear, but the first real veggies are something special! I live in the part of Michigan with the mildest winters, and the green onions are planted right next to a sunny south-facing wall.

    Debbe, only spinach and lettuce so far, from seed. The tomatoes and peppers, as plants, won’t go in for awhile yet. Then green, wax, and soy beans from seed. I’m skipping cukes this year…there are two roadside stands about two miles from my house and their cukes are as good for fresh eating and bread and butter pickles as mine. The herbs are mostly perennial, and the dill just reseeds where it is happiest. Annuals marjoram, summer savory, and basil go in last. And this year’s parsley. Garlic got planted last fall and is doing nicely. Do you ever use the chicken poop on your plants? I used to be able to get pigeon poop, and my tomatoes were never better.

  16. And for some of us, life comes true like a fairy tale written just for us. Not a fantasy, life. My next chapter will run on May 7 or 8 I think my editor says. Sorry if you all may have thought it unreal. Guess it sounds that to some but very, very real.

    Love, Jackie Monies

  17. Jackie, nice to hear from you! I’m glad that your writing project is continuing. Reference had been made above to our once-upon-a-time troll, Susie. Perhaps I am being naive in thinking what she did may have started out as fantasy play. Perhaps she always did intend it to be mean-spirited, but I hope not.

  18. No, Denise I think a troll is correct, I have to deal with some of those sometimes. I am off to BC next to cruise and hike on a yacht for a couple weeks. I am beyond irrepressible adventurer. I will try to be discreet when I show up here but I just don’t live that way.

    Love yall, Jackie

  19. Denise in Michigan, sounds like you’ve got the right stuff to season a mean omelet, or a slow-cooked roast! And you are welcome for the music. When you said Green Onions, that tune is what came to mind, courtesy of American Graffiti, which is where I heard it first.

    Hi, Jackie. Glad you are having fun, if you don’t want to post it here, put it on FB for us.

  20. Thanks, Mark. One was last months, the other is this month’s and latest installment. I am having fun and losing weight, shopping. Not going to get us in trouble again. I have given away and still am, thousands of dollars of clothes, most with tags still on. Makes me feel good.

    My kids read Facebook! Who likes Dwight Yokum besides me? Loading van cd player with a lot of testosterone and beer. Love Jackie

  21. Especially Daisy Mae Yokum

    Had Oregano for years (all over the yard) that started from 1 little plant brought
    home in a Styro. cup.

    GO Jackie

    More than once had to strip outside. A little rough at 20* below

    Does Ian have his Tetanus Shots?

    Got a new list of goodies:
    Take a 10-30 minute walk every day & while you walk, SMILE. It is the ultimate antidepressant.

  22. Jackie, I just copied and printed the Cowboy Cookies recipe—looking forward to trying it! Thanks for the link, Mark. I do have one question, Jackie; I can’t see a date anywhere on the article or the website. Am I just missing it? That would make it easier to make sure I’m reading your latest entry.

  23. Good to hear things are going well, Jackie. As of this morning, I’m down 14.0 pounds since 1 Jan 15, putting me about where I should be now, even with the holiday bump. I hope you are making even better progress.

    I made some new friends amongst some people who work for a LE agency and got invited to run some scenarios on their new interactive video firearms simulator next month. I’m looking forward to that. I’ll do my best to “shoot” only the simulated perps and not the simulated homeowners or simulated hostages.

  24. Good morning Villagers….

    GR 😉 re: “Busted”…I don’t get it. But it’s early yet, and not all my synapses are firing yet. So you get to play ‘games’? Ian is a big video game players, online and off line.

    Old Bear, yes, Ian had a tetanus shot about 4 years ago. When he wrecked a scooter.

    Thanks Mark for the Moody Blues link…believe it or not, I’d never heard that song before.

    Jackie…did you say ‘beer’? You are coming this way to pick me up, right???? You can keep the testosterone, I’ve enough of it here….

    BIL is back as of last night, Andrew’s dad….wonder how long he’ll be with us. He is not a well functioning man.

    Denise, when we had cattle, we used that manure for our tomato garden. We had bell peppers growing out of our flower patches by the front porch last year. We’re going to put out a few tomato plants, and we see if the peppers come back this year.

    Gal, did you ever get any sleep? I’ve had sleepless nights too, they put you in a strange, altered mind of alertness.

    gotta go…..

    ya’ll have a blessed day

    gotta go…….

  25. Debbe, I’m currently fighting off some kind of upper respiratory bug. The antihistamine the dr. prescribed was putting me in an altered awareness. Couldn’t sit down without setting an alarm in case I dropped off to sleep. Had to go to a different medicine.

  26. Virtual beer in my case. I don’t drink but the songs reek. Love Dwight and that voice. He is a brilliant, articulate man in truth. Who saw him in Slingblade?

    I’d return but I offend some here, so I am mostly lurking. My “mouth” is often beyond the pale, apparently. Gal, the reason they don’t date my columns is some are timeless enough they can rerun them and sometimes do. Next month for instance, will rerun a long ago column called “The Gift of Little Boats” with a new lead in chapter that brings up to date how my life has been positively and permanently altered by “little” boats, as opposed to yachts which I once considered my norm. The dates they use are on the index they use monthly because all my articles are somewhere out there and get pulled up and read indefinitely, if anyone wants to.

    Ghost, yes, new eating lifestyle is permanent and instilled now. Steadily losing and changing and the “attitude” is back, so negative and positive effects. I am just up most of the time now. Worse than having little Mary Sunshine to wake up to! New wardrobe with attitude too and a smile. Housekeeper says I don’t need that face lift, I say keep looking at the neck below the smile!

    Love yall, Jackie

  27. I enjoyed reading your current article, Jackie…and thank you for the Cowboy Cookies recipe! Thanks to Mark for the additional link.

    Ghost, what is an “LE agency”? Congratulations on your progress toward your goal. As children and young adults, we are single-mindedly driven by our goals. As we mature, it becomes more difficult to focus upon them amid the background noise of life. We fail, in the moment, to maintain the vision of the long-term benefit. I admire your constancy!

    Old Bear, oregano will do that when it’s happy! Fortunately, it’s pretty easy to control by pulling if it volunteers a little too freely. I learned the hard way, though, that my best intentions to deadhead the garlic chives before they set seed weren’t realistic for me. It took me several years of digging out the roots, but my grass is finally garlic chive free. And I no longer have them anywhere, even though I do like their flavor.

    Hmmm, Debbe, you got me thinking…I wonder if I could convince hubby Phil to put veggies in his front yard pots? At the least, he could put kohlrabi in with the geraniums instead of dusty millers. Ooooo, and there’s the coleus pots he puts in the back yard! They could be filled with veggies, too! Or maybe with nasturtiums, if he insists on bright color—the leaves are great in sandwiches and salads!

  28. Debbe, that Moody Blues album is “The Keys to the Kingdom”, and it’s got some really good music on it.

    Denise in Michigan, look up the grow bags at the Gardener’s Supply Company. They have a big round bag that would make a good flower/veggie combo garden.

  29. Happy May Day. Red Square in Moscow is the scene of a large parade and social gathering. In Vietnam it is day two of a national holiday, yesterday being Liberation Day. In honor of the latter I am posting this link. A long read ,but lots of nice pictures. I am glad to see the healing and progress in Vietnam, still remember how it was during my two war time tours.


  30. Thanks for asking, Debbe. I got about a 1-1/2 hr. nap yesterday, and slept a solid 9 hrs last night – not even getting up to go to the bathroom. And yes, yesterday was a weird-feeling day. Felt as though I was in a state of limbo. But I am feeling much better now…

  31. You can survive without eating for weeks, but you will only live 11 days without sleeping.

    People who laugh a lot are healthier than those who don’t.

  32. Denise, LE agency = law enforcement agency. Specifically, the patrol division of this agency, the guys and gals who operate out where the rubber meets the road, 24/7. Nice folks. In fact one of them is going to drop by Ghostly Manor this evening on his way to work to install a pair of custom sights on my Glock-Gun, something that requires a specialized tool which he owns for working on his own moderately customized Glock service pistol.

    Debbe 😉 Arlo got “busted” sneaking a peek at “that pretty girl”. It would not be unreasonable to assume Arlo’s attention was drawn to Pretty Girl because she herself was busted, as in “well-busted”. Or so it would seem to me. 🙂

  33. sand, I’m thinking that Photoshop would have been greatly prized back in the day when, post-latest-purge, it became necessary to doctor the previous year’s photos of the CP leadership standing on the wall of the Kremlin reviewing the May Day parade.

