Cat in the Sack

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One of the things that has been keeping me so busy of late is the vineyard. Remember the vineyard? Twenty Norton grape vines I planted several springs back. I’m making my first batch of wine this year, about 10 gallons. It’s really an experimental batch; I’m learning as I go. I’ve learned that I already have made several mistakes. I almost hope the wine is awful, because making wine is a lot of work and bother. I wouldn’t have to do it again! However, it’ll be several months before we know anything for sure. More on this.

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  1. Hoohah! Have to share “hairy headless creature” grazing me in bed as I went to sleep last night. Came hurtling across my body and landed on other side of me, scaring the heck out of me. It was the hair that tipped off: fat cat leaping from window sill and not quite making it across large object in his way.

    Arlo, try sleeping with four cats and a small dog! Each claims 1/4 of bed space, leaving dog and me in middle.

    Love, Jackie

  2. Oh look, and his wife is wearing spaghetti straps too on tank top!

    I happen to think Foxtrot and Bill Amend is one of best comics out there (but I had not read todays, thank you!) It is actually VERY well drawn. Well drawn comics does not require it be physically drawn as “realistic” portrayal.

    Having been over 25 years in wine imports sales and member of lots of wine drinking groups, needless to say we had friends make their own wine. Usually by bringing in a ton or two of grapes from somewhere else. And yes, some stomped them.

    Love, Jackie

  3. Used to make my own beer, a couple of decades ago, because it was fun and I could make better beer for less than I could buy it. Never tried to make wine, because I never figured I could do better than the pros for the money. Don’t drink much beer any more, and the plethora of good microbrews are better now than I used to make anyway…

  4. Umm. Merlot.

    Umm. Spaghetti.

    Umm. Spaghetti-strap tank tops.

    My only experience with home-made vino? A retired dentist who used to occasionally give me a bottle of his product. I recall that it was quite good, but he said production took place in a shed out back, as his wife had banned it from the house due to the mess and the smell.

  5. Ghost: I think an awful lot of things are tacky, from spaghetti straps to tube tops to low-cut jeans. But, then, I am an old prude, as I am often told. Short skirts are fine and let me show off my best features, but those horrible short shorts are cut so that the first thing anybody looks at isn’t the woman’s legs, but their crotch. I do it to, just in horror. Do they really think that looks good? I am quite sure they do. My friends don’t wear them, with one exception, but we all think she doesn’t have any taste, in clothes or men.

    Jackie: I think Bill Amend can be very funny, or very annoying. But I still say he can’t draw.. Talk about all the characters just having one face!

    And on a brighter note, nobody here seems to read one of my very favorite webcomix, Mr. Boffo. So, here’s a link: I laughed out loud today so hard that people were looking strangely at me.

  6. Norton, my favorite. The official grape of the state of Missouri. I hope it turns out well for you Mr. Johnson. Yes, wine making can be a pain but there’s nothing more satisfying than a buzz from your own homemade inebriant.

  7. Lily, I agree with you about those fashions you mentioned, to the extent that they are all looks that not just anyone can (or should try to) pull off. But as you say about your short skirts, if it looks good on one, and/or emphasizes one’s best feature(s), I say one should “have at it”.

    That said, I have seen some truly epic short-short fails. 🙂

  8. Lily, IMHO, pretty much everything Pamela Anderson has is a fail, even the parts she had modified later.

    Robb, perhaps Janis had gone to the bathroom those “few times”, making it even more difficult for “the cat” to sleep. Or perhaps Jimmy was running close to deadline and saved time by not putting Janis in bed with Arlo. (He didn’t show her at the table, either.)

  9. If it’s not awful and you didn’t stop the grapes with your feet, can I get a bottle? I know shipping wine to Mississippi is illegal, but I don’t know about shipping it out.

  10. My Dad came from the Tuscany region of the “old country”. He made his own wine up till his last couple of years on this earth. I never cared for it as a kid growing up but I sure wish I had some of it now. Oh, and no stomping. He had all the proper tools, crusher, press, etc.

