Cat and Mouse

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The title for today’s classic A&J may be the easiest title for a blog entry that I have ever had to conjure. It was pretty obvious. There is a new cat in this household, about 8 months old. She would do something like this. Her name is Shiloh. Or Scoot. Or Scoot Scoot. Or Scooter. Or Woot Woot. Or Squirt Dauber. Or Squirt Blossom. Or Squeaky. Poor thing doesn’t really know what her name is. None of us do. I’m the offending party, mainly. I try to come up with a new name every few days. The above are just the names that stuck somewhat! But everyone knows the best cats have the most names. She is the only cat among three who will come when she’s called, no matter what that is.

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  1. I tend to recycle cat names, especially if it is an identical looking cat. Sometimes while both cats are alive. Makes it easier than trying to figure out which cat it actually is.

    Yall would be proud of me, banana, mini yogurt, egg and some plainoatmeal. Largest meal I’ve had in weeks. Stopped Diet Coke and left ice chest in van, I can’t drink them if they aren’t really ice cold. I am in the home of Coca Cola and Delta Airlines. Before the Ducks they owned the franchise here.

    Love, Jackie

  2. My cat Turbo probably thinks his name is “Get Back” as he hovers at the door when we come home. Maybe he’ll answer to “Get down from there”. He’s learned how to open cupboard and closet doors. When he gets bored, everything gets open.

  3. A good name for a dog is Dammit. “Get down, Dammit!”

    My wife has a cat when she was younger named “Diddle” as in “Hey Diddle. Diddle, the cat.”

  4. We have a rescue schnauzer. Was not socialized well, smart, but didn’t have a clue. Hence the name “Clueless”. I’ve threatened her numerous time to change her name to “Freda Goodholme”.

  5. TWO winners in the A&J comic strip lottery!

    Today’s real time: I looked at it and just smiled: The detailed building plan… Meg’s little place of her own… the joy on Meg’s face! It took me back to my childhood and the places that I made my “own”. I never had a “built” play house but I did have places to play. The barn was always good. In the summer (before canning time), I used the fruit cellar – it was cool no matter how hot it got. Ah, me… sweet memories…

    Today’s Vintage: Not just smiles, but laugh out loud! I love Luddy.

  6. I like the looks of Meg in today’s strip. For the first time in a while, she has the size and proportions of a real child. Please keep it up, Fearless Leader JJ. (Where did that phrase come from, anyway? How could I have forgotten?)

  7. I do feel sorry for a cat with only a single name. Our clan is know as:
    Sheba, Me-Me, Princess, Bitchers or Charlie (for her crooked mustache)
    her brother Ramses, Dork, Trip-hazard, or Bubba
    Malcolm, Cap’n Tight-pants, Handsome, or Lazy-butt
    the cub Buster, Bump-bump, Spaz, Dork 2 or Terror
    Orion, the Blob, Sorry, or Mawwwr (that’s my name for him when we are ‘talking’)
    Fariview, Gimpy or Baby, but he’s so old he doesn’t care what we call him any more.

  8. Came across a joke that cracked me up elsewhere today. Replacing the ethnicities with colors Blue and Teal…

    A Blue man was leaving a convenience store with his espresso when he noticed a most unusual Teal funeral procession approaching the nearby cemetery.

    A black hearse was followed by a second black hearse about 50 feet behind the first one Behind the second hearse was a solitary Teal man walking a dog on a leash.

    Behind him, a short distance back, were about 200 men walking in single file.

    The Blue man couldn’t stand the curiosity.

    He respectfully approached the Teal man walking the dog and said: “I am so sorry for your loss, and this may be a bad time to disturb you, but I’ve never seen a Teal funeral like this. Whose funeral is it?”

    “My wife’s.”

    ”What happened to her?”

    “She yelled at me and my dog attacked and killed her.”

    He inquired further, “But who is in the second hearse?”

    My mother-in-law. She came to help my wife and the dog turned on her and killed her also.
    A very poignant and touching moment of Blue and Teal brotherhood and silence passed between the two men..

    The Blue man then asked “Can I borrow the dog?”

    The Teal man replied, “Get in the line”.

  9. Tom, about 40 years ago I had a roommate that did name his dog Dammit. He went to an obedience class with the dog and had to use Danny. I guess someone didn’t like the real name.

