It’s a special day for me. ‘Arlo & Janis Fans,’ a Facebook group, turns 10 years old today. The group is a collection of people who seem to like what I do. How cool is that? The group was started by Jim Young, a fellow up in Tennessee whom I did not know a decade ago although I consider him a friend today. I did not have anything to do with starting A&JF. I am not even an administrator now. I want to thank Jim and the hundreds of others who’ve come along over the years. There is, of course, a lot of cross-pollination between this site and the FB group; many of you visit both regularly. However, if you’re not familiar with A&JF, I invite you to drop by and meet the nice folks. And this is a better time than most to tell the group members that I very much appreciate their interest in my work. It humbles me. I want to apologize, too, for not participating in the group the past couple of months. The Web project has consumed me. Soon, though, everything will be back to normal. Happy Birthday to us!