“Can you hear me now?”

2006-05-09-signal-fade.gifWhat’s this?

We had an unexpected opportunity to test our Customer Relations Department at Arloandjanis.com yesterday. For the first time that I’m aware of, there was a problem with the “Buy It Now” button, a problem which, upon investigation, can be laid upon the doorstep of our Programming Department. The good news is, CR performed well, and everyone who ordered an HD copy of the classic comic strip “Bottle of Wine” was satisfied. Our Public Relations Department puts that number at “significant.”

Tom in Glendora, CA, requested today’s classic comic strip. I don’t really have a requests policy, but I’m not against them. If you do hazard a request, please try and include the date of the strip. That will increase your chances from near 0 to something better.

The head count continues. If you haven’t done so already, but you’d be interested in purchasing an Arlo and Janis reprint book in the near future, drop me a quick “yes” to: book@arloandjanis.com  This is just to help determine the size of the first press run; it is not a commitment to buy anything. Your input has, by the way, helped already.