Butter, butter, butter!

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Yes, it’s that time of year, also. Time for a homecooked meal served en plein air, complete with a fresh baguette. By the way, the one-and-done Braves are on top of the National League East by 2.5 games, solidly on schedule for their annual date with destiny: elimination in the first round of the playoffs. I see the BoSox aren’t doing so well.

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  1. It was 80 degrees here on Monday so no eating en plein air. However we are finally seeing more tolerable tempertures. Hard to beleive that it will be May in a week.

    Thanks Jimmy as once again I had to use my virtual dictionary. Either your strips or your posts teach me something new quite often.

  2. Steve from Royal Oak, MI, why would 80 degrees stop you from eating outside?

    JJ, if the Sox are doing so poorly (and they are), why on earth would the NY Yankees want to have cheated, in at least 2 different games (interestingly enough same NY pitcher)? Do they really need to cheat when their rival is doing poorly?

  3. BoSox? Wait til next year! Oh, wait a minute, that was the old rally cry. Now it’s: we are still the World Champs! (Note that when they win, it’s “we”, if the team loses, it’s “they”.) The Braves are still pining for the old days when they were the Boston Braves.

  4. Commented on yesterday’s post with my thoughts on population. What is that saying about a day late and dollar short? It’s in moderation anyway…

    I’m guessing the multiple links in your post sent you to moderation. Anyway, I unmoderated you, David, along with a few other regulars’ posts I found languishing there. Sorry! — JJ

  5. To EMB: Sin has marred the earth, but the Creator’s hand is still plainly seen. To believe the universe just came together on its own takes a far greater leap of faith.

  6. As I’m sure Symply Fargone will attest, it’s spring here in Maine in the sense that there are only small piles of snow on the north side of buildings and things, but it’s 43 as I type with a sustained wind for about 10 mph. Brrr. But it is spring: The new metal roof is almost done (the old one was 100+ years old), eight cord of firewood were delivered today, and now that the snow is out from in front of the barn, the lawnmowers will be sent for service today. So the temp doesn’t really matter . . .

  7. The Boston Red Sox are not doing so hot right now but they will prevail ( I hope). I’m counting on it. And the Braves (nee the Boston Braves)? Meh. Maybe they should change that name? Very insulting to native peoples inhabiting the Land of the Dawn. Did anyone ask them?

    Arrogant Europeans.

    Call them the Atlanta Dawnosians.

  8. I’m part Cherokee and see nothing wrong with using an English word for a team name. Nor do I object to dignified artistic representations of First Nation people. But the ridiculous cartoonish caricatures are in poor taste and often offensive.

  9. Arlo should know better. Table/kitchen rules as taught to me by my mom in my youth…

    1. Always wash your hands before coming to the table.
    2. Don’t play with your food.
    3. Don’t sing at the table. (Really.)
    4. Don’t wear a hat or cap to the table.

    Not sure about the first three, but I’m pretty sure the fourth one is no longer taught and/or widely observed.

  10. Umm, isn’t the baseball season only a few weeks old? Yet already there is talk of playoffs?
    I still do not understand why the “game of summer” begins in the deep of winter. Well, actually, I do. Money, and the desire for more of the same, trumps common sense.

  11. Bryan, more like statistical reality. Dig too deep a hole and you can not mathematically climb back out of it with the number of games left in the season. Getting off to a bad start tends to start digging that hole. Also, losing streaks tend to hurt morale of the players and they then play poorly because they’re down in the dumps about playing poorly. Talk about your self fulfilling prophesies……

  12. I’ve noticed that a lot of the old timers have faded away. And the standards have fallen so that the cliques flourish and elitism rules. Such a bragging bunch of remnants. Disgusting. I may be Virgin Mindy but I’m not blind or ignorant. Shame.

  13. GR6
    I really agree with number 4. Nothing irks me more than to see dimwits wearing hats, usually backwards, in a restaurant. I take that back. A whole family sitting there texting and not talking to each other is worse.

  14. Bonnie: ‘EMB: Sin has marred the earth, but the Creator’s hand is still plainly seen. To believe the universe just came together on its own takes a far greater leap of faith.’

    Last things first. I did not say ‘the universe just came together on its own’, and I don’t believe it did. But I also hold that we don’t know nearly as much about the Creator as many people think we do, and as some would require us to believe.

