Cats on Mars!

August 15, 2003 — With all the talk about Mars lately, I thought it might be a good time to post this 15-year-old classic.

Big news! See that little padlock to the left of the Web address for this page? That means I have an SSL certificate! I know that some of you already know this hasn’t been, before now, a “secure” site. Perhaps you’re Web-savvy enough to know, or perhaps you have one of the more current browsers that warns you, “Don’t go there! You’re a fool if you do! Don’t say we didn’t warn you when this guy empties your bank account!” Perhaps most of you didn’t know or care, but you can now rest assured I am not some guy in a Balkan coffee shop pretending to be the creator of Arlo & Janis. I am indeed who I convinced somebody on the internet somewhere that I am! Feel better? Man, I wish I were in a Balkan coffee house.

Today's "Arlo & Janis!"

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  1. Something a little odd with WordPress. If one starts on a previous day’s page (never closed the browser tab) then it has Previous and Next links at the top of the page that don’ t work. There’s no Home link to jump to the current page. Had to go to bookmark to get to live page (could’ve retyped URL, too)

  2. Today’s with Janis dashing into bed is another great of example of your talent of showing movement. 99% of strips are static talking and you mix it up well quite often.

  3. Cats on Mars has been in my “cut out and saved” Arlo and Janis stash since it was originally published. But Wow! Since 2003?

    My first collection of the earliest strips was given to a cousin as a Christmas gift one year. ( sure wish I had them back!) needed a special gift and money was tight. Wonder if they appreciated them as much as I did?

  4. When you switched to the “new” page, you seem to have lost the RSS feed. I used to monitor that so I could get a notice (all my lights flashed and a siren sounded) whenever you updated the page. I found what looks like a feed on the new one but it’s not recognized by any monitors. Do you have one hidden away somewhere?

      • Think of RSS as “Old”. Remember when web pages were clean and fast… Uh… FAST? Modems were slow. web pages were 90% plain text. As modems get faster, more and more graphics appeared.

        Basically, RSS is just plain text web info. You’re looking at an XML instead of HTTP. Just the bones. I have a program that reaches out and instantly pulls the RSS. Then it can dissect it and look for the title. Change of title? Flash lights. Sound siren. Tell Alexa to alert me and I have a new A&J page to look at.

    • I don’t think anything on this end should be stopping you, Neil. The point certainly is not to block anyone! Perhaps there’s a setting that needs changing on the old computer. Anyone out there have 2 cents to contribute to this issue? Anyone else having problems?

      • I strongly suspect I need to update that computer’s OS, but I can’t due to network connections. As I say, I can get here, just not on the older machine. It’s a case of, “I can’t read in the bedroom, only in the living room.” I could have worse problems, y’know?

  5. I never understood this cat cartoon till now. I always thought the cat face was in the sky amongst the stars et cetera. Now I understand that it is on the surface of Mars. And I am not sure how I did that just now.

  6. This is the first time I’ve been on the new site. This question has probably been asked so I apologize in advance. What happened to the calendar? I am not always able to get to the site daily so the calendar was very helpful in going directly to the last day I was able to visit.

  7. @emb, I always check out your wildlife webcam links, but I’m always too late to see what you saw. Yesterday, I did see the eagle at Berry College lay her first egg at about 4:30 her time. It was cute when the father returned to the nest about 15 minutes later with a “bouquet” — a twig with 2 tiny pine cones on it. He dropped it on her back, then moved it, placing it in front of her. She should be laying another egg within the next few days.

  8. 01.10.19: Today’s strip is one of the best ever, especially the last panel.

    It reminds me of Herriman’s strips that frequently had three or more possible meanings.

  9. Lorem ipsum dolor, indeed! Did a search: resembles that proofreaders’ thing [etaioin…], which I cannot recall exactly. Jimmy, you’re strange. Peace, anyway.

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