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Have I shown you this little drawing? I thought I had, but I couldn’t find any evidence of it searching the blog archives. Anyway, I have always liked this vignette. I don’t know why; probably because I like to waste time in cozy cafés myself. I can’t remember what I had in mind when I drew it. Perhaps it was intended for coffee-cup art. There must have been some purpose, because I seldom draw for my own amusement. Whatever the project, it was never realized. I like this scene so much, I’ve drawn several versions: a larger version, a warm-weather version, a less somber, more frivolous version. OK, so maybe I do draw for my own amusement now and then. There is even one mirror-image version, with Gene seated on the left and Arlo and Janis on the right. This leads me to think the purpose of that particular piece was coffee-cup art, for that would have put Arlo and Janis front and center for right-handed coffee drinkers. I’m thinking I might work a version into the new Web site. Remember when the Worldwide Web was new? It was perceived as a gathering place, often a metaphorical café. I have always liked that, too.

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  1. Not to be hypercritical, but Arlo, Janis and Gene are outside the café, and Ludwig (who appears to have eaten all the food therein) is *inside* the café, looking out the window and thinking about chickadee tartar for desert?

    Cool cartoon, though.

  2. JJ:

    Delightful drawing. I see nothing amiss in everybody but Ludwig being outdoors, nor in it being non-summery weather, though I think more of cafes as summer places.

    Wife and I had a splendid lunch in one in the Jardin des Plantes zoo in Paris, juillet ’85. Also a miserable time at supper in fall ’97 in an overrated Greenwich Village café, maybe the reason I prefer summer café scenes.

    Peace, emb

  3. Oh, I just love this picture! Forget the coffee mug — I have far too many of them anyway. This is an oh-so-pleasant fantasy. It wraps up all that is good about Arlo and Janis and puts it in a nifty drawing for us to enjoy. I love the bird … and Gene’s dark glasses … and I too think that Ludwig is the cafe cat.

  4. P.S. The bird is more likely a house sparrow, Passer domesticus, Old World sp. unfortunately introduced here, than a chickadee. Our black-capped chickadee, Poecile atricapillus, occurs in cities, but is less likely to be found scrounging in an outdoor café. It may be the same sp. as the OW marsh tit. Luddie would happily eat, or maybe donate, either one.

    Peace, emb

  5. So I guess Gene is sitting by himself with shades(pretending to read book) because he is embarrassed to be seen with his parents. Is the purpose of this cartoon to highlight the generation gap?

  6. Years ago, a fad was cup art that appeared and disappeared when you made the cup hot or cold (e.g., by filling with hot liquid). I’m imagining this one with the winter clothes done up in the disappearing stuff, so it alternates between summer and winter.

  7. Village: I am back in SE Ohio, as opposing being in East Central Ohio. Lovely services Wednesday… hectic day on Thursday with the family trying to decide what was to be saved, and by whom… I cleaned the fridge & freezer, plus other things, yesterday…

    I awoke this morning at 5 AM and knew that it was time to leave. It isn’t like I won’t be visiting his family in the future, but I needed to get MY stuff out so that his daughter could deal with the remainder.

    So… two hours on the road, and I am back. The car isn’t unpacked completely, but I have plenty of time. Life goes on…

  8. This is a symbolic scene. They are all acting out parts in a fantasy. Gene isn’t their son here, but a poor poet. Arlo and Janis are living the life they have dreamed of (sometimes). Even Luddie gets a change of scenery. They are all in Paris, of course.

  9. Ahhh! La vie de café de Paris. Amoureux romantiques. Un poète de mauvaise humeur. Le chat qui voient toute la fenêtre, mais raconte pas des histoires.

  10. Charlotte
    You can never have too many coffee mugs (unless they are duplicates – then a couple will do.
    Mentioning Blue Hiways. It was the title of William Leastheat Moon’s 1980?s book of his backroad drive around America.
    Read it back in the day -very good read. If ever I get a chauffeur I am doing that – there is no sense in traveling the back roads if you have to keep your eye on the road and the crazy farmers.

    GR6 & emb
    There are Eagles, Crows and little brown birds – only variations thereof.

    JJ might have to update it with Wifey & GK

    Rode with a friend that has a GPS direction machine. We did not go the way we were told
    and she almost got snotty – then sulked.

  11. Old Bear, he also wrote Roads to Quiz: an American mosey. I found it an excellant companion to Blue Hiways, it covers numerous short voyages down the less trodden pathways. He has out or soon to be released nook on the writing of Blue Hiway.

  12. sand, ref your comment above, my comment from 10 AM-ish this morning that got “left behind”…

    “Jimmy mentioned William Least Heat-Moon several years back when discussing travel books. (Can you believe this blog has been around long enough that we can use the phrase “several years back”?) I meant to read him then but never got around to it. I see that a large on-line purveyor of e-books has several of his titles listed. Apparently he even wrote a book about writing a book (Blue Highways), which is the way to do it if you can get away with it, as I’d imagine it cuts down on the amount of research you have to do.”