    I’ll look forward to perusing the article on the HCM Trail when I have time.

  34. Jackie, thanks for the cookie recipe! Sounds great! As for you and your mouth, you have not yet managed to offend me-and no one has the right to never be offended-but should you ever, I can just keep scrolling down. I don’t have to read what you wrote. And, others might like it. Glad your life is going well.

    Ghost Sweetie, sounds like you’re about to have some fun. 🙂

    Happy May Day, or as some of us say, Happy Beltaine!!

  35. OH, and Jackie, I’m with you on Dwight Yoakam! I do love to hear him sing.

    I’d even drink the beer, but it’s have to be good German beer, not any wimpy American swill. 😉

  36. Ghost, I thought maybe Jimmy was referring to the issues with posting during his prolonged absence, as well as Arlo getting caught peeking.

  37. One of those days. Drove to work with little traffic when suddenly I realize that I have a Dr. Appointment. I pull out the card and realize that it is for 9:00, so I relax and drive back. On the way back home before going to the office, I get temporarily blinded by the light and hit a pot hole the size of Rhode Island that I have been dodging for weeks on the way home.

    Flat tire. Pull out the jack and decide to move the car further away from the road as the cars are going 70 MPH and I don’t want to get hit. So now I am jacking it up in the dirt, so naturally the car falls off the jack. Decide that I have had a AAA card since 1987 and never used it except to tow my kid’s cars and the guy comes out and changes it like I was running the Indy 500. While I was waiting, I canceled the appointment, but then after he changes the tire, I called and told them that I would be 10 minutes late. Once I tell the story, the nurses are taking side bets on how high my BP would be. Normally, with medication, it is 110/65. Today it was 140/70. Dr. was pleased that after that morning, that it did not spike even more.

    So I got that going for me.

  38. Debbe: “I’ve had sleepless nights too, they put you in a strange, altered mind of alertness.”
    At some point your body exhausts its normal supply of glucose, it also uses all the glycogen stored in the liver (glucagon INCREASES blood glucose by activating breakdown of liver glycogen and enhancing liver glucose synthesis), and you’re left running on adrenaline…

    My best (worst) hallucination brought on by too little sleep (too many interruptions because dispatchers wouldn’t take no for an answer!) had me pulling a priority load the instant I was legally able to do so down I-15 behind a white, bobtailing rig (no trailer). Without warning it split into about a dozen pieces that flew up into the sky… I took the next exit and had a good long nap. I was still on time for delivery; it was the pickup time that had been so critical. With me being short on sleep I had miscalculated the time required to deliver on time and panicked myself into driving too long on the first leg of the trip.

    Never again!

  39. One of the nicer things about trucking for us company drivers (meaning we’re not owner-operators) is that we’re not expected to carry the truly heavy tools and spare parts needed for flats, blowouts, and other major repairs. It would severely cut down on our carrying capacity to do that, so we only carry a few hand tools and spare bulbs, extra oil, washer fluid, etc. to handle the small stuff.

    I recently dreamed that Dispatch was telling me that because my load was so light (insulated concrete forms: Styrofoam™-like blocks tied together with plastic rods which are assembled like Lego™ blocks before pouring concrete into them) that I didn’t need to get my blown tire replaced. That would’ve been true had it not been a steer tire!

    See https://prezi.com/y3f0ixw1zkvb/insulated-concrete-forms/ for info about them.

  40. “Without warning it split into about a dozen pieces that flew up into the sky…”

    I wish that would work on some people I know.* 🙂 Also, since I’m getting a hair cut on my lunch break, it would be interesting if I could cause my pneumatic and pulchritudinous hair stylist’s clothing to do that…but I won’t go there.

    *No one here, of course.

  41. Dear Jackie Monies, Happy to see your posts and learn your latest news. As I’ve said before, I’ve never noticed that anyone is offended by your posts. There is one person who seems to doubt your existence; not the same as being “offended”. I know you are a real and very genuine person, and the other Villagers appear to feel the same way, so let’s return to the way things used to be here. Love and best wishes, Charlotte.

  42. Well, I have missed you all a thousand times myself, so I’d just read and wish I could say something! Oh yeah, I am most real person in Village probably! And the person who doubts it is among those who I think sees ghosts and hallucinates, but I never say anything about that out of politeness myself.

    I’ve been known to carry on polite conversations with those with dementia, medically or drug induced, what with being a sweet Southern woman, not easily shocked. We are like that.

    Trucker, not you, I have done a lot of long haul driving, pushing, and you do hallucinate. The nonstop adventure sailors do too. I have heard some real doozy stories from the sleep deprived sailors.

    Love, Jackie

  43. Yes, Arlo, that is the aviation meaning of “mayday”.

    During Gulf War II, the story was that USAF pilots would break ground and fly into the wind, while Iraqi AF pilots would break wind and fly into the ground.

    Off to see what my pneumatic and pulchritudinous hair stylist is wearing today. 😉

  44. Since we have a break in the atmosphere, as it were, I will tell you Ghost that much to my disappointment Victoria’s does not have a size that will fit me yet, despite the reduction in sizes, I tried. And I cannot for the life of me understand why ANYONE in my particular size would want to or need to purchase anything that involves padding, enhancement or pushing toward one’s chin. Avoiding that is as hard as finding the sizes!

    And I went in search of some good foul weather gear and arrived at a size XL in men’s, no women’s would zip. Jacket was $325 and I blanched at that. Don’t know how I will solve the problem of the bib and suspenders on the bottoms? Maybe Jimmy can do us Janis in those lederhosen, did she cross or spread the suspenders? The pants were another $195. Not something one buys casually I suppose.

    Love, Jackie

  45. For the record, Pneumatic and Pulchritudinous Hair Stylist was wearing black skinny jeans with a loose flowing top that was half back lace and half practically nothing (sheer material). Arlo would have appreciated this…as usual, one of my favorite moments came when she bent over to get her money bag out of her bottom desk drawer. (For some reason, I never seem to have exact change with me. 😉 ) I’m not sure if her black bra was from Vickie’s Secret, but I am sure it was not padded.

    As Frasier once said about his ex-wife Lilith when he thought she was making a play for him, “I don’t care if she’s wearing a bra that pushes her breasts up to Canada!” Nonetheless, Jackie, I wish you good fortune in realizing your dream to find one the proper size. (Updates appreciated. 😉 )

    Also, Jackie, I used to always carry a full rain suit with me back in my Gold Wing riding days. The lowers had a bib-and-suspender set-up, but with a single fixed strap behind and two adjustable-for-length straps in front with fasteners. Of course, I suppose the front straps could be crossed, but in your case that might just lead to something that looks like a photo from a bondage magazine. (So I’ve been told.)

  46. Ghost, the last line in that story says the police haven’t identified either man. That shouldn’t be too hard, you’ll know him by the way he walks!

  47. As one of the commenters to the self-inflicted orchiectomy article said, “That’s nuts!”

    The report was that the robber and robbery victim were “neighbors”. If you’re gonna rob someone, make sure it’s someone who knows where you live.

    I suspect than rather than a robbery gone wrong, it may have been another kind of deal gone wrong.

  48. If “thug” is now politically incorrect, can “robber” be far behind? May I suggest “wealth redistribution specialist”?

  49. I don’t think so, Ghost. That one is synonymous with tax collector, which is a highway robber with a government license.

  50. Came down with a sore throat last night… the good news is this baritone now can sing bass and nail the C below the bass cleff. I just pulled up Lee Marvin’s “I was born under a wand’rin star” (Paint Your Wagon) on YouTube and sang along with him.

  51. “. . . good German beer, not any wimpy American swill.” [face]. Not sure if face means “Don’t take this seriously.” or “Don’t take offense if you really like ‘wimpy American swill’.”

    Whatever, there are lots of craft and moderate sized breweries that make beers, ales, PAs, IPAs, stouts, porters, lagers, and pilsners that are as good as imports. And not all imports are really imports, or at least not overseas imports. Guinness Stout is now brewed in Canada, and there are local American stouts that are just as good. I will be having one of the above with supper, on the patio. About 71F out there, and the flowering crab is leafing out.

    Peace, emb

  52. Can’t remember the details [Wiki probably can] but “thug” has ethnic origins: some nation’s ruler’s heavies. I will continue to use thug as a legit word, but probably only in contexts where the perp* is clearly not black. The way to defeat PC is often to play such games. Pain.