    I think we can learn much from studying the Hebrew Bible [commonly referred to as the ‘Old
    Testament’], but that does not make it a reliable source of scientific information about the workings and history of this physical universe. I suspect the universe came about because Elohim* chose to do that some 13.5 billion years ago, and that Elohim’s creative hand is best seen in the physical constants that have enabled matter and energy, over time, to give rise to the universe we see today. The universe works well, without having to be pushed.

    To see things we don’t like [swimmer’s itch, AIDS, etc.] as Sin resulting from a naive couple’s paying attention to the wiles of a talking serpent and disobeying Yahweh [the name for the creator in the older, second creation story and the forbidden fruit story, Gen. 2:4b-3:24] is itself naive. In the light of the much grander picture that science has given and is continuing to give us of the universe, I think to insist on the accuracy of either or both of those two incompatible creation stories diminishers the Creator. Peace, emb.

    *Elohim = the ambiguous plural/singular name used for the creator in Gen. 1:1-2:4a. A peculiar sect has appropriated this word to ID a supposed advanced race who are going to visit Earth and help us out, but the word rightly belongs to the writers of the Hebrew Bible.

  15. Dearest Virgin, I have read and re-read your comment, but I honestly don’t get your point. If you’ve been around since this blog initially appeared, as I have, you will have noticed that quite a large number of “old timers” from previous years no longer post. That was obviously their choice. I too have noticed that a number of recent regular commenters have been rather conspicuous by their absence lately, but again, I would have to say that was their choice. I do not recall anyone being flamed or insulted, or treated in any other way that would have driven them away from A&J.

    And since I’m a “regular” who still posts, I suppose I’d meet your definition of a “remnant”. But as far as considering myself a member of any clique or as an elite person, not so much. If there is a point you were trying to make that I have missed, please feel free to enlighten me. Seriously.

  16. emb: This pretty well sums up my feelings about the Creation and I too view Genesis as written in symbols too deep for our limited understanding. But I do feel there were other people around when Adam and Eve were created. After all, whom did Cain marry and who were warned against molesting hm? “There were giants in the earth in those days”

  17. GR6, I took VM comments to be about baseball. At least then they made some sense.

    LB, didn’t say it wouldn’t be expensive to put some of the eggs in another basket. It might be terribly expensive if we don’t.

    EMB, I’ve never been more frustrated than when a ‘religious’ person insists that a few paragraphs in the Hebrew Pentateuch or the Greek Septuagint be used as a scientific text. Of course, they don’t use either Hebrew or Greek but focus on the exact words in King James English. I can’t understand why some insist those words have to be literal when there are lots of other allegories given in scripture.

  18. Lily: If we recognize much of Genesis as the sacred legends of our religious forbears and read scripture for its theological import rather than as a source of historical data, we find that Cain’s mate and the giants in the earth become unimportant. Likewise the exaggerated ages, which “Sportin’ Life” makes fun of in “It ain’t necessarily so.” Did Sammy Davis Jr. do that role once?

  19. re Atlanta Braves: I’m glad to hear a Native American comment about that name. But I wonder how you feel about the chant? I was at a Braves game once at the old Fulton County Stadium. I’ve got to say that ahhhh-o-ah-uh-ah (in the right notes of course) being sung by 30,000 people gave me goose bumps! It was really neat! But then again, I understand that it is not my heritage that is being possibly stereotyped.

  20. Lilyblack, thanks for the link to the comic you had questions about. I think the boy is saying that for once polite declines are out and they are about to find out how bad they want that last piece of bacon.

  21. As the Bard said, “What’s in a name? That which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet.” Intent and inflection are 99% of what happens with words. If the intent is to insult and mock, the words themselves don’t really matter, the message will be delivered and resented.

  22. My own 2-cents: I see the usage of (insert favorite group name here) as a team name to be, if anything, admiration for what many perceive (correctly or not) as characteristics of that group. It’s not derogatory in any sense. After all, who would name their team after some group deemed unworthy of the honor? Would there ever be a team named “The Big City Cowards”? Don’t hold your breath waiting for that to happen.