  10. I have a friend who nicknamed his dog Sh*t for Brains as the dog was totally clueless and not trainable. Of course that might be because he let his kids, nicknamed ob & noxious, try to train the dog.

  11. Another self-defense class today. We get to play with knives and guns this time…and from the wrong end. Training knives and guns, not real ones, of course. (No Ghosts were harmed in the making of this class.)

    See you in few hours.

  12. Running down to Madisonville, LA to look at the 32 foot live aboard Grand Banks powerboat. Not ready to buy one but I need to see one to get some idea. Before everyone believes I am insane it might help to know that this is something we were planning for the last six years
    And I own the materials and all parts to build one including plans commissioned for first a sailing version that masts lowered on and then later a power only cabin cruiser. No one to build one now and don’t think I can convince anyone to build!

    Actually the sailing version was bigger.

    Anyway down on Gulf coast. Still very sad to see all the empty lots for sale, missing houses and just slabs. But its a great deal better than last time I saw it.

  13. What’s happened to Robin?

    Has she flown the coop?

    Just as well, most likely.

    I never saw a man with Robin, and that spells all kinds of trouble when Janis has strange thoughts.

  14. Blacklight = Snarf, Nerf, Kit Kit, CAT!, Purr Kitty, and PITA (Pain In The A**)

    My resident fluffball wouldn’t bother a computer mouse, and would die of a heart attack if confronted with the live version.

    Beginning to think I need a career change. Knowing what I know and how the game is played within my company, my district is about two Jenga moves from total collapse. The whole thing is tettering, and while I don’t necessarily have to worry about losing my job, I really don’t think I want to hang around while someone fifty miles away desides how to reset the board. Not sure what might come next, and I might stay, but I *am* going to see what there is to see.

  15. Mindy… So often we can see what is happening in a business. I think you are wise to start looking. Attitude is quite different when you don’t “have” to find another job. You are more in control!

  16. Lady Mindy, you know the circus worker/”What! And give up show business?” joke?

    Jackie, ref the 32, I wasn’t kidding when i said, “floating split-level motor home.” Looked pretty livable to me.

    Learned several more ways to hurt someone who is trying to hurt me, at least enough to allow me to get safely away. Premise is to do whatever it takes…the only fair fight is the one you lose. As one of the instructors said, “We don’t live in Mayberry anymore.”

  17. A funeral procession passes a golf course on the way to the cemetery. One of the golfers removes his cap, places it over his heart, and stands at attention until the procession has passed. His golfing partner remarks “That was a really nice thing to do.” “Well”, the man says, “she was a good wife for twenty years.”

  18. Just looking for some company to drive tomorrow, Capt. Ron is no where nearer than 8000 miles. He exists, why I want to see what the heck on boat which I am not particularly familiar with. Sitting outside my hotel, clerk is holding my reservation.

    You are in no danger of being stalked my friend. Besides, you’re qualified to kill me in at least 24 ways.

    Love Jackie

  19. “Decision is a sharp knife that cuts clean and straight; indecision, a dull one that hacks and tears and leaves ragged edges behind it.” ? Gordon Graham

  20. GR6 3/23 @ 547 The Panama hat triggered (pun intended)

    Hurricanes shot down more enemy planes but the Spitfires get all the publicity.

    Mark in TT
    I have first edition Donald Hamilton’s –
    (This is where you scroll down half a page)
    Of course they are paper back and I signed them.
    (cymbals and a rim shot) ( I have that somewhere on a sound file)

  21. emb
    Prior Lake has ice pushed dunes so large they have built houses on them.

    Trucker Ron 3/22 9:25
    What makes my heart sing is a Duesenberg SSJ. The 2 million to own it would make
    my heart sing louder.
    An Auburn Cord would be OK also.

  22. Jackie 3/23 9:54
    The morning crew on MPR had a Sherpa — a truck so big it had its own weather system
    Had a nice step stool to get MIL in truck – what you need is combine steps that automatically
    fold up.

  23. Good morning Villagers…..

    “Meg’s Eggs”……eggceptional name 🙂

    When driving to work, we have to get on highway off of county road. At this intersection, when looking to the left, you can see the back side of hen house #1. Yesterday morning, the lights were on the conveyor belt and truck at the back entrance. Ian asked me if I wanted to check it out….I flat out told him ‘no’, with my eyes watering. Silly, aren’t I? Over a bunch of hens.

    I gotta go

  24. Debbe:

    Silly? No.

