Card Snark

Card Snark

November 26, 2001

From this month in 2001, 20 years ago. I’ve been doing this a long time. I’ve drawn well over 13,000 episodes of Arlo & Janis. I can’t begin to remember them all, not even my favorites necessarily. However, when I look through the archives one will pop out at me, like this one. I’ve always liked it. It wouldn’t be in my Top 10, or even my Top 50 probably. It might be in my Top 100. It might amuse you to know that at the time this was drawn, I had a wing chair similar to the one depicted above. And a St. Anne’s table sort of like the table above. Oh, and I had a computer just like the one in Panel 1.

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  1. Re: 11/05/21 cartoon
    One recommendation for limiting caloric intake is get the
    doggie box (remember that cartoon?) before you start eating,
    that way you are not tempted to eat it all at once.

    • Thanks, OB. That will officially occur around 2000 Hours this evening. As I have had occasion to comment more than once, “I was born at night but not last night.” 🙂

  2. Peromyscus sp. on a Decorah eagle nest again. Genus unmistakable. Lovely.
    Just emailed this to former students, faculty assoc., family, & others. Had emailed one sev. wks ago, webcam focussed more wide angle & mice thus less distinct, engendered lots of ingroup discussion. Mouse will not likely still or again be there when you look, & almost certainly not be there if a pair of eagles breed there spring ’22. OTOH, dickey birds will probably nest in the basement when the eagles are upstairs. Peace,

  3. Happy Birthday, Ghost!!! Trucker Ron, that video of installing those plastic balls on lines was absolutely jawdropping–both the installer and the pilot. Well worth a watch, y’all.

  4. Going in to bake a cake for Ghost’s birthday. Pineapple or chocolate, his choice. He cooked dinner. Also fresh bread for breakfast or lunch.

    I spent day in bed asleep.

  5. Pulling weeds and cutting vines my outing for day so far. Blood sugar dropped so going back out later. Yard is covered in vines and weeds.

    Plan is to clean and replant later. Much later. I hate the invasive grass that is covering everything. Seed is everywhere!

  6. Ghost workef on vines cutting and let me sleep i hope to go walk today as well as weeding stone decks.

    My overall plan is tp pull grass, weeds and vines, then spray with Roundup. Replanting plan is to buy hundreds of unlabeled daylilies, hostas and iris to plant thickly. Smothering out weeds.

  7. I would think picking your top ten strips is like asking my Mom and Dad which of their 7 kids did they like the most. Although they may like the qualities of one or two children more than the rest, they would never pick a favorite.

    I think we all look back at some of our prior work and dwell on things that we could have done better. Every once in a while I might read something and say “Did I really say that? That was pretty good”. Those are days that I love because it helps me realize that I am not the buffoon that I imagine that I am.

  8. Well, baseball is over, but college basketball is back! Yay! I’m watching Kansas – Michigan State. I have trouble watching hockey on TV, although I like it very much in person (occasional chance, usually Ducks when we go visit our son and DIL in Long Beach.) But I’ll watch just about anything else, either live or on TV. I like college hoops MUCH better than NBA, though.

  9. Hockey is one sport I can enjoy even when “my” team is not involved. For me to watch baseball, basketball, or football with anything like attention, a team I follow needs to be involved.

  10. Today November 9 is anniversary of date Watterson ended Calvin and Hobbs. Not last comic but date he notified his editors, papers and fans with same words and notice. In over 2400 papers it seems.

    Thank you Jimmy for plugging on steadfastly. I love you daily. Don’t read Calvin and Hobbs reruns.

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