Cat-Like Reflexes

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I said I would come in today, on Saturday, to tell you a little more about the A&J T shirts that will be available soon, and so I have. To make things easier for all, you can go here for detailed information about the short-sleeve shirts and go here for information about the long-sleeve shirts. The official Gildan Web site will give you the technical details about the shirts, as well as the colors. (Remember, the short-sleeve shirts are available in Carolina blue, charcoal, military green, natural and sport gray, and the long-sleeve shirts are available in black, gold, light pink, red and sand.) There also is a size chart available. The handsome young men are not included.

I thought I would give you my general impressions of our product. These are Gildan’s “Ultra Cotton” line, the best they offer. They are 6-ounce cotton shirts, about the heaviest basic T generally available. All are from 100% American-grown cotton, except the “sport gray” version which, for some reason, is 10% polyester. However, I’ve seen it and felt it; it’s a good shirt. I have worn these shirts around for several weeks and washed them—of course. These shirts fit. When I say that, I mean they are neither clingy nor baggy. I wear a large T shirt normally, and the large Gildan is comfortable. Maybe I shouldn’t encourage you to purchase the wrong size shirt, but if you like your shirt really comfy loose, as many do, you might consider getting a size larger than normal for you. The actually colors of the shirt don’t always match up with the corresponding colors on the Web. Oddly, the shirt colors tend to be more vivid, I think. And remember, you can see the artwork on the shirts by clicking on the link at the top of this post. I’ve said about all I can say about T shirts. Now I’m going to watch the Auburn/Alabama game. War Eagle!!

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  1. I can vouch for the quality of the Gildan tee shirts. I have a number of their “fund raiser” tees I have purchased over the years and use as exercise wear. Some are well over five years old and have been washed innumerable times, but all of them have that proverbial “like new” look to them. The sizes run as Jimmy said…when exercising, I usually wear a plain tee in size L with one of the XL Gildans worn over it for comfort. Based on my experience, I don’t think you will be disappointed with them.

    Jimmy, I’ll bill you later for the “unsolicited” testimony. 🙂

  2. Gal, thanks for agreeing to be the “Breaking Jackie News” reporter for us non-Facebookers. Also, thanks for mentioning Lady Mindy’s Christmas tree. As I have said, Christmas as a social event pretty much dropped off my calendar in 2013, when my sister died 3 weeks before Christmas, and I have not decorated or put up a tree since 2012. But, perhaps…this year…just perhaps…

  3. The young man in the red T-shirt looks like he needs a haircut.

    Ghost Rider 6, you and I have something in common. Life is not always positive. I’ll encourage you to go ahead and decorate a tree. I was just thinking this week that there has been a Christmas tree in my domicile all six decades of my life, every year. We won’t miss this year either. “‘God bless us every one!’ said Tiny Tim, the last of all.” Every tree too, I’ll add.

  4. JJ, thanks for the tee shirt link. These are “standard American” sizes, comparable to LL Bean offerings. Now I have to wait patiently for opening day.

  5. Jackie intends to buy some tees before she goes into hospital with expectation of getting to wear them.. And laugh a lot. Minion cannot believe I told my cardiologist on phone to tighten skin on my throat and if he wanted nude photos I’d be on his operating table awhile and shoot away before he cut my throat.

    Ghost, I am going to have trouble with Chistmas, already am. I lost mother six days before and Mike on Christmas eve same week as you know. I have been a professional Christmas decorator, show designer, taught Christmas decor to others, did award winning showrooms. I should be able to handle it but I can’t, this is me and mine.

    If I were still doing it for a living I could probably divorce myself from it meaning anything as I once did. It was a job.

    So, I understand.

  6. Hang in there, Jackie. You have us to talk to on here, and on FB. I understand why the idea of decorating brings on mixed feelings, because your recent holiday experiences were the negative type. It will get better though. And the healthier you get, the better you will feel overall.

  7. Hey, Jackie. I have a t-shirt idea for you. Get one made that says “I used to be a Bunny, but my mom threw away my outfit”.

    To make the reference clearer, at Science Fiction and Comic Cons you will see tees and bumper stickers that say “I used to be a millionaire, but my mom threw away my comic/action figure/sports card collection.”.

  8. Thanks, DJJG. You may have just provided the impetus I needed. Traditionally, my sister and I always decorated the tree at my parents’ house on the first Saturday of December. I will definitely think about it. Jackie, you think about it, too.

    And what is the recovery time from your procedure expected to be?

  9. And meanwhile, they are off and running at Jordan-Hare Stadium. I’ll be on the lookout for Jimmy in the stands, although, from his post above, I’m not sure if he was going to watch it live or on TV.

  10. Long enough. I am converting house into an upscale cottage and large clothing storage area with coastal and sea decor, country cottage kitchen. Not notifying children but bought usual extravagant gifts for grandson including a rock climbing wall that is actually like a rock mountain pass for his gym set, more play equipment to expand the play set in back yard for exercise, giving him gymnastics lessons and a family membership in a wellness and sports family center.

    So it will be here should they come and I suspect my minion will get house decorated or get me to do it. She inspires me. They were God sent.