  13. JJ: Would you please consider posting the other versions of this strip here?
    I think I’m not the only one who would enjoy that very much, in the way an art lover likes to explore the pieces of sometimes-incomplete art that an artist intended as “studies”.

  14. Ghost: I actually saw “My Little Chickadee.” It came out in ’40, so I may have seen it on its first run, when I was 10-12. More likely I saw it at Cornell, possibly with my girlfriend of 62 years. Just watched the trailer,, remember little of it. There’s a scene where Fields steps on an *insurance agent’s glasses, and the agent opens his attaché case, and takes another of several pair out. Apparently West and Field had a dispute and she never made a second movie with him. Nobody’s asked, and they’re both dead, but I wouldn’t make a movie with either of them. I’m probably in some videos because I was there. I know I’m in the one where I accepted that award for that same girlfriend.

    *or some such.

    Peace, emb

  15. Page hasn’t reloaded, no idea what has come before, but just wanted to say I am joining the traveling ones in spirit – listening to bluegrass and folk songs about trains on NPR. Happy place found. ????

  16. I promise there were no chickadees nibbling off of tables in Paris cafes — not only are those claimed rather vigorously by common house sparrows, but chickadees hang out in trees, and are fairly hard to find in cities (although there are usually some around large parks). Most amusingly, it’s because Europeans don’t call them chickadees — they’re t i t s. But that word doesn’t make it past some censors, so the popular name may change out of necessity!

  17. Dear Soleil, your information on chickadees was wandering in my brain, but I couldn’t express my thoughts as precisely as you did. You are perfectly right. I follow the blog of a bird-lover and photographer in Scotland, and they have the Great … what you said … and the Blue…what you said. Both very like our Chickadee.

  18. The marsh tit and willow tit are almost indistinguishable from our black-capped chickadee and the former used to be considered the same sp. as ours. I saw various tits in East Anglia in ’52-’53. Peace, emb

  19. P.S. Guess that settles the moderation question. I hope Brits don’t change those names. Can you still refer to an IQ-challenged person as a boob?

  20. The only problem with the “now you see it, now you don’t” mugs is that if they get put in the dishwasher the heat and detergent kill the paint and they don’t work any more.

    I’ll put in my order for a large mug, with the artwork as is above, thank you very much!

    Of course, if someone were to do a collection of strips centering on Arlo’s adventures in cooking this would make great cover art!

    Ghost, I saw your Cheezburger link just after I poured my cup of tea from my TARDIS tea pot. 🙂

    Jackie, be safe!

  21. “Most speckled birds are chickadees to me.”
    “There are Eagles, Crows and little brown birds – only variations thereof.”

    One field mark of chickadees is that they are not speckled.

    “”All birds are ducks, eagles, or dickey birds.” is a quote from a U.MI. zoogeography prof., in the mid ’50s. He, of course, knew better, and would be interested in any zoogeography problem that a particular sp. or family of birds helped solve. If I remember, his specialty was the geogr. distribution of Middle American lizards [they have many more than we do], he specialized also in being curmudgeonly, and was probably jealous of all the attn. birds get / hobbyists.

    Actually, any aspect of our physical universe is fascinating, once you learn something about it. That, however, requires learning a few facts, some names, and some new vocabulary. I had no interest in ornithology because of the childish [really] way it was taught at Cornell in my junior yr., Spr. ’50. When I first came in ’58 to my job here, I had to teach it! I’m now a believer, and enjoy Elohim’s universe that much more. Actually, the best ornithology texts even into the early ’60s were pretty rinky-dink. [Speelczech recognizes rinky-dink, but not Elohim. S’czech needs a course in bible studies.] Peace, emb

  22. I agree that the cafe scene would be perfect cover art for next book. Just need to flip the scene to put Arlo and Janis on the front cover for wraparound art. In fact, you could just title the book Cafe Arlo and Janis and you wouldn’t need to change the lettering!

  23. Hey Y’all. Something just struck me funny about the logo for the web page. The Cobra they are leaning on has a strong resemblance to a bulldog in the front. Look at how the little bumpers stick out like the bottom canines on a bulldog.

  24. “Remember when the Worldwide Web was new? It was perceived as a gathering place, often a metaphorical café. I have always liked that, too. ”

    Long before there was an Internet (nevermind a World Wide Web), there was a WELL (the Whole Earth ‘Lectronic Link), a metaphorical village, with cafés, taverns and stuff (I was the founder of The Book Store).

  25. Denise, yes, Harlan Hubbard, one of most remarkable “life books” you will read, Also sequel when they go into bayous of south Louisiana. This was WWII era and I don’t recall the war in book, just the river and people they meet along the way.

