Cats in the Cradle

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Today’s classic A&J is from two years ago this month. I told you a few weeks back that we’d be discussing t-shirts. Today, at a little shop in the boonies of Mississippi, dedicated craftsmen will be running off a batch of trial tees, as we hone products that will be available here soon. I am working closely with the screen printers to produce a good-looking high-quality shirt that you’ll be proud to own. Or give. This will not be one of those “anything you want printed on whatever you want it printed on” kind of deals that are ubiquitous on the Web these days. This will be a selection, small at first, of T-shirts produced by local printers and me, and available here only. As we go forward, I’ll formally introduce you to those involved and give you a better idea of exactly what we’re up to.

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  1. Glad to see a new post…

    As I have mentioned, we are putting our house up for sale. We have had 15 showings since Saturday. On Saturday my neighbor allowed his rottweiler to roam free and it greeted the clients. The first guy was cool about it but the second guy was going out to his car to get something for his special needs dog and when he saw the dog told my neighbor in a very loud voice that they needed to restrain the dog. He then put his gun in his waistband and walked in the house.

    The neighbors saw the gun and called the police. They came out with three squad cars and with guns drawn asked to speak to the agent an his clients. The man with the gun immediately told the police that he had a concealed weapons permit and the police left. I was told that they spoke with the neighbor.

    As I left for church I saw my neighbor taking the dog on a walk (leash in hand but not attached) and told him that we had 3 showings that day and please keep the dog inside or on a leash. He gave me a “whatever” type answer and wondered what the big deal was. I turned away as obviously I was not able to speak with him. Maybe his wife, but not him.

    When I got home I started to pick up some branches and spotted his dog, with NO ONE in sight, running around the small park behind my property. Obviously he has no respect for me.

    A lot of showings, but we live next to RR tracks so we have to be patient. Really hoping that we get an offer or two soon. Royal Oak real estate is hot right now so just saying my prayers. Praying for my neighbor too as except for this incident, he has not been too bad.

  2. I can’t wait til I wear some shirts to my regular group hikes and walks around Houston and introduce people to A&J and pull out my phone and show them some recent favorites and tell them the Houston Chronicle is too lame and backward to carry it and show them Occasionally I’ve even engaged in conversation with prospective friends on a ten mile hike and asked if they have any favorite comic strips. … .. Steve – I sympathize and empathize – hey, call the cops – that guy is trying to protect himself from our big loose dog

  3. JJ

    T shirts Yay!

    Steve From Royal Oak, MI
    I would buy your house – only if there were Steam Engines.

    My cousin sent some interesting facts:
    “Did you know there are more bacteria cells in your body than actual body cells:
    Anywhere from 2 to 9 pounds of them.
    We’re more bacteria than we are human!”

    So you weight watchers can subtract that amount from your total.
    Tho I don’t think we would be able to exist without some of them.

  4. Steve – Good luck with your house and your neighbor. Some old fool in our town shot his neighbor’s dog when it got loose from her and ran toward him. Others in the area said that “everyone” knew her dog to be very friendly. Grumpy old men are one thing, grumpy old men with guns are something else!

  5. Ruth Anne:

    Someone shot my Dad’s collie years ago. That dog liked to wander but was never a threat. In this case the man had no intention of shooting, but with a special needs child felt safer with the gun with him.

    My neighbor’s dog is “friendly” but he has been in my flower garden and even ran into my house one Halloween!

    Having a dog like that does provide security because of it’s reputation, but no matter how good his temperament, many people assume that the dog is not friendly so he should always have the dog on a leash…Period.

  6. OF due 1102-1122 CDT. emb

    To save ## from our 270 limit, I won’t post these any more when I don’t have something else to post. You can save the URL to visit OF anytime.

    OB: “Tho I don’t think we would be able to exist without some of them.” The more we learn, the more “some” seems to be “most”, esp. taking into acct. commoner ones. A most common one, BTW, is E. coli. People are so aware of a malign strain [which has a specific ID that I don’t know] that they overlook this common useful bacterium in our gut.

    So many. mostly useful spp. of bacteria live throughout our bodies and brain that most of the DNA in us is bacterial DNA. My skeptic philosopher son [who sings in a UMC choir in Mpls] emailed “so much for ‘the self’,” No, whatever the self is just got more complicated. It is, however, worth noting that when we decide, “I think I’ll have a beer”, bacteria may be involved in the decision.

    Peace, emb

  7. T-shirts! WooHoo!

    I hope you don’t forget about your “fans of size” like so many others do. Not everyone falls into the S/M/L/XL category. Some of us even need XXXXL and are resigned to the fact that we have to pay more to get it.

  8. I know that I’ve mentioned on various occasions that I’m a member of LASFS, this world’s oldest Science Fiction Club. One of the ways we raise the money we need to operate things is auctioning off various and sundry things, and it’s a sign of the time that for well over thirty years, a T-shirt that’s XL is referred to as “fannish medium.”