  11. Sorry if this has already been answered and I missed it, but are the shirts going to be available in the ladies style (the 2000L that shows up on the side of the short-sleeve link) or only in men’s? thanks

    The T shirts are categorized as “uni-sex adults’.” You may read that as, “men’s.” I’m sorry about that, but we might offer shirts styled for ladies in the future, depending on how it all goes. Thanks for your interest. — JJ

  12. Gang, I just had a lovely preliminary Christmas tree put in my van. A slim line with two kinds of foliages, ferns and magnolia leaves. I am a bargain shopper, this came from the country store Boy Howdy, part of my support your local small business Saturday shopping. The tree is an upscale one from the closure of the Hallmark Christmas stores. It was $75 here as a closeout purchase and yjey fluffed it and checked lights.

    Thanks for the encouragement and inspiration.

  13. So far the elephant is beating the tiger. Next year Auburn will be better. All things go in cycles. From the comment Jimmy made a couple of days ago, I think he is there in the stadium, supporting local (but definitely not small) business.

  14. You might have fun with this:


    Now back up to read today’s posts.

    Peace, emb

  15. “Wiv a little bit o’ luck . . .” Not that I’ve seen them all, but still think that’s the 20th c’s best musical comedy. Of course, it started out with pretty good book, as did Cats.

    Stanley Holloway was also great in The Lavender Hill Mob and the Shakespeare/Mendelssohn Midsummer Night’s Dream.

    Peace, emb

  16. I have been surprised to learn the extent of some of your medical problems so I’m not complaining. I have an initial diagnosis of ulcerative colitis pending a pathology report. I have to say that everyone at the hospital was extremely nice except for the best looking nurse who apparently has a wall in her basement with chains, whips, etc. If you have prepped for a colonoscopy you know what my Thanksgiving meal was like. It doesn’t get much better when nurse Rachet told me that I had to drink every drop of the “golightly’ and I told her that I was done, To make a long story short, I did not drink any more and never saw her smug face again They have put me on a new medication and the pathology report will be back in a couple of weeks. In short, if someone tells you that something is normal and you know that it isn’t say so. Thank you Charlotte. I do feel better and I now weigh what I did when I finished basic training in 1972. Speaking of tee shirts I have about 50 that are printed with various things. Some of them go back to 1986 and I don’t wear shirts that are frayed or have holes.

  17. Hey everyone, Just checking in on the T shirts. Have seen the artwork and the shirt links, but what I have not seen is the pricing or the ordering process.

    Can someone point me in the correct direction?

    Thanks! B-)

  18. Debbe, I don’t have the patience anymore to type a link, especially when I go back to check it and it has changed to a different link and includes symbols that I don’t recognize. Therefore I will simply recommend Otis Redding and Try a Little Tenderness. Would believe that this song was recorded in 1933 by Bing Crosby?

  19. Good morning Villagers….

    Thank you Gal for the update on Indy Mindy….

    Jerry, it’s good to see you back here, hope the results will be good news. Nurse Rachet, good one.
    ….and why don’t you try copy and paste a link instead of trying to type it.

    I have not put up a tree in 4 or 6 years, it’s been so long I can’t remember the last time I did. I put up some decorations, I have a wrought iron shelf stand with three shelves that I have strands of lights on, one piece nativity scenes, a window size (think old Baptist Church) stained glass with lights behind it. The colored ones burned out the other night, so I need to get more lights. My husband calls it my “shrine” as it also has mementos from Mom’s and Stepdad’s funerals.

    My little niece is leaving to go back to Davenport today. I told her mom (suster #3) that I hope when she is walking her big dog (named Hoosier) she stays focused on what’s around her and not on the dog, and then I asked if she carries mace…..and she does.

    The teens weren’t so bad yesterday….three augers went out, a belt wrap, and it was just us three….me packing. As a matter of fact, they did a good job.

    Be glad to see the sun shine again…….I need it.

    ya’ll have a blessed Lord’s day

  20. Morning folks 😆

    Tmdaviss, Jimmy has not let us in on the pricing or ordering process. This is what the kids out in the SV call a startup. Design is completed, market demand measured, manufacturing contracted, sales and distribution to be determined. Hang in there, details will be appearing soon.

    Mark, I was not going to post

  21. Dang, hit the submit button, premature launch, no abortion function.

    Mark, I was not going to post an emoticons link unless Jimmy approved. Afraid we might get carried away like someone did last night. 🙄

  22. It appears I’m about to have to do something I haven’t done in many years…buy a new wrist watch. Yeah, I know…my smart phone tells time, too, but with a watch, I don’t have to haul it out of a belt holster, unlock it, and sign it on, just to learn what time it is. (Besides, I’m old-fashioned in many ways.)

    Based on one I’m looking at, they now make solar powered watches. (Who knew?) So they keep running for years, without having to replace a battery. (Sort of like the “self-winding” watch which was the first one I ever owned. Ah, progress.) And it also has compass, barometer, and altimeter features, and it automatically sets the time from the WWVB radio station’s time signal. I do like me some gadgets, so there is that. The thing is, it’s all digital, and I’ve never owned any watch that does not have an analog display.

    I told you I’m old-fashioned.

  23. GR6, me too. I had bought digital watches since the late ’80’s, but last time out I picked up an analog. I wanted a simple analog but had to settle for one with the date display. Darned thing won’t keep the date right and resetting it is so much trouble I just left it alone. Right now it shows the date as the 17th. For the correct date I will pull out the phone. As you say, too much trouble trying to get time from phone when you just want a quick check.