    Yes, I am fine even if I almost had to call Jerry for the B and B room. I am in only room with any lodging accepting dogs from northern Florida down to Keys tonight. I am sure Ghost has slept here. Why are all these people here this week? Unbelievable! From Gainesville to the Keys is one giant paved highway and strip mall, condos. Worse than LA-CA.

    Had great early dinner before the wait for tables took off which was 10 minutes after we got seated. I said, “No, no, there is no wait for a table. Get in here!” Mrs. Mac’s Kitchen in Key Largo, fed helper prime rib special, I had the seafood special but there were 20 others I would have enjoyed I think, just in case I were to drive down for the champagne brunch on Sunday which is unlikely tomorrow. Sleeping in even more than normal unless things change.

    Waiter was studying ecology of ocean and marine science, loved that I knew Howard Rice and Robert Ballard. Should have dropped Anne Murrow L. name too but I had already had good service by then. Seriously, I love people who care if our oceans or our lands live or die, to me they are heroes.

    Special included stone crab claws, conch fritters, grouper, Gulf shrimp in two styles, crab cake and ended with their famous key lime pie. Only dessert I have eaten all week. It is my birthday, so I celebrated. Unless you count plaintains as a dessert?

    Love, Jackie

  26. Neat thing was in a space of minutes we were talking to a lady from Bosnia, another from Japan who gave helper an origami bird in elevator, a lady from Venezuela, there were people speaking Spanish, French and English (not Texas) around us, sounded like United Nations on a good day.
    Went thru two toll booths were lovely Jamaican accents wearing identical tropical shirts uniforms. I said, “I just paid you at last toll booth” and my helper asked how she had gotten there so fast or was I driving in circles?

    I am horrified they have finished paving over Paradise with parking lots and little box houses.
    However, the attitudes are actually refreshingly sweet and funny, I don’t think there are any angry people in south Florida unless they are tourists. Locals are nice.

    Love, Jackie

  27. Why would they have a problem with dogs from north Florida? Some of them go outside to do their business because that’s where the bathroom is.

  28. And a Very Early Good Morning Villagers…..

    Couldn’t sleep, but I will in about an hour 🙂 love my meds.

    I could not help myself, Big Yellow Taxi was always a favorite of mine. Here’s Suite Judy Blue Eyes (she was absolutely beautiful…Joni Mitchell, so naturally beautiful:

    Enjoy the song Jackie…..and a happy belated birthday my friend.

    Jerry, good one 🙂

    Old Bear….is angry farmers like angry birds?

  29. Jackie, you’ve got Spring Break season starting (lasts a few months), plus a couple weeks of races (of all kinds!), Valentine’s day, and snow birds enjoying the last month or two before heading home. And tourists. 🙂 Patience and enjoying what comes – you seem to excel at that!- will see you through. Happy Birthday!

  30. Oops…that was crazy farmers, sorry Old Bear for misquoting you.

    My husband has been laying feed out on the porch rail and we have quite a variety of birds dropping in for feedings. One of those is the rose breasted grosbeak, he looked up songbirds of Indiana…they are tiny and beautiful. Then there’s a couple of red cardinals, now there is a wood pecker out there….gotta go look……red top and black and white feathers. The cats seem to enjoy look too 🙂

    Hemingway’s cats….I’m still laughing about that.


  31. The reason we have such a variety of birds visiting our porch now is that my outside cat has missing now for almost two weeks….I don’t think he’s coming back. I will miss my Poppee. He was black and white and was feral at first, but became a lovable cat…he had such a silent meow.

  32. I was exited for a moment. I thought the cafe scene was a sneak peak at the kids new restaurant.

    But I really like the drawing. I would buy a mug, or a signed print. (I am a sucker for signed stuff.) It has a very European feel. People not scared to be outside if the weather is not perfect. A more lenient view of pets in businesses. Small cups of coffee. Very nice.

  33. Nope none of E. Hemingway’s cats nor even a Key West chicken, both protected about as much as the endangered sawgrass I was down here last to rescue the infamous stuck in the mud Red Scamp sailboat from. Aimless travel without preparation is my favorite kind. Looks like we have a day until tomorrow before I have to take off north with refuges. I get a day of rest, which God decreed.

    My minion was never married to anyone with good taste in food it seems, had to go to work for a crazy cat lady. I told her she had missed that part of life’s education. The crowds and traffic are heavy but the international babel is cool.

    Minion likes to watch tv news, I tell her she is better off not to know or see. There were homeless street people sleeping behind shrubs on grass in shopping center of shopping center I was parked in last night while locating a bed that the really sweet elite membership reservation service was doing. Publix and some nice merchants, restaurants all around, shops and homeless winos five feet from car bumper. I don’t miss that

    Love y’all, I am going to have to visit ATT when I get back home and get Smart phone where I can at least use basic features.

    Jimmy, I love Cafe A and J, that is good art, my friend. I would buy one except no coffee mugs. A Diet Coke Koozie but they may stop cans?