  11. Husband started making beer from kits and turned out a really nice honey brown ale, rather like Newcastle. After a couple of years of beer brewing he decided to see if he could make wine, and has been doing that ever since. He does not, however, grow his own grapes. He orders grape juice kits from a store in Dallas, Texas that he visited when he was there on a business trip. He’s on a first name basis with the store owner.

  12. Thanks, Lily! Will it make me seem, like, creepy if I say I like Buffy the School Girl #4 and Buffy the School Girl #5 the best?

    Which one(s) would you like, Munchkin? And by “like”, I mean “wear”.

  13. The one I like the best is the leather pants and top and I would wear it in the wintertime, but I don’t own the pants. I sure run around in black minis and white tanks, with or without boots or logos. And I wish I had that coat!

  14. The red leather pants and black tank top? Well, yeah. It’s been a long time since I last bought a pair of leather jeans. (For motorcycle riding. What did you think?) But I’m guessing those red ones would set you back a few coins.

  15. Jerry in Fla alluded to “Rush” on yesterday’s blog. My daughter Alice likes one Rush a lot, but there’s another … one is a group, the other is completely different, a solo singer? That’s all I can remember … can you explain? Alice would, but she’s in Vermont. And the other one she doesn’t like much.

  16. Bob’s grandmother used to make excellent wine from wild Florida grapes when she could get them. However, she was also known to use Welch’s concentrate. We made some of the latter this summer and it’s quite tasty, if a little sweet – a nice dessert wine.

  17. Bob’s grandmother used to make excellent wine from wild Florida grapes when she could get them. However, she was also known to use Welch’s concentrate. We made some of the latter this summer (using her recipe) and it’s quite tasty, if a little sweet – a nice dessert wine.

  18. Bob’s grandmother used to make excellent wine from wild Florida grapes when she could get them. However, she was also known to use Welch’s concentrate. We made some of the latter this summer (using her recipe) and it’s quite tasty, though a little sweet – a nice dessert wine.

  19. Jerry in FL – I just posted on the wrong day too.
    I have always teased my maternal grandma about her love of ugly artificial flowers. I have nothing against artificial flowers, I have probably just as many (or more) as my grandma ever did. She had a massive collection of those old, plastic nasty poinsettias, daisies, and such. My new place has one of those black lamp-posts with the posts on either side. I ACTUALLY entertained the thought of a pair of those horrid, hanging fake geranium baskets. I’ve never been a fan of geraniums, they are only pretty for approximately thirty seconds before they start looking awful. I have turned into my grandma.
    And I have yet to move the first box. Wanted to vacuum before bringing anything in, which is really hard to do with no power. Power company finally showed up late in the afternoon, just before the thunderstorms. 🙁 Honestly, I’m not too disappointed, my left knee is killing me. Lugging boxes down all those stairs does not sound too appealing right now.

    Debbie – car coupes have two doors, sedans have four doors.

  20. Is ‘Welch’s concentrate’ marketed specifically for winemaking? If so, that’s a nice turnaround. The inventor of Welch’s Grape Juice, some time in the 19th c., I think, was a Methodist. Historically, the Methodist Church has favored total abstinence, because of the demonstrable evils of strong drink. But wine is central to communion. Voila, non-fermented grape juice. We still use grape juice for communion, and when I had communion at an ELCA funeral last month, they had a choice of juice or wine. UMC still favors abstinence and says ordained sorts must abstain. Some don’t.

    One who does just sent me and his sibs this picture of the aurora [borealis or australis?] as seen from the ISS.

  21. Jerry, after looking at your comment today, mistakenly posted on the older page, I don’t see anything that would erode goodwill by explanation. From my perspective, explain away!

  22. EMB,

    Watching the Aurora is one the things on my bucket list. Photos are inadequate, even videos seem to be lacking. I want the full-sky experience. It isn’t something common for those of us that live in the deep south.