    Debbe, every time you talk about the belts I can’t help thinking of Lucy and Ethel in the chocolate factory. “Let ‘er rip!”.

  24. Jerry in FL, I hope things go well with your treatment. Don’t know why they call that stuff Go-Lytely, it ought to be Go-Often or Will This Ever Stop?.

  25. Yeah, Mark, I’d really like to have an analog model with the radio time-hack setting feature, although I realize it likely wouldn’t work on a non-digital watch. (I’ll admit to being a bit OCD about my watch having the correct time, I suppose because of my military and aviation experience.) All the rest would actually be superfluous.

    I wonder if they make a “digital” watch that projects an image of hour, minute, and second hands on its face. That might be cool.

  26. Come to think of it, RA, I believe the iWatch will do that. But I’m not in love with the idea of paying $500+ for a big, clunky-looking wrist watch that can receive spam. 🙂

  27. Most hotels start putting out their Christmas decorations on Black Friday, but not the one I’m at right now. It’s not easy for hotels to find conventions for this weekend, and it’s in our contract that the decorations don’t come out until after our convention ends tonight.

  28. emb, I thought I posted this last night but I loved My Fair Lady too, got to see Rex Harrison in it twice on stage. When I was in college one of our benefactors got permission for us to perform it before it was released for general use, along with the Broadway costumes after they closed or replaced?

    Get me to the church on time……….

  29. The “atomic” clocks were so much trouble that I stopped using them, I think that I will pass on the watch. Now if they bring back the 1959 Impala I’ll go for that.

  30. My thought about owing a $25K Rolex has always been, “I’d probably lose the &#%@ing thing the first time I wore it outside of the house.”

    Interestingly, I’ve never known any pilots who ever used an “aviation chronometer” for anything other than impressing non-pilot chicks.

  31. my first widowed Thanksgiving spent climbing mountains around Tuscon – had some actually scary moments. A younger woman, and older woman (French born, great accent) and I took off on our own and somehow lost the trail. We scampered way on up, before realizing, this simply could not be the trail, but not until turning around did we realize OMG what have we done? Maybe 100 feet up, narrow ledge, ground and rocks crumbling beneath us with nothing but loose rocks and cactus to grab onto, we slowly butt scooted our way back down, we were truly frozen at some points and talked each other down. .. (step)daughter is flying me and (step)son to her place for Christmas, should be safer but freezing (ugh) in Tahoe.
    …. ..and a woman I met on a hike might be a happening thing. Several dates so far, last night we saw Peter Noone and his Herman’s Hermits at the 1894 Galveston Opera House, he is quite a performer, did a little Johnny Cash and a good exaggerated dancing around like Mick Jagger and of course his hits. “A Kind of Hush” and “I’m Into Something Good” were most conducive, she put her hand on my thigh first, then driving her home, the SiriusXM 70’s station had just the right Chicago, Three Dog Night and Bread songs for the situation, subsequent messaging is very promising. Back to Galveston next week for Dickens on the Strand

  32. No My Fair Lady, but after the TV show ended I saw Jack Klugman and Tony Randall do Neil Simon’s original Odd Couple on stage at Jones Hall in Houston, pickles (or something I can’t remember) were actually flung into the audience

  33. I hope I never bring up off topic stuff, but sometimes only respond to things, but I simply must tell all about some weird “OTR” old time radio 1956 talk about global warming. After the “Golden Age” of radio, Edgar Bergen had a talk, entertainment, bit of everything show. There is an April 15 1956 Edgar Bergen Hour playing this week on SiriusXM Radio Classics channel 148. yes, it’s real, not a joke skit, Bergen did lots of stuff besides Charlie McCarthy, you can go to youtube and see him hosting game shows. So anyway I only tuned in halfway and need to catch it again, but it’s a scientist or whatever of the time talking about how the world will soon change because of manmade global warming. If I read the schedule right, tune in channel 148 Tuesday 9PM EST 8CST and Friday 7AM EST 6CST, it’s an hour show, I heard it a little after halfway, don’t know when in the program the segment started.

  34. John: Ah, the old “took the wrong trail” dodge. Your father’s generation would have called that “running out of gas”. 😉

    And in case you haven’t figured it out, you’re in like Flynn with the The Touching Lady. As they say in sports and politics, “It’s yours to lose”.

  35. Ghost I do wish you were on Facebook, the rest of you go to Duckworks magazines Facebook page I moderste, administrate to see the double spinnaker on the Hooter sponsored catamaran or go to Sailing Anarchy to see the photo shopped version with sail size pokies I couldn’t or did not allow on Duckworks. And there are Hooter girls crewing.

    Pretty darn funny.

  36. No joy, Anonie. Went to the Sailing Anarchy web site and searched for “hooters”, got only “drone shooters”, a rant from a videographer who was shooting video of an ocean race from a helicopter that had a “close encounter” with a photo drone doing the same thing. Googling got me some Hooters powerboat pix, but no sailboats.

    I did learn a new word…”breastaurants”.

  37. I have eaten two Thanksgiving meals this week… and have enjoyed every bite! I may care the next time I step on the scales. On the other hand, I may just not step on the scales! LOL

  38. Still here. Feeling better, actually have a bit of an appetite again – but so far only one meal a day and nibbles throughout the rest. My biggest thing is liquids, definitely dehydrated, and trying to replenish the stores.