    My own background, before about 1850, is all (what is now) German. Lots of people think many Germans drink beer (true); sing tuneful songs with gusto (true); play soccer well; are hardworking (true); and, yes, fight quite well (true). Many Germans do the above and have done so for ages; do all Germans do so? Of course not! Are all the above good things? Drinking can be OK or overdone; singing and playing soccer and working hard are good; fighting can be OK or really evil.

    So, if anyone wants to name their competitive group “The Germans”, that is fine with me. [In competitions, even the idea of fighting well is considered positive.]

  23. eMb, Sammy Davis did indeed play Sportin’ Life in the 1959 movie that starred Sidney Poitier as Porgy and Dorothy Dandridge as Bess. Also, you mentioned yesterday that you were a bit of a worrier, so on a lighter note I give you this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d-diB65scQU

    Ghost, I have the same rules for my kids, but I also included hair must be kept out of your face and plate. And, since the television was turned off at mealtime I found out that if the radio was on a popular music station that certain people (not only the children) would sing along to some of the songs. Therefore only classical music was allowed, and that rule is still in effect.

    And to Virgin Mindy, I’ve been around since this version of the blog came about, but I don’t post every day. Some days I just don’t have a lot to say, or that is worth saying.

  24. Jean dear, you could post every day, about anything or nothing, and it would be fine by me. 🙂

    Debbe 😉 I was flying the highways rather than the airways this time. Reminds me of the pilot who said he flew IFR (Instrument Flight Rules), but that in his case it meant “I Follow Roads”.

    Here’s a go-to-work song for you, hon. 🙂


  25. I suspected V M was pulling our legs. She couldn’t really be serious, could she?

    I read every bit of this forum, every day, and haven’t noticed any of those things she complained of.

  26. Charlotte, VM is often facetious, in a serious-sounding way. And I am often facetious back at her, in a serious-sounding way. It’s all in good fun, and one of the reasons I call her “Dearest Virgin”.

    But don’t tell her I said so. 🙂

  27. Good morning Villagers…

    Thanks Mark and GR……I needed those tunes. It was a blessfull day yesterday….egg belt not moving, moving eggs, a flat tire…..and I thought to myself….self, fiddle-da-dee, tomorrow’s another day…payday 🙂

    My two cents on the Creation…..we have no idea how long Adam and Eve lived in the Garden of Eden…it could have been millions of years for all we know. My husband refers to the Book of Leviticus as God’s health plan.

    Jean….I enjoy your posts when you do post.

    As an elite remnant, I’m signing off…..

    oh…GR 😉

    Ya’ll have a blessed day

  28. Debbe, I wish I knew how to post a picture my sister uses to indicate she is having a stressful day. It’s of an owl getting hosed down for some reason, and the poor wet owl has such a death-glare on it’s face, and the caption reads “Self Control…the only way to live in this world dominated by idiots”.

  29. @Mark from Maine,

    Unfortunately have not been to your fair state since November…I do have two trips planned in May. I am told there is still ice on Lake Christopher so the fish will still be around when I get there

    @Virgin Mindy,

    Symply where have you contributed to preventing this so called slide in virtue in the village? Many of us are still here and just lurking more and posting less as time affords. Fargone presumptuous of you to say….I have a job again!(Tonight John Hammond, Johnny A, Charlie Farren of Farrenheit and The Joe Perry project and Jeff Pitchell and Texas Flood are playing)


    Love going out and seeing a table full of people and not one engaged with anyone other than their phone. On our recent trip to Japan I observed this as a norm versus the variant….very strange dating behavior!


    Hoping the Sox can rise again. I like their character, at least that of many of their players…still early in the season.

  30. BTW, on the current comic of the 24th, having grown up in Iowa, I always shake my head in wonder at people (inevitably, city folk) who have romantic visions of becoming farmers. Farming is an occupation and a business, and you need to know what you’re doing if you’re going to be successful at it!

  31. SF: Who knows? Perhaps that is the “new normal” (I hate that phrase) for dating. And perhaps those two people on a date sitting across from each other with smart phones in their hands are exchanging “sext” messages.

    Jean, I knew that couldn’t be you over there. 🙂

  32. Mark in TTown, THANK YOU!! Debbe, you should go follow the link Mark posted. It should give you a laugh.

    eMb, the girl looks rather like a young Clooney, who is famously not married.

