Cash or credit?

Cashless societytodays-aj.jpg

So much to talk about. Where do I begin? If you’ve been to this site at all since yesterday morning and read the comments, you know the folks who preordered my book Beaucoup Arlo & Janis have been notified that the book is available for them to purchase.

If you reserved a copy and did not receive a notification yesterday, don’t panic. (You’re going to hear that two-word phrase a lot in the coming days.) First, check your spam folders. A not-insignificant number of the emails apparently were tagged as spam. If you still cannot find your message, email me, and I will check the list. If you’re on it, no problem. If you are not on it, still no problem. I’ll put you on the list, but act now. The preorder thing will go only through the weekend. If you did not preorder, and you know you did not preorder, I ask you to please wait until the book becomes generally available next week. There will be plenty of books then.

There simply is too much to go into here now. I will post again later today about shipping, for example. The good news is, this is an in-house operation: any problems will be dealt with directly and resolved. The bad news is, there will be problems. Things have gone smoothly so far, but remember: don’t panic!