    Way off topic, but not really: My vetern clerk brings his American Legion magazines to the store to give to another veteran. The intended recipient hasn’t shown yet, and I paged theough it this afternoon while taking a quick snack break. Read an article about a Bob Hope show in Vietnam. Came home to a Time Life infomerical for a Bob Hope video collection. Found my way to YouTube. This is about and hour and a half. For the males in the audience, Raquel Welch makes several appearances in a crocheted blue and white mini-dress. Merry Christmas, and be safe this holiday season.

  39. Sorry Ghost, those Hooter were on Facebook not Web pages. I have them copied to this phone so when I get home I will try to post them here. Comments like “Houston the tits!” And similar salty comments. I contributed “Are those Twin Peaks on the horizon?” And someone else replied, “No, I believe that’s Bikini Atoll.”

    See, sailors have senses of humor?

  40. And the Telegraph told me this year is the 75th anniversary of one of my favorite movies: The Bank Dick, by and starring W. C. Fields. Also in the movie is Shemp Howard as a bartender.

  41. Gal: I had my second Thanksgiving meal (leftovers) last evening, and the remainder of the turkey breast went onto whole wheat with a schmear of light mayo and fresh-ground black pepper tonight. (Guess you could say I had my own breastaurant meal.)

    Lady Mindy, I see that clip was “adopted” for use by the USAF…for what use I’m not exactly sure. I do remember USO shows…particularly the one where the cast set up the equipment prior to the performance, and a cute young thing wearing hot pants bent over at the waist to adjust a music stand, while facing directly away from us in the audience. It took her about four or five minutes to get that stand adjusted juuust right.

    sand, those girls probably wouldn’t have been actually safe unless you and your fellow troopers had been in Germany. 🙂

    Anonie, thanks for explaining the “Houston” remark. It, along with the fact sandcastler™ lives there, had me a bit puzzled.

  42. Anonymous,

    The Ladies of Hooters need no hoists to keep their nipples pointed at the correct angle. This is disparaging of them and our fine establishments high hiring standards. Cease and desist your unfound remarks immediately or face legal actions. This is your one warning!

  43. GR6
    It is a long way from your Christmas Tree post but —
    Start with a small (Charlie Brown) sized one. 18″-20″
    One short string of lights – just a few decorations-
    If you get stuck come here – we are positive (some times positive about negatives)
    Bring it to your mom – be VERY positive.

    You mean watches have a self winding feature?

    (has any one done a study why watches will not keep time on some people?)
    (somebody must have figured a way to get the government to fund such a deal)

    Prayers for all – we all need them – one way or another.

  44. Old Bear – Both my dad and I have a similar issue. He has to wear a buffer between his wrist and the watch; back then it was a large bandage, today some foam ring. If a watch directly touchs him, the battery dies within a month or so. I just wear the bangle or bracelet type (not that I’ve worn a watch forever). I’m guessing it is either an electrical or chemical reaction, but no science to verify either claim. Then again, give me time enough, and I could break the universe.

    And Jerry, glad you are home.

    Ghost, I watched the whole hour and a half – no mike stand checks, but Ms Welch jumps and wiggles in that dress a lot. I was more fascinated with the faces in the crowd. So many never cracked a smile and their eyes said they were already gone emotionally.

  45. Old Bear I never had wrinkles and sagging until I lost a ton of weight. Now I keep trying to not look like an alligator purse or beef jerky.

    That is a joke guys, my minions say I don’t look or act like I am as old as 40. Never thought I’d consider that a compliment. I know people who are already old at 40, it is all about attitude and how you view life, not chronological age.

    Kind of like those watches y’all are talking about. By the way I hated the Rolex my husband gave me, never wore it, sold it to a pawn shop in Houston. Just went to Wally World and bought myself a half dozen large traditional kind of (they have hands and numbers) watches in a half dozen colors to amuse myself. Spent $30 probably for all six.

    Although I confess I am thinking of buying a wrist phone if for no other reason than I have lived long enough to want a Dick Tracy two way wrist radio of my own that REALLY works.

  46. Good morning Villagers….

    I used to wear watches, Timex that glowed in the dark when you pushed the time setting button. When the last one ‘died’, I quit wearing them and don’t care….clocks everywhere, and all I have to do is open my old fashioned, clam shell cell phone, and see the time.

    Mindy, I remember watch those USO shows with Bob Hope on TV many years ago. I loved Bob Hope’s humor.

    Mark….I think of that too when I have to hand pick eggs off of the steel rod conveyor belt. And I’ll be doing that when the new pullets come in on the 22nd of December. My Miss Prissies are going “out” next Monday or Tuesday….

    Went into town to say goodbye to my niece who was getting ready to leave for Davenport. I fot her a cute tool bag called “Essential” from True Value. I also gave her the advice of “pay attention to your surrounding when you are walking your dog or your dog is walking you!” She is a very beautiful young lady with long blonde hair and is very petite.

    Monday…..going on my third straight week.

    ya’ll have a blessed day

  47. Hmm … tried to post a link to some nice-looking watches but nothing happened. Not seeing anything new from anyone else either. Has Cyber Monday broken the internet?