    Love, Jackie

  34. Speaking of people who do or do not observe life, JJ you are a master and you combine visual with written word. An artist and writer, observer of foibles and idiosyncrasies of the human race.

    Help did not figure out until yesterday I was really serious about why I was here. I can see why she has been married seven times and me just once.

  35. Not one Hemingway quote I would argue with, great words meister. Most are indeed me. But I hope to not end my life like Pappa nor Elvis either. Very imperfect talents. I am not but a flicker to great candles who burn so bright.

  36. Seven marriages…a sign of either incredibly bad luck or a lack of discrimination (there’s that word again) in selecting Significant Others.

    Perhaps some Jackie will rub off on Minion, although it may be rather late in the game for that.

  37. OK, Jackie, the suspense is killing me…..I want details of the rescue mission….after it occurs. Then I will tell you about the one rescue an old room mate of mine and I pulled when I lived in Corpus (she raised Abyssinian cats), and had sold one in good conscious to this odd couple in San Antonio

    She and I set out to rescue her cat after she found out they were like what a puppy mill is, only a cat mill….and the chase through the loop of San Anton was a rush, they chased us, but didn’t catch us 🙂

  38. Dom I thought of you in Baton Rouge but didn’t call. Just as I think of all of you as I “go thru”, as my mama used to say, You know I once worked for state of Louisiana down in old capitol area, and I suppose I did when I worked for Charity Hospital in Monroe? Sometimes I wonder that I have fitted it all into one life.

    Coming back to ride paso fino horses with new friend I haven’t met yet and bring her cages back. When I have last cat I will say what we are doing.

    Did I mention the original Houston animal cops were founded by one of my friends? As was the Palmer Drug Abuse program and all the women’s shelters in Houston? Three different people.
    My friends are often as “weird as I am” and I love people like that, if I start listing all the great efforts my friends stand on soap boxes and try to change, it’d be a long list.

    Rose Rustlers, the antique rose saviors who raided old cemeteries and abandoned home sites, the Louisiana Iris Society who went into swamps to find, save and hybridize iris, all kinds of people who saved flora and fauna and tried to keep a little bit of something alive.

    My kids always figured I tied myself to trees, did sit ins, there are environmentalists and activists of all ilks.

    Love, Jackie

  39. Lagniappe: The geyser god, the cloud god, the wind god, and the webcam operator cooperated. A background geyser by the woods put on a nice display, which the webcam zoomed in on for a spell, then OF did its thing, “and did it very well.”

    Day is partly cloudy, but OF was in sunlight most of the time, and the wind was mostly west, maybe WSW, so OF was not behind its own steam. The NPS also has a still of the geyser basin as seen from the webcam[s], with the names of the geysers. Maybe it can be opened of you scroll down from the live webcam. I’ll look later. First have to dissolve 255 g. polyethylene glycol in 64 oz. Gatorade[R]. And no, I’m not going to report further details hence.

    Peace, emb

  40. Happy belated birthday, Jackie! I am in awe of your energy and resilience as you travel around and I’m very glad you have a traveling companion for safety’s sake. I think you turned 71 (?) and you are dealing with all kinds of autoimmune problems and diabetes, but you continue on. You are a special lady!

  41. For anyone who doesn’t read “Frazz”, today’s is a great strip…an outstanding strip…and one of the reasons many of us here read the comics: for the light they shine upon our own humanity.

    On another comic note: did any other Michiganders or hockey fans wonder if today’s “Overboard” was a reference to Gordie Howe?

  42. Mark, I am going back about 30 some years ago. I only recall the Ruddies and the Reds, which she bred both…oh, and the cat show we wen to….totally awesome.

    I pulled this up, but I believe it is more of a Ruddy aby.

    and you are correct, they are loveable and playful….I loved it when she had a litter of kittens. Back then her highest price was $500 an aby….don’t think I’ll be owning any in my future. Besides, rescue cats are my priority when they get dumped out here. Right now I’ve got a couple of strays coming up and eating some cat food I put out in the back yard. One is black. The other a gold and white color.

    I think I have found my old room mate…she lives in Bakersfield, CA. Discovered the Cat Share website where she last posted three years ago. I would really like to get back in touch with her. So I joined said website…we’ll see where that goes. If not, GR says he can find. anybody 🙂

    Mark, may I ask where the Blue is now? and the name?

    Jackie…my adrenalin is rising….

  43. Caught last cat. We pick up in morning and I get to go out and see horses on farm too. This is a female, not male, rescuer.

    Time to go look for lunch and maybe some water. Am out by Carnival corporate offices and no water at all.

    Heading for east and beaches. Minion thought she could walk over.

  44. “emb, why are you drinking antifreeze?”