    Empathetic? Yes.

    As long as I don’t think about what I am eating, I can maintain the hypocrisy.

    Sooner or later, though, I will try harder to become a vegetarian.

  25. Definitely not silly, Debbe. I know if I ever get a a few chickens after I retire, they will all have to die of old age, because I would not be able to “get rid of them” after they stop laying.

  26. about stuff spoken of above, I as at a job once, where we all heard rumblings and we were getting feelings from the corporate giant we were a part of. I was the only one who casually took my time and found another job. I quit and started new job two weeks before the massive layoffs (which included my position) In fact, another employee there got her husband hired to replace me, who was then canned two weeks later. The best though – I was at a computer company in Houston that was bought by another company in Phoenix, they had a lot of people uproot themselves and move and resettle in Houston and the company was totally gone within a year.

  27. Debbie, not silly. Seems a shame that commercial hens aren’t kept longer, but the key is “commercial.” We’d be paying $10 per dozen for eggs if free range was required or producers required to keep hens longer. Many activists don’t realize that backyard or hobby farm methods won’t feed the world.

    Rick, I’m taking the alternate approach and rather than going vegetarian I recognize the whole process of adding animal protein to my diet. I kill and process wild game and fish including venison and feral pigs. I am raising and feeding a steer calf to be butchered, though I won’t like kill it or butcher simply because I don’t have the equipment. (A 250 pound pig is easier to manage than a 1500-1800 pound steer.) I’ve worked in a poultry processing plant, so I’ve seen that, too.

  28. Mindy or someone put popcorn in my mind and I had small bag, now cannot get salt out of taste. Have not had salt much in years. This is worst taste ever. Need to get dressed and go look at floating condo. Got huge string of youtube on them last night which I will look at tonight after I see some live.

    Dark rooms are therapeutic I think. Like caves.

  29. As to cat names, I have Toby (Fat Cat or Fuzzbutt), Pumpkin (Sweetie Girl), Robbie (Kittie Princess) , Emmie (Panda Girl), and Malkin (Dinkus, Norbert).

  30. The Prodigal is a story and is relevant in ALL ages.

    Stolen from Andy Rooney:
    I’ve learned…. That I can always pray for someone when I don’t have the
    strength to help him in some other way.

    We do that here very well.

  31. An edit button and emoji support would make us look like real 21st century internet savvy pros.

    Enjoying a quiet, sunny day alone at the ranch. 🙂 The SO won’t be back until early tomorrow, like 12:30 AM.

  32. Dear Old Bear, thanks for letting me know where “Fearless Leader” came from. I lost my grip on that memory I guess! Chris and I and the children were all devoted fans of “Rocky and Bullwinkle” but that was a long time ago.

    Dear emb, nice painting of the Prodigal Son; I liked it. Can you enlarge it and see the details? I can and enjoyed the costumes and faces, and everything. I have spent a large part of my happy life looking at paintings, in galleries, in books and magazines, now on the Internet … have to be careful getting started on that. Many hours could be spent that should be used more productively!

  33. Good morning, Village. Speaking of March Madness, as some of you were, I am just back from a week in Seattle along with another couple. We did Seattle tourist stuff for half the week and basketball for the other half. We’ve been doing this all around the country for the last 15 years. (I think I mentioned Gaterland in Orlando here a while back—that was on one of these trips.) So I skimmed through a few comments today but know I can’t take time to read the whole week. My loss. It looks like you are doing fine.

    We plan these trips most of a year in advance usually, so we never know who we will see play or how good the games will be. We’d have loved to have seen Arizona, of course, but they were down the road in Portland. We did get Gonzaga, who looks really good. Neither of their opponents were able to keep up with them. In fact, we had only one good close game, which was UC Irvine versus Louisville. We were rooting like crazy for THAT upset, and UCI came really close—final score 55-57! We had seen UCI play before. I may have mentioned that our son is sports information director at Long Beach State, which is the same conference (Big West) as UCI. He is primary contact for men’s basketball, and we went over to visit him and go to some games in January. UCI-LBSU was one of those games.

    Glad to be home–in my own house, own view, own weather (Seattle is gorgeous but cold and wet particularly for this desert-dweller), and own Village.

  34. Miz Charlotte, is your new cast better behaving itself now?

    Jackie, I asked a nurse practitioner I know, and she told me problems with taste (over-tasting, under-tasting, and mis-tasting) can be caused by a number of prescription drugs (of which I believe you may take more than a few), and sometime by a zinc deficiency. You might want to consult with your primary care physician about that.

