Shui What?

September 25, 2005

Since we’re busy moving furniture in the current A&J strips, I thought it would be reason enough to revisit this Sunday classic. It was, of course, a good excuse for an exercise in figure drawing, featuring my favorite model. I think it all turned out all right. Did you notice that the copyright date in the second panel was 2002, and the date in the bottom left panel was 9/25/05? I did. This indicates that the strip, when it appeared in newspapers in 2005, was a rerun. Repeating material wasn’t as common 19 years ago as it is today; it usually indicated something out of the ordinary. I wondered to myself what was happening in the waning summer of 2005, at the time a Sunday strip for late September normally would have been drawn. It didn’t take long to remember. Hurricane Katrina.