    Peace, emb

  53. Just caught up reading you guys again, back with a new printer so I can print my own airline tickets. What a world has evolved since I gave up flying! Got a better printer for fraction of old one, on sale, does everything, wireless, etc. Don’t remind me of the $6000 one I used to have that was the size of a washing machine, faxed and copied, didn’t do emails of course or wireless or photos and took a personal call from a tech to change the ink!

    Another Ghostly update, read your hairdresser report. Jackie wore the tight black skinny jeans and a sheer see through print tunic, with a flesh colored personal garment underneath that doesn’t show at all. The computer tech waited on me efficiently and expeditiously, saved me a bunch of money and then carried my new printer out to van for me, leaving two fat ladies at the counter to cool their heels. Offered to come work on my computer for me at house but I told him my live-in deputy sheriff was going to help me. Didn’t mention deputy has a 90# girl friend who could probably dismember me, trained by FBI dad whom I know also!

    Anyway, clean living and food restraint has rewards.

    Love, Jackie

  54. Thug has nothing to do with race. It is simply a word which now means a criminal. Being criminal has nothing to do with race, either. It is based on a person’s actions. Don’t let the serious arguments be derailed on such a petty distraction.

    For the record, here is the origin of thug: http://en.wiktionary.org/wiki/thug

  55. By the way, Ghost. If that shooter had gotten his victim where he shot himself, the shooter would probably get away with it. Think baseball, four —– and you walk.

  56. Wouldn’t know what kids call anything now. I am into gray haired and bearded. And extremely fit and outdoors types. Have no idea what an Okie computer tech could be talking about? I assumed computer and printer that wasn’t working very well. Didn’t fit my profile, Ghost.

    By the way, made a huge, healthy and no calories to speak of oriental salad with bok choy, carrots, bean sprouts, peppers, green onions, sugar snap peas, and a small poached chicken breast, peanuts and ginger sesame dressing. Going in to consume same. Anyone else eating anything good tonight?

    Denise has inspired me, minion and I (female) are going to weed and clean all the garden beds and plant entire gardens over. Thank you Denise for the love of dirt, also Janis and Arlo. I will look like Janis by Sunday afternoon! Dirty beyond description.

    Love, Jackie

  57. I am blaming Janis and the rest of you gardening-types for today’s purchases. Wandered, unsupervised, in the garden center of one of the home improvement stores. Two new yard tools, seeds galore, and two humongous bags of soil (will have to go back for fertilizer, ran out of room in the car), and I am well on my way to an expensive, misguided, dalliance into gardening. Still need to find that half-moon edger. I want to clean up my sidewalks.

    In other news, Bkacklight is currently inconsolable. I allowed her paws to touch the lawn this evening. Unfortunately, it was at dusk, and I am grade A mosquito bait: her outdoor adventure was cut short due to incoming attacks. (One little creep got me. Less than two minutes outside.) I carried her in, kicking and spitting all the way. She has spent the last hour howling at the back door, begging to go back out. This is going to be a long night.

  58. Hi, Lady Mindy! Pets are wonderful, aren’t they? 🙂

    Tonight’s Menu: Homemade marinara sauce on vermicelli, sprinkled with grated Parmesan; garden salad with fat free Catalina dressing. Hey, that’s like a vegetarian meal, isn’t it?

    The beard I added to my existing mustache looks pretty good, especially now that I’ve totally ditched my eyeglasses. (I look less like a Russian poet, I suppose.) Getting fitter and trimmer now that I’m back on a regular gym schedule, too.

  59. Ghost, you are such a tease! To be fair, you really should post a link to a picture of of all this hirsute manliness!

  60. Dearest Ghost, how did you ditch your eyeglasses? Did you get contact lenses? Or what? By the way, I just renewed my driver’s license, and passed the vision test without eyeglasses — makes me feel pretty good. I don’t wear glasses for driving the car, or for any distance viewing. I do use reading glasses, though, and have several pairs scattered around the house (I buy inexpensive ones at the store, don’t need the optometrist ones.)

  61. I am enchanted by Jackie’s ongoing adventurous life! Take it easy, at first, with your plans to rip into the gardening project full speed ahead! Sounds glorious, but please don’t hurt yourself.

    Could say the same to Indy Mindy — you’ve really got the gardening bug — I bet you will make the place look beautiful. Sorry for poor Blacklight! She can’t stay out there alone, I take it?

  62. Cataract procedures, Miz Charlotte; five weeks ago yesterday on my right eye, and three weeks ago on the left. I’d estimate my distant vision to be 20/20 in both eyes, and my near vision seems to continue to improve, so the jury is still out on whether or not I will need readers. I go next week for a visual acuity check, so I suppose I will know for sure then.

    Never been big on gardening, but I’m giving serious thought to planting some “patio” tomatoes this year. My Dad did that for several years before he passed (I still have a picture of him admiring his “crop” one year), and I’d do it in his memory. My BIL always ends up planting much more than he plans and will undoubtedly have plenty of tomatoes. But I do want to make some marinara sauce with fresh rather than canned ones. And salsa.

  63. GR6

    My brother stood on the podium at Red Square as a company Rep. during May Day parade
    Many years ago – he said it was darned cold.

  64. Thanks, all, for doing my research for me. I knew thug had a regional origin of some sort, but was not very close. Edda’s* current adversary in 9CL is a thug, Caucasian.

    A favorite receptionist at the hospital has perfectly good vision, but is 10+ years older than she looks, is therefore far-sighted, so uses dime-store [somebody may have to explain ‘dime-store’ to our younger colleagues] readers when she has to read forms, type, etc. I used them when transitioning from cataracted* myopic to plasticized geezer.

    “Anyone else eating anything good tonight?” I am not an accomplished cook, but supped well, considering that I’d indulged at the lunch following a good ELCA funeral for a sterling 77 year old man who was a sophomore when I came here in ’58, became a real pillar of the community and of the college support staff:

    The larger “half” of a club wrap bought at the nearest supermkt*, couple of dozen red seedless grapes, 1/2 pt. Surly’s* Bender, an oatmeal brown ale [Surly’s is a new indep.* brewery down near the Twin Cities], Dunn Bros. decaf, and 8 oz. of low fat ice cream, all on the patio. Pleasant. Usual paucity of birdlife: female and male housefinches*, male robin being territorial, ring-billed gulls, chipping sparrows. S’posed* to reach 80F tomorrow.

    Peace, emb

  65. Say what, Bear?

    I had to google that (bet you didn’t see that coming) and found an establishment in Brisbane named Barber Babes that offers the services of female haircutters attired in briefs only. Lap dances are also available, but not at the same time as the cut. (You’re not even supposed to run with scissors, and I can think of even more reasons not to lap dance with scissors.)

    I suspect that at the very least a guy could get a really crappy haircut there and not even notice until after he leaves.

    And I hesitate to ask what kind of job would result in one getting to watch the Red Square May Day parade from the podium.

  66. Miss Charlotte, (that is what Southern women also call those they love) along with “darling”, I do not dare start reciting my schedule aloud yet, it sounds unbelievable, so I hold back and let out tidbits each month in my column, hope to keep all the boaters pea green with envy, like the Owl and the Pussycat, and shove it under their own wives’ noses or at least on fridge. In May I will be cruising among waterfalls and verdant forests in an area so remote I keep saying there may be pontoons instead of wheels on the tiny plane we go in on. Two weeks on the water in pretty much seclusion and no phones, no nothing, cooking wonderful meals verging on vegetarian, hiking and walking on islands or at least remote peninsulas.

    Customs may freak out over the Japanese chef’s knives,whisks, kitchen utensils I consider totally essential to life. I just check it all in luggage. Who can travel without their own stainless steel juicers, graters and peelers? Y’all will have to wait until I get back, no communication until then.

    Love, Jackie

  67. Jackie
    “And I went in search of some good foul weather gear and arrived at a size XL in men’s”

    And whats wrong with men’s? (Sp check doesn’t like that) (I could be vulgar and say no TD.)
    Try the Farm Co-op or were the road crews get theirs. Nothing is inexpensive now –
    cheap but expensive. Looking at some 1960’s magazines and the prices – of course I was making
    about $1.50 per hour.

  68. 22 oz. prime rib, fries, carrots, [donated broccoli to the MBH], chocolate-drizzled cheesecake, and a Manhattan. One slice of buttered crispy-edged bread preceding same.

