Call me “Buffy!”

Call me “Buffy!”

March 1, 2004

When I was a boy and young man, I was what was then known as “skinny.” Somewhere along the way, I became “pudgy.” At some point, I must’ve passed through “buff,” but I don’t remember it. Today, my weight has returned to what’s considered acceptable, but I’m far from an impressive physical specimen. I guess “buff” requires more than the presence or absence of belly fat. Today’s old strip is from 2004, and begins a pretty good week of gags. March 1 was on a Monday that year, too. OK, so some days there isn’t much to talk about.

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  1. I miss my daily workouts. As Dean Vernon Wormer said, “Fat, drunk, and stupid is no way to go through life, son.” I suppose only one (or perhaps two) out of three is not that bad.

  2. Symply happy I inherited a fast metabolizing system, I tried for my first 28 years to gain weight(5’9” and 128#) and then the 30s hit and I Fargone went up to about 180….thankfully I took control and am a happy 155 now and don’t have to do more than Arlo did in the mirror above to pass muster. Have a happy day in the village folk….

  3. I think this is a stage many of us are in. And no, I’m not going to commit what it would take … for the rest of my life … to be buff-ette. I’ll do what I can with walking!

  4. re: March 4 04 — as long as she is not measuring from the top of
    his head to the bottom of his feet. 🙂

    I got Ruth Ann in WP 🙂 today in ID box 🙁

  5. I am at that stage of life at which one Bob Evans Sunrise Skillet can undo three weeks of having lost four pounds. True story – it happened yesterday.

    It defies the laws of physics.

  6. “OK, so some days there isn’t much to talk about.”

    Around my neck of the woods, that happens frequently when people finally stop talking about politics.

  7. I have been watching my diet like a hawk and have been walking many miles daily, but I have stayed at roughly the same weight all year. I am sure that my legs are “buff”. I actually enjoy wearing shorts in the summer, but I still hesitate to take my shirt off.

    I just received some incredibly sad news that Paul McMullen, who ran for the US in the 1500M at the 1996 Olympics was killed in a skiing accident. Paul lost parts of 2 toes in a lawnmower accident in 1997 but returned to the sport even faster. He lived in Michigan and in 2000 was a speaker at my son’s HS Running Camp in Wolverine MI, so I took the day off and ran with the kids…kinda. Paul was a very cool guy and years later qualified for the Boston Marathon with my son pacing him for part of the race. I have followed him on Strava, which is a running app and he had entries all of this week, even the day he died. He was only 49 P-(

  8. Sunday morning is my weigh-in time. I think of it as the “Sunday Surprise”, due the number of times significant gains or losses are seen with no appreciable change in diet or activity levels during the preceding week. My current working theory is that the digital scale has become self-ware and hates me. (Thanks, Skynet.)

  9. Ghost and I are not customers for “all you can eat” specials normally. But COVID-19 has caused good restaurants to offer “deals”.

    Last night for only $2 more we had five catfish filets, double fries and second sides. For only $11.99 i had sweet potatoes, fresh brocolli and fish.

    Sadly, this has been most popular local diner/steak house until COVID-19, now open reduced days and hours and up for sale. We love the waitresses there, ours was only working Thursday and Friday nights.

  10. The first time we made it back there in my wheelchair a visiting workman picked up our dinner bill, treating us. Ghost paid it forward, tipping our waitress the amount of our dinner.

    The same girls and ladies have waited on us since day they opened. If we could we’d eat take out daily and tip the same.

  11. Re 3-6-21 real-time cartoon: So, Janis feels like breaking something, but she decides to do the adult thing and let the cat do it for her?
    That would be a bit more humorous to me if Skipper hadn’t recently developed the habit of “moving” things from the kitchen table to the kitchen floor.

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