But why is it art?


Gene hasn’t gotten much face time in the newspapers lately, so the least I can do is give him some exposure here. In this little series, Arlo and Janis begin to struggle with the growing realization their young son’s life will wobble inexorably out of their control in the not-too-distant future. Of course, they think they’re talking about curricula.

Regarding yesterday, I’ve thought of another possible reason Blondie and Dagwood often sit the way they do. Usually, Dagwood is watching television, while Blondie is reading or knitting. The comic strip “Blondie” predates television by a few decades. When television did arrive, it hardly was the center of household life it would become in the day of the “home entertainment center.” Perhaps it was perfectly normal to have a designated chair for watching TV and another, in the same room, for other pursuits. Perhaps this is how the pattern began. Just guessing. (Now you’ve got me doing it!)