    While on medical topics, there’s an old Southernism to the effect that “It beats a poke in the eye with a sharp stick”. Tomorrow, I’ll find out if that saying applies when my ophthalmologist sticks a sharp scalpel in my right eye.

    The right-sided cataract I’d mentioned previously has now reached the point of being annoying when I drive at night, which I still do quite a bit. (No snide comments, please.) And as an additional benefit, the new lens should also improve my visual acuity downrange. It was going to be a laser procedure, but it seems I have a bit of corneal scarring from, well, I have just enough corneal scarring to rule out a laser procedure.

    I’m telling you this so that if I should post anything unseemly later tomorrow, please take into consideration that I’m probably still recovering from the goofy juice they gave me before she poked me in eye with a sharp scalpel.

  35. GR6,
    WOW! Cataract surgery was the best thing to ever happen to me. I went from 20:200 to almost 20:20 in both eyes. Made my high school football mates laugh during our 50th reunion in 2006. I told them I could see the scoreboard. When I played, I never could see the scoreboard. I always wanted to be an air force pilot but couldn’t pass the eye test. Now that I can pass the test, I’m too old.

    Blessings and prayers for everyone.

  36. Charlotte: More / paintings later. Having an optical migraine now [painless, nothing serious], but interferes w/ looking at what I’m typing. Good nap time. emb

  37. Charlotte in NH
    What is more productive than looking at art and appreciating same?

    It takes 4 hours and more to go through the backlog of a week –
    especially if the Village has been productive and left many links.

    I’ve learned…. That just one person saying to me, ‘You’ve made my
    day!’ makes my day. AR

  38. Ghost, cataract surgery with a lens implant is a fascinating procedure. I was fortunate to be able to watch my father-in-law’s surgeries both times on closed circuit television. Praying for you, but I know all will be well.

  39. GR6, best of luck and enjoy your recovery time. I do know the elderly ladies who depend on you schlepping them home after evening prayer services will be glad your night vision has improved.

  40. Yes, dearest Ghost, this new cast is comfortable (but still clumsy and awkward). I am being careful to keep from hurting any other part of me! Wishing you a good procedure tomorrow. Chris was nervous about the surgery to remove a cataract from his only good eye (macular degeneration in the other eye) but it was very successful. He was able to discard the eyeglasses he had needed since he was six years old, all day, every day. He loved his new, improved vision!

    Denise in Michigan, it sounds very interesting to watch, but I don’t think I could. Good for you. To Old Bear and to emb, You are right of course that looking at paintings is a good thing, but the most important thing right now is collecting all my Income Tax information, documents and whatnot that I have failed to file in a timely manner; now I’m sorry I procrastinated. I seem to be spinning my wheels at this point.

  41. Ghost – my husband’s experience was much like domaucan1’s, except Bob played in the band and still needs glasses for reading music. May your procedure go equally smoothly – and I hope you too may describe your doctor as “a babe” 🙂

  42. Llee, I’ve been using Chrome (and sometimes IE still) for several months. It was either that or have sandcastler™ harass me unmercifully. 🙂

    Seriously, it works pretty well, other than the occasional but easily recovered from crash that may be the fault of my computer rather than of Chrome. Most of what you need is in Customize and Control (the three parallel bars icon at the top right of the screen). Bookmarks are different but actually pretty handy when you get used to them.

    Thanks to everyone for the encouragement and good wishes about my eye procedure. I too am expecting some good results from it.

    I hope so, sand. You’d be surprised at the language elderly church ladies can use when I almost clip another vehicle at night.

    And Ruth Anne, mine is a cute little thing, too, and has a lovely Southern drawl. This is for your husband Bob who plays in a band.

  43. Thanks for the link, Ghost! Now I am on a Jimmy Buffet kick…

    Best wishes tomorrow. Everyone that I know who has had the surgery have been extremely happy with the results. I am sure you will be also.

  44. From our [twice] retired pastor:

    Researchers for the Massachusetts Turnpike Authority found over 200 dead crows near greater Boston recently, and there was concern that they may have died from Avian Flu.

    A Bird Pathologist examined the remains of all the crows, and, to everyone’s relief, confirmed the problem was definitely NOT Avian Flu. The cause of death appeared to be vehicular impacts.