  48. OK, that worked, so maybe it was the link I was trying to share with Ghost. Try searching mvmt watches; I don’t know anything about them (link showed up on a site I visit regularly) but they seem to have a nice selection.

  49. Sadly, Lady Mindy, many never returned from that war emotionally.

    Thanks, RA. I’ll check it out. Thinking back, I believe the reason I’ve always worn a wrist watch is that I considered becoming mature enough to have and wear my own watch a kind of rite of passage.

    Debbe 😉 I bought a friend one of those Timex watches 20+ years ago, for him to wear when deer hunting. I think it was like $9.95. It’s been years since he last hunted, but I asked him not long ago if he still has it. He does, and it still works.

    And did you have ALL those moves? If so, color me impressed. And excited. 😀

  50. Ghost, last watch I bought was Timex Expedition. Around $30, have worn for 3 years without need to change battery. Glow in dark numerals and hands, and the Indiglo that lights up dial with blue light when the stem is pushed. I have bumped it and dropped it, but no scratches on crystal or case.

  51. Last – and only – watch I bought was a nice Hamilton back in 1954 for about $70. I still wear it daily. It is on its second or third casing, as I have found that an occasional leg of a case will detach. The workings are as fine as advertised back in the ’50s.

  52. I have a couple of really nice watches inherited from Dad, but they’re stored away. I just wear an inexpensive sports watch with a useful feature: it measures my HR when I hold its button down. Use it mostly to be sure I’m not exceeding the “speed limit” my cardiologist gave me; don’t want to trigger the defib function of my CRT-D.

    Because I’m a bit OCD when it comes to knowing what my heart’s doing, the watch saved me some grief when I tried a new injectable diabetes medicine a few weeks ago. Fewer than 2% of people using it have elevated HRs, but I was 30 BPM above my normal resting rate and was hitting my personal speed limit just by walking across a room. Three weeks after taking that drug it’s finally out of my system and I have to work up a sweat in order to reach my limit again.

  53. I remember hearing years ago regarding “mechanical” watches that almost all of them had pretty much the same works inside of them, and that mostly what you were paying for in a very expensive one was the case. That’s probably still true today in regard to electronic watches and the number of feature they have.

    It does seem that one with a pulse monitor would be useful when on the treadmill at the gym. I understand there are also electronic bracelets which link to your smart phone that will do that.

  54. Just got off phone with surgeon’s personal assistant who it turned out was REALLY mad at office staff who lost my charts and report. I’ve known her forever so I am sure the “filing clerks” got heads rolled.

    Anyway, they only do carotid bypasses on Tuesday to set up the OR for nothing else, so mine is December 15 and I will be home ahead of Christmas. Except noNE of family will be here. That is fine, I have people, as they say in Hollywood.

    Got a lovely artificial Christmas tree sitting in living room plugged in. My helpers are getting house repaired, painting, new wallpapers up, art work hung, decorating. I will be visitor ready should I have them, if not I have adopted some that didn’t have one like me by birth.

    You know Villagers that family and those you love and are loved by need not be biological? Should they be, well and good, but if not it’s all good.

  55. Anonie, I just put your procedure on my calendar for December 15th. Just so you understand, I’m going to be really p.o.’d at you if you don’t come through it well. 🙂

  56. Been thinking about those Make A Wish events people do for children all weekend, have decided we should hold one for the Village. So, I am going to hold my own down in Mississippi in the Spring (not Spring Break week) and pick a beach hotel like Bellagio with a good casino rate and set up an Arlo and Janis Village party.

    Kind along lines of Sleepless in Seattle or An Affair to Remember.
    We can wear our tee shirts for identification at the pool bar. I just ordered three new bikini bottoms to go with the tee shirts.

  57. Oxygen not getting to brain. Hotel is Beau Rivage in Mississippi, it is owned by Bellagio in Vegas. A four star resort and you can book at $79 per room with up to 4 in a room.

    They don’t make money from rooms!

    Or the buffet which used to be my favorite. My mama was a slots addict so I quit going because she had a serious gambling problem, I just loved the hotel.

  58. Anonymous, since Arlo’s fantasy involved sailing, why not make it a fun sail event (like the fun runs) in Arlo’s honor? Then you have a reason to get your boating friends to read the strip and Jimmy could do a sailing themed t-shirt.

  59. That is actually a good idea Mark. My good friend Sean Mulligan did a huge event on Lake Havasu and people came to it more to have fun than anything serious, came to Arizona from all over and wives came for the resorts and events.

    I will think about this one.

  60. Dear Jackie, let’s not get too excited about this fantasy event. It’s a fine daydream! But very few of the Villagers could really travel like this. Health problems, or can’t get away from work, or don’t have the money to spend on transportation, or just plain too old to go for it! You are a dear to think of giving us a good time. Better that you concentrate on your own good health, as you have been doing so well.

    I’m very disappointed that you have to wait so long for the procedure! I feel the same way as your doctor’s assistant. I’d hoped you would have it done today or tomorrow. Vain regrets.

  61. Re today’s [30 Nov.] cartoon:

    1. It’s both funny and accurate; many who obsess / their wt. are actually well w/in the norm.

    2. IMO, Janis is just right [i.e., “More than a handful is wasteful.”]. That’s about how wife looked in a nightie or slip when about 50, and for 30 subsequent yr. Judging / the amt. of time Arlo spends at peeking, Arlo agrees w/ me. Maybe Jimmy does, too. Maybe he knows better than to opine.