    While we do not allow cell phones at the table during dinner, a while back Husband and I were at a restaurant where the noise level was almost enough to make texting necessary if we wanted to talk.

    Lily, 😉

  33. Lily, as I’ve noted previously noted, just about any movie the Coen brothers make is worth watching.

    A quick check of my thesaurus shows that possible new names for the Braves MLB team could be the Atlanta Gallants; Atlanta Valiants; Atlanta Stalwarts; or my personal favorite, the Atlanta Spunkies.

  34. Yeah, good luck with that. While you’re add it, don’t forget to get some of that “rare mellon extract from the south of France” that will, without any makeup, make women look like Cindy Crawford.

  35. Last time I saw a photo of her, that’s all she had on, except maybe heels. Can’t remember, and I know why not.

  36. GR6, nope, can’t blame it on ACA. People don’t get hurt or sick on a schedule, so someone always has to be available to care for them. Hospitals are 24/7 and even when doctor’s offices are closed, the doctors are paying visits to their patients who are in hospitals.
    But then, you knew that didn’t you?
    At least, as a coder, I am on a regular schedule since we don’t do direct patient care.

    Lilyblack, hope your day goes well and your patients do well.

  37. Yep, my boss and I made rounds at the hospital this morning and then saw patients till twelve thirty. She is not aon call for the ER this weekend, so unless one of ours gets sick, we are free. I really don’t mind morning rounds, i get to talk to the patients and change their dressings while my boss is talking to the nurses, so it’s kind of like I’m a junior doc. Also, I get to show off in front of my former co-workers, especially the supervisor that reported me for hanging out in the ER instead of staying in the lab. The cow.

  38. Reminds me of my co-worker who fought like cats and dogs with his boss, they both applied for her boss’s job and he was promoted. Later he fired her, not without plenty of cause.

  39. It is my firm belief that someone, somewhere is going to try the dodge Arlo attempts in Sunday’s real-time strip. Possibly multiple someones. 🙂

  40. Good morning Villagers……

    I could not log into Go Comics yesterday. Kept getting ‘server not found’, all other sites came up fine…I missed my morning A&J and this blog, it’s almost like starting your day off without coffee!!!

    And Jerry’s back…good for you, sounds as though you have rebounded well.

    GR 😉 today is the first day off in two weeks. I don’t work full eight hour days, I’m in there at 7:30 until sometime around two….so I try to get as many hours as possible, and besides, there are the two teenage boys I whip into constructive working habits on Saturdays. My boss says to work ’em hard.

    Jean and Mark….thanks for those links…too funny. I remember one where an eagle is swooping down on a little field mouse whose arm is extended up with only the middle finger showing…the caption….”the last act of defiance!” Wish I could find that somewhere….Mark???

    Lily, hadn’t heard that expression in a long time “the cow”…I work with one, my sister-in-law! She is overweight and wears her clothes too small. One of my co-workers has made a remark about her t-shirts….his young son needs his t-shirts back.

    How ya doing Indy Mndy? I see where Whether.com is forecasting severe weather for us, lot of red on that map, even the southern states are involved in the next couple of days.

    I mentioned yesterday that we’ve never had a tornado drill…..we’re (the hen house) just a mile away from the White river and a little community that has had a few touch downs of tornadoes in the past. There’s no where to go for us, guess I’ll be like that little field mouse 🙂

    Well, we have Brooklyn this weekend, griddle cakes and a bubble bath are in store for her today. I have this big garden tub I’m going to fill up with lavender bubble bath…she’s excited.


  41. Debbe, I kept getting that same “server not found” message yesterday. Don’t know what was going on.

    Since I couldn’t read anyone’s posts nor the comics I went to the Gainesville Chicken Festival. Yes, the Chicken Festival! There was a little parade with the usual politicians, a Boy Scout troop, the marching band from the high school with cheerleaders, several cars decorated as chickens, the Miss Georgia Poultry Queen, and-since the whole thing is sponsored by the Keep Hall County Beautiful committee-a garbage truck and a recycling truck. The big thing though is the wings competition. There were a dozen or so groups from the fire brigade to the Walgreens Drugs and a local Honda dealership and a group called The Ninja Pig with chicken wings smoked, fried, grilled, or baked with all kinds of sauces, and for $5 you get a ticket that allows you to ten samples. At the end of it you vote on your favorite, and the winner gets a plaque. And since they aren’t stingy with the samples nobody goes home hungry. Covered in sauce maybe, but not hungry! It was great fun! 🙂

  42. Griddle cakes done and served….Andrew and Ian need to go in and patch a hole in the ceiling before the 1 to 2 inches of rain that is to fall through tomorrow…..