    However, during the detailed analysis it was noted that varying colors of paints appeared on the bird’s beaks and claws.
    By analyzing these paint residues it was determined that 98% of the crows had been killed by impact with trucks, while only 2% were killed by an impact with a car.

    MTA then hired an Ornithological Behaviorist to determine if there was a cause for the disproportionate percentages of truck kills versus car kills. He very quickly concluded the cause: When crows eat road kill, they always have a look-out crow in a nearby tree to warn of impending danger.

    They discovered that while all the lookout crows could shout “Cah”, not a single crow could shout “Truck.”

    Peace, emb

  45. You’re welcome, Gal. Be sure to listen to “A Love Song (From A Different Point Of View)”. 😉

    Yeah, OK, “vigorous encouragement” does sound better that, “harassment”, doesn’t it? 🙂

  46. emb, that is a very good joke! Thanks.

    No robins here yet, but the mockingbirds are calling. No nestlings yet, so they aren’t harassing the cats. It took me a while to realize they had a special call for whenever they spot one of the cats. Next realization was that they were also using it when I went out in the yard. Be careful who you associate with, people(birds) will talk.

  47. Llee, one of the features I particularly like in Chrome is that it will put icons for your most frequently visited pages on the home page. That way you can go straight to what you like best.

  48. Mark – Yes, is a great site.

    Old Bear – Love Tan Shoes as well. How about this one? The Flying Saucer Part 1 and 2 – Buchanan and Goodman (Luniverse):

    emb – I did not see that coming. Ha!

    Ghost – Best of luck.

    Charlotte – Glad you are progressing well.

    Jackie – Sorry! I don’t know too many songs about fresh veggies. Alvin and the Chipmunks have one about bananas if that will help.

    Early am wake up. Must shower and go back to bed. Night!

  49. Good one, emb, I didn’t see it coming either. I did wonder why our Minnesotan correspondants chose to place a long anecdote in Massachusetts, but the punchline told me why! Cah, indeed! Southern NH is definitely in the Boston orbit, and there’s a great lack of “Rs” among the natives here, which I’m one of. Sometimes I pronounce the Rs and sometimes I don’t, I guess.

  50. Knew a guy from Boston who always joked about having left his khakis in his car keys.

    When we last saw Jackie, about twelve hours ago, she was about to be enroute to see a man about a boat. Could she have possibly found Captain Right? Or even Captain Ron, perhaps?

    Surely her rental truck didn’t break down.

  51. She said the rental didn’t have navigation. Should have taken a compass and sextant.

    Speaking of expensive machinery, here is what I was guarding as a rookie security guard:

    Every Saturday night, from 9pm to 9am, while it was parked in the coal strip pit. The crew shut off the machinery, but left the lights on. As a guard, you sat in the crew cab, making rounds through it periodically to make sure it didn’t catch fire or something. We had to carry a pistol on this assignment. I said I could see why, because anybody that would go to the trouble to get to this thing was going to be desperate!

  52. Mark,that’s one big motha.

    Takes me back to going out on the flightline and walking by the ready alert aircraft. They were under 24/7 armed guard. Cross the yellow line without proper clearance / escort and you were dead. The only saving feature was we moved slow and had approximately 200 pounds of protection. Besides, I never met a crack shot in the Air Force.

  53. I saw it coming for two reasons. 1. I’m always suspicious of the much beloved sender. 2. [And this may be why other Villagers saw it coming], crows are abundant on our highways, often picking at roadkills, yet most of us probably rarely see them as roadkills themselves. That made it fishy to start with.

    Paintings: sometimes an interest in a particular painting, painter, or genre of paintings arises when the right circumstances come together. Wife and I were in a museum in Germany [probably the Alte Pinakothek in Munchen in ’85]. I’d never been much interested in still lifes, though many of my drawings from drawing courses at Cornell U. in the late ’40s through Spr. ’51 were in effect still lifes. But I noticed a sparkle on a jar in a Dutch SL, maybe 18th C., so took my glasses off and got up close. [Before cataract removal, both she and I [and therefore our 3 kids] were extremely myopic; removal of specs made our eyes low power microscopes.] The sparkle was a simple dab of thick white paint. The whole painting was done w/ similar techniques. I was enthralled and became a SL fan.

    The optical migraine blossomed and was fading as I was off to la-la land: 3.5 hr.