    Helped out the local economy thereby, too.

    Such indulgence occurs about once a year.

  69. It seems that we’ll continue helping out the local economy: just received a roofing proposal for an amount more easily written in scientific notation then in the ordinary way…and it is for just one level of the roof!

  70. Old Bear, nothing wrong with men’s at all. I ended up doing a lot of my shopping in Men’s department of Academy, Lands End, LL Bean and even Walmart. It was only place I could find sweaters and similar things that looked sort of Down East and nautical, practical and in most cases, on sale, as it is summer here! No, main problem is I am a men’s XL size and I am fiive feet and one inch in height. I wonder how in the world I would shorten men’s foul weather gear?

    Will be sailing later this summer in Puget Sound, San Juan Islands, Great Lakes, all pretty cold climates even in summer. The Dana is blue water, which means out in open waters and oceans, so good foul weather gear is pretty necessary. Not like tropics where you can stand out in the rain in whatever you have on and get wet.

    No, I’ll wait until I can try them on and make sure they are comfortable and fit well. Where I will be have tons of boating gear in even smaller towns on water. Down in Florida and on Florida panhandle area I even know fishermen’s supply places I like where things are more reasonable, like road men, commercial fishermen don’t buy labels!

    Tomorrow I am a gardener and I hope someone will sharpen the hoes and tools for us, my hands aren’t much on files nowadays.I need to go get some sleep and put on gardening garb which in my case involves long sleeved shirts and at least capri pants to keep sun off, with a hat the size of an umbrella! Love, Jackie

  71. Dearest Ghost, how could I have forgotten, that you told us all about your cataract surgery! Guess I am not thinking so clearly today; glad of the reminder. I like your plans for growing tomatoes, partly in your father’s memory. My dear husband Chris was like your father. He would start the tomato seeds early, grow the little plants, then transplant them to plots he dug outdoors. He cared for them tenderly and enjoyed the whole activity. How did your father organise his tomato planting?

    Dear Jackie, your travel plans sound amazing, as usual. I will be thinking of you!

  72. Mark, you are the smartest and best source out there on where to find things! I have been at Academy, Dicks, Bass Pro and Cabelas and none of them had any of these! I will order them from company in morning, I am too sleepy but I get up before dawn normally, so I can order before my local feed and seed opens for plants in morning.

    That is exactly what I need in light weight rain gear and I thank you so very, very much! I have to be able to layer it on top of other clothes for hiking. The boat isn’t really exposed unless I want to go out on deck. When I am out in “Cowboy Cookies” my little micro-cruiser or even “Magic” the Dana, I will be out in weather, whatever it is, be it rain, shine, sunny or storms.

    Thanks and love, Jackie

  73. Good morning Villagers….

    GR 😉 had to look up those two $100 words, one describing your hairstylist and the other describing the nutless job 🙂

    Jackie, so good to read your posts, all of them. I’ve missed your postings. You are an inspiration. So don’t lurk…..happy gardening today.

    Marleen is working with me today, and I will make those teens sweat today. Ole “Skittles” isn’t going to bail out on me today, like he did last week. Egg production is going down slowly, the old girls are a year old. Hatch date of the one flock was 4/26….and I forgot to sing happy birthday….the little Prissies are getting mean too. I see a ‘molting’ coming soon.

    Old Bear, you had to ‘shave’ down to your undies in 20 degree weather? I bet you moved fast!

    When The Boss was on the tractor down in the pit Wednesday, the tractor ran out of gas, in the pit! He knocked on the back door of the packing room, I opened it to see my boss with his shirt on, and just his underwear….not a pretty sight. His pants and socks were in the ditch, he had to walk through about three feet of pit poop.

    Well the moon has set in the west…..almost full.

    gotta go

    Happy Caturday

  74. emb, mostly the face is for “Don’t take offense if you really like ‘wimpy American swill’.” I picked up my Dad’s dislike for American beers-he had spent several years in Germany while in the Army-and never developed much of a taste for the American stuff, especially “lite” beers or the ones with flavorings added. Not long ago a friend waxed rhapsodic over “Terrapin Liquid Bliss Chocolate Peanut Butter Porter”. Now in my humble opinion chocolate and peanut butter are two flavors that should never be used in conjunction with beer. Pure water, grain, hops, and yeast. That’s all there is!

  75. Jackie, you are welcome. I had seen the ponchos and basic rain suit by this company at Wally World. Did not know they made the other items till I went to their website. I plan to get one of the ponchos myself, don’t like raincoats and hard to find in my size 2xlt. And you know the plastic ones make you feel like you are in a portable sauna.

    As far as the tomato planting, my ex got on a tomato kick after reading an online article this year. http://www.cookingwithmykid.com/meatless-mondays/meatless-monday-bag-of-tomatoes/

  76. Mark, I would probably fit under your arm pit or lower! I am five foot one inch and if I remember rightly you are about six foot six inches! And I wear a man’s XL or sometimes XXL, just chop me off at your knees.

    I was just showing my beloved minion some of the clothes I unearthed last night that I packed away when the docs convinced me on diabetes and lupus that I had to accept permanent illness and disability. I think the waist on most would fit on my left leg right now. And you know what, that was the worse advice I ever accepted or bought into! I am now rejecting it all pretty totally and trying to backtrack and find that person again. They are always just inside somewhere if you dig deep enough.

    Since the clothes are 1) still very current and in style 2) still in excellent condition and not worn and 3) I still like them Well, I am going to just keep heading south.

    Yeah, I feel like the prodigal son returned and welcomed. So thank you, my Village.

    Love, Jackie

  77. Galliglo, it’s helped by distance. We can talk and cooperate, we just can’t live together. And I look forward to the time when I can be single again, the sooner the better!

    Jackie, when I was in the SCA, a couple of the ladies in my local group were helping me make a tunic with a t-neck. It was so long that one of the women could have worn it as a floor-length dress, except that the neck opening let the whole thing slip right down off her shoulders. But try to fly with legs that long, or find a car that is a comfortable fit. And sometimes I feel I should be wearing a hard hat for everday living. Just yesterday I had to adjust our clothes dryer vent, and when I stood up, got an instant headache from the wire shelving in the laundry room.

  78. Mark, I once sold a Mercury to a celloist with the Houston Symphony with legs like that and we had to fit the cello in as well, which made for an interesting fit! A good car salesman needs to make the dream fit as well. He wanted five speed shift and speed and adjustable seats. My boss was a famous basketball player , retired. I learned a lot from Dwight about cars and tall people and the problems they face in autos!

    Love, Jackie

  79. Thank you for that idea, Mark. That looks like a solid possibility.

    Steve, if you put all the potholes in Michigan together, they would probably hold all the water in Lake Superior. 😉

    Jackie, good dirt is one of the best smells around!

    I’m a mosquito magnet too, Mindy. I find that “Deep Woods Off” works well for me in dire situations. Around the house, I often just use Avon’s “Skin-So-Soft” as a repellant. It really does work, as does Off’s knockoff of it, “Skintastic.”

    Where are you, Jerry? I thought you were due back Thursday night.

    Debbe, I had to re-read your post. Somehow I connected that full moon up with your boss wandering around in the almost-altogether!

  80. T.Jean: “chocolate and peanut butter are two flavors that should never be used in conjunction with beer.”

    I’d certainly agree / peanut butter [which I like in other settings], but some stouts that include chocolate are not bad.

    Peace, emb

  81. Jackie, that cellist shouldn’t have been too hard to fit together with his instrument. There’s always room for cello!

    I’ve been in some cars where I felt like I was wearing it, rather than driving it. And it wasn’t a very good fit.

  82. Jackie, I’m Type II and until recently, my a1C was great; between 7 and 8. Then I had a nasty bladder infection and it shot up to 10.3. I just had another one, back down to 8.3, but I’ve got another infection (caught by routine testing before there were any symptoms) and I’ll bet that it’s on the way back up. It could be worse; a friend told me the other day that his is around 13 and I don’t see him doing much to get it under control. I’m not saying anything to him because he’s an adult and it’s his life to live the way he wants.

  83. Denise…that would be a ‘bad moon arising’…no, just teasing…sometimes I put i too many punctuation marks….I’ve been told my facial expressions tell it all…thought about working on that, but…naw…to late.

    And, who forgot to remind some of us it’s “Derby Day”?????

    So…need to peek at who’s running……I haven’t been listening to the news, any news…tell you a story…tomorrow…re: what and how I found about “what’s happening in Baltimore!”!