    Could be 3″-4″ on ground by tomorrow evening. Temps are still not much below 0C; we’ll see if it stays. Duty day at the hospital; good day to be indoors.

    Peace, emb

  62. EMB,



  63. Oh boy, Sandcastler, I like your sense of humor — about the New Hampshire Primary. We have already had Presidential hopefuls, of both parties, visiting my town. (I didn’t go to look at them, but could do so in the future if it takes my fancy.)

  64. GR6
    You know what John Cameron Swayze said

    Not only battery watches but wind up also would not keep time on some people.

    FIL had an old Ingersoll Dollar Watch that he would, every once in a while run under the spigot
    of the kerosene barrel – used wrist watch only for dress, they could not take the gaff on the farm.

  65. The first watch I remember my dad having, when I was about five years old, was an Elgin with a gold case and gold band; a square black face; and gold hands. I should try to find one like that.

    I also know the last one he had; I gave it to him for his birthday several years before he died…an Elgin with a gold case; a black band; a square black face; and gold hands. It stays mostly in my jewelry box, but I wear it on my parents’ anniversary; on his birthday; and on holidays.

    He loved holidays.

  66. Good morning Villagers…..

    Now I have seen it all…not really, but started out reading BCN (sorry Jimmy, but I always save the best for last) and found out people are scaring their cats with cucumbers. One poster posted this link:

    People are %$##ing stupid…..and I’ll say no more on the subject.

    Jackie, good idea, but I am like Charlotte’s comments….

    Spent an hour on the phone last night with the Marketshare peepeecawcaw bS Obamacare insurance. I do have to admit, the lady was very helpful and got my rate down $200 to roughly $150 per month with a $500 deductible, and $1 co-pay on office visits and ‘scripts….ya can’t beat that when you are poor.

    And yes GR 😉 I could and did have moves like that….one time I was asked if I danced professionally by a movie crew that was filming in Corpus….like I said, a long time ago, it was. I loved dancing…..and I march to a different drum. That was cute too, trying for the emoticon…..

    Mark…that was the kind of Timex I always wore….an Indiglo!! I would ask people if they knew what time it was…they’d say no…then I would say “want to see my innie glo” 🙂

    better go on that one……

    Ya’ll have a blessed day

    Old Bear….thanks for the info…you are so full of wit…I look forward to your posts in the mornings….

  67. GR 🙂 no that was not a repeat…my husband has a hard time sleeping, and I came out to this song playing (link posted)…Sunday was 14th anniversary of his death. To quote the Harrison family statement:

    “He left this world as he lived in it, conscious of God, fearless of death, and at peace, surrounded by family and friends,” the Harrison family said in a statement. “He often said, `Everything else can wait but the search for God cannot wait,’ and `love one another.’ ”

  68. It’s +30F out. Start of an article in the online Bemidji Pioneer:

    “BEMIDJI—Snow and wind this week might keep Lake Bemidji from finishing its freeze. The sheets of ice spreading mostly over the east side of the lake are so thin a dusting of snow
    could push the ice under water, that a gust of wind could crack the ice into pieces. An early December flirtation with freezing is the new normal, said John Fylpaa of Lake Bemidji State Park, with milder falls and springs causing a shorter season of ice coverage. “We still haven’t had any subzero days,” said Fylpaa, a park naturalist. The kind that “cool the lake down and make ice real nice.” They aren’t coming this week. The National Weather Service predicts highs in the 30s and lows in the 20s, with a few inches of snow Monday night into Tuesday. Winds will gather speed and reach 10-15 mph by the weekend.

    According to the park, this will be the eighth time in 10 years that Lake Bemidji has waited until December to freeze. The freeze-over date usually fell in late November until about 20 years ago. Four of the five latest freeze-overs on record (beginning in 1958) have come since 1998. With the usual thaw date also coming earlier—about the last week of April—the lake is covered in ice less than ever.

    “One of the things showing up big-picture,” Fylpaa said, “is there could be more evaporation.” Less ice means more direct sunlight, he said, “and the lake could end up being warmer overall, and there are some coldwater species that could be affected.”

    Ice fishermen are affected, too. “There’s no safe ice,” Fylpaa said, but 4 inches usually can support a person. The uneven freezing on Lake Bemidji—much of the west side is uncovered—causes unpredictability. . . ..”

    Fylpaa [it’s Finnish] is a delightful guy, a good park naturalist, and IMO, was the best actor [Mr. Dolittle] in Bemidji Community Theatre’s MFA some year’s back.

    Peace, emb

  69. Debbe, I swear, when I perfect my WABAC Machine, the first place I’m gonna go is Corpus in, what, about 1975?

    By the way, one of the moves I remember from Flashdance is the one where she took off her bra without removing her sweatshirt. (I believe Janis has done that one, too.)

  70. WABAC question. Do you become your 1975 self or will you remain your 2015 self? A critical factor in the seduction of the 1975 Debbie.

    Spell check is not a WABAC fan, tried to convert it to Wabash.

    Yes, I frequently post links to Johnny’s music. I was listening to him pre 1975 😉
    He was a favorite in the NCO clubs, along with Kenny Rodgers and Glenn Campbell. Dates me, eh?