    Peace, emb

  54. I returned to this site from some other interesting stuff to see if Jackie had checked in yet. Rather dismayed to see that she has been silent for so long. This isn’t like you, Jackie! I sure hope you are okay. Could well be some kind of computer glitch, or no access; or the Smartphone got dropped … imagination is running away with me. Best would be if you are in a friendly restaurant eating yummy Southern food.

  55. Dear emb, the “aha moment” can draw people in and change perception that lasts a lifetime. Funny how that happens, isn’t it? A good thing that it does.

    I’ve read about migraine headaches; glad to say that neither Chris or I ever had them. Our dearly loved son-in-law is a sufferer; thank goodness he has found an effective medication, forget the name, it has to be taken when he feels the headache coming on; RX of course. But I didn’t know you could get these optical effects without the headache pain.

  56. P.S. I like your explanation of myopia and naked eyes being low power microscopes. Not having myopia myself (Chris obviously did) I failed to appreciate what was going on when he and other … near sighted, or far sighted people … I swear, I never can remember which is which! took their glasses off and squinted at things up close.

  57. Charlotte in NH, Imitrex, perhaps? While in Hawaii visited the Bishop Museum, fascinating place full of the relics of old Hawaiian culture. In Taiwan, went to National Palace Museum where the Nationalists exhibit what they evacuated when they fled the Communists. Also a great collection. Birmingham has a nice art museum too, worth a visit if you are in town.

  58. Yes, Mark, Imitrex rings a bell. Those museums sound wonderful … tomorrow I will look at the links you sent. It’s midnight now in NH and I must go to bed. Thank you!

  59. Jackie is in Lafayette, LA now, the brokerage house is largest on Gulf Coast and I just had crab cakes with baked sweet potato and garlic wilted spinach at Blue Dog cafe, am back in motel alone. Boat is in Abbeville, LA and turns out to belong to my husband’s distant cousin who is from a most respectable Southern family. I am meeting him tomorrow afternoon. He is my age and sounds extremely nice. Don’t know him but his other cousin whom I did went to Harvard, not common in LA

    So, I drove over here. Dodge is doing fine but he and I agreed we only drive Ford products. I admitted to selling Lincolns. Will wear my new black underwear bra and I am NOT telling what size. I under estimated.

    Love, Jackie

  60. Forgot to say I met two interesting people at yacht brokerage. The salesman was a retired 20 year veteran of LAPD Rounded like homicide then sold cars for 20 years, now power boats. Did not offer to do any driving of any sort but tried to up sell me a Miridien 391 they’d just taken in, with flying bridge and did look like 3 story condo.
    Double or more the other one. Other guy was nice customer with Navy, antiterrism specialist who was picking up his pontoon boat.

    Anyway, entertaining afternoon.

  61. sand, during a practice alert at a remote location, an AF Security Policeman was posted at our work location. He promptly propped his M-16 in a corner, parked himself in a chair, and went to sleep. He was a big, friendly old Texas boy we liked, so all we did to him was pull the bolt carrier group out of his weapon and field strip the assembly. When the SP truck pulled up out front and honked, he woke up, saw what we had done, cursed bitterly, and swept up the loose parts and hid them in his field jacket pocket. He got away with it, and we bought his beers that night as thanks for the laughs we got from the look on his face when he woke up.

    Early bed-check for Ghost tonight; oh dark thirty wake up for tomorrow.

  62. Anyone else feel the slight (2.9) earthquake we had a few minutes past 6pm this evening? I was getting ready for church services when it struck; lasted only a few seconds. The 10pm news said it was centered near the small burgs of Crystal Lake & Lake in the Hills, IL.

    I am just being curious as to how far it was felt from the epicenter.

    Times are CDT.

  63. Did not send you good wishes for surgery, Ghost . I am sorry and I never suspected you were old enough to have a cataract.

    Trying to entertain with my tourist report. Boat is actually in Delcambe in marina. Interesting part of Louisiana .

    Why am I fearless? Except for period of years after being kidnapped I have always been without fear. Checked into motel tonight and doors both unlocked and ajar. Didn’t scare me but I thought top of bed looked rumpled.I am sleeping jn king, odd suite, has an extensive queen on other side but no extra wall.

    Be fearless too, Ghost and good luck

    Love Jackie

  64. Good morning Villagers….

    You are all so sweet to think I’m not silly. GR 😉 really liked that song…I’ll be humming it to myself today with an occasional shout of “all God’s creatures sing in the choir.