    Jean…that sounds like so much fun…love chicken wings, it’s good to have fun, glad you did 🙂 A Miss Georgia Poultry Queen…can I be the Ms Indiana Poultry Queen??? I would have loved to seen the cars decorated as chickens….bet I could pull up the local newspaper and see some pics….think so?

  43. We had stopped by the feed mill on Friday, (the Boss also owns two feed mills) and Davey (the one who wants his son’s T-shirts back) keeps ribbing my son on his hair length (Ian’s hair is a naturally wavy golden/reddish color)…..I said “it gets any longer, we’re going to call him Sister Golden Hair…..no one could remember that song. So I played it just now, and my nephew remembers it….so here goes..


  44. Lily…once upon a time I was a heavy book reader….now it’s music….I’m a sixties child, late sixties that is…..just went through a few of the old America tunes…..oh, nostalgia….and that horse with no name and the Sandman flying like an eagle out of an abandoned hurricane….

    Heh, did you get in your wind sprints this morning?

  45. Fast note to tell JJ I am thinking of Alabama today and all last night. Not that I wasn’t worried about Oklahoma too of course. Daughter and I cleaned out the storm cellar, got it empty and scrubbed, tried to find all the spiders! She said if we did that, we wouldn’t need it but if we left the dog cages and dirty dog beds in, then we’d be certain to be hit.

    Hope the rest of you have a plan like that for today and tomorrow. Think of you all a lot and miss you.

    Husband not doing well with chemo but survived the lung removal well in beginning.

    However, I haven’t missed a single A and J, even if I read sporadically.

    Love, Jackie Monies

  46. OH yes. On further news we dodged storms and power loss but my 93 year old mom left the freezer door open (big freezer) and defrosted all the meat! We are having a meat cooking marathon and freezing the results.

    Wish you all keep safe today and take shelter if they warn you!

    Love, Jackie Monies

  47. Debbe, I am not a big music person aside form church choir (I am a doer not a passive listener) so I don’t even listen to music from one Sunday evening to Sunday morning, except for Wednesday choir practice. I was born in 1985, so maybe theer isn’t that much music playing in my teenage years that I liked enough to look it up on YouTube.

    Jackie, I’ll say a prayer for you and your husband.

  48. Jackie…oh, so good to hear from you…glad to hear you are taking preparations for the “impending”. Been thinking of you much…as I had a special Uncle who was diagnosed with lung cancer, had one lung removed. Just missed your postings…you’re so poetic my friend…….gotta go…..Brooklyn says the garden tub is getting full…..oh, sweet lavender bubble bath…and she’s taking back to her mom some of her ‘griddle cakes’………

    Lily…music, whatever it may be, soothes the soul………..

  49. Jackie, my best wishes to your husband and yourself. And from the Alabama tornado belt, use your weather radios, everybody, and take cover when they tell you to. Our local head weatherman, James Spann, recommends that anyone setting up a weather emergency kit include a bike safety helmet as it will help prevent head injuries when things come loose and start flying around.

  50. Brooklyn just left to go home…her dad has her every other weekend visits…I so look forward to those and miss her….we just finished dancing to the America’s tune of Sister Golden Hair…THREE times, she loved her lavender bubble bath. I was emotionally hit when she said I was like her Grandma Roxy, who died from cancer about a year ago….I felt special when she put me in that category.

    Jean…I AM the Indian Poultry Queen….not been crowned yet…but my ‘girls’ will attest to that, I even have a a couple of cages set aside for an ICU unit…and I have had good results. My Boss once told me there was no one in the county who cared more for hens than I…..we are all creatures of God…be it winged, two legged, or four legged…..