    Rx: It’s part of the prep. Dissolve whole 250 g. in 24 oz. G’ade, drink a glass every 15 min. until gone, drink all the liquid/eat clear house-brand gelatin dessert I can until midnight [hr. past usual bedtime], get up in time to taxi to hosp. by 0800. Ride will pick me up when done, and baby-sit me a while. Will probably nap more than 2 hr. M afternoon.

    No milk in tea or decaf; I found that tea made with clear apple juice isn’t bad.

    Peace, emb

  45. Debbe, unfortunately Annie died last year. She was 17. Bought her from a breeder near Memphis. Only cat we bought, other 4 were rescues. When I moved back to Tuscaloosa my mom had been feeding a stray/feral with a litter of kittens. The adult cat has been gone a couple of years but some of the kittens remained and their offspring continue to be fed here, only now I am doing the feeding. I would not mind somebody taking these to find a better place to stay, but none of the no-kill organizations in the area will lift a finger to help. We have adopted some as our indoor cats, but there are just too many for us to afford to fix/get vet care for.

  46. I am friends with Greg Evans (creator or Luann) on Facebook. If you know much about me, you can figure out why. Today I thought Greg was breaking down the third wall by having Luann seemingly talk with the audience.

    However Greg pointed out “Many readers may not pick up on this, but today’s Sunday is my (feeble) homage to the 5 Charlie Hebdo cartoonists.”

    I think it is worth sharing:

  47. Just witnessed a very fine eruption of Old Faithful, thanks to emb’s earlier reminder. It began about 4:06 their time and went on for what seemed a long time, till maybe 4:11 … I mean Mountain Time. The sky was intensely blue and we had a great view of the steam spouting up and drifting away.

    All I have to do is add two hours to my Eastern Standard Time, very easy. Now that my daughter has moved to Montana, I’m getting the hang of it.

  48. Mark, when I take in a rescue, the males get ‘fixed’ first…no, they’re the only ones that get ‘fixed’…..cheaper. But then I have to put up with the seasonal ‘heat’. And I would do it all over again.

    Annie was a good name for the ‘Blue’.

  49. Drove Minion thru South Beach, few gorgeous bodies but lots of tourists and traffic, That is where she thought she could walk? I knew better. Then drove her thru North Beach where it is peaceful, quiet and old money or at least houses, good landscaping. Lots of events going on here, including the Miami Marathon which had a small publicity parade down sidewalk featuring bikinis, roller blades, stilts, drum line and other frivolous things. Coming up anyway, along with Food Network food and wine fest, the Strictly Sail boat show, lots of things I am going “I wish I had a insider connection who could find parking?”

    So, ended up at Italian, not seafood, Minion said she liked calamari and clams which surprised me, so I said change that to a full size to share appetizer. Turns out she had calamari and clam strips somewhere that weren’t obviously said item and were “fakes” which I kept explaining to her wasn’t really against the law deceptive practices. These were real deal and she didn’t like, so I ended up eating them all, including the ones in her pasta.

    She didn’t like tiramasu either, sor brought my own pasta back.Discriminating food and men and wine, I may have begun too late on Pygmalion here!

    She is sweet and funny and laughs at me, despite the Bible in her purse.

    Love, Jackie

  50. Mark I am well aware of unhelpful organizations that don’t help. We used a live trap to catch a feral kitten that was in our basement and was getting no food because it could not get out, and her Mama couldn’t get her out because the kitten was too big. Called Humane Society to figure out what to do with it. The fine lady we spoke to had simple advice, “Shoot it and put it our of it’s misery”. Well Ida cat is now 6 years old, and an integral part of our menagerie, yells at us for attention, and thinks “Mom and Dad” are the only people that care about her in the whole world. Yes she hides from strangers, but so do I.
    Jackie Happy Belated Birthday.

  51. Abyssinian cats seem to all have many colors of hair in coat, giving them delicate shading. I got started with shows in Hawaii and Houston because I had friends who showed or volunteered. I always tried to work on the “pet category” or adoption efforts since I have never deliberately bred a pet but taken in a lot of them. I always figure I helped pay for my current doc’s heirloom stadium seats from OSU. Dog is curled up snoozing right now. One small one who travels with me but makes up for it in ferocious attitude, big pussy cat actually or small one.

    Vet says if he comes back as an animal he hopes someone like me takes him in.

  52. Steve from Royal Oak, thanks for sharing that about Greg Evans. “Luanne” is a strip I look forward to each day.

    Happy birthday, Jackie! You rock!

  53. Ursen, Mark, I know that attitude too. I was once in one where lady brought in cage with litter, group wouldn’t take, woman wouldn’t either. I said “Give me the #### cage, take my empty one here, I will take yours and cats.” I am about through adopting like that in frustration and disgust, but never say never. Look where I am?