  9. Yes, I kept checking yesterday, so this morning? And where is Ghost?
    Happy to hear about tee shirts. I like looser shirts so need XXL for obvious reasons.

    Am in Quincy, IL lovely historic town.

  10. emb
    It is not the total # of posts it is the time between OEA (Our Esteemed Author)

    As I said earlier my XL shirt from 50YA now is sized for my petite co-worker.
    And it it is too large use it as a tent.

  11. Steve, I sometimes speak and write like one from another time but perhaps that is because I am from an earlier time? Or perhaps because I have always loved words and writing. And reading.

    And no, I am not the one writing about the Village Orpanage, I am not that good.

    Might could pull off some bodice rending satire but not sure.

  12. Haven’t caught up yet, but have to share. Last night I was watching some television when a loud ruckus came from my front porch, and the screen door started rattling. Upon investigation, I found the neighbor’s four and six year boys beating on my door, trying to get my attention. I needed to come out and play. The past few weeks, I’d been outside pottering about the yard, and inevitability found my way next door and joined in their play time as their mom and I chatted. Well, I wasn’t outside, and this unacceptable. Who was I to turn down such an offer from such an adorable pair of urchins? So, I went out and played frisbee and tag for a bit. I have no idea how their mom keeps up with them.

  13. Instead of using S-M-L-XL etc.
    How about something relevant – “suitable for a a person 4 1/2 cubits tall
    3 ax handles wide with a neck like a 5qt ice cream pail”?

    “As tall as the kitchen counter as big around as a mop handle”
    or like Boney Maroney (SP?)

    Something we can all relate to.

  14. Now that the lights are back on, the request was made:

    “There is a kilt joke where the punch line is “All in good working order” and that is all I can remember of it. If anyone else can I remember the joke, please post it here.”

    The joke is that a Scotsman is asked “What is worn under your kilt?” by a curious, if somewhat rude, damsel. “Why therrre’s nothing worrrn under mah kilt, lassie,” he responds, “it’s all in perrrfect worrrking orrrder.”

  15. “Considering the subject matter, is this a strip tees tease?” Well played, Mark, well played.

    There was an answer to a law school exam concerning a lawsuit against a Mr. Chance. There was a tricky question of law that had to be submitted to the appellate court, and the student was required to predict who would win upon appeal. He summarized thusly:

    “Chances are our chances are better than Chance’s are.”

    Johnny Mathis was not available for comment.

  16. Good morning Villagers…..

    So glad the door is open again. It’s good to be back in the Village…

    Emb, I am getting so caught up in this morning stargazing that I drew a diagram of the stars’ alignment for my apprentice at work. He is going hunting Saturday morning. He likes looking up at the sky too.

    Jackie, are you going to go see your Aunt in Terre Haute while traveling Illinois?

    And I am really concerned about GR, no posts from him since he said he needed a cape. Can’t help but wonder if he did a Wiley Coyote with his cape from a cliff edge. No seriously, I do pray no harm has come his way, or his Mother.

    Ruth Anne, and how are the mountains?

    Indy Mindy, there is nothing quite like playing with a child to bring out the child in us.

    I got my apology from Dakota (after The Boss told him you never talk to a woman like that, and you never talk to your supervisor like that). Dakota came back to the hen house, and walked into the packing room. He put his arm around me and said “Debbe, I am sorry I cussed you out the other day”. I told him apology accepted. He even apologized in from of another teen worker!

    Here’s praying we hear from Ghost today.

    Ya’ll have a blessed day

  17. Steve, how often do trains run the tracks next to your house? Any during the night? And good luck on the selling and the neighbor. I think you can cross off your prospect list the guy with the concealed weapon though.

  18. Debbe:

    It is a double track so there are plenty of trains. Most of the year you do not hear them as the windows are closed. Amtrack runs on a regular schedule and in the spring or fall when the windows are open, the 6:00 AM train (actually 5:55) will wake me up as the alarm goes off at 6:00. But it is a dead end street with a lot 3X the size of others in Royal Oak so it is very quiet otherwise with a lot of privacy.

    BTW, when I move, I’ll still be Steve from Royal Oak as I have lived here 19 years and I’ll be in a neighboring community. I lived in another house in Royal Oak for 4-5 years so it will be 25 years total. Never lived in a town that long.

  19. Steve, we had a problem with a neighbor’s dog when we lived in another county. If there is a leash law in your area they can be fined. Our problem stopped when they grew tired of the $500 fines. Does anyone know if that was the space station by the moon this morning? It was really something and it was the only light in the sky other than the moon. Amazon has two copies of Bop Til You Drop for sale by two different venders. One copy in “good” condition is just under $1000 and another copy is “very good” and is listed at just under two thousand. JJ, I have a suggestion. Run off a couple thousand copies and let them go for $500 each. Then you can retire a millionaire. (Free t-shirt with each book!)

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