  84. sideburns, I just remembered to check blood sugars, have been out working in garden, in for a snack and a quart of water with lime juice. Had some organic tortilla chips with olives and some great olive and garlic hummus. And blood sugars still a tad low after all that but the hummus will get it back up. Just got told of another diabetic going into shock with low sugars and dying. I seem to hear about one every few days. Gives one reason to try and control.

    The lupus and 20 years of steroids caused my type II diabetes, so I am delighted to be getting off the steroids and cutting back the insulin.

    Ready to plant pole green beans, bush beans and tomatoes in first cleaned beds. Each of my beds are raised, 4 x 8 with trellis at each end and over top of bed, which shades the inside plants in hot weather. I have a lot of these beds, I will count and tell y’all tomorrow how many to clean and plant. I cultivate and amend soil each time I plant with organic materials. Love to see things grow, both plants and people.

    Bought a flat of peppers, a flat of tomatoes Everyone should plant a tomato plant at the least, surround them with herbs for ground covers.

    Love, Jackie

  85. Mindy, I have heard that one way farmers used to judge if soil was warm enough to plant was to drop their drawers and sit on it. Not that I’ve ever tried that. 😉 I use an old meat thermometer.

  86. What? I had to hear about World Garden Naked Day from Huffington Post? And Mindy?

    My garden sits right out on side nearest the boat launch and the warm weather has brought out the weekend boaters heading for launch at end of my street. I’d have so many boats wrecked in my yard when they hit that big ancient oak out on street in my yard, we’d have to erect police yellow ribbon barricades.

    Told my fence builders we are raising the privacy fence around back lot to at least 8-10 feet, the one outside my office window is stepped down to just six feet.

    Love, Jackie

  87. The naked gardeners made me forget what I was going to post. I have over 80 feet of those 4 x 8 raised garden beds back there and each has trellis at each end and across top, which gives me lots of aerial planting space. The kitchen garden off this end of property has about 64 feet of the 4 x 8 raised beds with wooden walks and decks surrounding them. The ones in back will have either concrete or stone walks between each bed to stay dry.

    Front beds have shorter trellis surround their walls for things like cucumbers, snow peas, other climbers. Starts looking like Eden around here pretty fast, naked gardening would go well with that.We already have the snakes.

    Mark, are you a cellist by any chance yourself? I love cello, stringed quartets, cello and piano, almost any combination.

    Love, Jackie

  88. TruckerRon, less to wash?

    Jackie, nope. Never learned to play an instrument. When they were recruiting for students for Jr. High band I wanted to learn drums. They wanted a trombone player. Grandmother always wanted a musician in the family and they bought the instrument. Then parents moved us to Texas, and that was the end of that.

    Why not post signs in yard: Warning, snake sanctuary. That ought to keep the literate trespassers out.

  89. Too much of my gardening involves keeping my wife’s wild roses under control. I would wear steel gauntlets if I could find them. The idea of exposing extra flesh to those demonic thorn-bearing weeds… ugh!

  90. Trucker, you must indeed love your wife! Most people would take a weed eater and commercial chemicals to wild roses. I like them but they are hard to control! We had them on fences on farm where I grew up. I notice they are no longer there now that my grandmother is dead. I also noticed my neighbors down the street who dug them up on roadside and transplanted them to their fences have taken brush cutters and fire to theirs! Probably Roundup too.

    I think of my friends who founded the famous rose Rustlers of Texas who saved the antique roses from the brush and overgrowth, or my long dead friends who saved and propagated the wild Louisiana iris (I have a blue one blooming in my day lily bed on way to shop right now) or the ones who are digging the antique jonquils from the fields where houses used to be. There are many, many ways to show love, as another friend just pointed out to me a few minutes ago.

    Love, Jackie

  91. Trucker & Jackie

    We have a large (twenty feet wide) Logansport city maintained (ha) ditch area on two sides of our property in the back. These areas contain several flowering wild plants (apple trees, black wild cherry trees, redbuds, wild roses, etc.). They are very pretty to me and the WBH, especially in the early spring, when we are anxious to bid winter, “Be Gone!”.

    As long as I mow the lawn faithfully, these plants all stay put nicely. Faithfully is key word.

    Steve Moore

  92. Sam, Trucker, Mark and all of us who love the wild, I would love to have such a forest around my property. I grew up on a riverbank with the river and the swamps surrounding me and my grandparents farm. Yes, nature encroaches fast if not kept a bay! I had a large plot of my own among the trees and thickets and still have the house plans to build on that river but I am 71 now, not 35 as I was when I bought the plans from Southern Living. Yes, Mark, an Alabama designer of upscaled slave quarter houses and unpainted tenant farms copied, in weathered cypress. I own the land now but won’t build there.

    But what a joy! To own property with such a view, such a “neighbor”. I sat here in the dark this morning and listened to my birds, watched the sun light the sky behind my bank of trees. We are given these gifts to celebrate a greater being than we humans and can worship in places not built by man’s hands. But I will get to celebrate that glory now in so many beautiful places I have never seen before.

    Love, Jackie

  93. Good morning Villagers….

    And what a glorious day it is here in S IN. Windows are open, breeze blowing in, and the woods in the back is soaking up the sun’s rays. I love living in the country. We also have wild roses growing along the county gravel roads. Plus wild daffodils and black eye susans line the drive to work. But once I hit the highway…it’s farm land every where, and the farmers are busy with manure trucks and plowing. Soon we’ll see the beginnings of hard work sprouting up in rows of corn, soybeans and milo.

    Right now, we have guests. My husband’s nephew, Jason and his girlfriend spent the night. Count the children….8 little ones running around here…all under the age of 10. The ten year old is the only female in their brood. Good thing I brought home extra eggs 🙂

    Another nephew just showed up (he is the one who has three horses in the pasture between our house and the gravel road)….he showed up to mow the yard.

    gotta go….guests here and I love it.


  94. Too cool! Our schooner came from Rhode Island, home of some great boats, designers and builders. And obviously some cool women. Loon must be proud, I know I am. What, no frontal shots? Love, Jackie

  95. I have shared this before, but when I was working in the yard 15 yrs ago, I got poison ivy on my hands. When I went to the bathroom, I washed after I went. When I started to break out, I went to the ER, I started telling jokes and the Doctor said “Do you always work in the yard in the nude?” I answered “You know that comment was extremely insensitive” After a pause I gave him a sly smile and then we both had a great laugh.

  96. I arose at three o’clock yesterday morning and returned home from my daytrip just-post ante meridiem* this morning. By the time I got to bed, I was seeing oddly-shaped and furry-yet-ethereal little creatures from the corners of my eyes, which I learned in college is generally a sign that I’ve been awake too long.

    Happy to be back home and back in the Village.

    * That means “just after midnight”, Debbe. 🙂 (I hope it does, anyway…I’m still sleepy.)

  97. Debbe, you are a darling! What a houseful!

    Ghost, they sound kind of cute!

    Steve, I didn’t feel the quake at all, did you? I’ve seen some reports that folks in Troy, Utica, and Shelby Township did.

  98. I’ve been to Japan 8 times, where they have quakes all the time, but I have never felt one. I think that I was shopping or mowing the lawn yesterday. If I was in the car, then I doubt that I would feel it. Might have mistaken it for a pothole!

  99. Have felt a number of rollers in San Diego. One memorable time was a very large one centered near Joshua Tree, it hit in the week morning hours. A young lady and I had just slipped between the sheets when it hit, she cling tight as our world rocked. 😉

  100. Oklahoma has been declared the earth quake center of America and I seldom notice them. Didn’t feel them anywhere else I lived. May notice one in some of the places my travels are to take me.

    Love Jackie

  101. Sand, I am smiling at that memory for you. In fact, I think I am laughing. And refraining from further comment. Love Jackie

  102. Great minds or at least mine works the same way as Ghosts. That is the very song I thought of but I was sitting in front of the garden center at Walmart when I was laughing at Sand. I was going to say, rock my world, Sand. Love, Jackie

  103. I looked up the date and time of the quake: 2:47AM, Saturday, October 16, 1999. USGS states it was a 7.1 shaker, centered in the Josuha Tree National Park.

  104. “Why were you up so late, sand?” Ghost asked innocently.

    I can tell that at least a chunk of my afternoon is going to be spent being sessile in front of the TV while the Braves play. Yesterday was indeed a long day. So, no garden planting for me today.