    …MARK…I do respectfully admire your post….thank you. I bookmarked your earlier post of the Captain Kirk ‘stress’….went back and looked some of the other ‘quotes’…some are questionable, but….it depends on what you’re looking for 😉

    Lily…my favorite Christian singer is Fernando Ortego….great songs.

    Be safe…be alert…be there for others…………..

    the rain is starting here……………

    GR 😉 ??????

  51. Ah, home again, home again…after a week on the road.

    Jackie, at least a dozen times in the past weeks I’ve started to ask you for an update. But I knew we could trust you to give us one when you had time, so I didn’t, and you did. Prayers and hugs.

    Love, Ghost

    [More when I get fed, watered and unpacked.]

  52. Lady Mindy, I for one will file away Arlo’s “dodge” for possible further use. 🙂 And it’s pretty obvious from looking at Janis in the last two panels that Arlo has still “got it”. 😉

    And I just noticed…Arlo seems to have rather large hands. Humm.

  53. It still saddens me that The Big Man is no longer with us. But I guess in a way he still lives as long as someone can recognize one of his sax riffs on the first or second note.

  54. We have missed the storms, thank God. I hope everyone else has too. When the internet gave me people to love worldwide, disasters suddenly became close events.

    When I have time I will tell you what fiascoes I added to chemotherapy and death’s. Like digging up the yard in a bad imitation of a canyon (yard flash floods and takes everything to the lake) and hiring a handyman who was a meth addict (gone now) so all locks are being changed in a.m. The locksmith said he had a sudden increase in business in neighborhood.

    Daughter and 2 year old Jack are staying to help care for husband and entertain him. Life is an adventure that just keeps taking new paths.

    Love, Jackie Monies

  55. Prayers for you and yours, Jackie – as well as for all those in the paths of tornados. Keep singing, Lilyb – good music really helps me worship.

    Today’s A&J was really good! Truth be told, Arlo was correct in his tacit assumption that Janis wouldn’t then be in danger of acquiring any new germs.

  56. Jackie, your story of the meth addict handyman reminds me of what happened when my wife and I moved into a new subdivision. Shortly after most of the houses had been occupied, a man rang our doorbell and offered us a bargain price on deadbolts. We turned him down, and a couple of weeks later heard there were burglaries among his customers. Seems he kept a copy of each key for later use. Don’t know whether he used them himself or sold to the highest bidder.

    As for the weather, today is the third anniversary of the monster tornado that wrecked my hometown. We have had heavy thunderstorms, but no tornadoes. Thank God!! And I mean that literally.

  57. Debbe. I didn’t hold back because of the quote, but because I thought some might not like the image. And as for other things you find when you look around a site I linked…I try to not directly post the objectionable stuff. Anyone looking for it will find it though, just like anywhere else in life. Have a safe night, don’t want any of you having to use the pit in the chicken house for a storm cellar. I think the storm would be better!

  58. Dear Jackie Monies, we have all been worrying about you and are very glad to hear from you. Hoping that your husband will do well. It’s good that your daughter can help, and the little one too. Having family members around lifts ones spirits.

  59. Thanks to all. Watching the news coming from Arkansas tonight makes one grateful. I told my mother just now that when we say get out and go in the shelter that is why. I think I am only woman in county with a shelter in a boat shop.

    Two year stole the key for letter “Aaahg” and it is next to impossible to type!

    Love, Jackie Monies

  60. Good morning Villagers…..

    First of all, prayers to all who were affected by last night’s tornado in Mayflower, Arkansas. Saw some footage….terrible.

    Second….GR 🙂 that video and when the sax started, it actually gave me goose bumps…boy, she sure can sing, and yes, The Big Man is missed.

    Ya’ll have a blessed day….Amen

  61. Jean….watched the video….not sure, but did I see Pee Wee Herman in the audience…look real close….but, ya know, Robert can sing….I just love his movies……he’s come a long way, and in that long way has earned a lot of respect from his fans and the movie and music industry. Think I’ll do some ‘lurking’ later on his songs…..thanks Jean 😉

  62. Debbe, that is indeed Peewee, aka Paul Reubens! I had to watch the video a couple of times to quit focusing on Robert Downey and look elsewhere. Such a hardship. 😉

    Yes, Robert has overcome a lot, and he has worked hard to get where he is, and yes, earned every bit of that respect.

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