  23. It is my shame that I took a cruise to Alaska and didn’t look for the Aurora. It completely slipped my mind. I was too busy talking, eating and drinking to go back on deck after dinner. Silly me. If we ever go again, I’ll look. But The Man In My Life has determined that we are going to see Europe the next few summers and ski in the wintertime. So that seems unlikely. I’ll probably never go back there, since I don’t travel without my friends.

    Jerry, I now understand you about listening to the band Rush. No I never have and I doubt I ever will. I have no musical interests besides choir and classical.

  24. Jerry – Never. I always enjoy hearing from you. I have not said anything about Ferguson either for much the same reason. I will just say, bad apples spoil everything for everyone and the current media approach of ratings before journalism has only one badly tarnished silver lining – we now have some idea of what festers in the minds of some of our less noble countrymen and even more disheartening, there are those in other countries who live in such fear their whole lives.

  25. It’s one of the perks of living in N MN. I’ve not seen a good one in years, mostly / light pollution. The old neighborhood is actually farther into town, but nearby lighting there isn’t as bad.

    Auroras are really something if you can get a few miles out under decently dark skies, and are always somewhat different. Lots of excited electrons up there. The gas giants have them too, only much bigger, but I’ll settle.

  26. Lily: ‘. . . ski in the wintertime.’ I don’t know where you ski, but it’s north of where you live now, no? Ski in the daytime but look outside if the night sky is clear. No guarantees; it happens or not, and sometimes only a bit. Europe is generally farther north than you expect, so you may see auroras from there. I never did, but wasn’t as likely to look then. Also, they center over the north magnetic pole, which on our side of the North Pole now.

  27. Not even looking at a newspaper or internet news now. I am totally sick of any media report and maybe most of mankind. I know this is the history of the world just being enacted all over and over and over but I DON”T like it.

    Going to bed sober.

    Love, Jackie

  28. Sorry about the triple post. From my end it looked like it either didn’t post at all or only showed up once, at that time anyway.

  29. I wish I’d had more runs to the north during the aurora season, but I never did make it at the right time! My company had me mostly running between SLC and Los Angeles. My runs up to Calgary and Edmonton came mostly during cloudy weather for some reason.

  30. I saw the aurora borealis years ago from an undisclosed location north of the Arctic Circle. Pretty, but frankly I found them a bit underwhelming. Perhaps I didn’t see the topflight version.

  31. If you hide an Easter egg so well that no one can find it, does it spoil all the fun. I think that I’ll be a spoilsport and leave it at that. Maybe a hint when you least expect it.

  32. Lily, is saying you “have no musical interests besides choir and classical” not like saying you have no culinary seasoning interests besides salt and pepper? Just wondering.

  33. Ghost: It means I have no interest in dumb bands that you guys post links to, if you will pardon my French. Gah, I’ll regret that in the morning. The Man In My Life has carried me up the stairs and allowed me one post before I say good night. Shhhhhh

  34. Good morning Villagers….

    I loved wearing halter tops, remember halter tops? But then I was in the era of “ban the bra”! ( GR 😉 )

    Long day yesterday…13 hours….. 🙂 Had a heavy fog up until 9sh, and the henhouse was covered in condensation. Running brushes on the feed troughs was just smearing chicken dust into chicken mud. It didn’t start drying out until about noon.

    Indy Mindy, hope you have good weather for moving…today’s high here will be 89 degrees and high humidity….arrggghhhh!!!!

    Miss Charlotte, the band Rush is from Canada, their most notable song that’s played over and over on the radio is titled “Tom Sawyer” I like their music…here’s a Wiki link if you’re interested.

    Good luck with the wine, Jimmy. We have a friend who is picking elderberries to make his wine.

    Ya’ll have a blessed day


    Gotta go

  35. Husband decided a couple of decades ago that we should grow grapes in the yard. He planted A grape plant. We got enough one year to make a quarter cup of jam. It was brown in color. My niece and nephew (young at the time) were brave enough to try it and polite enough not to say it was bad. Husband lost track of the vine. It now runs through most of the plants in the backyard and we have never done anything with the grapes again.

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