  54. Totally off subject except I am in area with a lot of older, very small women. One came into restaurant tonight with equally petite husband. So many face lifts she looked like a porcelain but REALLY old doll. I am only conscious of that in certain areas of country I think. I am not jealous, anyone can improve anything they’d like but I have always had more interesting things to do with money. Right now it is a good bed, a $$$$ value Ghost mentioned. Dog is a sophisticated traveler, qualified for frequent snoozing miles. He is curled up on corner.

  55. Jackie, you may have seen this, but I wanted to be sure you did. It reminded me of someone, but I couldn’t quite put my finger on it…

    My all-female staff and I once made a day trip to a casino, where at lunchtime we partook of their mega-buffet. One of staff, who didn’t get out much, asked me what the fried calamari was, and I told her, “Baby onions rings”. Only after she had eaten them (and thoroughly enjoyed them) did I confess. She went back for seconds.

    P.S. I wouldn’t be surprised to learn they have cosmetic surgery “walk-in” clinics in South Beach.

  56. what I’ve learned since my wife died. Glad Wrap is much more user friendly than Saran Wrap, the oven has a self clean feature and the hand duster handle can extend out a lot longer ! ….. … .. being in Miami – when we did a Key West/Bahamas trip I had to see Art Deco Row in Miami Beach, wow, couldn’t believe it – a real Art Deco wonderland for real, right in front of me

  57. John, houses are incredible, hotels. We are talking about houses/architecture, right?

    Were you sailing? Key West to Bahamas?

    Are you architect by any chance? North Beach and South Beach are both full of fabulous, well preserved Art Deco, entire streets of it.

    Weird thing to me is that up in Oklahoma except some parts of Tulsa, Art Deco seems “Out of Place” but down here it just seems “right”. All the tropical foliage everywhere is so familiar too,
    the things I got to love in Venezuela and Hawaii. Of course I am allergic to a lot of it. Got out of car to pump gas and a huge flock of chattering parrots went over. They perch in palm trees and eat date palms fruit. So many memories just come back.

    Here’s another sight, made wrong turn into dead end at one of nicer hotels down in old Miami area, backed it around, good looking older man paying taxi, naturally I said, “Good looking. Wait, he’s wearing one of those travel jackets Sand and Ghost like!” Traveling in taste apparently.

    Love, Jackie

  58. Good morning Villagers….

    Stayed up too late last night, couldn’t make it through the Led Zeppelin concert on 127.

    And it’s Monday….alright, back to work. The Boss stopped in on Saturday, he talked and talked, glad it was on my time. He was laying out plans for me to oversee the cleaning of the other hen house when they go out March 25th. I am not looking forward to another cleaning and disinfecting a hen house. But this time I get to play ‘supervisor’, he said he wanted me to use my ‘managerial skills’ (boy, do I have him buffaloed) and oversee the cleansing. I told him I was not going to put myself out like I did when we cleaned my house….that just about killed me.

    So, Jackie, when do we get the ‘who, what, where, and why’ details of this rescue. You are one wonderful person to be doing this, God bless you.

    Yes, GR, sorry, but the boys always got ‘fixed’…

    I had at one time 10 cats, some were outside, but I kept the girls inside…it’s like Mark said, when you take in strays, it does get expensive. I keep up on certain preventative measures like parasites though, internal and external. My vet at one time was kind enough to charge me his cost on worm medicine since I took in strays…I got to counting cat names and came up with 10. Right now, I am down to 4. I will feed the two feral ones coming around, but I’m not going to get attached to them.

    And now, I have some 75,000 plus Miss Prissies to look after.

    Well, better get this work week started…

    ya’ll have a blessed Monday

  59. Hey, this might be Martine’s last week in 9CL. She’s wearing the helmet, in a field, in Normandy. So we now know for sure Martine is buried there, Bill is buried in America, and the Jeep driver must be telling Juliette this story; however, even though he kept popping up in their adventures, there is no way he can know all of these details unless Bill told him *everything* – before he gets amnesia.

    And sorry Luddie, I don’t like wet food on my hands either.

  60. Mindy from Indy, yeah, it takes a while to get rid of the odor, doesn’t it?

    Debbe, we only name the ones that become indoor cats. As Jon’s roommate said in Garfield, “why name something that isn’t going to answer to it anyway?”.

  61. @Jackie, oh gosh, no, I just like the cool look of the Art Deco, flew to Miami, short flight to Bahamas and back to Miami, then drove to Key West and back

  62. Leaving for glades after I get a shirt back out of car, Not in shape to appear in a bra yet! Minion is excited to be meeting people from all over world, which is cool. If I had this woman on a beach with a bunch of crazy boaters she’d love it. Probably get on a boat and take off if it had a head and a shower and a bunk and galley.

    Staying away from marinas for now! I am like Loon and Sand, I can tell the real deals. On vets, military and animal, boaters and cowboys. Probably some others on second thought.

    May be some long drives now, caged cats will not be happy.