  71. That presumes that 2015 me could not “seduce” 1975 Debbe. 🙂

    Lady Mindy, there are some calculations I can do without a calculator. 😉

    “Class, for extra points, calculate the percentage of Janis’s body that is naked in Panel 3 of today’s cartoon. Round your result to the nearest whole number. You must show your work.”

    A series about weight loss and/or body image? Hum. Ever get the feeling Jimmy eavesdrops on us here in the Village? Ah, Anonie, what was the name of that book, TV show, whatever, you mentioned? “How to Look Good Naked”? (I hope Jimmy overheard that. 🙂 )

  72. Feel good naked. It enables you to be naked and accept your body comfortably with pride even if you have six layers of clothes on top. The clothes are not disguising fat. Believe me, nothing disguises fat. Fat will out, as Shakespeare said.

    And yes, it is both about changing your body, your mind, your attitude toward yourself. At my much advanced age I feel like I own any room I walk into and it reflects because the words I hear most are radiant and glowing.

    No plastic surgery yet, no makeup most of time, clothes that cover most of me but yes, I am naked all the time now. Even with clothes.

  73. Ghostly One.
    1 ( Depends on year
    2 ( Not able to see butt
    3 ( Conservative estimate 15% covered
    4 ( Answer: 85% uncovered
    5 ( If top was off 95% uncovered

  74. Sand, I will tell you I remember Johnny Cash when Johnny wasn’t country but a young skinny teen idol in 1950’s along with Elvis and Jerry Lee Lewis. They were all part of the rockabilly sound but we just called it rock and roll.

    The Memphis trio from Sun records.

  75. Thought for the Day: Hanlon’s Razor – “Never attribute to malice that which is adequately explained by stupidity.”

    One is free to furnish one’s own examples.

  76. Back to women’s stats and measurements. You’re funnier there.

    So, I finally looked up information on my carotid bypass and blocked carotid arteries, I subscribe to the rather not know school, just operate. Found out only 5% of population my age has blocked arteries and even less require surgery.

    Less than 1% get it at age mine first occurred when I had first surgery. Why must I be blessed with such uniqueness? I thought this was as common as hemorrhoids among senior citizens!

    So now I join Miss Charlotte in wishing they had chucked mem in hospital faster than they are. I have two weeks to obsess so you guys be entertaining! Love.

  77. Forgot to tell you I bought two large metal signs to go out on Wooden privals fence. One says “Stay calm and carry” and the other one says “Trespassers will be shot and survivors will be shot again”.

    Glen is going to let me frame his last qualifying targets in plexiglass and put them out as well if I like. He kept them. The trouble is this is someone who knows our routines.

  78. Anonymous, put the target next to the sign about trespassers will be shot. Then put a sign under which says “This could be you”. Might get you a couple of solar motion lights mounted to shine on your stuff too. No need to worry about running power to them then.

  79. Plan on that but the ones I bought at Lowe’s don’t seem to be working or we don’t have them installed right? I bought a bunch to mount around yard, this is big yard. We cut most of underlying foliage out awhile back but at night it is too dark.

    I need to have some additional wiring done by electrician and I am going to have them do some motion lights around yard tied to electricity and some dusk to daylight ones too. Thinking cameras as well.

  80. Further security note, Glen got alarmed when someone went into his locked apartment and I had suspected, along with my pet sitter we had someone with a key entering house when we were out. See note on someone knowing our routines.

    So, when police freak you change the locks. We put an end to that with the best doubled keyed locks and deadbolt and even the motel room head high security backup locks at top of exterior doors. Hate to distrust so much and with me at risk of needing EMS guys right now we have stopped using those motel things cause no one even Glen can get past them.

  81. DARN IT ALL, with all you have to worry about, Jackie, now this, people coming on your property and damaging, stealing. Good for you that you’ve fixed the locks, and you have good people around you. Relax and take it easy!

  82. I kept a B27 silhouette target from my last training session, scored 99×100. The one I lost a point on was on the line…a half bullet diameter (.20″) to the right and I’d have scored 100. No gate to hang it on, though.

    Danged sandcastler™ and his Christmas wish list H&K VP9 has got me looking at gun porn now. I may have to negotiate with Santa for a SIG Sauer P320 Compact in 9mm. My newest 9mm service pistol is 20+ years old; and the P320 is a modern modular design that allows for customization, a feature that may well make it the next service pistol for the US military and the FBI.

    Oh, and Miz Charlotte, it’s manufactured in Exeter NH, so I’d be helping your state’s economy. 🙂

    Re residential security, I’m seriously looking at getting two or three of these. Motion detector and security camera alerts to your smart phone, and it makes an online video record of any intrusion. You can see and even (I think) yell at and/or cuss out the intruder via your phone.

  83. Jackie, could you call your doctor’s office and ask him, or a staff person, would they put you on their cancellation list? If some person couldn’t make it for their scheduled surgery, they could call and give it to you. Dentists do this sort of thing, maybe surgeons do also.

    Would love to see you get there sooner, by hook or by crook!

  84. Dearest Ghostly One, the gun search sounds interesting. Exeter NH eh? I’ve been there often; only 20 miles from here, I’d say.