    Although I of course admire those of you who are involved in horticultural adventures. Plant something pretty, Jackie. Or at least prettier than a Joshua tree.

  105. Jackie – just for you 8:41 post


    Not sit – squat and if it is not cold – time to plant.
    most fields planted here now. Not like last year.
    As I said before they do in hour what we did in weeks.

    A good car or (I am told fighter plane) SHOULD feel like you are wearing it – you think and it moves. I mean well fitting not ill fitting – and I have had those.

    I was a lot younger and quicker when I stripped out at -20. Out of the wind it is not too bad.


    Brother was in Chelyabinsk in 1980 for May Day and October Revolution Day which is in

  106. You made me cry and smile too at the same time, Old Bear. I love Cat Stevens and I love that song more than any other he sang. Thank you and for the beautiful video as well.

    Love, Jackie

  107. Sand
    I would try to get Bro to explain but we would be so deep in technical jargon that
    Debbe would have to bring the pit cleaning tractor and Jackie would never have to buy
    fertilizer. It would all be true & correct but Gal would never have a sleepless night.:)

    If you want I would see if he would pop in.

  108. Good night, Old Bear, I am listening to music and waiting for the honey dew melon to kick in, then go out and weed some more. Had a great vegetarian rice bowl, brown rice, black eyed peas, broccoli and carrots in ginger sauce. Feeling virtuous and want to go dig in the dirt. Yes, I do buy a lot of that cow stuff. The snow peas, potatoes and green onions look good. I like rich dirt, that black gumbo I grew up with weighed ten pounds per foot, your foot when you got it muddy!

    Cotton seed compost is my favorite soil additive, right along with cow manure. My grandmother liked chicken poop, however! Well aged.

    Love, Jackie

  109. Still laughing at you all. We have to behave, we will upset the correct ones among us again.

    But who wants to be “correct”? Speak now.

    Seriously, I am going back to weeding. yeah, I am listening to a lot more music nowadays and I guess my musical memory has kicked back in. Don’t know about the computer skills, however.

    EMB, so you don’t feel left out, I listen to classical music now all night, just leave it running. Mozart is a great favorite of mine, among many composers I love. I often put on eight hours of a favorite, like Mozart and just let it stream. If I wake up, it is to great beauty and it is comforting, just go right back to sleep. Solved the sleep problems somehow.

    Love, jackie

  110. sandcastler ™, for some reason my computer is no longer streaming youtube smoothly. It doesn’t matter whether I try it in Chrome or Explorer, it stutters. Spotify and Pandora are ok, but I just can’t stand to listen to YouTube now. Any ideas?

  111. Mark, mine isn’t either! I figured I had done something wrong, what with my ineptitude with a computer and just learning what youtube was from y’all. Internet Explorer isn’t much working on mine, so I went to Chrome and mine is stuttering, just like Mark said. I was going to sign up for Spotify and Amazon but haven’t gotten around to it yet.

    Oh, and thank you, I loved the Grateful Dead and had not heard that song, beautiful actually.

    Love, Jackie

  112. YouTube update.

    It is nothing on your end, YouTube has been experiencing problems this afternoon. It is being worked on.

    Back to regular chat.

  113. When computers slow down and things quit working well, you have to figure out where the bottleneck is. Often it’s in the WiFi or whatever source you have for YouTube, as in too many people downloading things at the same time. (I had a long argument with Comcast about 2 years ago… when they replaced the hub upstream from our house things suddenly got a LOT better.) Sometimes it’s your computer’s processor being overburdened by software demands. Even a program that you left ‘running’ in the background, though it’s not actively doing anything, is taking up space in the active memory (RAM) and leaving the CPU short on resources. So, if you’re using a laptop, take it to another WiFi and see if things run better. Or try quitting everything except your browser.

    Good luck!

  114. My “gas guzzler” Crown Vic averaged 24.2 mpg on my 400+ mile trip yesterday. Not bad, considering my route included a 25 mile stretch of urban four-lane (each way) Interstate highway. I call the lanes Fast, Faster, Too Fast and OMG. I drive in the OMG lane just to keep from getting run over. I did see one driver maintaining the 65 mph posted limit, but he was changing a tire.

    Jackie, anyone who loves music must get Spotify. You will be like a kid in a candy store. Be sure to get the mobile version (if it is still separate) so you can stream music when you travel. I have set up at “Drive” playlist on mine that I listened to yesterday while traveling. Really makes the miles click off.

  115. I was gone longer than I expected, but I’m back. It happens that I am 66 years old today. My wife has made a cake and is cooking a ribeye so I won’t try to read everything that I missed, but I read JJ’s note and there have apparently been some problems. A pat on the back for his attending St. Jude’s. In my mind I have pledged to them a million dollars if I should win the lottery, but I don’t think that I could ever visit because I would break down when I saw those poor kids.

  116. Ghost, I am already like a kid in a candy store. There are not enough hours to listen to it all. I described my love of music as catholic. I now have the freedom to listen to anything I like at any time, 24 hours a day. I can listen to Queen, opera, the Texas Tornadoes, Vivaldi for six hours, Led Zeppelin,Waylon Jennings, where ever my soul takes me.

    Right now I am listening to a violinist named David Garrett play Kashmir by Led Zeppelin. I had not heard of him until yesterday, yet 8 million others have listened to him and I missed it! I was cheated. Were it not for you guys turning me onto youtube, I would never have found so much music. Thank you.

    Listening to Queen, “Who Wants To Live Forever”, so beautiful, what a loss!

    Love, Jackie

  117. Tonight’s Menu: Homemade salsa with oven-baked corn chips; grilled skinless, boneless chicken breast, marinated in a carne asada marinade; Spanish rice; and black beans.

  118. I wasn’t nearly as virtuous, despite having a fridge full of pending health. I had a quarter of a honey dew, it was so good I went back and ate the other quarter with fresh lime squeezed on it, wrapped in brown sugar but low fat ham slices. With my fingers, no knife or fork. And dripped the juice, some on keyboard while listening to Queen sing “A Kind of Magic”.

    I did say my sailboat, the larger blue water one already has a name, “Magic”? I believe in magic.

    And getting younger and never growing up. Love, Jackie

  119. Jackie, seems like you have the eating thing pretty much in control. Just don’t forget balance in your diet, and for heaven’s sake don’t skip regular meals. Your digestive system will thank you for that.

    I don’t remember you saying one of your boats was “Magic”, but I can see how that might be appropriate.

    “Growing older is mandatory, but growing up is optional.”

  120. Steve, I was in my car waiting at the high school to pick up my daughter when the car started bouncing. I thought some teenager had jumped on my bumper and was about the lay into them when I realize I was alone. Very strange feeling. When my daughter got to the car, she said everyone still in school was freaking out. I told her it wasn’t a very big earthquake and then my cell phone rang. It was my son who was at home alone and was quite worried because the house had shaken and things had fallen off tables, counters and shelves.

  121. Debbe,

    Indeed a Foghorn Leghorn quote in reference to Ghost. But you have to know your audience. Virtually no one under the age of 40 has any idea who that is.

    But it gets worse.

    Apparently almost no one under about 25 has any idea who “the Beatles” were. I’m not talking about not knowing about The Dave Clark Five or Herman’s Hermits… “the Beatles” draws a total blank.

    Come on, I knew about comparably aged music when I was in my twenties, and there were no artists or acts with the musical impact, much less the cultural impact, of the Beatles from that prior era.

    It isn’t a case of whether they like them or not… they have no idea who they were. That is pretty shocking. So if I note other lesser-known areas that also appear to be totally forgotten, I suppose it is no great surprise, considering. Ah say, Ah say, sharp as a billiard ball, this young generation…

  122. Thanks for the heads up on YouTube, sand. It did the same thing a couple of weeks ago, then cleared up, and now its at it again. Wonder if some foreign government’s hackers are doing it to prevent “subversive” content getting to their citizens?

    Jackie, I completely agree about the freedom we have now to find the music we truly want to hear, instead of what corporate radio wants to play. Like many of the arts, when done by independents (true local radio stations, for instance) the people get what they want and the providers prosper. Then the larger fish begin gobbling up the smaller ones, and next thing you know, nobody’s listening anymore. Nobody’s buying music, books, newspapers, going to classical concerts, art museums. Well, you get the idea.

    Happy birthday, Jerry. Hope you thoroughly enjoyed that ribeye. As Spock said: “Live long and prosper”.