    Love, Jackie

  63. John, I love Art Deco too and I am no architect. Actually, I don’t think you have to be a rocket scientist to love and appreciate a lot of things, there is beauty anywhere you open your eyes.

    I do actually know a couple of rocket scientists, as I am sure Sand and Loon do. They are impossible to pick out in a crowd.

    Minion needs computer. Me and the Smart Phone are gonna learn to like each other.

  64. Right now I have five indoor cats: Toby, Pumpkin, Robbie, Emmy, and Malkin; and four outside cats: Agnes, Delores, Bob, and Reggie. Toby and Pumpkin are upwards of 14, and still doing well. Of the others, Agnes and Delores are maybe three years old, and the mothers of the other five. Between us and our neighbors we have spent the last several years trapping and neutering all the local strays we could. Now we take care of them as best as they’ll let us. That’s food and shelter at least, and in return none of us have rodent problems. Seems equitable to me!

  65. John, thanks for the tip on Glad vs Saran. Cling wraps have always fought with me, but I’ve never known some are less likely to be recalcitrant than others.

    Debbe, stock up on dust masks! Wasn’t your last bout of pleurisy after a cleaning?

    Ghost haz bin on Cheezburger lots, I thinks!

  66. Not really, Denise; just making sure I’m communicating with one of our self-proclaimed Crazy Cat Ladies here. And “Crazy Cat Lady Syndrome” seems more prevalent in the Village than I imagined. 🙂

  67. emb:
    I assume clear cider as opposed to cloudy – what Tea? I am partial to PG Tips.

    Mark f/TT
    See if you can find a vet that does barn cats at discount. We found one that does at
    1/2 price – but no over night and they clip ear. Doesn’t bother us, our Skeezix lost more to
    frostbite. There is also Organization here in MN called Kindest Cut that do for a donation. But you may have to travel.

    Most out side cats had names (at one time 25) but some litters were Newbies and Furbies.
    Tobee was very pregnant when she showed up. (mother to 3 of our indoors- Lily, Rose and
    Petunia)(Arnold is only one that likes strangers – he is shameless looking for attention.)
    Flowers and TV characters were prominent names. Or physical characteristics.

    Crazy Farmers – you have to be crazy to be a farmer, but not that many years ago
    farmers did not get off the farm but to get parts or grind feed. All you talked to were
    chickens & cows – cows were better conversationalists.
    And in town many still thought they were driving tractor.

  68. Farmers must get off the farm for other reasons, at least occasionally now, judging from the existence of the dating site “”.

  69. OF due 1608-1628 CST. No bison in sight. Have no idea where the Anons. came from in the earlier posts. Maybe they had not recovered from the anesthesia. Peace, emb.

  70. Ruth Anne: Thanks / pitching in while I was in la la-land.

    ““Why name something that isn’t going to answer to it anyway?” Do any cats really answer to their names? “Far Side” or some such had two panels, each owner and pet. In dog panel, owner’s balloon said, ““““`Rover! ““`.” Cat panel, “““““`!““““`.”

    Also, I’m not sure about some dogs.

    Time to check out TIP.

  71. emb
    Our Rose comes when called – mostly. All know their names it is just a whim
    if they come. The look we get sometimes. And there are times they read our mind.

    Good luck with procedure

  72. Kanye West pulls twofer at Grammy Awards…proves he is even less relevant than his wife in the scheme of things that matter, and at the same time maxes out the Jerk-O-Meter. I suppose I’d be disturbed by his antics if I actually cared anything about the Grammy Awards. But I don’t.

  73. I once watched part of the Oscars awards decades ago. There are better ways to waste time.

    Bear: explanation of: “No milk in tea or decaf; I found that tea made with clear apple juice isn’t bad.”
    Prep day you’re allowed tea, coffee, decaf, but no milk products [real or fake], clear fruit juices & soft drinks, none of it red or purple. I like milk [no sugar] in both tea and coffee [+ a touch of 1/2 1/2 in coffee]#.

    Black decaf at home yesterday was tolerable, but relatively strong* black tea was a little much. I brew a cup of tea by nuking a small ceramic pitcher of water, pouring the water into a mug containing a tagless [damn speelczech] tea bag, squeezing most of the air out, then putting the cup in the m’wave for about 4 min. So I tried pouring boiling house brand apple juice in instead. That tea wasn’t bad. When what you take in all day is liquids, you get creative.

    #I get an 8oz 2% from the cafeteria to milk my coffee from the pretty good machine by my volunteer desk at the hospital. [Volunteers eat free at the cafeteria.]
    *Taylors [no ‘] of Harrowgate Yorkshire Tea, by appt. to HRH the Prince of Wales, etc. Much as I dislike Charles, I like their tea. Peace, emb

  74. emb, yes, liquids in and liquids out. Been there, done that. At least they have that flavorless powder that you can mix into liquids as you did.

  75. Dear emb, I’ll bet you are glad to have the procedure over and done with. And best of all, they didn’t find any problems! All was negative, as you said.