    We Villagers all know that Anonymous is Jackie, and thanks to Mark’s analysis we know why. So could we please just call her Jackie again and end the confusion?

    I’m sending lots of love to Oklahoma.

  85. Well, I was sort of getting attached to “Anonie”, but I can live with that. 🙂

    OK, Jackie, getting “back to women’s stats and measurements”…you know, I try so hard to be good, but often it’s impossible to do so. I was reminded of that today when I stopped by a financial institution to do a favor for a friend. The cute young secretary I dealt with promised to call me with the information in question, and as we stood, she asked for my phone number and casually leaned over her desk to write it down. That of course gave me a perfect view (down the front of her loose-necked sweater) of her not-overly large but very shapely breasts and her low-cut white bra. (Yes, Arlo, there is something about a peek, and they are extremely difficult to look away from, no matter how hard you try.) And she seemed to be writing very slowly for some reason.

    My point is not to be prurient, but to point out that I don’t even try to peek, and yet this is the umpteenth dozen time this has happened to me. I cannot believe that most if not all women are unaware of what they are showing at all times, and that therefore most if not all of these episodes are intentional on their part. If that is true, then I suppose I should just enjoy the view and not continue to be racked with guilt every time that happens, as I am now. Your thoughts?

  86. So would I miss Charlotte. I started back having symptoms of not getting enough blood and oxygen up into that ditzy brain of mine. Today was less than good.

    Just got such a nice thank you from a surgeon in India for my Facebook management efforts. I get quite a few of those, England, Australia, new Zealand, recently. Makes it worthwhile.

  87. I am sure they know Ghost and not accident. Have you never seen Legally Blonde and the hilarious scene where she teaches her salon owner to bend over like she dropped something and then pop them as she comes back up?

    Although THIS really was an accident last month when I gave the party down in Texas. Sitting in chair listening to Kelly McGuire play for me and guests when I noticed Dickens the 10# Adventure Dog had hooked his feet in my light weight tee and had pushed it to my waist. I had a bra on.

  88. Anonie

    Got to change routine.
    My Grandmother had carotid done in her 50s-
    If I believe what I think I remember of what I thought I heard,
    they took it out – reamed it clean an reinstalled it. I was a preteen at the time so
    who knows what was actually said.

    My first trip to MN in mid December 1963 Lake Bemidji was froze enough to drive on.
    All the roads in town were packed snow covered.
    The closest it got to zero F was minus 2*
    Quite a shock for a lad from NJ/NYC – then I moved here:)

  89. There is a long joke about
    Jesus is coming. The gist is L
    A burglar enters house-
    Startled to hear “Jesus is coming”
    Finds out it is a Parrot
    Ignores the bird
    “Jesus is near”
    Ignores the bird
    “Jesus is watching you”

    Jesus ends up being the Rottweiler

  90. I very quietly confided to my best friend that I was having an affair.

    She turned to me and asked, ‘Are you having it catered’?

    And that, my friend,

    Is the definition of ‘OLD’!

  91. No but when you get really old you will be poking nurses with your cane and looking down nurses tops when they bend over you to change your bed pan.

    I had a boss worse than you once. I used to bend over and lean over desks to provoke him. He liked breasts AND rear ends.

    By the way, I have NEVER worn provocative clothes at any point in my life unless you count things like deep hem openings that showed legs getting in and out of cars. I always dressed like what you wished the women on cruises and the country club wore.

    It’s all about imagination and attitude of the dressee because if you know you have it you could wear a nuns dress and it wouldn’t change a habit.

  92. Good morning Villagers…..

    Why yes, Miss Charlotte, I totally agree with you…that’s why I’ve always addressed Anony as Jackie…..that way I don’t feel as though I’m having a conversation with an unknown person of interest……did ya hear that Jackie????

    Uneventful day, but productive….the Boss is starting to wig out on us. gearing up for next week’s purge. I am NOT looking forward to it. And George the Rooster is going home with an employee who had two brown hens. I asked her yesterday if he would be cold, she said he would not get frost bit….her two hens actually are pets….so I know George will be in good hands…..

    GR 😉 you would have to go back to 1984 for that particular scene at the bar….the movie they were filming was call “The Legend of Billie Jean” and the film crew was at the same bar with us that night, but I still had the same moves in 1975…only more perfected in 1985 🙂

    ya’ll have a happy hump day….

  93. Oh, and GR 😉 , I can’t sing…whenever I would sing along with the radio, Ian would ask me if I knew who sang that particular song….yes, I would say…..then he would add, you should let them sing it…..ouch!!!!!

  94. Debbe, your comments about George and whether he would get cold reminds me of one of the Foghorn Leghorn cartoons. Recurring line, “I need, I say, I need your love to keep me warm.”, said to the hen he was romancing.

  95. Great way to insure the cable guy will be on time if a second service call is required.

    And my impression is that Debbe is somewhat more svelte than “Debbie”.

  96. Jackie, I’m more a northern hemisphere kind of guy, if you catch my drift. There is a story that explains that. Perhaps I will have the opportunity to share it with you someday.

  97. I am planning to visit the Gulf Coast again. Used to be my favorite salty water. LoveD it and Camille and Katrina broke my heart along with the coast’s collective hearts. If I can heal, then the Gulf can. We may not be exactly the same but we are strong and survived.

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