  123. Mark, have no intell on cause of the bobbles. My take away, the volume of uploads and accesses can overwhelm at times. If it was a true denial of activity we would get an error message.

  124. Happy birthday Jerry! Mine is in a couple of days. I haven’t caught up to you quite yet! Glad you enjoyed your day. Opened up the house, broke in my new glider rocker in the porch while reading a good book. Great day, even for a work day.

  125. Lady Mindy, I did a double take when I read your post. My mind didn’t immediately register the word “rocker”, and I thought for a moment you had decided to become a glider pilot.

  126. Good morning, my Village. Woke up to Rachmaninoff and absolute beauty, it’s dawn and I only have one thing to worry me right now, well two if you count the question of whether I can find a beauty shop open on a Monday morning to do my hair? Where is Debbe? Has something happened to Indiana Debbe? We could set a clock by her and the chickens and the cats.

    For a woman going to meet with an estate attorney to write her will, powers of attorney, a do not resuscitate and living will, well I am in an awfully cheerful mood! My Louisiana attorney can’t do that, I have no legal residence there any longer. Money doesn’t count as a residence, nor land ownership. I love this, my lawyer is a woman named Erin. Go figure I’d pick someone like that? Wanna bet she’s gorgeous to boot? I haven’t met physically yet but I loved her on phone.

    She wants to go sailing too. Who wouldn”t?

    Love, Jackie

  127. Erin go bra, or Erin go braless?

    The thing about unpleasant but necessary stuff (e.g., getting all the above mentioned legal thingies done for my Mom) is that it does actually make you feel better after it’s accomplished.

  128. The first thing…well, the first non-female anatomy thing…I noticed about yesterday’s photos of the topless young sailing enthusiasts in their Daisy Dukes was the sign that read MOTORBOATING. I can only imagine how much the sailors savored that visual pun. (I’m sure Jackie got it, anyway.)

  129. Jackie loved the entire thing, that was as my British friends say, so cheeky. And yeah, the Brits excel at puns. Maybe its a sailing thing? Jimmy is SO good at it. Since so much is coming true for me, so many dreams, maybe I’ll get to meet Jimmy someday?

    Passenger is singing “Let Her Go”, love that song.

    I hated to burst Jerry’s bubble of winning lottery and leaving money to St. Judes, but my family gives theirs to Shriners Crippled Children, raises money nationwide, serves on the boards of directors, (three of my immediate family do) and my son-in-law makes limbs so children can walk again, both here and in Haiti. My oldest daughter rode an elephant to open the Shrine Circus at age 13 in a Vegas show girl costume. We believe in service and giving.

    And yes, Jimmy, drawing cartoons is service. Thank you for what you do.

    Enough of my preaching to the choir probably. Dire Straits now, “Money For Nothing”.

    Loving you all, Jackie

  130. Evan:

    “Indeed a Foghorn Leghorn quote in reference to Ghost. But you have to know your audience. Virtually no one under the age of 40 has any idea who that is.”

    And at least one over 80. What is it?

    Peace, emb

  131. Evan:

    I looked it up. Recognize FL but think I’ve never seen him in a movie. Saw a few Bugs Bunny shorts, but rarely went to the movies.

    Peace, emb

  132. Jackie, thank you for the Shriner’s donations. A friend of mine had a daughter with a congenital problem of her leg/foot. His family was able to get her surgeries and other treatments at the Shriner’s hospital at no cost to them. And with two other daughters already, you know that was a huge financial blessing to them.

    emb, I can’t think of Foghorn Leghorn now without thinking of Debbe and her chickens. You must not have been paying attention at the movies during the 1950’s when those cartoons accompanied the main features. Of course, I saw them on TV in the 1960’s.

  133. Many benefit from the Shrine, whether you belong or are a believer. They do good, so it is not all silly hats, cars and parades. Although my daughter said at least a few hundred of them posed with her for photos and pinched her butt, not realizing who she was or that we were one of the circus sponsors putting it on in Houston. They thought she was a paid showgirl in the bikini and head dress. She said the guy in the gorilla costume was the worst of all! And the circus offered her a job. She didn’t run away to the circus, however.

    Love, Jackie

  134. “Motorboating” as slang involves pressing one’s mouth against soft tissue and exhaling sharply, producing a sound similar to a motor boat engine.

    Foghorn Leghorn was/is a Warner Bros cartoon character. Was on TV in 60s and 70s. Don’t know if he was in Saturday movies. I was born at the very tail end of Baby-boom, so TV replaced Satuday movies for me.

  135. “Motorboating” may also involve pressing one’s mouth between two chestular appurtenances of soft tissue and turning one’s face quickly from side to side while making a “bubb-bubb-bubb” sound. Just for the record. 😉

  136. Happy Birthday Jerry – I don’t think I can remember that far back.
    Though it seems I am prefacing statements “fifty years ago”

    Mentioned D-Day in reference to June 6 and received questioning looks from young

    Heard that some youngsters did not know Sir Paul was in Wings

  137. That’s why I love living here in the Village-we have the same tasted in music, and can enjoy each others’ company.

    I will admit to being over 60, though I haven’t quite caught up with Jerry, but I will also state that I haven’t figured out how I got here. The last time I remember taking a good look around I was running late for a Shakespeare class my senior year of college, and now here I am wondering what happened! 🙂

    Happy Birthday, Jerry!!

    Jackie, as a Rainbow Girl and member of the Eastern Star I have hung out with more Shriners than I care to admit. They might not all be sterling characters, but they do a lot of good work. And they are great fun to hang out with.

    emb, this is for you: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L8TQZBHszI4

  138. Mark,

    I may have gone to the movies 3-6 times in the ’50s. [I’d seen Bugs a few times in the ’40s]. Don’t remember any cartoons accompanying Olivier’s production of Hank Cinque, and that’s the only one that comes to mind. No, Captain’s Paradise, Lavender Hill Mob, and Man in the White Suit. Saw Warner Bros. miscasted My Fair Lady in the ’60s, I think. Also Ten, on b.w. TV. emb is definitely out of the cinema loop.

    Peace, emb

  139. Jean, I have my mother’s 50 year Eastern Star pin in my desk drawer beneath my computer keyboard. My step-dad was Grand Master, my uncle was Grand Master, my last living uncle is the grandest Master of them all, has his office in Washington, my cousin is Grand Master, everyone is 32nd degree, except my Uncle and my grandfather who raised me who somehow managed to become 33rd? I don’t understand that one? Everyone taught and instructed. It was always part of my life, my cousin whom I am selling my farm to is the longest tenured member of Galveston burn center Shrine hospital, over 20 years on board. We support the Shrines and the hospitals, donate, give and serve.

    No, they are good people and like to have a good time. i will say no evil about them. By the way, I think Rainbow Girls and maybe Eastern Star headquarter here in Oklahoma.
    Love, Jackie

  140. Good morning, Jean dear. As I’ve quoted before, “Inside every 80-year-old is a very puzzled 20-year-old.”

    Or pick any other age over about 40.

  141. To the enthusiastic Star Wars fan, May 25th is Star Wars Day because the movie was released on May 25, 1977. Some call Cinco De Mayo (an American Holiday to excuse drinking Mexican beer all day) as the Revenge of the 5th. I guess it is a play on words for one of the movie titles. I kind of lost interest after Return of the Jedi.

  142. Jackie, I’m afraid the Masons are another victim of a major social upheaval: people don’t join things as much as they used to. Dad [1878-1958] was a Mason, but member of a lodge in New Rochelle, NY, a bit of NY State tucked under CT, not easily reachable from Greenwich Village [we had no car; almost nobody did]. Had a Masonic funeral, Episcopal burial. In N.MN used to see news photos of a score or more Masons. Eastern Star had 2 coronations a year so more girls could be queen [or whatever]. Photos in the paper in recent year had 6-7 guys, all officers. Eastern Star? Who they?

    Masonic Temple, a bldg. of little distinction, later rented its spaces for other people’s celebrations [friend had her 50th birthday party there]. Eventually could not pay for repair and upkeep, was razed a month ago, w/b a park at a major downtown junction. Legion sold its bldg. to a profitable bar/lunch spot. Elks still have their own bldg.

    USA may still be the most religious nation in “Christendom” but many of its churches have declined in attendance. Our comparative vitality may relate to our NOT having a state church. We have become a nation of solo texters* and cell phoners.* [See today’s 9CL.]

