Cats in Space

August 15, 2003

Since we’re going to be hearing a lot about Mars in the coming weeks and months, I thought I’d drag out this old A&J from 2003. I gave this original to a friend of mine as a housewarming gift not long after I drew it. He wasn’t into cats so much, but he was into space and science fiction. It is, of course, premised on the famous picture of a purported face on the Martian surface. I can’t wait to see what that helicopter on Mars finds!

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  1. About the current strip on GoComics, Ghost just cooked homemade bread, bacon and eggs for me. Since neither of us drinks coffee it doesn’t matter.

    He does so much more for me every day. I can never pay him back I feel.

  2. JJ, when I first saw this strip in 2003 I knew very little about telescopes. Now, I can’t help but notice how accurately you portrayed a Newtonian reflector scope. Of course the legs on the tripod are a bit short in the last panel, but I’ll assume that Arlo had lowered the ‘scope for Luddie’s benefit.

  3. Jimmy, I have long thought your traditional pen and ink is better than strips colorized for popularity. I’ve capitulated. The retro’s third panel Pops in Mars red, as now shown in the GoComics link. Just like the stunning realism of a quality telescope which often startles new amateur stargazers. It makes the art work better. Thanks for sharing with us again.

  4. Thirty odd years later, in deciding how to spell it, I now see a double meaning that David Gilmore might have intended by Earth-bound. If I say Eastbound and down (Jerry Reed) you do not think bound as in tied, you envision bound as in destination. But Earthbound and Earth bound would have two different meanings. And now I’ve thought about it too much, and cannot decide which would suggest which meaning. Flammable / Inflammable

    • 🙂 I believe that the compound word means restricted or stuck on the ground/planet. The two word phrase indicates travel and a direction: earth bound. That’s my story, anyway.

    • by the way, I forgot that greater than and less than are how we can use HTML… I meant that to say [I am] ( as an implied subject) not switch to italics. 😮

    • I think Gilmour meant earthbound, as in unable to fly on your own, since flying was his hobby and led to him starting a flying business. And when he realized it had turned into a business instead of fun, he sold it.
      And for you folks out there who don’t listen to Pink Floyd, here is the song we’re referring to.

      • I agree, and never thought twice about it all these years. But just then, questioning the spelling, I thought of westbound trains and eastbound Coors beer deliveries. Suddenly the dreamy strains of music behind the lyrics took on a spacey texture in jukebox of my memory. Sort of a longing feeling to get back home. Which of necessity means that you are not currently standing on Earth, but are bound for it, not to it. OK, definitely conflating themes of different origins. And it is possible I was not always sober when enjoying the melodies, could have been a little distracted. Seems an editor along the way, or Gilmore himself, preferred to hyphenate it. Now I wonder if that adds ambiguity.
        And what about that dangling subject “I …”, could be an affirmation of identity, interjected as “Aye … (I really am a misfit.)”

    • No, it’s more a rule of play label. National Meatballs don’t allow a designated hitter. Their managers rely on strategy to maneuver the lineup for advantageous match ups. Those American Meatballs pay high salaries to specialized meatballs who ride the bench for most of the afternoon. Well, until now. Now the National Meatballs take the easy way too. Just another cultural loss to Covid caution. And just like that, a good joke slips on a banana peel.

  5. Today (3-10-21) is “National Registered Dietician Nutritionist Day”…which does roll off the tongue nearly as easily as “National Meatball Day”. But just wait until tomorrow, which will be real fun one…”National Funeral Director and Mortician Recognition Day.”

  6. Actually, am not sure any egg[s] had been laid in the Decorah N. nest; just that for days there was always an adult acting like it was incubating. Anacapa peregrine nest still has only 1 egg. Two adults [have actually seen falcon, think, replace tercel], but she poked around, asked what’s amiss here?, & flew off. Can too easily ignore other things I have to do!

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