    I wonder how Jackie is doing with her Smartphone; remember, she said it had been Mike’s so she was going to have to learn how to use its features. I can just imagine myself trying to do the same thing. It would take a while!

  76. If it is from ATT, she can go to their website and most likely find tutorial videos and slideshows to walk her through some of the most common things. They had them for mine when I changed last December.

    And if it has Google Maps, it has free voice-guided GPS directions. That’s handy, but like a politician’s promises, should be taken with a grain of salt!

  77. Jackie, I missed where you said you already had a Smart Phone. I believe it will make you wonder how you did without one all this time, especially when you begin to travel extensively. As far as operating it, don’t worry. There is a learning curve, but it’s not exactly rocket surgery.

  78. I just drink flavored water as a chaser. It’s clear and gets rid of the bad taste of the medicine. One other thing-when the doc says ok, you’re good for 10 years, I politely tell him bs. I’ll see you in two years. Those that have been here for awhile have heard my prostate cancer story and I prefer surgery to being dead, which is where I would be now.

  79. Good morning Villagers…..

    Yes, there is an abundance of “Crazy Cat People” here, and I love it. Nothing like sitting in my recliner with two cats lying on my lap and chest…purring. Monday night is grooming, brushing the cats…they love it when the brush is used on their cheeks…that’s how they ‘mark’ us, the glands in their cheeks.

    Mark, love the tune, thanks. A while back you posted a link your ex sent to you of your cats. Wasn’t Annie in that video…I enjoyed watching it and the music she put together for you.

    Emb…so glad things turned out for the good for you.

    Denise…dust masks are always there….the last cleansing took place in August, in the heat of summer, when I did wear a mask, it was, mucky, and unbearable to breath. But, I learned a lesson…wear the dang thing when .chick$hit dust is flying. Last week, Ian cleaned the fan shutters and outside walls below the fans…dust was thick, and he wore a respirator. Still came down with a respiratory infection….it still comes thru the tear ducts…the dust is so fine. We have eye goggles, but they don’t fit well over glasses….must look into seeing if they have goggles for those who wear glasses.

    Jackie is in for a long ride home with those cats in cages….I hope they give her peace and quite….I know that some of my cats did not enjoy the ride into town…meowing all the way.

    Old Bear…lots of crazy farmer here. My one nephew-in-law is supposed to ride with a crazy farmer friend of his to Pennsylvania….seems this guy met a lady over the internet. I asked my husband if he had met her thru that site.

    Jerry, glad you see your doctor every two years…would miss your postings 🙂

    I don’t feed my cats canned food, they get hard food….and there is a big difference in the litter box too besides the smell on your hands.

    Got work clothes in dryer….later…


    …as always, GR 😉

  80. Indy Mindy…..ya better stock up…..the low on Saturday night here will be 6 degrees, with a high tomorrow of 47 degrees…….up and down, up and down….this is starting to make my nose bleed…the temps…up and down. 🙂

  81. Debbe – I know you can get prescription goggles because my husband used to have some. Must not be too expensive or he wouldn’t have gotten them.

  82. There I go again hitting submit before I finished thinking. Compare the cost of prescription goggles to the cost of treating the respiratory infection – I’m sure they would be worth it!

  83. emb, congratulations on the procedure results! As for tea, I like Twinings English Afternoon as a basic tea but drink several others, too, from time to time.

    Debbe, I never thought about the tear ducts as an entry area. I’ve never found goggles that fit well over glasses, either, and would be interested in the Village’s input. In my case, it’s not only the glasses that are a problem. All goggles, even without glasses on, seem too large and have gaps all around. Why have I never researched this online? I bet there’s a Goggles’R’Us out there. But then, how to try them on?

    Jimmy, it’s not 20 here right now. We’re having a heat wave. It’s 19—pretty tropical for metro Detroit at 8:52 a.m. on February 10.

  84. Debbe: Thanks for asking… I wrote a long comment yesterday, but it went away into cyber-space!
    I have left Cambridge and now am back in Gallipolis. I was gone only about three months, but now everything HERE seems odd. But I suppose that is normal, under the circumstances. I am in the process of trying to integrate everything I had with me back into this space. I had no idea I had taken so much. But I had been traveling back and forth for several years, so I have a lot of duplicates. It was a lot easier to have duplicates than to keep repacking every week. It will take awhile to get everything sorted thru, put away, decide what to get rid of.
    Personally, I suppose I am doing fairly well. I don’t seem to have a lot of energy and do not want to talk with anyone. But that is probably normal also. My spirit is probably trying to smooth out the empty spaces.
    Everyone’s personality is different and we each have our own way of coping with trials. My way is to be quiet and introspective. becoming stronger before I can face the world again. I have thought several times of the Jewish custom of “sitting Shivah”. Now, I can understand how that can be a healing time.

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