The new year certainly is off to an inauspicious beginning around here. I went away with some friends for a few days the week of New Year’s Eve, and we spent them in a remote hollow on the Tennessee River. I had planned to update from there, as usual, but there was very little cell-phone service and no Internet to speak of. The nearest WiFi was a long, treacherous drive into town, so I did the logical thing. I said, “To heck with it; I’ll take a few days off.” I returned a week ago and was preparing a weekend post to get things back on track, when, literally before my eyes, this site went down. Something about a security certificate that did not renew automatically, because the company issuing it had been absorbed by another. I did my best to follow instructions and secure a new certificate, and all went well as I understood it–except the site did not return. After several days and several conversations with the good support folk at Earthlink, our host, the problem was solved. It’s great to be back, and a belated Happy New Year. The good news is, things can only get better!