Cartoon Drawer

Cartoon Drawer

September 24, 2002

This comic strip, in rare two-panel format, is a true A&J classic in my opinion. I don’t know why; I just like it. And why is “that drawer” (which is what we actually call it) usually somewhere in the kitchen? I was very saddened to read this morning about the tornado that struck the Nashville area just after midnight. I have a lot of good friends in central Tennessee, and that would include Jim Young, who created and moderates the “Arlo and Janis Fans” site on Facebook. Jim lives in Crossville, east of Nashville, and I believe it was under a warning at one point. I haven’t read of any damage there yet. If I know Jim, he’ll fill us in at some point.

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  1. We are all OK in Crossville. A lot of damage 50 miles west of us in Cookeville TN. So far reports of 9 fatalities but that number could still rise as searches continue. Nashville hit very hard. Saying possible E-3 of E-4 tornado.

    We were under a tornado watch and northwest part of out county under a warning in the early morning hours but the worst of the storms missed Crossville though we got a lot of rain. Storms all past us now and no more rain until Thursday. My chickens are relieved!

    Thanks, Jimmy and all for the concern.

    BTW, the cartoon above is GREAT!

  2. Prayers for all within the storm’s footprint.

    As to this cartoon, it reflects Mr. Johnson’s ability to reflect the common afflictions in everyday boomer life. This is A&J’s true appeal, although the innuendo is likely to aid readership.

  3. Last night’s was the worst tornado through Nashville since the one of 1998, and this one went through some of the same neighborhoods, unfortunately. The sirens (put in place because of ’98) sounded at around 00:45, and my wife, dog, cats, & I descended to the basement just a few minutes later. Power flickered often, but we, a few miles north of the tornado’s path, stayed safe as the tornado followed a virtually due easterly path, just north of I-40. We spent about thirty minutes in the basement, and I stayed up for a while longer, watching the weather maps, &c.

    As of this moment (11:38), the death toll has risen to 21: Sixteen in Putnam County (Cookeville), with 65 injuries there; two in Wilson County (Lebanon); two in Nashville; and one in Benton County, a small county much to Nashville’s west. I wonder whether that wasn’t its own, brief tornado.

  4. Thanks for the tornado updates. I know Cookeville well, having lived there 7 years in the 60’s while my husband and I went to TTU. Such a nice, pretty area.

  5. One of my coworkers lives in Wilson county, near Lebanon. That is to the east of Nashville. She said it looks like a war zone there now. And Cookeville, where I lived for two years while I began working for the hospital, is reporting 16 dead and over 60 injured. Most damage was to the West of town.

  6. My nephew’s house in Cookeville was in the path of the storm. He and his wife are bruised up, 6 month baby is okay, but two year old daughter was hit by flying debris. She is in Knoxville Children’s Hospital with a cracked skull, not sure the extent of her injuries. His house is gone, both cars totaled. His neighbor lost his 4 yr. old daughter. His neighborhood looks like a war zone. Twenty-four dead and many missing.

  7. By the pricking of my thumbs, something weird this way comes.

    The last panel of today’s strip has a speech balloon that is blank in my local paper.

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