Can I see a picture of the bicycle?


Remember when bicycles with gears and caliper brakes were called “English bicycles?” By the time I was in college, they were “10-speeds” and very much the rage. I owned a pricey model with leather saddle and extruded aluminum tubing that was, indeed, made by an English company called “Raleigh.” (I actually took out a loan to buy that thing!) In the colonies, of course, it was pronounced “RAHlee,” but my Aunt Joan, a native of England, told me it was pronounced “rally” in the motherland.

I want to thank you for sharing with Suzanne La Rosa your interest in an A&J book. She called yesterday to tell me she’d stopped counting the messages, and they were still flowing. Suffice to say, you got her attention. Thanks, again, and I will keep you posted.