    Peace, emb

  143. A belated HB to you, Jerry. Mine was last week – and was the reason I had that once-per-year feast mentioned. It has been quite a while since I was only 66 – rather more than two knee replacements and several colonoscopies ago!

    Anyone else agree that, the older we get, the more we refer to elapsed time in terms of bodily ailments/repairs?

  144. Happy belated birthday, cx-p.

    Ghost, if you look at the larger pics of the topless boat fans, you can see one has her name and phone number. Wonder how many calls she has gotten since that pic went on the Net?

  145. Happy belated, cxp. I suspect you, as I do, subscribe to the “aged wine” theory. 🙂

    I too saw that, Mark. But I decided she had probably put up the name and phone number of a sister-in-law she doesn’t like.

    Also, I thought the fact that they were showing off their “girls” only to offshore sailors was unfairly discriminatory to all the Soldiers, Airmen and Marines standing behind them who would have also enjoyed seeing “the twins”.

  146. Thank you, thank you, thank you for all of the happy birthdays. To paraphrase: how to feel better about being 66. Imagine you’re 86 wishing that you’re 66. BLING! You’re 66. Feel better? I’m not sure that I’m a 20 year old inside, but no more than early 40’s I’d say. Speaking of St. Jude’s hospital, have any of you ever visited? My father was a Mason and was buried with all of the apron flapping, etc. I think that I have an open mind and I think that he enjoyed the Masons. He left me a nice Masonic ring too.

  147. How do we know what’s on the other side of those signs? And where are their tops/robes or whatever? Was the photo taken too soon? Questions, questions.

    c x-p: “the more we refer to elapsed time in terms of bodily ailments/repairs?” Well, I remember those, but guess I seldom express time thus.” Several colonoscopies: you must be more at risk than most. I’ve had only 4, I think, 1/decade. Doc doesn’t want me back at 95. Guess he’s done enough “scopes” to conclude that I’m low risk, and to consider surgery itself as a greater risk for supergeezers*.

  148. Ghost I asked my Kiwi authority on the Volvo race for a definition. We will see if I get an answer. Also authority on top less babes. We will see what he says. Linn Pardee did interview with SCA crew, she posted it on her Facebook page. I will hope to meet her, she still looks good. My vet in Houston competed with a female crew.

    Arms are possibly from wenches on the winches?

    Love Jackie

  149. …And thanks, also, to the rest of you who sent greetings.

    [eMb: yep. I had colon cancer 35 years and 3 weeks ago.]

  150. Jackie, the Volvo is a round-the-world, right? And that’s exactly what I was thinking…winchin’ wenches. 😉

    Forgot to mention…the blonde Fourth From Right (Standing) appears that she might be Ghost-sized. Not that I really have any height minimums or maximums, of course. Women actually dated have ranged from five feet one inch to six feet tall.

  151. Jerry, and the rest of the Villagers — Debbe didn’t post anything today. I just scrolled back to see if I’d missed anything. I sure hope she is all right!

  152. What do St Patrick’s Day, Kwanza, and Cinco de Mayo have in common?

    They’re both much bigger affairs in the USA than they are in Ireland, Africa, or Mexico!

    Makes me wonder if any American holidays are celebrated more fervently or widely in any other country?

  153. She had that huge crowd of relatives there visiting, remember? Maybe she collapsed from exhaustion? I hope there is nothing wrong but I think she did post something brief on Sunday earlier?

    There is an 18 hour time difference in New Zealand, which makes it about 4 a.m. there. I imagine I may not get an answer on the naughty nautical signage until later? Oh yeah, it is a round the world race, they were in New Zealand when Lin Pardey was interviewing them for an article she was writing. en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lin_and_Larry_Pardey They live outside Wellington, NZ now if I got town right. Lin and I are same age. She was a great inspiration to me when I was younger. Of course we stayed put on land while she and Larry sailed and sailed and sailed.

    Love, Jackie

  154. Good morning Villagers……

    I say, I say, I’m here, I’m here. Yes, the full house on Sunday kept getting larger with more relatives of my husband stopping in, and one more additional child. That’s eleven kids, and nine adults…..I hope that doesn’t happen too often. It was fun though to see everyone though. I was very tired though by the time it was all said and done.

    And Happy Belated Birthday wishes to Jerry and cxp.!!!!

    And more drama from Andrew and Rachael…she called to say that Andrew used their car to climb a tree to rescue a cat and fell on the windshield, busted it….then she said she thought the window was down and went to throw something out the window and now she thinks she broke her hand. (That’s why you don’t liter!) When she called yesterday afternoon, she was wanting to borrow on of our cars to go to the ER. We both told her our cars aren’t running good and didn’t want to take a chance on the car’s breaking down.

    Besides, we all thought the story sounded ‘screwy’. Personally, I think Andrew lost his temper, hit the windshield, and maybe Rachael in self defense hit her hand. Don’t know, and don’t care. Just want them to leave us alone.

    You all are so sweet to set your clocks by me. You all make me feel special. I am doing fine considering the past couple of weeks of drama. Thanks.

    Been staying up to date on this ‘bird’ flu, and Iowa has been hit hard. Just hope it stays there. The warmer temps we are having here (high’s in the low 80’s the next few days) the virus cannot survive in temps above 85 degrees.

    Jackie, S IN has some big lakes here….come sailing sometime.

    Ya’ll have a blessfull day.


  155. Re: Sunday’s real time strip. I remember playing a lot of croquet when we were kids. The neighbors had a set and would let us girls play, they also babysat us four girls. I think the only time it was taken down, was when they mowed the grass. Thanks JJ for bringing back a good childhood memory. 🙂

    And Evan, I don’t think anyone under 25 would know what a croquet ball is.

    Jerry, have you been reading “Breaking Cat News”? I learned from the comments, that the camera icon next to the strip shows pics of the real cats and the newest addition to Georgia Dunn’s family….their baby daughter was born. The strips right now are reruns I’ve learned, and she is taking maternity leave until sometime in June, I believe.

  156. Good morning, Debbe! It sounds like you had fun, but next time, someone else can have a turn! The Andrew-Rachael story sure does sound suspicious. Sometimes you have to go with your gut.

  157. Good morning folks. The dawn almost missed me today! But here I am, missed it only barely, the light woke up from a SOUND sleep. I’ve a black and white “Kitler” kitty sitting behind my computer screen admiring the view from the office of the birds as well and Skippers ears poking up behind the top of screen. Computer with ears.

    Debbe. of I hadn’t been so darned wiped out and if you kept being AWOL I would have made it there a lot sooner than with a boat. I can locate just about anything, including a chicken and egg operation, given enough clues! Even in the country.

    On hypnosis, I did a couple of years with a diet guru in Houston who actually ended his interview with 60 Minutes with Mike Douglas as the winner. I said 60 Minutes should have gotten the film of the Brinks security trucks doing their three times a day run behind the clinic to pick up the cash! Followed that one up with another hypnosis shrink who used it to get you to revisit your past relationships and lives. It can be done effectively and I learned to do self-hypnosis and visualization imagery, tapes that would put you under in a flash, and that I apparently did have past lives. Don’t laugh, surely I am not only Villager who has been hypnotized here?

    Go Ludwig!

    Ghost, my new lawyer Erin is absolutely gorgeous blonde, in first class at Harvard after they “integrated” and let in the first 100 women. Got a pre-med degree, then a psychology degree, then graduated from Harvard law school. We loved each other, I now have another new best friend forever. She said she was so glad I didn’t sign the consent forms to Playboy and hoped I did get all the negatives back! She said it would have been a waste of a good mind and yes, I need to write the book, she agrees. I never lie to anyone, especially a lawyer with a psychology degree!

    Love, Jackie

  158. re: up above a ways, and Foghorn Leghorn’s voice and speaking was based on Senator Claghorn from the Fred Allen radio program. I was born in 1958, why do I know this stuff ?? anyway, Foghorn was pretty important in the pantheon, I would say about equal, maybe more so than the Roadrunner, definitely more important than Pepe LePew. … … .. Why are people older than I remember?, since my wife died and I see the people I only saw rarely anyway, like the ant/termite guy and the pond guy, they’re balder and/or grayer than I remember

  159. John, everyone is older than me, even the ones I know are not. Age is a matter of the mind and the soul and some people just age faster and keep aging. One is as young as one is willing to work to stay or to regain, as in my case. I have a friend who built a beautiful Scamp, named it “Forever Young”. I love that. Love, Jackie

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