    And Old Bear, you are right about caring for those who you care about.

    And good luck and prayers for your surgery today, GR

    I mentioned a several weeks ago that I had a cataract coming on in my left eye. Still have not been in to see doctor, and I was pleased to see so many posts of good outcomes. It’s bothersome, but not to the point of surgery yet.

    Emb, I get those optical migraines too, not too often though, and never a headache after the squiggles disappear, sometimes they look like lighten bolts.

    Raining here and more rain today, then temps drop. The low Friday night is 22 degrees. Not a good day Saturday to be in an empty, cold, hen house. They removed some 68,000 hens in two days, and Ian said they were handled unmercifully. I’m glad I wasn’t there.

    And David, yes, commercial agriculture is big business. Do you remember Ian’s definition of the hens? “Mom, they are bio engineered egg laying machines!”

    Ya’ll have a blessed, dry day……

  65. Nancy, I was wondering how your trip was going, so glad to see a good time was had by all. Good to have you back, too.

    Black bra and panties, Jackie……shame on you 🙂 (they’re my favorite undergarments too)

  66. Debbe 😉 Black bra and panties? Naughty girl! Of course, I heartily approve. 🙂

    Most but not all cataracts are age related. They may even occur in infants. So the fact I have a cataract implies I am somewhere between infancy and death. Which I am.

    I’m off to see the Eye Wizard.

  67. Just the bra. No panties. But need to keep working on losing more. Don’t like panty lines. Actually don’t like bras either but no hope there without surgery.

    Debbe darling I keep telling there is a reason I never took poultry production classes and why I ended dealing with death and maiming of humans instead. Well that didn’t go well either

    Was proud of my self for avoiding etouffe and cram and corn bisque last night. Had to do appetizer and two sides to come up with a semi healthy plate. Waiter admitted the menu was far from healthy. I was always told Lafayette has highest per capita ratio of eating out which I’d believe but also heard reputation for partying

    Here’s a get well present for you Ghost 46DDD. Now I can buy more, that fit right and comfortable

    Love, Jackie Sent

  68. RE: GR 6 12:44PM and etc I have my second cornea transplant next week. My granular dystrophy made my eyes illegal to drive and the best glasses still couldn’t make it better than 20/70, the legal limit in Texas. Doc said they couldn’t do lasik because I wouldn’t have any corneas left. With a lifetime of hypersensitive eyes I can’t believe I had the front of my eye sliced off and new one sewed on, the Valium was enough to get through it. I could live with just the one done, but that would be dumb. But, for me it’s like the Barrel of Fun where the floor drops down and you spin around on the wall, I did it once but still don’t want to do it again. I used to get the godawful cluster -allergy eyeball headaches, but have never had one in the new cornea, doc says there are tiny little nerves that get removed when a new cornea is put on

  69. Old Bear:

    “Did you watch Nova tonight?” I rarely watch TV. Watched Laugh In back in the day, and watched a lot during mid-Sept. ’01.

    “The Bible’s Buried Secrets” If they are in the Bible, are they buried? Most of the predictions people claim they have found there haven’t panned out. Often, the people who made the claims went back to the text, “found” that it really meant next Columbus Day, and the same gullibles still followed them.
    The KJV translators mistranslated the Hebrew word for ‘young woman’ as ‘virgin’. There is a perfectly good Hebrew word for virgin, used in the Bible often. What’s so great about being born of one? If an unfertilized egg somehow had two sets of chromosomes, it would be XX, and therefore female.

    “Strong arguments linking Bible dates and Egyptian dates.” If true, good. That should be a help to real scholars.

    “Finally found archeological proofs.” Of what? Why should a person of faith need proofs?

    Peace, emb

  70. John in Richmond, I have to admit that I’m not an organ donor, but your post is making me rethink that. Sight is so precious to me, and sharing that with someone else could be the greatest gift I could give to them…and to myself. Thank you, and David too, for helping me to see things a little bit more clearly. You’re in my prayers.

  71. Ghost Sweetie, by now you’re through surgery, so I hope all went well and you are fine and dandy!

    eMb, that story made me shake my head, groan, and laugh. 🙂

    I am quite near-sighted, and have worn glasses since I was eleven. Often when I am reading or working on my cross-stitch I have to take off my glasses and bring the book or fabric closer to see it better. Now I understand why!

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